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Topic reasons to defriend people
Posted 25 Apr 2014 12:54

I actually dunno why people make such an issue of deleting friends. Just block the idiots that bother you, why announce to the whole site that you're:

DELETING FRIENDS NOW! If you havent talked to me, then you're gone!

Just fucking delete them. All that is doing is advertising your neediness for attention and creating a mad rush of chats, messages, and pokes for attention. I've actually deleted THOSE people that I see with that sort of quote post on their profile, or the ones that spam my InBox with that kinda message.

I delete friends, but really only because it takes forever to try find one in particular. Well, I guess if they're idiots too - I'll delete them.

...I do wish it was easier to kinda mass delete some. As far as I can tell, you can only delete one at a time and there's no way to select multiple friends to delete at once - that'd be handy to have.

Topic How many of you, actually look at the PROFILE of the person you're asking to be friends with?
Posted 25 Apr 2014 12:44

I havent gone back to look through all seven pages of this post, but i'm pretty sure most of us replying to it do read profiles. Somehow, I just doubt those that don't bother to "read the articles" dont even know we have a forum on here!

Topic Describe yourself in one word
Posted 04 Mar 2014 23:26


Topic Do guys really imagine having sex with all of their female friends?
Posted 04 Mar 2014 23:19

Do guys really imagine having sex with all of their female friends, or do they just fantasize about the ones they find attractive?

Do we IMAGINE it..?.. Yes. Every single one has appeared naked in our heads and we've imagined sex.

...but then you mixed it up with FANTASIZE... I wouldn't say that we go that far with all of our female friends.

Topic Chats & Chat Rooms
Posted 19 Jan 2014 23:48

So... I'm pretty casual about everything and something I find kinda funny is the...uhhh... slight hypocrisies of people on here. For instance, a lot of ladies get SO bent outta shape when others don't either read or pay attention to the info on their profiles. It is annoying though and I totally agree with them!

So, it more than cracks me up when I get hit up with a Chat Request while I'm in a ChatRoom and the person gets offended, slighted, pissed, or downright demeaning to me because I'm not into cybering much. I sometimes manage to be funny in the rooms, and then all of sudden I'm supposed to be Super Sexy Captain Cum Maker in a Private Chat..?.. errrr... if I claim to be the "Resident Idiot" in the ChatRooms, why the hell would you think I'm going to be any different in a Chat? ESPECIALLY when the first thing you say to me in that chat is: "You're funny!"

I say all of this really just to take a poll:

Is it rude to still be generally chatting around in a room when you have a Private Chat going?

Apparently, it is. I was just informed of this tonight. Which is funny, because I do this all the time and no one has ever seemed bothered or cared. The best part (and damn me for not having my Chats saved!) is the lady hit me up because she thought I was funny. Then when I maintained my usual jovial self in the Chat & ChatRoom - she became dissatisfied and ABRUPTLY switched gears, called me "rude", and then called me a "little boy".

...which is just awesome! I mean, I know the fellas on here never call out the ladies for being "teases", "bitches", "bitter old ladies" when they get turned down for chats. If someone's not into it, they're not into it - right? I know everyone simply respects that!

Topic Too big??
Posted 12 Dec 2013 11:20

Advert what?

It's not funny, she wasn't the first btw, one time I was declined online for the same reason :(.

It IS funny! Don't "advert what?" either... just like any guy that will post on here with their stories of being dissed for dick dimensions, you're not so casually showing off the piece.

Still, even more entertaining to me are the guys that always brag about being hung. It's not always a good thing. You're sometimes a sideshow. Nothing but a curiosity. Intimidating. Even damaging like LadyX implied when she said she wished afterwards she had declined.

If you're braggin', ya ain't packin'.

Topic Truth: Is it a turn on to cum all over a woman's face and boobs?
Posted 09 Sep 2013 20:20

Face? No. Not eve really if she asks for it.

...tits? HELL YES!

Topic KiK
Posted 13 Aug 2013 09:23

Don't shake your head at me!

Topic KiK
Posted 12 Aug 2013 13:43

I didn't really know where to propose this so, I figured I'd drop it down here in the Lounge...

