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Need Big Black Cocks to suck on and fuck me in my mouth n ass and cover me and fill me with cum. Mmmmmm

24 Nov 2014 19:05

So this morning i was going to begin my day off, then had to go to a meeting back at the office and after the meeting I was fucking the intern in the backseat of the car and she was amazing!!! I filled her mouth,pussy and ass with cum.

07 Mar 2014 13:39

Just got a new house

26 Feb 2014 19:11

Just got a new house

26 Feb 2014 19:11

Just got a new house

26 Feb 2014 19:11

Though my sexual orientation says I'm gay and have a boyfriend I still like girls too. I just happen to fuck the intern in her car before work. Shes now my fuck slut when I want pussy. (Outside the work place of course)

27 Dec 2013 09:46

Enjoying hanging out with my boyfriend.

14 Dec 2013 10:37

Working from home is nice when you don't want to go to the office when its cold outside.

09 Dec 2013 08:35

Love that big black cock

05 Dec 2013 17:26

Jeez dick move cut me off while I almost drink coffee and someone cuts me off.. What a dick!..

02 Dec 2013 18:42

Ugh I'm gonna be in the office for awhile. By that I mean til 11:00.

25 Nov 2013 20:01

Really bored in the office. Guess I'll fuck the hot intern since she's been checking me out.

25 Nov 2013 10:19

Took a girl home ,slept with her then made her breakfast

22 Nov 2013 07:20

That moment when your driving down a mountain with your friends and the only life you see is a hitch hiker. That says horror movie scene. Thank god we didn't break down

20 Nov 2013 20:01

Her friends are bitches who talk shit about me. So Im single.

19 Nov 2013 17:13

Just shaved since my girlfriend was complaining about the hair.

14 Nov 2013 17:09

Turned twenty two last night. And girlfriend and I celebrated in bed.

12 Nov 2013 06:15

Always hot to see my girlfriend sitting on the couch only wearing panties and a T-shirt. And her glasses is making it more hot.

10 Nov 2013 22:23

Enjoying the girl at my side

28 Oct 2013 11:41

Finaly my ordeal is done with!

24 Oct 2013 19:07

Come on Friday my girlfriend's period is in the way, FUCK YOU NATURE!!

23 Oct 2013 21:25

Thank God my two week ordeal is almost over

22 Oct 2013 08:24

Girlfriend is asking for a vacation lately so, Imma take her on one after the Halloween festivities are over with.

17 Oct 2013 21:17

Gotta love the smart girls.

08 Oct 2013 20:55

Girl im seeing soo hot.

21 Sep 2013 20:43

Fucking the girl nextdoor.

30 Aug 2013 10:48

Awesome I just got awarded yearling.

26 Aug 2013 21:28

Just spent the whole day putting together what happened last night.

21 Jul 2013 21:42

I should date both sexes at once, that would be the most awesome thing I do this summer!

25 May 2013 20:36

It's hot here!.

13 May 2013 17:02