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21 Dec 2012 16:43

21 Dec 2012 16:42

20 Dec 2012 17:18

Bob and Doug McKenzie (Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas) from their SCTV recurring skit 'Great White North' doing their rendition of 'the 12 Days of Christmas - Hilarious!

19 Dec 2012 16:32

18 Dec 2012 11:00

Chapter five of Life's What You Make It has been published. You can find it in the Novels category

15 Dec 2012 19:09

Our fourth chapter of the novella Runnergirl and I have been working on, 'Life's What You Make It' has been submitted. It should be published sometime soon! I hope all our 'fans' enjoy it!

08 Dec 2012 07:33

For everyone who has been following my collaboration with Runnergirl, 'Life's What You Make It' our chapter threes are now published. Muy Caliente when compared to Ch 1 and 2. Hope everyone enjoys it as much as we enjoyed writing it!

01 Dec 2012 08:59

Chapter two of the collaboration with Runnergirl, "Life's What You Make It" is published now. I hope all my friends read both stories and let us know what you think. We also did an 'interview' on the Lush Forum at you might find interesting.

24 Nov 2012 08:59

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Anybody seen my turkey???

21 Nov 2012 20:52

Runnergirl and I collaborated on a Lush Forum 'interview thread' post regarding our current collaborative story effort. I hope my friends give it a quick read as well. Thanks everybody.

21 Nov 2012 07:57

The collaboration story I've been doing with runnergirl is up. It's written in two parts, sort of a cross between a journal and a novella, runnergirl writing from the girl's perspective and me writing from the guys. I hope all my friends get a chance to read it and let us know what you think. It starts out a little slow, action-wise, but hang in there, future installments get a bit steamier. Please read 'Life's What You Make It - chapter one, both Emmy's story and Robbie's story under the 'Novels' category.

17 Nov 2012 08:44

Lovely, simply lovely.

13 Nov 2012 06:43

To all my friends: a week from today, this coming Monday (11/12), is my birthday and as much as I'd like to share a drink with each and everyone of you, I realize how impractical that could be, so I'd like everyone to have a drink of their choice with me that evening - anything from water, juice, milk to soda, from beer or wine to liquor or a mixed drink. I'll be sipping a couple fingers of Gentleman Jack in a highball glass with a Pepsi chaser, myself. 'Sharing' a drink with all my Lush friends is all the gift I need or want! Cheers!

05 Nov 2012 11:55

02 Nov 2012 10:12

Summer's almost gone. One last warm weather post before the end of the season.

28 Oct 2012 13:50

Doesn't she look comfy in that shirt?

I like to see girls who look so comfortable!

26 Oct 2012 12:55

I'd hate to see her go...

But I love watching her walk away!

22 Oct 2012 10:17

My newest story is already off page one of the home page, the comments and scores have been nice, but I realize that the category I put it in, 'Love Stories' is not going to lead to the story being viewed as often as I hoped. I do hope that all my friends get a chance to check it out. I do think it contains some of my best writing to date.

18 Oct 2012 08:52

I decided to try my hand at submitting a story under the 'Love Stories' category. Keep an eye open for 'The Novelist'. Hope all my friends read and enjoy it! Hopefully it will be published soon!

17 Oct 2012 10:58

17 Oct 2012 07:12

11 Oct 2012 18:42

Another beautiful head of long hair (the body isn't bad either!)

05 Oct 2012 19:11

Don't you just love long hair?

02 Oct 2012 13:43

I know I'm not young and sexy anymore, but I put the girly pix from my image gallery into a 3rd album and uploaded two pics of myself to my image gallery, one at 56 (last year) and one at 57(about a month ago)

29 Sep 2012 22:04

Just found an old pic of myself I thought I'd post...

27 Sep 2012 13:29

Giving my brain a break from the Neighbor's Teenage Daughter series, to develop a couple ideas. I just submitted the first of them 'The Wrong Number', it should be published soon. I hope all my friends give it a read then let me know what they think. I'll get back to work on part five of my other series this weekend. Happy Humpday to everyone!

26 Sep 2012 08:09

Part four is too new to take any success for granted, but less than 6 hours since being published, I've got 6 positive comments, several asking for more, way over 1000 views, and an average score of 4.9 after 10 votes. I guess I should prepare for the inevitable part five. When I wrote this story, I planned to end it with part two. I wish to thank all my readers and friends for their support, and for driving me to keep going. Thanks!, Mark

23 Sep 2012 06:27

I had some problems with writing part four of 'My Neighbor's Teenage Daughter' but it has now been submitted. I hope all of you who were so patiently waiting for it aren't disappointed. It has some hot sex in it as well as the set up needed for some ideas in subsequent parts. I've got a couple other writing ideas I want to pursue, so I hope any people interested in a part five can have patience. Enjoy! Mark

22 Sep 2012 22:09

Suffering a little writer's block - part four is on the way! In the meantime, I created a photo album on my profile - 'Boobs, glorious boobs' I promise to get part four posted soon.

22 Sep 2012 03:23