First Time(1)


Teacher's Pet: Part 1

Jason's Dream finally came true

There were only two more weeks left in the school year, and Mary was sitting at her desk reading a magazine as her students finished the exam. She was only two weeks away from finishing her first full year as a High School math teacher. All the students in her class were seniors, and many of them would be going off to college in a few months. It wasn't that long ago that she had been in...Read On

Gay Male(1)


Ain't that a Bitch

That sucks huh?

It was two o'clock in the morning. Jim took a gulp of coffee as he sat patiently in his car in the deserted park. He put his drink down in the cup holder, and looked at his watch thinking, "where the fuck is this kid?" Jim looked around nervously to make sure no one saw him. He'd be in a shit load of trouble if he got caught. Right then a beat up old Ford Taurus pulled into a space on the...Read On

Group Sex(1)


Can I Watch?

Sarah always fantasized about being the meat in a Shawn and Jason sandwich.

Sarah worked as a maid at a hotel in New York City. Sarah's work keeping the rooms clean didn’t bring her into close contact with the guests often, but on occasion she would get the chance to interact with some of them. Jason and Shawn, at least those were the names they put in the guest register, had been regular guests at the hotel for about a year now. They were both high profile...Read On



The Pool Boy

Emma had no idea what to say after she fucked her best friend's son.

Mitch was playing XBox when he heard a car door slam. He looked out the window to see Emma, his next door neighbor coming home from shopping. "Damn she's fucking hot," Mitch thought to himself. Emma had been divorced for about a year, and Mitch felt a little guilty for looking at her this way. He really liked Mr. Ferguson, he'd lived next door to them since he was an infant, but Mitch...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


It's Just Business

Steve might have been gay, but Karen wasn't, and she was going to have his cock.

Steve and Karen were sales reps for an industrial equipment manufacturer. This weekend they were going out of town to make a sales presentation, and late Friday afternoon Steve received a phone call from the hotel where they had booked rooms. Apparently the hotel had overbooked and now instead of having two rooms available for Karen and himself, there was only one room available, but it...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


The Client

Marsha was going to have to do whatever it took to make the client happy.

Everybody likes to fuck, and fat chicks are no exception. Most people balk at the idea of laying the wood to a fatty, but if you can get over the outward appearance, you can get some of the best pussy you ever had. These chicks might not be much to look at, but they'll drain the cum out of your nuts like a champ if you let them. Let's take Marsha for instance. She's the typical worker...Read On


The Girl in 4D

Abby didn't know her downstairs neighbor knew she liked to watch.

Abby had just moved into this apartment building about six months ago, and was just about settled in. It was a pretty quiet building, no noisy neighbors, no late night parties. Most of the people who lived there were young single professional types like her. The one great thing about her apartment was her downstairs neighbor. Gwen was maybe five or six years older than Abby, and a total slut. ...Read On




Melissa waled out of the house and forgot her phone. It was her lucky day.

Dangit, Melissa thought to herself, I walked out without my fucking phone. It was one of those Monday mornings for Melissa. She was going to have to drive all the way back home to get her phone. It was a little after ten-thirty so at least the rush hour traffic would have died down. Melissa was a forty-four year old, recently divorced mother, whose daughter was home from college for the...Read On



Full Court Press

Damn, a whole fucking basketball team at one time.

Five years ago when Morgan was Matt, he was an all-state High School basketball player. Today Morgan had a fantasy, but it might be a little dangerous for her to try to pull it off. Morgan was really proud of how feminine she looked, and until she took her panties off, most people had no idea she's been born male. It had always been a turn on for her to catch a guy she'd brought home by...Read On



Brad never expected this to happen to him when he woke up this morning

Brad was at the park one Saturday playing softball with his buddies when he spotted Morgan, a tall, thin blonde sitting on a nearby bench. Brad accidentally lost the ball near where she was sitting and had to go get it. Everyone had packed up their things and left, since it was getting dark. Brad and Morgan had a little privacy, even though they were outdoors. Brad struck up a conversation...Read On