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Hi, I'm something of an irregular writer and I travel a lot - I have wanderlust and have for a very long time. I've met many fabulous (and a few not so fabulous) people on my travels and it's given me a wonderful appreciation of the human condition. I hope you might find that in my writing. I'm not a natural writer and I am learning for there is much to learn.

I write because..... (choose a reason), that's easier than me explaining why. I hope you like my stories, sometimes they are true, authentic and unembellished. Sometimes partly true in honour of a time, place and sometimes a person.

The rest are simple flights of fancy that arrived as a spark in the most unforeseen of places....

Bye for now.

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Martin S
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South, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
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Far too many to list, either the Delta of Venus or Henry and June (her diaries) by Anais Nin.
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Amis, Steinbeck, Hemmingway, Nin, Camus, Rand.... there are too many.
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Three Colours Trilogy, Jean De Florette & Manon De Sources, Amelie.
Favourite TV Shows:
Mad Men. TV died for me when that finished - it will never be beaten, ever. I don't watch TV.
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Aphex Twin, Georgio Moroder, Rokysopp, Kraftwerk, Cerrone.


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Topic: Is it normal for a story to "get away" from the writer's planned outline, and sort of write itself?
Posted: 05 Dec 2017 11:32

Yes, this sometimes happens to me. I blame the characters. Once I've given them life on the page, they develop minds of their own, and start trying to influence the way the story's going.

Sometimes I'm strict, and make them do what I want. Other times, it's easier to let them have their own way. Ungrateful bastards lol.

^^^^ This, I do this.

Sometimes I'm a total barsteward and put them into horrible situations and then play with them. As the writer of your poor hapless characters you are omnipotent - it seems a shame to waste that. I have tried to write to an outline but I like to go away stew on it and then write something I think that's better.

Topic: Announcing the Winners of our "Boobies" Story Competition
Posted: 02 Dec 2017 12:12

Many congratulations browncoffee, curvygalore and Just a Guy, cracking reads all of them. Curvy, what did I say ? <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/thumbsup.gif" alt="thumbup">

Topic: Lest we forget
Posted: 14 Nov 2017 14:20

So all this adds up to the fact that war is a bad idea. So don't do it rather than eulogize the poor bastards who you conscripted to carry out the insanity.

My great-great grandfather was not conscripted, he was in the British Expeditionary Force in 1914 that held back the Germans against insurmountable odds to prevent them taking France in WW1.

My great-uncles both volunteered and served with distinction in WW2 in the Middle East and Burma.

My grandfathers and their five brothers volunteered and fought on land, sea and air in Europe, the Middle East and the Atlantic.

My great-great grandfather never came home, in fact nearly 90% of the BEF gave their lives in the first year.

Neither did one of my great-uncles.

My grandfathers lost three of their brothers.

At home, my family endured one of the most horrific domestic bombing raids of WW2, my father remembers the terror he felt as a four year old.

We cannot forget and will never forget.

They fought for the liberty that gives you the right to say that, they paid a blood price so you have the right to say what you think.

Topic: Happy Birthday EJG3!
Posted: 14 Nov 2017 10:06


Happy birthday - you make LittleDuchess happy, one of the nicest people here - so you are one cool dude.

Have a great day and I'm sure you'll get some great presents :)

Topic: 11 NEW Categories Added!
Posted: 12 Nov 2017 01:29

Great idea! I've moved a couple of my stories, Femdom is an inspired choice :)

Topic: Catalonia is threatening to make my globe obsolete
Posted: 29 Oct 2017 06:56

The sins of the father - Franco's suppression left a very bitter memory in Catalonia. I work in Barcelona a lot (well - did until recently) and they have a very different identity to those in Madrid (where I also work). The comparison between Scotland and England is false. The Catalonian quest for independence would be more like England wanting independence from the UK because it is a drain on its resources.

This Spanish government are proving to be even more inept that Zapatero. It wasn't that long ago that Spain was a dictatorship and the Nazis were practising in Spain for WW2.

