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Everything from Bach to Beck, but if you insist: PJ Harvey, Patricia Barber, Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis, Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, Lyle Lovett, Brahms 3rd, Gymnopadia


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Topic: Love is beautiful,however Men can separate sex and love.Why cant women?
Posted: 17 Mar 2013 11:12

The issue is best explained by the mix of biology and culture. Sex is inherently riskier for women then men. Men enter women's bodies. Men can't get pregnant, and until recent decades paternity was difficult to establish at best. Safe, reliable contraception is less then a century old. And men can, in theory, impregnate a vast number of women while a woman can have only a limited number of offspring. While culture of mating and reproduction extends back many centuries.

Because women have much more at risk then men, they logically ask for a higher standard before becoming comfortable enough with someone to have sex. The premium placed on virginity in many cultures is intended to assure paternity, and thus the man's continuing support in the rearing of children. Human civilization grew up with those biases built in. Slut shaming, the 'groping' and even the burqua all grew up as ways to assure paternity rights. And the bias in those rights was reinforced by both men and women.

This also changes the sexual balance between men and women and how our politics broke down. Except for prostitutes, no man wanted to be with a loose woman. A woman who was willing to say yes, was relatively rare and that balance is reflected her on Lush. How many potential cyber partners does a woman enjoy in a chat room. How long does it take before a man hits on a woman? Minutes. But for men the situation is reversed.

In essence, sexual condition for women is Pavlovian, for men Skinnerian. In Pavlovian conditioning, every time the lever is pressed (or the bell rung) the reward is given. It's easier for most women to find sex, if that's all you're going for is sex, Animals trained under pavlovian conditions press the lever only when they're hungry. Because sex is easy, women naturally aspire to more.

For men the situation is often reversed. Except for a few rock stars/celebrities, sex isn't so easy. My presence in a chatroom is a matter of no interest until I stand out in some way. I could spend hours in a chat room and its iffy if a single woman would initiate conversation, sexual or otherwise. Men face a more Skinnerian situation, where you have to press the lever to get your reward, but you never ever know if a reward is coming, It is random and intermittant. Animals conditioned that way press the lever constantly because they can never have confidence a reward is coming.

Now that's sort of basic biology, but remember the biology of men and women has derived over centuries. For a man, finding a woman willing to have sex with him is difficult, so success is self-affirming in and ove itself. For a woman sex is easy, so they want more, they are more invested before they admit a man to their body. For women it is often the cementing of a pre-exiting bond. For men it's often that way too. We aren't unaffected by sex. But rather, we don't require the emotional commitment before saying yes.

Topic: If you could have one lustful evening with anyone (and they were totally into it) with whom would it
Posted: 28 Feb 2013 18:52

My choice would be (presuming she's single) newwoman Lara Logan. She has guts and brains, and tells the truth. Plus she's exquisitely beautiful. If she's married then I'd go for Cathrine Keener. I just like the smart girls.

Topic: If you could only do one type of exercise or sport, what would it be?
Posted: 27 Feb 2013 18:38

I raced sports cars just long enough to figure out I cannot afford to race. If the money fairy ever lands, I'm going back to the track with competitive equipment.

Topic: Kate Upton Too big to be SI swimsuit?
Posted: 27 Feb 2013 18:24

I can't even believe we're having this topic.

Topic: Guys, would you rather fuck a tight or wide pussy?
Posted: 20 Nov 2012 17:52

Is there such a thing as a bad pussy? What I want is a pussy attached to a broad, questioning mind who makes me laugh. As Woody Allen once put it, "The worst orgasm I ever had was right on."

Topic: Can I Pick Your Brains?
Posted: 10 Nov 2012 18:28

Compared to most of the world, the US is a great place to be a woman. But women have had the right to vote for less then a century, and my life is about the span of the birth control pill. I remember when Good Girls Don't was an iron law. I remember when gay people were deeply in the closet and lesbian literature always ended badly. We are only a generation or two away from that. Which means lots of people who grew up with the old ways are having trouble adapting. As they pass, things should get easier. But we're not so rich as we were, it's hard now to get a good job. People are afraid and when they fear they often look backward for surety an moral purity. But I think the election proved not everyone is ready to turn back

Topic: Republicans and the "R" word
Posted: 26 Oct 2012 20:24


I know why they say it, but they really aren't interested in thinking it through. Fortunately, SF writer John Scalzi does that for them. Great satire that gets right to the reality of the matter.

Topic: Favorite show.
Posted: 26 Oct 2012 19:56

Battlestar Galactica (the remake), Dexter, The Game of Thrones and The Daily Show top my all-time list

Topic: Favorite Ice Cream
Posted: 21 Oct 2012 18:14

I live in Ohio, the Axis of Ice Cream. From Cincinnati we offer Graeters, best known for their Raspberry with dark chocolate chunks. To the norheast in Cleveland we have Mitchells' whose apricot makes me sigh. And in the center is Jeni's, named by a couple of mags as the best in America, and maybe the world. My favorite is goat Cheese with Cherries, though in winter it's Goat Cheese with Fig. Yummmmmm/

Topic: Club Zafia....
Posted: 21 Oct 2012 18:11


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Guest of the House of Shahira

It has been many years since I first passed through the Obsidian Gate. All has changed since that day. New Gods came with their followers’ swords. They threw down the Sultan and beheaded him. Everything they remade in their image. What was once a temple is now a brothel for the powerful, a place where contempt finds expression in flesh. It was not always so. In those days of my Goddess, it...

