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Hi, I'm something of an irregular writer and I travel a lot - I have wanderlust and have for a very long time. I've met many fabulous (and a few not so fabulous) people on my travels and it's given me a wonderful appreciation of the human condition. I hope you might find that in my writing. I'm not a natural writer and I am learning for there is much to learn.

I write because..... (choose a reason), that's easier than me explaining why. I hope you like my stories, sometimes they are true, authentic and unembellished. Sometimes partly true in honour of a time, place and sometimes a person.

The rest are simple flights of fancy that arrived as a spark in the most unforeseen of places....

Bye for now.

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Far too many to list, either the Delta of Venus or Henry and June (her diaries) by Anais Nin.
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Amis, Steinbeck, Hemmingway, Nin, Camus, Rand.... there are too many.
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Three Colours Trilogy, Jean De Florette & Manon De Sources, Amelie.
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Mad Men. TV died for me when that finished - it will never be beaten, ever. I don't watch TV.
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Aphex Twin, Georgio Moroder, Rokysopp, Kraftwerk, Cerrone.


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Topic: How you write
Posted: 21 Apr 2018 07:36

That's a great tip <img src="/images/emoticons/thumbsup.gif" alt="thumbup">

You are most welcome <img src="/images/emoticons/happy8.gif" alt="happy8">

This software is free, the voice is a bit robotic but.... it's free :) It doesn't struggle with certain words either....


Topic: How you write
Posted: 21 Apr 2018 06:41

Keyboard and MS Word.

I've just started using speech synthesis software to read it back - it's really improved the final edit. Free software here: http://www.cross-plus-a.com/balabolka.htm

Topic: Privatized or socialized?
Posted: 08 Apr 2018 08:37

Charities could run some of these services, with full income tax relief on donations. Government exists to uphold the law and protect people.

National Parks/State Parks - P
Fire and emergency response - S
Law enforcement - S
Military (National Defense) - S
Libraries - P
Epidemic response/Vaccine stockpiling - S
Space exploration - P
Internet service - P
Healthcare/Health Insurance - P
Roads, highways, and bridges - S
Dams and waterways - S
Postal service - P
Garbage collection - P
K-12 education - S
College - P
Prisons - S
City transit systems (buses,subways) - P
Monetary/currency supply - P
Disability insurance - P
Disaster relief (floods, hurricane, earthquake...) - S
Water supply and sewer service - P
Courts and Justice system - S
Electric utility distribution - P
Banks - P
Governance itself - The people are sovereign.

Topic: Guaranteed minimum income
Posted: 08 Apr 2018 08:30

Re-distribution of income does not work as a policy tool to make everyone richer - an effective tax system does.

I'd rather see negative tax rates used to avoid high marginal rates of welfare withdrawal and a voucher based social provision to provide people with choice. Let the money follow the person not some state-driven largesse used to buy votes. The individual can then choose where they redeem their vouchers rather than some state-run monopoly. Schools, hospitals, social insurance - let the market compete for their business.

Welfare is a sinkhole for other people's money, caring for the poor is not just about giving them money. It's about self-respect, choice and independence.

Topic: Have you ever had sex with a foreigner?
Posted: 02 Jan 2018 04:08

I haven't properly visited a country until I've enjoyed some of the talent.

I've been to over 60 countries and many of these more than once. France is easily top of the leaderboard, there is something about their women, so strong and fiesty. Mind you, Andorra did throw up quite a lovely surprise many years ago :-"

Topic: For those of us who've been raped/hurt/abused, is Trump triggering us?
Posted: 31 Dec 2017 03:02

is Trump triggering domestic violence survivors?

another article about ptsd victims and Trump

Is Donald a human ptsd trigger?

Here in the UK, we have got a serious problem developing with false rape accusations leading to innocent men going to jail for crimes they did not do.

As for 'triggering' - there are many issues on all sides of the argument. He is not the most eloquent person yet entitled to an opinion without over-sensitivity from those on the opposing side of the argument. Anyone that seeks to curtail that discussion through these means deserves nothing but suspicion in my mind. These are words used to stifle debate.