I have no sympathy for the Spanish government for their treatment of the Gibraltar.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of an independence call - there is a theme running through all of the troubles in Europe - the appeal of the nation state due to the dislocation of its people from its national government. It is the people wanting its politicians to look inwards first, then outwards. The political gravity in Europe is centred on the EU first, then the national government.

Spain has had a dreadful time for over a decade as the Euro has seen huge wealth transfers to Northern Europe. They have over 50% unemployment amongst the under-30s and are hidebound with very high levels of debt (thanks to Zapatero). Additionally, they are bearing the brunt of huge migration from North Africa and no-one in the country seems to know what to do.

The people are demanding 'stop!', the politicians right up to the EU (shudder) do nothing.

Too many countries in Europe ignore their electorate and this is what happens, we see it time and time again. Remote leaders with no connection to the public taken from a political class that implements ideology and not the will of its people.

Currently, the notion of referenda is ridiculed by that political class, we've seen that in Britain - a further sign of contempt for 'demos' of democracy.

As for the solution, they need to look at the Statue of Catalonia again and frankly, unless they accommodate the Catalonians quickly - there will be blood on the streets.

Topic: Harvey Weinstein
Posted: 29 Oct 2017 06:04

Ah Hollywood, and the shock and consternation.

The casting couch is nothing new, its crimes are as shocking and as old as Hollywood itself. From Black Dahlia to now and I feel nothing but revulsion for its politics, its utter hypocrisy and now this today.


At the end of this clip - you'll see who honours a convicted paedophile with a standing ovation and this is from 2003 - Harrison Ford's face says it all.

There are victims and I really feel for them. Monsters have taken people's lives, ruined many and those that knew sat back, said nothing because of their need for fame and wealth. Makes you wish for a higher power to damn them all.

Topic: Announcing the Winners of our "Bookish" Story Competition
Posted: 15 Oct 2017 03:52

The warmest of congratulations to all the winners of the competition. It was certainly a cracking competition to enter and take part in.

Topic: Where and how did you learn of the attacks on 9/11/01?
Posted: 13 Sep 2017 21:25

I was working in City of London, I remember it vividly, the person I was working for came in looking so pale, he said what happened and told everyone that we had instructions to leave now by London Underground. I called friends for details and I remember my friend trying not to cry and told me turn on the TV when I got home. The City (financial centre) was evacuated fearing an attack here.

It was very sombre, very orderly and very British. The schools had just finished for the day too and many of them were blissfully unaware laughing and joking. No-one said anything, I think because we all knew that a lot of innocence would be lost that day when they got home and found out. Ignorance was bliss if you like.

I spent most of that evening on the phone with the TV on and talking to a recent ex-girlfriend who was very shaken by it trying to console her. We all feared the reprisals which I think were remarkably restrained. A dreadful day and it still has the ability to jar my thoughts, the people that jumped are the subject of nightmares even now.

Topic: Mile High Club
Posted: 31 Aug 2017 12:08

Memorable for many reasons.

1. It was my first ever scheduled flight
2. My girlfriend was more than a little adventurous, she made a joke about 'in-flight entertainment' that still makes me smile every time I fly (which is three times a month for the last 15 years).
3, It was her idea, I blame the three large vodka tonics inside me for getting inside her.
4. At my climactic peak, she opted to take it in her mouth because she wasn't going to sit in wet panties for another 5 hours. I teased her for destroying the evidence (work it out).


5. We got caught!

Well, caught as in two people exiting in the toilet. The stewardess smiled at me, I went bright red, she sniggered, I cringed (come on, I was 21!). The stewardesses were prepping a drinks round.

This was over 20 years ago, planes were bars with wings back then. About 10 minutes later, I'm crimson when it's the same hostess and she says, "I suppose you'll be having a cigarette with this one?"

Yep, that's right, in those days, you could smoke 'em if you got 'em too. My girlfriend simply laughed and I wanted to jump out of the plane.

Flying is shit these days, simple as that.

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