Would anyone be up for some random KiK-ing? I know it's a shameless (desperate) solicitation, but I've seen in on a few other sites. I'm usually up for some random fun & flirting and KiK seems to be a pretty harmless way to go about it!

So, for all of those potentially down for a bit of a distraction during the day - post your kiKs!

Topic Bacon how do you like it?
Posted 17 Apr 2013 15:24

In my mouth!

Topic Why Do You Not Vote/Comment
Posted 04 Apr 2013 15:50

I personally don't like the "Popularity Contest" mentality that exists on here with a lot of aspects, including the stories. Yes, PLENTY of authors are just that: authors that write for the sake of expression and sharing. There are plenty more on here that are solely "LOOKIT ME!" types that'll spam your InBox with "CHECK OUT MY STORY & BE SURE TO VOTE AND COMMENT! LOL" messages.

I'm always surprised to hear about how someone's story was rejected for composition, grammar, or simple structuring... I figure the MOD mods review the submissions enough to deem them worthy of posting and it seems strict already. While I guess I wouldn't want just pure crap getting posted, at the same time... this IS just expression. Fantasy. An outlet for people. Fine, call it "art" - whatever. That being the case though, EXCEPT for illegal/banned content, why shouldn't people be allowed to share their stories in whatever form they're capable of.

We're allowed to edit them ourselves, so to some extent, being forced through an editing process kinda kills the simply fun of sharing a tale or two.

Topic I recommend this member's profile.
Posted 04 Apr 2013 15:39


I could be wrong but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Nicola is not a guy

Dammit! I had the right idea, just didn't pay attention to the details.

yes, I know she's not. Embarassed


...not exactly the point though.

Topic I recommend this member's profile.
Posted 04 Apr 2013 14:50

Jillicious wrote:
I recommend tiacutebutt

Anyone with guts enough to claim to be Euphrat from Met-Art deserves a visit!

Somehow I don't think this member's profile is all true....

My name is Tia I live in Hawaii; I am 18years old 5’6’’ 108 pounds 34 c bust 22 inch waist 3o hips and green eyes. I am bi-sexual I love threesome two girls one boy. Two boys or three boys and me is ok to. I love sex every part of it. I have sex everyday most days two times. I like big guys, small girls. I love to masturbate with and without toys, eat pussy, finger fuck, squirt, kiss. Suck cock. Lick balls, fuck, ass fuck and eat cum, I love cum and now incest I just started fucking my daddy.

Now see... I know you're the patriarch of the place, but how come my thread that simply pointed out profiles that shared the same pics that claimed to be individuals (therefore... GASP! highly probable fakes!!) was erased?

SUPPOSEDLY for the sake of "fantasy", "escapism", "role play", or whatever other excuse was given for those individuals that try to pass-off obviously pulled pics from the 'net and pass 'em off as themselves.

...even when someone else already has on here! hahahahaha!

Anyway, I recommend these two ladies: evil4

Topic High School Phone Pics = Sex Offenders for Life?
Posted 15 Mar 2013 16:01

And a good day to you too, sir. Don't take one flare up so seriously, or, choose your participation carefully, for your blood pressure's sake.

I wish there were like, Tone Fonts that'd help convey our reactions!

I bartend. I habitually curse a lot. It takes more effort to NOT curse on here than anything. I guess that's why it seemed so over pressured because I rarely drop so many bombs of any sort.

That's why I try to use punctuation and spacing LIBERALLY. (...and apparently, caps!) To diffuse it all. It all works-out in my head that way!

I'm honestly calm, and absolutely making fun of myself in my head for participating this much. I think I posted more in this one forum than I all the other combined. Yay me!

...anyway, red wine? No ma'am - you're talking to a beer & bourbon guy! occasion5

Topic High School Phone Pics = Sex Offenders for Life?
Posted 15 Mar 2013 15:46

You're a funny man, Texas Son. Please tell me this is you "butting heads" with me, and thus not being yourself. Or, carry on, because this just got fun.

...well yeah, that's the whole point: I've always said that it's all just fun & games!

No, I don't believe really a fucking thing on anyone's profile. I actually do not use this site as some alter-ego escapist therapy or whatever. I'm pretty much always me, I don't have the energy, care, or maybe capacity to be anyone else.

