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Okay I'm locked in tonight working on my bio and chem.....grrrr.....wish I was dancing? Okay listen to some Lana Del Rey to chill for a bit....check Lush (yes I'm naughty...wasting time I know hehe).....Mom wants to chat (sex stuff as usual...) but I'm like way busy.....Jen will come over later to tell me MORE about her trip and all the GUYS she met hehe. Okay what else? Miss you all. Yup that's about it. Kisses Crissy.

17 Sep 2014 19:06

OMG I have just submitted the very first story I ever wrote. It's from like three years ago when I lost my virginity. I seem so young in the story I'm almost too embarrassed to post it. But anyways I hope a few people still like it. Don't be like too harsh since it was the first story I ever tried to write.

14 Sep 2014 23:54

Now what is better than being young on a Saturday night? Duh FRIDAY night hehe!! OMG well Friday is history, but shhh don't write down what happened. Might shock my dad. OMG now that's a giggle. I bet he does worse stuff with his "young slut". I love life right now. Young, dancing my ass off, pizza, my own car, sunshine, mini skirts, wild sex, my mom is happy and well....haha well it would be nice if I was like 3 inches taller. Oh yeah Jenny will be back from China with her dad on Sunday. YIPEE. Then next weekend will be even MORE awesome. Have fun tonight everyone.

13 Sep 2014 19:38

About to leave on my Friday night date. He won't tell me WHERE we are going or WHAT we are doing?? Haha this guy is amazing. I love the mystery. I'm so fucking curious? Mom is out with a guy and seems much happier. Jen is on a trip (as girl!!). Sex is the best way to de-stress from studies so I'm hoping tonight will de-stress me TOTALLY hehe. Okay for all the guys who ask...I'm wearing a short black mini skirt....strappy black heels....the rest you can use your rather active imaginations hehe.

12 Sep 2014 20:08

Okay SO MUCH going on in my life. Caught my mom crying the other night. The divorce still gets to her sometimes. I hugged her as much as I could, but hey, it's rough. I wish I could help her more. She seems better now. She has dates lined up for tomorrow so that's good. Two guys. School work. Club tasks to finish for our fall events. Jenny is giving me shit for ignoring her. Geez haha I'm taking shit all over the place. Hey but I've started a new story. That's good, right?

11 Sep 2014 20:19

Hehe my mom always has the best advice. "Date them both" she told me. OMG it's so intoxicating to have TWO guys after you. The sex is so thrilling and intense. My body is wasted after the last two days. As a woman you feel so desired and wanted and.....well......beautiful I guess? Holy fuck all you girls need to do it.

01 Sep 2014 21:14

OMG sorry everyone! I've been so so busy and stuff. Oh and now school is starting again? WTF? So soon? Girls what do you do when TWO guys are after you? How do you choose? Why do we have to "choose" anyways? I'm back to my "young and confused" state of mind. At Jen's right now. She's giggling. She ALWAYS has several guys on the go? She's like a juggler haha. I guess I need to learn to juggle? Hmmm......Carmen and John are meeting up with us later. That girl has blossomed...I'm so proud of myself hehe.

30 Aug 2014 22:07

I'm so proud of Carmen. Seventeen and she lost her virginity. We talked about everything last night. It was wonderful and she's so happy with how it went. My "summer project" is a complete success. I'm feeling very older and "Aunt" like haha. I found her the right guy and everything. Her sister thinks I'm amazing haha. We all giggled like mad. Girl talk for hours ensued. I may write a story, it was that good.

05 Aug 2014 23:23

Okay girls this is sorta intimate, but do you sometimes just sorta look at your guy and want to suck his cock? Sometimes I look at Ken when we are out and I have this strong desire to pull him away and suck him? Weird right? At those moments I just really want the feeling of control and to watch his eyes roll back as I suck and he groans hehe. OMG it's so sexy to just watch him loose control. Let me know if you feel the same sometimes or if I'm just weird haha.

01 Aug 2014 20:35

Okay feeling really good this summer. I feel "taller" haha. Stop giggling girls. Yes it's the new heels. Plus lots of great sex......LOTS!! OMG I just feel happier than ever. Hope you are all doing GREAT. I might even write a story? Something much naughtier than ever before. Like I said I only "look" innocent haha.