Topic: Jerusalem - Capital of Israel
Posted: 31 Dec 2017 02:55

Okay, let's start with the 1933 Montevideo Convention. It states that " The state as a person of international law should possess the following qualifications: (a) a permanent population; (b) a defined territory; (c) government; and (d) capacity to enter into relations with the other states. ".

Mandatory Palestine met conditions a and b. If souvereignty over Mandatory Palestine had been handed over to its people, as it should have been at the end of that mandate, the people of Palestine could and would have formed a government and would have engaged in formal international relations. I'm pretty sure though, that if that had happened, we'd now be speaking of IRGUN and Haganah as we do today about Hezbollah, Taliban and IS.

Acceptance of 181 implies the unconditional acceptance of an Arab state too. Israel has never complied to that because it's ultra orthodox powerbase still dreams of the whole of their "promised land".

The Arabs did not agree because the resolution violated the right of a people's self determination as defined in the UN Charter and rightfully so. The claim to the territory by foreign zionists had no legal basis, neither in local nor in international law. Its acceptance by the states that voted in favor was largely due to pressure and coercion by the US where the zionist lobby hsd great financial influence and threatened huge electoral losses should the founding of a Jewish state fail.

According to the " British Government's Interim Report on the Civil Administration of Palestine " in 1920 the population of Mandatory Palestine consisted of approximately 700,000 people. Some 80% of them were Arab, the rest was a mixture. Only 76,000 of them were Jews, that's less than 11% and almost all of those had entered Palestine in the previous 40 years.

By1948 that had grown to1,900,000 persons, 68% Arabs and onl 32% Jews, still less than one third of the population. I would hardly call that a majority. The growth of the Arab part of the population was by natural growth, of the Jewish part mainly by immigration, among them some 100,000 Holocaust survivors.

The originally envisioned Jewish state would have had a total population of 1,008,800. Of those, 509,780 were Arabs and 499,020 were Jews. In other words, the Arabs would still have been the majority in the proposed Jewish State. To counter that, the borders were shifted. The predominantly Arab cities Jaffa and Beersheba (and some other areas) were added to the proposed Arab state, while part of Arab territory was added to the proposed Jewish state. Within those new borders, Jews would have a 60% majority.

In the territory that became Israel after the war of 1948, that not only undid those revisions, but added extra, predominantly Arab territory, the Jews would still have been a minority, had the demographics remained more or less the same. However, the Israeli forces expelled and chased some 700,000 Arabs from their homes, businesses and farms. In addition large numbers of zionist fighters joined the war on the Jewish side.

They were immigrants with no other bonds to the territory than a quote from a holy book. They had become the majority because they had driven 700,000 of the original inhabitants from their homes and killed a good number of the rest. Their majority was thevresult of a silent invasion, genocide and ethnic cleansing. They had no legal claim to the land, they just took it.


Edited to remove a few mistakes.

Parts of Mandatory Palestine were handed over the Palestinian Arabs and what happened? It proved incapable of forming local administrations and its law enforcement infrastructure completely crumbled. Instead, they chose to fight and the 1947 civil war was initiated by the Palestinian Arab communities and the Arab Liberation Army to attack the Jewish community. Those Palestinian Arabs fled as soon as the fighting started.

Then Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt attacked Israel in an unprovoked attack and in the case of Lebanon, Syria and Egypt sought to destroy the State of Israel in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. More people fled and in some Arab countries, they prohibited the migration of the Jewish community to Israel. Instead, they openly persecuted them for 'starting a war' which they did not.

The context is not theft of land, it was the removal of the Jewish community from the Middle East by its neighbours. Really? You advocate that at a time so close to what happened to them during the Holocaust?

You have tied yourself in knots too, by your own words, you cannot have 'a people's right to self-determination' if by international law (the Montevideo Convention) you do not have a nation state. Secondly, 'Palestine' had no status within the UN either at the time.

Also, the areas of Palestine in Resolution 181 that were given over to the Jewish community were only where they had a majority. A Resolution agreed as a UN mandate, again, you choose to ignore this.