As far as content on someone's profile being a reflection of themselves..?.. yeah, I do kinda buy into that. It shows an interest. It shows a side of you. It shows maybe jack-shit, but it's certainly more than attacking a guy on an online forum thread and going off of a singular "vibe".

You're popular on here. Respected. For whatever that's even worth. I could give a shit. Generally, I think I always get along with people. I have fun. I think I typically provide fun. Cause no harm or frustration.

When someone accuses me of being some sort of Rapist Defender though..?..




Of you.

Topic High School Phone Pics = Sex Offenders for Life?
Posted 15 Mar 2013 15:38

Yes, she is guilty. But like I said earlier, what she did was just irresponsible, what he did was malicious. Both guilty but what he did was far worse.

Apples and Rotten Oranges!

See... I just can't get there. I just don't believe the actual "malicious" intent. Was it dirty & rotten? YES! Untrustworthy? Yes. Taking advantage? Yes.

Purposefully, evil intended, and "malicious"..?.. I can't get there. I don't know THAT kid, but he's a kid too! Kids are dumb. Kids are MEAN. Kids do not think.

...and that's the thing: he didn't think . Which suggests to me, that he didn't THINK, plot, and plan rubbing his grubby little hands together while chortling out a maniacal laugh as he EASILY screencaptured their pics and instantly, easily, casually (maybe) posted them to his Instagram account.

Did he set-up an specific email list and say HEY! LOOKIT THESE WHORES! It didn't say, but I'm sure it would have been reported if he did.

Did he specifically text the pics out? Same conjecture as above... all it said he did was something that's almost an automatic thing to do! It's so simple and easy to do! Chances are he did post it and later thought: OH SHIT!

...but probably not.

Be a boy for one second, please... You're full of stupid hormones, you have more power in the palm of your hand than any generation before you has ever had, and you don't even THINK about the consequences of it or the potential ramifications of anything you do with it - hell, of anything you do anyway! Who ever did at 15-20 even?

...and some girls blow-up your phone with some fucking hot pics! SURPRISE! (maybe not surprise, but whatever - even if he did cajole/coerce them, he couldn't have KNOWN they'd actually do it)..

...and yeah, your brain completely shuts down, your cock goes completely up, and before you know it: screencapture, save, post! 1-2-3

That's not malicious. That's not plotted or planned. That's just reacting.

..and it is most definitely also taking advantage and breaking trust, yes.

Topic High School Phone Pics = Sex Offenders for Life?
Posted 15 Mar 2013 15:22

Is anyone completely innocent here? NO. Technically they all broke the law.

But if you cant see that what the boy who posted the pics on the internet did was far worse than what the girls did, than I give up!!

It would be like saying the girl goes to a store and steals a box of matches. She gives them to her BF and his best friend. The Best Friend takes the matches and starts a fire. They all broke the law, the girl for stealing, the BF for accepting stolen property and the friend for starting a fire.

But are they all guilty of equal crimes? Should they all be punished equally? I guess maybe in your world, they should!!

You give up? I can't believe I'm still beating my head against the wall here!

That's a FANTASTIC analogy though!

I don't think anyone said they committed equal crimes! I only rallied against the incredible condemnation of the boy, and the obsessive defense of the girls and their victimization.

Magical_Felix first dropped the "slut shaming" and it was a horrible comparison to the point that I, and others were making.

Topic High School Phone Pics = Sex Offenders for Life?
Posted 15 Mar 2013 15:17

So, which is it? Pick a lane, because those contradict one another. If they're not at fault, then by defition, that excuses responsibility.

As for "throwing the slut shaming" at you; it's the vibe you were giving off with several of your comments. I don't put words in your mouth, I can only comment on how you come across with what you say.

Pick a lane? Those statements don't contract each other. There is grey there... there's LOTS of grey there because we don't know the exact circumstances. We don't know what was actually going through any of their heads in that moment. You stated it's not their fault the pictures were captured and posted on the boy's Instagram - I agree. That is certainly not their fault. That is not what they intended.

...but they are not blameless for it even happening. It's a KNOWN RISK and they took that risk.

As far as my "vibe"... I was caught-up in butting heads with someone that was SO sanctimonious about his shit it boggled the mind. He was the ULTIMATE "sideline parent" and used that term to justify... not a damn fucking thing.

