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Hey I'm John, I'm 21, I live in Iowa Its great here quiet and peaceful and the quality of life here has been voted on multiple occasions to be very good. I love written erotica I believe it is the best form of erotica because you are reading the words and its like a video being played out in your mind, and sometimes I go to bed and I dream that I'm the one in the story :). If you ever want to message and just chat normally (or erotic chat ;P) go head.

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Iowa, Iowa, United States
Reading, Woodcrafts, Practicing Guitar, Sleeping, Learning, writing, sex I mean that's what most of us are here for right? you either have a passion for writing or your horny for me its both lol ;P
Favorite Books:
Catcher in the Rye, A Long Way Gone, Of Mice and Men, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings.
Favorite Authors:
Stephen King, Lovecraft, Tolkien
Favorite Movies:
Too many to list
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Mostly classic and modern rock


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14 Nov 2010
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16 May 2011 (2595 days ago)
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Topic: What Are You Wearing?
Posted: 12 Jan 2011 15:18

light blue denim jeans
black boxers with red X,s on em
a plain white hanes t shirt
a gray hoodie that says HI! on the back

Topic: Would you rather...
Posted: 26 Dec 2010 06:06

Toys Fleshlight to be exact ;)

Topic: What would you like for Christmas?
Posted: 26 Dec 2010 06:03

Employment is what I want for Christmas.

Topic: Things that piss you off
Posted: 26 Dec 2010 05:41

-People who tell me obvious things
-People who ask me obvious questions
-People who constantly scream and yell
-Short tempered people
-People who can't get over themselves
-Assholes who cut you off in traffic
-Bad Drivers, I'm not a perfect driver but damn I'm amazed at the amount of idiots who need to reread their drivers manual and go take the fucking test again...ugh
-People who failed at life and blame it on others instead of themselves..
-Idiots who don't want to admit they are wrong
-the winter
-Automated phone calls, unless it is necessary...I don't talk to a damn computer

Topic: who do you fancy on lush?
Posted: 21 Dec 2010 16:40



Topic: Favourite Christmas Movie
Posted: 21 Dec 2010 16:35

A Christmas Story


This is another of my faves


Topic: What are you listening to right now?
Posted: 20 Dec 2010 04:05


Topic: What's your most disappointing sexual encounter?
Posted: 20 Dec 2010 04:02

Here's mine- if it's not 'the worst', then it's way up there:

We met up with a bunch of people, some that I knew and some I didn't, all service industry people, and we were all at a club, dancing.
I started to dance with this one guy that I knew of, but not personally until that night, and we really clicked. We had major body chemistry working there...and in the process of dancing, and you're grinding a little bit if you like each other, I could feel what he was packing and let's just say that between that, the way he looked, and the way he acted, I liked him a little more yet!

So a big group of us went to some random person's house after we left the club, and all the way over there, I was telling my roommate Daniela about this guy and how much he turned me on, and that I was definitely on the prowl for some action. After we got there, me and 'the guy' reconnected and before long, the two of us disappeared and found a bedroom.

I had on one of my favorite dresses, the kind that is tight and comes down just below my ass, and otherwise (aside from a thong) I'm just wearing heels. We start to kiss and I climb into his lap. We're really getting heated, and I've got my hand down there against his pants, rubbing and stroking what he's got from outside his pants. This was not one of those 'love-making' nights where I wanted or needed any sort of 'warm up'- so I leaned into his ear told him what I really wanted from him, and after that his pants were down fairly quickly, and I went down to give him some licks and strokes...making sure he was fully erect, and then he gave me a condom and I worked it slowly on, teasing him. All this time, I"m just wetter than hell, and my thong feels like a soaked shoestring by now.

Physically he could not have been better (and I mean everywhere), and I could not wait, so I stood back up, turned around, and pulled him to me. I lifted my dress up and slowly pulled my thong down, then pressed my ass back against him, trapping his dick lengthwise in the crack of my ass (I hope that makes sense)

I wiggled a little then gyrated up and then down twice, holding that cock in the crease of my ass...right then I heard: "uugggghhhnnnn".

That's right, before anything really happened, he came. I have to admit I was a little bit hard on him, but after looking forward to it like I had, I was pissed.

All he could muster up at the time was: "I don't know, baby...I"m sorry, this doesn't usually happen, I was just so excited...". To his discredit, he really didn't redirect me into any number of activities that would've salvaged the situation until he was 'recharged'.

I told him not to worry about it, and left, immediately.


You have to realize he prolly had PE, some men can't help it...kind of immature and childish for you to get pissed over it..

Topic: Would you fuck the person above you?
Posted: 20 Dec 2010 04:00

Why are the guys always above me >.>

Topic: Do you spend more time on the web than watching TV?
Posted: 17 Dec 2010 09:35

More time online

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