By fighting the State of Israel, not only did the Arab nations seek to destroy it, they then complained they lost their own 'homeland' which:

1. Was never theirs - ever.
2. Only a few years earlier - Its Arab population sided with the Nazis to assist their invasion plans so they could claim it as Arab land.
2. Was defined in Resolution 181 yet they never agreed to the plan.
3. Were openly hostile to a community subjected to genocide only a few years before.
4. Attacked a nation state internationally recognised by the leading nations of the world.

Finally, you also ignore the Jewish exodus from Arab countries that happened after 1948 too. Yep, they were persecuted into leaving and so legally migrated (or illegally escaped) to Israel.

Topic: Jerusalem - Capital of Israel
Posted: 30 Dec 2017 17:28

181 by itself did not declare the State of Israel, it only proposed it. Like you said, it was a recommendation for an action, not the action itself.

I don't understand why you refuse to call the inhabitants of Palestine Palestinians. It like calling the inhabitants of New York New Yorkers. Under the British mandate, Great Britain had souvereignty over the territory but they didn't own it. Your queen doesn't own the UK either, nor does any Britton. Yet your people has made very clear that they consider it THEIR country, over which only the British people should decide.

It is hypocritical to assume that doesn't hold true for another people, just because they,re being governed by a foreign authority. Regardless of who rules it, a country belongs to its people and not to its rulers. Palestine belonged to the Palestinians, just as England belongs to the English. And just like English wouldn't, they shouldn't have had to accept that a bunch of immigrants came to their country with the intention to claim it as theirs, just because a story from a holy book says so. And just like the British people doesn't want to be dictated from Brussels and Israel doesn't feel obliged to adhere to UN resolutions, the people of Palestine should not have been expected to meekly accept that the UN, against their clearly stated will, planned to give away a substantial part of their country to immigrants from Russia, Poland, Ukraine and wherever else they came from, regardles of how much they suffered in WWII and before that.

Your logic says America was not stolen from the Cherokee, the Cheyenne and all those other native American peoples, because at the time it was ruled by the British too.

Resolution 181 was voted on and carried by the necessary number of votes in 1947 in the UN as a three state solution, one for the Jewish community, one for the Arabs and a independent city state for Jerusalem. This was acceptable to the Jewish community and only the Arabs did not agree and attacked after the Israeli Declaration of independence before the plan was implemented. Its neighbours also attacked Israel what became the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.

The internationally recognised 1933 Montevideo Convention outlines four key criteria for a nation state and this is recognised in international law.

'Palestine' has never fulfilled all four of these criteria until only recently.

And if by your own measure, the land belongs to the people, then the Jewish population (who were in the vast majority at the founding of Jerusalem) are the rightful owners.

Topic: Jerusalem - Capital of Israel
Posted: 30 Dec 2017 01:53

The territory that consists of Israel, the Westbank and the Gaza strip has gone by the name Palestine since the British mandate in 1920, but the name palestine has been in use for that area since the days of ancient Greece. At the concdption of the State of Israel, it was one of the names that was considered for the country to be.

The important difference between Palestinians and the founders of Israel is, that the Palestinians are the indigenous people of the territory, while the founders of Israel were immigrants. And yes, there were Jewish Palestinians too, but they were not the driving force behind the foundation of Israel and certainly not the leaders. The large majority of Palestinians were Arab Muslims.

As for your notion that Israel was founded by the UN, it was not. Resolution 181 proposed a Jewish state, but did not declare it. And while the Jewish Agency (mostly immigrants, remember) accepted it, the original population, mostly Arabs, and their allies did not. Why should they have? Their homeland was being taken over by foreign immigrants who claimed it as their own. Would you have allowed that in your home country? And even if the UN had declared the State of Israel, is it acceptable that the internatiol community would have taken away the right of the people of Palestine to self determination? I think it is not and anyone with some common sense would understand how that led to violence and civil war.