My "vibe"? How about YOU do a little research. Read the poster's profiles, stories, comments on & to others, review their Friend's List, Followings, even... INTERVIEWS and then come back and tell me what my "vibe" is. Out of your 10 stories, your own RELUCTANCE story about a girl who allowed herself to be coerced by her boyfriend for fucking rent money, and then found herself doing bumps of coke and getting gangbanged is your 4th highest rated and voted story.

...and you wanna carry the "poor victim" banner for these girls that posed provocatively, committed the INITIAL CRIME of pornographic images of minors, then distributed those pictures themselves?

Yeah, your story's about an adult woman and they're "kids" - someone said it on here though: do adult things, take adult responsibility.

...but in your mind, the mind of a woman that proclaims to be turned off by "closed- mindedness..", you immediately think that's just "slut shaming" and judge me for being an asshole for even DARING to say that the girls are not victims.

How about the minors that manage to get on here? How about them that "innocently" see the blatant cock shots your "husband" Bastard Son posts of himself..?.. Is he to be held responsible for scarring their impressionable minds?

Is he an exploitative, manipulative motherfucker that took advantage of the ease & access the internet provides to the entire fucking world, and wrongfully exposed those kids to his cock against their will?

No. That's a retarded argument.

Topic High School Phone Pics = Sex Offenders for Life?
Posted 15 Mar 2013 14:47

Other than the exploitation and victimization that comes from her own pics going viral without her consent, what more accountability would you like to see? She was no more a 'willing participant' in this than I'm a willing participant in getting groped in a crowded, dark club.

No, but you CANNOT excuse the girls for them participating in the act to begin with OR for them being exploited.

Did they ask for it? FUCK NO! Are they poor, innocent, hapless little victims?


Don't you dare throw the "slut shaming" at me again for stating that either. It's called PERSONAL FUCKING RESPONSIBILITY, and they just got a huge, hard lesson in it. I am not saying it is their fault. I am not saying they deserve it, or asked for it. It happened. It's always going to happen. It's an OBVIOUS risk and it sucks to have to live with, just like going into a crowded dark room and getting groped. It sucks, but it's also REALITY.

End of story.

I'm amazed at how riled-up I've gotten over this, and I am truly amazed at how many of you are so ready to crucify the boy and are so stalwart in defending these "angels".


Topic High School Phone Pics = Sex Offenders for Life?
Posted 15 Mar 2013 13:12

The circumstances surrounding why the pics were sent isn't known (whether they were requested/coerced or proactively sent). Either scenario is possible though. Regardless, you're looking at a lapse in judgement by the girls at best and some level of relationship peer pressure at the worst. Both are common stuff when you're in high school. They're already suffering in spades for their social mistake and don't deserve further blame.

Gotcha. Whew! I did miss that snippet then about them sending it to their boyfriends. Thanks!

That's actually the part that gets me though. I do get it... as much as a guy can even try to begin to possibly attempt to understand the pressure of being a girl, I really do get it.

I just can't feel sorry for them. It was stupid. It wasn't what they planned. It definitely sucks... but THEY started it. They did it. Sure, they TRUSTED that the pictures wouldn't go anywhere, but there's no way to excuse them for being that naive in this era. It's not even a new concept or risk! They've lived with the risk of extreme or unintentional exposure their whole lives... it's just another Law of Nature for their generation, as it was for mine. Mostly.

Suffering? Yeah... probably. Highschool kids are HARSH! God knows what these girls are being called, but... you don't know that. I actually wanted to be a Highschool Teacher, but there's no way in hell I will be now. Why? Because the girls are fucking evil! Hahahaha!

Are they all the conniving hotties from Wild Things? No. But for all we know, those girls aren't suffering, they just might be owning it. The only reason why I even say that is because I do know girls like that. Are they overcompensating? Are they just hiding behind a "sexy tough exterior"..?.. maybe. They're still promoting that attitude though.

...and how do we know the boy isn't suffering? I'd have kicked his ass if one of those girls were my friend. My sister. Anything. Just on principle I'd have jacked him in the jaw. He's a hero? You'd be surprised at the wonderfully moral highground a lot of teens will take when it comes to the pain of their peers. That shithead may indeed be suffering tremendously at the hands of his peers.