24 Jul 2014 18:43

Okay well quick update gang. "Maybe" I won't be single too long....or maybe I'm even not now? Hehe.....well.....things happen, right? I usually don't have sex on "first dates", but I made an exception for Ken. It's okay to drool girls he's that dreamy!! Gosh!! We're going out again on Thursday so we'll see. First time sex is always so hot and intense. Let's see if he can keep up the game.

01 Jul 2014 19:55

Okay let's get this straight, my mom is banging a young doctor and hinting at marriage? WTF? My dad and Judy are trying for a baby? Steve is still with Phoebe? Jen is back with Antwan fucking her brains out with his huge cock. Steph has a new guy and Cindy is hot with some older lawyer who looks like George Clooney. AM I THE ONLY LONELY SINGLE GIRL IN SAN JOSE???????????? I'm so dejected.

20 Jun 2014 20:11

Hey not much to say? Going clubbing tonight with Jen and the gang on Santana Row. Going to Straits and then Blowfish to close the night. Short mini skirt and lots of dancing...YIPEE!! Oh and I'm wearing my new heels. All the drama has calmed down and I feel much better thanks to my mom and Jen and all my friends.

12 Jun 2014 18:11

Looks like Jon is history. I can't handle the drama. So sad, but it's FUN to be single again. I talked to my mom a lot and to Jen and Stephy. A guy who proposes after only a few weeks must have bad judgment. Not good for the rest of your life. Plus I'm way too young and still need to do my masters degree. What does he think? IDK? Fucked me up for a bit. I'm okay now.

07 Jun 2014 19:18

Looks like Jon is history. I can't handle the drama. So sad, but it's FUN to be single again.

07 Jun 2014 18:31

Okay TOTALLY freaked out gang. Jon fucking proposed? kidding. Took me to the Japanese Gardens at the bridge and got on one knee and everything. My mom has freaked even more than me haha. I mean I'm like her "little girl" and guys want to marry me now. She's feeling old. She might need to date an even younger guy to get over it haha. I don't know what to do? He's so nice and I adore him?? But he's like a puppy dog. Plus he has no appreciation for science or biology? That's not good since that's my passion. Plus I still need to do a masters and I need to go somewhere to do that? OMG this is so fucked-up. I've been avoiding him......

05 Jun 2014 18:02

Judy bought me these amazing chocolate brown yoga pants that make my bum look so good! Maybe I'll need to start going to the gym haha. Getting ready to see Jon tonight with some of his friends. Definitely a mini skirt.....yup...for sure a mini skirt, but which shoes? Okay whatever....I gotta blast gang.

28 May 2014 16:55

Wow Jon is keeping a smile on this girl's face hehe. You may have noticed I'm not on here I guess the real sex is too damn hot and good right? Hey I found the perfect guy for my "summer project" hehe.....she seems to adore him and they seem to "click" so she may not be a virgin much longer. First time I've played match maker and it's so much FUN!!!!

25 May 2014 23:53

Okay I got a few sweet comments on my writing. Wow people are still reading my stuff? I guess I need to write a new story. A lot has happened and I think I'm a lot different from before. I've changed, but I hope my true friends still like me on here. My best friend Jen and I, well we both have been through a lot in the last three years, but we are still tight!! I'm glad I'm still close to my dad even after the divorce. I even have become really good friends with his GF Judy. It's weird, but life is like that sometimes....the worst things just work out somehow.

18 May 2014 19:23

OMG so Jon and I sorta had a "fight". First had great advice. Well it was sorta my fault I guess? Well it was my fault, but what girl will admit that right? Okay so I knew I had to make it up. Mom said a blow job works every time. Hehe how did she know? OMG he was grinning so wide it was funny. I told him he looked goofy but he didn't give a fuck. He's all happy and I'm forgiven now. Girls, if in doubt, ask your mom.

15 May 2014 21:47

Jon has gone on a business trip to NYC and Toronto until Saturday. He said the sweetest, hottest, sexiest thing to me before he left. OMG....I never would have guessed. Well only girls will understand hehe.