Anyway, it was not the UN that declared the independent State of Israel, but David Ben Gurion, on the 14th of May 1948, the day before the British mandate ended. With the memories of the Holocaust still fresh, the US and the Soviet Union immediately recognised the newly founded state. The large majority of original inhabitants of the territory and their allies understandably did not, which led to a war in which over 700,000 Palestinian Arabs were expelled by or fled for the Israeli forces, predominantly led by immigrants and an American Army Colonel, and aided by French intelligence and by the fact that the British allowed immigrant fighters and weapons in to strengthen the Israeli forces.

In short, Israel is a country founded on land that was stolen by immigrants from its original inhabitants with the active support of America, France and Great Britain.

I am well aware that the existence of Israel is a fact that cannot be undone. By now over 70% of its population was born there. The Arab world, most of it at least, sees it that way too by now and even the dislodged Palestinians recognise it. The large majority of them want the same as those Jewish immigrants got, a land they can call their own and the right to determine their own future. They also want a lasting and peaceful relationship with their neighbours, including Israel. It is mainly the ultra-orthodoxe Jewish part of the israeli society and the influence they have on government that keeps blocking that. They continue to inhabit and expand their settlements on occupied land at the expense of, again, the original Arab inhabitants. They believe the Torah entitles them to take possession of the entire territory that was once known as Palestine. As long as they continue to pursue that, with the support of the israeli arny and authorities and the endorsement from coutries like the US, there will always be (violent) resistance against Israel.

Resolution 181(II) recommended an independent Jewish State and this was voted for and agreed by the UN in 1947.

The plan was not implemented because of civil war (instigated by the Palestinian Arabs) and its neighbours in 1948.

As for the rest of what you have written, who owned the land before the Sykes-Picot, the British Mandate or Resolution 181? Who was it stolen from?

Please don't say the 'Palestinians' - it is a place and only recently has it become a recognised state.

It's like saying Manhattan belongs to the Dutch.

Topic: Jerusalem - Capital of Israel
Posted: 29 Dec 2017 10:06

You conveniently forget that Israel was founded by European immigrants who drove the original inhabitants from their lands and properties. David Ben Gurion was an immigrant from Poland, Menachem Begin one from Russia. The latter was also terrorist and a war criminal who's organisation was responsible for the bomb attack on the King David hotel that killed 91 people and who personally supervised the massacre of more than a hundred arab civilians in Deir Yassin and the execution of at least 25 imprisoned civilians.

Can you blame the Palestinian people for fighting against immigrants who come to their country to claim it as theirs? Can you blame their Arab neighbours and allies for their solidarity and support in that fight?

How would you react if Muslims immigrated en masse to Wales, drove the Welsh out with terrorism and more subtle forms of pressure, and declared an Islamic state there? And how would you feel about the US if they were among the first to recognise that state?

Israel was founded by Zionist fundamentalist immigrants who stole the country from its original inhabitants and then successfully appealed to the sympathy the international community had for them as a result of the Holocaust.

Every conflict after that was a direct result of the failiure of both Israel and the international community to recognise and address that.

As for Jerusalem, it incorporates both East and West Jerusalem. Whether East Jerusalem is Jordanian or Palestinian is irrelevant. It is not a part of Israel, therefore Jerusalem as a whole can not be Israel's capital.

The State of Israel was founded by the United Nations and immediately recognised by the Soviet Union and the United States from its birth. You cannot have it both ways, citing violation of UN resolution and then choosing to ignore that one.

Who are these 'Palestinian' people? On your own logic, they are as 'Palestinian' as David Ben Gurion is 'Israeli'. I am aware of the King David Hotel Bombing because they killed British civilians. It was the British that brought its mandate to govern 'Palestine' to an end and sought the UN to partition 'Palestine', and it was.

As for taking land, again, who attacked the State of Israel on the day after its birth? You won't answer that will you?Incidentally, on who's side did their aggressors fight on during WW2? Yep, you've got it - the Nazis.

The 'original' inhabitants is incredibly disingenuous because this land was part of different provinces and states over millennia. The notion of 'Palestinian' refers to 'Palestinian Jews' as much as 'Palestinian Arabs'.

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