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Greetings and welcome to my page.

This site was suggested to me and I became addicted after my first visit.

At the young age of 16 I spent a great deal of time traveling across the US performing magic and puppetry. I made many friends and encountered many different lifestyles and I experimented with many of them.

I was among the first of the mobile DJ's that are now common place.I played at weddings, parties and singles dances. The encounters I had at these venues make great reading.

Writing is a new medium for me and I do not write very well based on the amount of rejections. The problem is that I spent far too many years perfecting all aspects of my performing skills that my writing skills has suffered for it.

I have a wealth of great story stories to share.

I love to chat and if I am on I will always respond to chat requests.

Suburbs, Ohio, United States
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23 Oct 2017 16:08
Acting, Theater, Magic, Paranormal Investigation, Haunted Houses,Harley Davidsons,Poker and Toy Runs.
Favorite Books:
The Miko
The Ninja
The Vampire Lestat
Queen of the Dammed
I, Vampire
Water for Elephants
The Secret Life of Houdini
Favorite Authors:
Eric Lustbaden
Susan Kay
Anne Rice
Annie Rampling
Favorite Movies:
Exit to Eden
Body Double
Body Heat
Two Moon Junction
Favourite TV Shows:
Ghost Hunters.
Favorite Music:
Classic Rock


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24 Apr 2013
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Topic: Movie first - Book Second
Posted: 21 Oct 2017 05:16

I remember seeing The Godfather when it first came out and how much I enjoyed it. I purchased the book a little while later and was able to see and hear the actors from the movie as I read it cover to cover..

Topic: Story behind your avatar
Posted: 15 Oct 2017 00:50

I just love the Phantom of the Opera story..

Topic: The C word
Posted: 15 Oct 2017 00:47

I have never used that word, and I never will. There are so many more colorful ones to use.

Topic: sweet sexy panties
Posted: 13 Oct 2017 03:19

Wow! Absolutely fantastic pics. I need a cold shower..

Topic: Bitten or Scratched In Throes Of Passion...?
Posted: 08 Oct 2017 08:05

Love her nails in my back as she cums.

Topic: Over or Under?
Posted: 08 Oct 2017 08:03


Topic: Would you let yourself be tied up during sex?
Posted: 25 Sep 2017 02:38

Yes and blindfolded..

Topic: How many of you, actually look at the PROFILE of the person you're asking to be friends with?
Posted: 25 Sep 2017 02:36

Always. I am wary of someone that doesn't bother to complete it.

Topic: Sexy Maids
Posted: 08 Sep 2017 01:09

WOW. I think I need a cold shower.

Topic: Do You like to give or reciever oral sex?
Posted: 03 Sep 2017 00:37

I don't mind giving. I prefer not to receive.

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Through The Fence

It was early Spring when Preston Carter returned from his yearly stay in Cancun. As the cab pulled into his driveway he noticed that the For Sale sign was missing from the lawn of the house next to his. It had been three months ago as he was getting ready to leave that he noticed the For Sale sign. His neighbors confessed that they were sick of the cold Northern winters and were...

Added 27 Sep 2017 | Category Taboo | Votes 6 | Avg Score 4.83 | Views 6,863 | 1 Comment

The Weekend following Memorial Day

Loni called Mike or he called her almost every night.They would talk for hours and the phone sex that followed was always satisfying. On the second night, he informed her that his dad had taken some vacation days and was not at home. She responded that her dad was also not at home. "That means they went to pick up the mobile home," he offered. "I can't wait," Loni responded. "Neither can I."...

Added 03 Oct 2017 | Category Taboo | Votes 5 | Avg Score 4.8 | Views 4,051 | 1 Comment

The Week following Memorial Day.

The Memorial Day weekend finally ended. During the ride home Mike thought about what he had experienced over the holiday weekend, and as usual he got hard again. He thought about Loni jacking him off on that first night and being invited to her futon the next night. In his mind's eye he saw her throw back her covers to reveal her new silky and see through lingerie. Through half lidded eyes...

Added 10 Aug 2017 | Category Taboo | Votes 8 | Avg Score 4.88 | Views 6,089 | 3 Comments

My Secret

I had been fascinated by erotic lingerie since I first discovered it. In my youth I found the pictures of the girls in Playboy magazine a turn on as did a lot of other boys my age. A thrill that shot through my body and hardened my teenage cock while looking at these pictures. It was intensified if they were clad in black lingerie. The sight of black nylons, with or without seams, on...

Added 17 Jul 2017 | Category Fetish | Votes 9 | Avg Score 4.67 | Views 2,908 | 3 Comments

My Secret Revealed

My life was pretty good. I had an excellent job that paid well and afforded a nice mobile home. I played baseball on the company team and had a bevy of office hotties show up to the games to cheer me on, I even dated a few of them briefly. It was the nights that I really looked forward to. Once the day was done and I was safely behind the drawn drapes and locked doors of my trailer...

Added 08 Sep 2017 | Category Crossdressing | Votes 15 | Avg Score 4.8 | Views 7,189 | 5 Comments

A Memorable Memorial Day. Part 2. The next day

When Mike woke up, the first thing he thought about was what had happened last night. It had to be a dream. Had Loni really slipped under the covers of his makeshift bed as he was jacking off? Did he imagine it or had she really stayed and helped him finish the job? Yes, it had to be a dream as he just wasn't that lucky. Now, the girls he hung with at school were considered attractive,...

Added 11 Jul 2017 | Category Taboo | Votes 11 | Avg Score 4.91 | Views 5,577 | 5 Comments

The Birthday Present

"Jan has a serious crush on you," Belinda informed me as we were driving home. She was speaking of the daughter of our best friends. I met them during the end of the CB radio craze that swept the country in the late seventies. We had all just joined a local CB club about a month apart and became friends. We would spend our Fridays nights at the club's dinner meetings sharing...

Added 03 Jul 2017 | Category Taboo | Votes 23 | Avg Score 4.86 | Views 12,669 | 3 Comments

A Memorable Memorial Day.

It had been a great start to the Memorial Day weekend. They had left home early and arrived shortly before sunrise to open the cottage and commence to get it ready. Seventeen year old Mike had looked forward to the fishing, water skiing and swimming in the clear blue waters of the inland resort. Plus there were trails of this former farmland begging to be explored on his dirt bike. Most of...

Added 09 Jun 2017 | Category Masturbation | Votes 8 | Avg Score 5 | Views 5,728 | 3 Comments

Taking That First Step. A New Chapter Begins. Part 2

September had arrived and Lance returned to high school for his final year. He still found himself attracted to and flirting with all the girls and not the guys. He surmised that it was only when he was dressed as Lana did his choices change. He couldn't see Cassandra during the week as he worked out after school and then went to his part-time job. He got home in time to join his family...

Added 31 May 2017 | Category Crossdressing | Votes 5 | Avg Score 4.6 | Views 5,180 | 3 Comments

Taking That First Step. A new chapter begins

The Summer was drawing to a close, and Lance would soon return to school for his senior year. As excited as he was about his final year, he was saddened that meant no more early morning rendezvous with the stunning Cassandra. It had been a great Summer. Thanks to her assistance Lance had taken his desire to crossdress to a whole new level and he became Lana. In order to complete his...

Added 22 May 2017 | Category Crossdressing | Votes 13 | Avg Score 4.92 | Views 7,186 | 5 Comments

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