First Time(1)


Hot First Time Threesome

My actual first time. Yeah. It was awesome

My first story, so don't be rude. My name is James and this is how I lost my virginity. See admittedly at 17, I was expected to have had A LOT of sex. I am fairly tall, muscular, from (what my friends classed as obsessive) weight lifting, sandy blonde hair, decent smileĀ and star of the rugby team. I also was in a very consistent relationship, with a girl called Emma, which we were...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


The Adventures of James, and Emma

James, and Emma enjoy a hot fuck in the south of France

Emma and I graduated high school, and decided we would travel around the world, before deciding what to do with our lives. On our trip we wanted to try and see how many countries we could fuck in. The first country we stopped in was France, specifically the south of France, since we hated cold places, and it was our biggest fantasy to have a hot, sensual encounter on the beach. Emma and I used...Read On