12 May 2014 17:23

Jon is taking me to meet some of his friends on Friday. I'm so nervous.....butterflies. What the fuck should I wear? Haha I'll get Jen to help me. She's got a fashion brain. I'm so ditzy when it comes to picking clothes. Plus the guys are older so I don't want to look like a fucking teenie-bopper? I always look so young and innocent it fucking infuriates me. I wonder if any of his friends are HOT and single? Haha maybe I can play "match maker" that's fun!!

08 May 2014 21:36

Haha okay….wow… guy = new sex and that's so fucking HOT!! Three days in a row. His name is John, but he spells it "Jon" for some reason. Okay gotta blast and have pizza with Jen and Stephy and the gang. Girl's night out!! YIPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

05 May 2014 20:52

OMG I can't stay on tonight.....GOT A DATE hehe!! Yeah this guy I like....well anyways Jenny talked to him and he called.....I'm so fucking nervous. Ken was such a disaster in the end...I just hope he likes me? Jen says he does and wouldn't call me if he wasn't interested.....K.....keep your fingers crossed girls. Hopefully a hot night. I'm gonna wear this cute new skater skirt I bought. Very flirtatious and makes my legs look longer (I think haha). Plus these soft suede leather pumps that I bought last year, but I simply adore them (plus they're comfortable haha). Still scrambling to pick my top....K.....see ya....have fun gang.

30 Apr 2014 21:49

C'mon Golden State try harder next game. Gosh how come we lost? FUCK!! Bought some new shoes yesterday and feeling much better. Jenny is over tonight and she's totally into some of the cool stories she's missed. I'm still looking for the right skirt to welcome summer. Short but not too short, cute but still sexy....unique....but not crazy hard to shop. Did I tell you Judy bought me a diamond heart necklace? I think something is up with her and dad??? Buttering up the daughter? A wedding maybe? Hehe just my devious mind at work.

29 Apr 2014 22:56

I'm officially SINGLE as of this weekend so the world is my oyster. YIPEE!!! Maybe I'll have time to write another story now? Gonna go dance my ass off tonight!! I need to shop too (get my mom or Judy to bring the credit card haha). I'm thinking of a new sexy skater skirt and some shoes to match? Maybe some new sexy lingerie? I need a fresh start.

11 Apr 2014 21:03

I'm so fucked-up and confused. I have no idea what I did? We were just supposed to have "coffee"? IDK? Should Steve tell Phoebe? Should I tell Phoebe….I mean she was/is my friend? I think it won't happen again, but I don't know….fuck the sex was so hot? Steve apologized like a million times and I feel so GUILTY!! OMG. Ken is on a business trip thank god. WTF has this girl got her self into? JENNY……..HELP!!!

04 Apr 2014 20:20

My dad's in Hawaii with Judy working on making me a half-sister (YIPEE!!) My mom's in LA on a business trip, but I think she's meeting a hot guy? Just a suspicion haha. I'm on my own fulfilling my dreams and trying to live up to my expectations (not easy). Men are an on-going disappointment, but luckily I have my gang of girls. A few things have been ticked off my bucket list, but that's only for my bestieeeeees if you know who you are haha. Girl secrets.

20 Mar 2014 01:06

I have been feeling very special and wanted lately. I guess I'm lucky this year? My mom is in a terribly good mood too (her guy must be very good in bed hehe). I think I might become a sister this next year? IDK? My dad's gf has sorta hinted at the fact that she'd like to get pregnant. It would be so awesome if I had an actual sister. Okay gotta go to bed….wow… late. I think I'm really falling for this guy….omg….he's made me feel so feminine. Am I finally becoming a "woman"????

28 Feb 2014 00:55

Going out on a double/triple date tonight……dance my ass off and get drunk. Hope Ken makes it exciting enough….I need to fucking relax….I mean RELAX!!! Yes girls orgasms DO HELP….but I want to dance my ass off first and flirt with few randoms……(Stop giggling)… know what I mean. Red Bull here I come…..Kisses Crissy

22 Feb 2014 21:24