the_swede21's Blog Entries

30 May 2013 22:37

drunk...and horny...i need to be cured.

16 May 2013 23:38

bored...and horny. never a good combo...

09 Feb 2013 07:16

Does anybody on here have kik? If so message me!

26 Dec 2012 08:56

Went home for Christmas, went out for some drinks with an old friend last night, ended the night in a very hot and sweaty mess!! woke up this morning and started all over! Was a good Christmas i think!

13 Jun 2012 19:33

Idk what it is, but I've been hard as a rock all day!!! I need a release!!

29 Mar 2012 18:30

bored in my hotel...wishing there was something (or someone) to do!

15 Feb 2012 12:55

Todays my birthday! Gonna be a good one!

01 Jan 2012 18:58

i am so unbearably horny right now, and ready for my first slut of 2012! Its gonna be a good year!

02 Sep 2011 15:21

Hmmmm....horny for a lil slut!

22 Aug 2011 15:19

Its been a long fucking day...I need me a horny lil slut!!

13 Jul 2011 19:40 am so fucking horny today..damn..