Added 27 Feb 2013 | Category Supernatural | Votes 6 | Avg Score 5 | Views 3,568 | 1 Comment

Shahira's Rite of Spring

In the days before the dark Godsbrought their legions and flames, the spring brought a special time at the Homely House, where I was steward. Every year, the Sultana came to meet our orphans. She ate and played with them, and at the end of the day one lucky child was taken into the royal household to be trained as a servant. This was no mean honor for the person selected, for not only...

Added 28 Feb 2013 | Category Supernatural | Votes 2 | Avg Score 5 | Views 3,358 | 1 Comment

Editor's Pick The Malaysia Option

I remember trying to read an endless spreadsheet printout.  The paper roll was draped over my office windows and ran out the door into the hall.  All the office was a buzz, everyone talking about the ‘Malaysia option’. Thank heaven Jackie woke me.  “Wake up sleepyhead, it’s time to get ready for the party.’ I rub my eyes, squinting at the bright lights. Oh yes.  Saturday...

Added 08 Jan 2010 | Category Anal | Votes 15 | Avg Score 4.87 | Views 17,359 | 6 Comments

A Boxcar Named Desire

Lorelei rolled gently as she dropped off another load of dishes.   Her calves ached, but she had to hurry.   They needed help on the floor. Charlie had been sick for a couple days, so no one was surprised when he called in.   Then Gerry couldn’t be reached, probably because Pantera was playing at the Agora. But couldn’t Roger have found another busboy somewhere?   Nine tables and no...

Added 20 Jan 2010 | Category Love Stories | Votes 7 | Avg Score 4.86 | Views 2,854 | 5 Comments

Window Shopping

Emily leaned back in her chair, kicking the front legs up as she sipped cabernet, the deep purple wine clinging to her lips. “You seeing anybody yet?” I rolled my eyes and poured myself. “No, Em, I haven’t got time for that.” “It’s been six months. Don’t you think it’s about time you made time.” “You know how my job is. I’ve got three projects going right now, and we’re bidding on the...

Added 04 Jan 2010 | Category Love Stories | Votes 13 | Avg Score 4.69 | Views 3,436 | 2 Comments


I was a junior at Hampshire the night Jane came to me. It wasn't a good time. In my mind I was the World's Oldest Virgin, terminally unlovable. I'd even struck out with Easy Emily, who had fucked half my friends but not me even though I was the only person who actually cared about her. Years later I understood my feelings were precisely the problem she had with me, but at the time they...

Added 11 Dec 2011 | Category First Time | Votes 27 | Avg Score 4.72 | Views 17,219 | 7 Comments

Roommates Part 1.

I felt like the luckiest man in the world after Jane took my cherry. I'd just gotten royally fucked by the woman I'd been fantasizing about for a couple years now and had probably become my best friend. Not only that, she'd liked so much we were now steadies, so I'd moved directly from monosexuality to rampant, kinky sexuality all courtesy of my voluptuous, delightfully kinky sweetheart. She...

Added 12 Dec 2011 | Category Exhibitionism | Votes 19 | Avg Score 4.74 | Views 12,610 | 6 Comments

Roomates, Part 2: Witnesses to sin

The morning after started out like any other. Missy had the earliest class, and she got up and started the coffee and jumped in the shower. I was up next. I wriggled out of Jane's arms with a soft kiss, and headed into the kitchen to make breakfast and finish the chapter's I hadn't quite finished last night. I felt tired, exhausted and nicely sore after a marathon sex session with Jane,...

Added 14 Dec 2011 | Category Exhibitionism | Votes 9 | Avg Score 4.89 | Views 11,703 | 3 Comments

Roomates Ch. 3: Showing off

Jane and I decided to stay home Saturday night. Neither of us really wanted to hear the fallout from Rita's visit to her big brother Randy. We liked him, and we new he'd feel totally shamed. And we both vowed not to spread the rumor further. They were showing Spartacus on TV, we had beer and frankly a movie and popcorn seemed like a good plan with the world going nuts about us. We were in...

Added 17 Dec 2011 | Category Exhibitionism | Votes 17 | Avg Score 4.47 | Views 12,239 | 2 Comments

Roommates Part 4: Missy's Magic Wand

It came as a big surprise the following Friday when my girlfriend Jane and I came in late and heard some moaning from both Missy and her date when we came home the following Friday night. Missy was our roommate. She was a petite little redhead, with a cute round face, small, lovely breasts and a bottom which set a standard for female backsides everywhere. Cute as button, and hot as a...

Added 14 May 2012 | Category Exhibitionism | Votes 7 | Avg Score 4.57 | Views 6,288 | 1 Comment

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