Love Stories(1)


Saturday Morning

One good morning

As any typical Saturday morning Dan is stirred by one of three things, the birds outside the open window, the arguing of his kids over the television or a hard on. This morning was the latter. He spooned behind his wife, Karen. He wrapped his arms over her and nuzzled into her neck. Her mussed curly brown hair hung just below her shoulders. He buried his nose and lips in it just behind...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


The Big Show

Welcome to the Show Kandy is in college. Just finishing her final year and looking forward to what life has to offer beyond school. She's gotten her college education and a few life's lessons. She lives off campus in a condominium complex that mostly rents to other students. No shortage of social possibilities there. She shares her place with 2 friends. Kandy is petite, 5'2”, long curly...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


Awakening From A Dream

The thin line between a dream and reality

Awakening from the Dream The dream. It starts at a work happy hour at a downtown bar. A neighborhood type place, except it is in the middle of a bunch of office buildings. It’s the dive the professionals go to, not the locals. I go with the usual crowd, the usual b.s. around the office, is now just taken “offsite”. I really go because my friend Heather goes. Truth be told, I really...Read On


Going Down the Fire Road

First entry. Based off of imagination.

Going Down on the Fire Road A few weeks earlier Tom had just gotten his new, to him, Jeep. He was so anxious to take it four wheeling. His girlfriend has been busting on him about how it would be show and no go. But was talking about him or the Jeep? Finally on a Sunday morning he called Tracy up and told her that today was the day. He was going to be by her place in an hour or so and...Read On