...his teachers. His parents and community.

Topic High School Phone Pics = Sex Offenders for Life?
Posted 15 Mar 2013 12:55

What the girls did was stupid, what that one boy did was malicious.

The girls posted pics of themselves and yes, they should have known that even though the site claims the pics will be deleted seconds after they are sent, there is a possibility they may somehow be copied and sent out over the internet. But like you said, it was very IRRESPONSIBLE.

The boy, copied these pics without the knowledge and permission of the girls, He then sent them out over the internet full well knowing these girls were underage. That is not irresponsible, that is CRIMINAL.

If you cant see the difference, than I feel for you!

Yes, kids do stupid things. My daughter graduated HS last year and I know for a fact that sexting of pics happens quite a lot and its being done by kids younger than this. The kids know it happens, the teachers know it happens, the school admins know it happens. But usually it is ignored until something like this happens. Is it wrong, sure. But should these kids face criminal charges for being naive? Not in my opinion.

Parents need to be proactive and talk with their kids about things like this(and many others too) and not reactive once it happens. They cant be naive and say "my kid wouldnt ever do that".

Agreed. I never said what he did wasn't criminal. I said that EVERYTHING that happened was criminal. Period. What they did, and what he did.

Malicious? I'll only say maybe. Dancing_Doll gave one scenario of coercion from the boy, did it happen that way? Maybe. Hell, probably. But who are any of us to assume that it did in fact happen that way?

For fuck's sake, MAYBE the boy is gay and had been getting harassed by everyone and the girls were maliciously teasing him?

Preposterous? Absolutely! Possible? Yeah, maybe...

It seems like EVERYONE is so willing to persecute the boy for doing what boys do: mean shit. NEWS-FUCKING-FLASH!

We pull your hair. We pinch your ass. We make comments about your tits, we nut punch each other... we are fucking MEAN.

Is that right? Hell no!

Do you REALLY believe this boy was trying to be fucking SATAN and ruin these girls lives? Do you really believe this boy even thought beyond his own pubescent prick and far enough ahead to realize the damage he was committing when he did it?


...and do you really think the girls are SO fucking innocent in their intentions too? They are JUST as much to blame for their shortsightedness as he is.

The whole point of the forum was: Do they deserve such harsh charges against them, and a criminal record?

No. The article even stated that there weren't any charges being pressed, but that there was a THREAT of charges IF they did not comply with the law and remove all of the images from an y devices they owned.

THAT, I agree with. Fucking nail them to the wall if they willingly and KNOWINGLY continued to posses such images.

Topic High School Phone Pics = Sex Offenders for Life?
Posted 15 Mar 2013 12:20

The girls are guilty of being naive enough to think thet pics would never be seen by the masses. Yes, technically they may have broken the law,but my original question was should this be considered child porn and should they be labeled as Sex Offenders. The answer to that, at least in my opinion is NO. Im sure the girls wish they never posted the pics, just like I wish I never posted the article, LOL!!

Edit: As for the boy who posted them on the Internet, He deserves whatever he gets. He knew what he was doing.

Be interesting to see how this all plays out. Im sure it will be on Law and Order: SVU in a few months!! HAHA

...and why shouldn't the girls get the same in return? Are you telling me they had NO idea what they were doing posing and taking pics of themselves to begin with?!

True, they did not expect the pics to be saved & distributed. That is NO defense or excuse for irresponsible behavior.

It is, and HAS BEEN their entire lives, the age of the internet, technology, and all things easily manipulated. It's not a new concept.

Are they kids and will they act irresponsibly? Yeah... and it's truly unfortunate sometimes and has major consequences. Forgive me if I am completely incapable of conjuring up any sympathy for either them, or the boy.

Topic High School Phone Pics = Sex Offenders for Life?
Posted 15 Mar 2013 12:14

It happens, then the dust settles and we move on. If it happens enough, somebody gets a nice note from admin.

As to your previous post, people will see these issues through the lens of their own experience/bias, but clearly there's more than a whiff of slut-shame in some of the responses. You can say that both the girls and the boys are responsible , and I can say that the girls are no less victims for having acted stupidly to begin with.

This. This is ALL I was originally saying. Period. They are BOTH responsible.

There's a lot of inferring going on with the circumstances, ie: the boy even being a "boyfriend" of the girl. That was never stated.

That the boy somehow coerced the girls, that was never stated.

Does that happen? Yes. It's despicable and unfortunate, and I damn sure do NOT defend it.

Do girls FREELY flash, tease, and show themselves off? Yes. Ever been to any Spring Break destination?

Was that the case here? I do not, and no one here cannot know for sure.

Bottom line is what I said all along: ALL parties involved are in the wrong. Period. that is not "slut shaming", witch hunting, name calling, labeling, or damning anyone.

That's just the facts. They all fucked-up.

Topic High School Phone Pics = Sex Offenders for Life?
Posted 15 Mar 2013 10:09

I can spell, I just can't type!

The I & U are right next to each other... it's so hard to be a Pecker!

...and no one's shaming them. It's a SHARED responsibility. They did, in fact, commit the crime of taking illicit & illegal pictures of themselves. They did, in fact, commit the illegal act of distributing those illegal pictures. They are, in fact, WRONG for doing so. Just as wrong as the boy.

No shaming there, just calling it as it is.

Topic High School Phone Pics = Sex Offenders for Life?
Posted 15 Mar 2013 10:03

So there was more than one victim... What difference does that make? Is your argument now that I didn't make girl plural? Okay.

The point was more that you didn't even pay attention to the article and the overall situation. You obviously JUST focused on your own self-righteousness and slamming of all of us "slut shamers".

...of which NONE of us were being or are. We're just not chalking up or EXCUSING those girls as "victums". They are as much in the wrong, if not more so, than the idiot boy.

Topic High School Phone Pics = Sex Offenders for Life?
Posted 15 Mar 2013 09:43

The teen girl in question wasn't a model...

From the ARTICLE you seem to have missed as Nikki's post:

" that some freshman girl s took of themselve s ..."

There was no teen "girl". Singular. There was more than one: plural. Girls.

...anyway, we've hijacked the thread long enough for our own little pissing match.

Sorry folks! dontknow

Topic High School Phone Pics = Sex Offenders for Life?
Posted 15 Mar 2013 09:35

She's a model...

Oh, so you CAN actually see the obvious and reason for yourself fairly well then?

Good to know. You really oughta try applying that to ALL things in life.

Topic High School Phone Pics = Sex Offenders for Life?
Posted 15 Mar 2013 09:31

There is no link to the article... I read Nikki's post.

Slut shaming

Sure sounds like a lot of slut shaming going on in this thread.

Nikki's post WAS the fucking article!

It's a magical, whimsical little technique called COPY & PASTE.

...and you just dropped down Wiki? Seriously? Your argument is Wiki based?

Felix... who ARE you?

Topic High School Phone Pics = Sex Offenders for Life?
Posted 15 Mar 2013 09:28

Is this your daughter..?.. The one you don't even have and of course would NEVER grow-up to be the self advertising DIRTY girl that you posted in another forum?

...a girl who is obviously being abused by you and many others for having this picture repeatedly posted on the internet when she was just sitting down and resting her poor tall sock clad legs.

Topic High School Phone Pics = Sex Offenders for Life?
Posted 15 Mar 2013 09:23

I dont have a family... If I did I wouldn't be on lush, I am pretty certain of that. You misread what I wrote about that. The sequence in my reluctance story is with adults. I don't write about incest either, that disgusts me in many ways and to be honest, incest in the real world is usually rape. But anyway, I am a single man.

And I am just replying to what you are saying. This whole time you took to defending the boy and slut shaming the girl.

Wrong. I was only making the point that THEY (did you even read the fucking article?!?!) THEY- as in more than ONE GIRL... THEY were just as in the wrong, if not even MORE in the wrong then the boy.

...I also repeatedly made the argument that the whole thing is fucking ridiculous, and blown out of proportion.

...and you seriously earn another huge FUCK YOU for your sanctimonious fucking fathering assertions about how "your daughter would never..." and how "your son wouldn't be such a..."

You shithead, parenting is SO fucking easy from the sidelines, huh?