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Haven't been on much. Slept over at Ken's place for three nights….so yeah. Poor guy has a pink toothbrush and tampons in his bathroom now hehe. Some of you want to know more about my gang of friends so I'm posting a few more pics even though not many people even comment. Back home so I can catch up with my homework……sex sort of interferes with good grades hehe. Ken seems to have been offered a promotion, but it's pretty complicated.

17 Feb 2014 20:40

HOLY cow I got over 20,000 views on my page? Okay now that's a giggle. Not many comments on my pictures however so I guess not many stayed around.

12 Feb 2014 00:36

I'm so glad my mom is home for a while and doesn't have to travel. Been missing her. Mom is here, Jen is here….life is good. Seeing my special man again tomorrow. I hope he surprises me with something special?

08 Feb 2014 02:39

I'm so so into my new guy. He makes me grin and laugh and he let's me "be me" if you know what I mean? OMG I'm such a lucky girl. FINALLY. I'm even thinking of using the "L" word on him? IDK? Maybe. My mom says I'm old enough now to have a more intense relationship. I think this is the "one" to test her theory out hehe. Sorry I'm so busy everyone and I hope you forgive me.

06 Feb 2014 18:35

OMG the Super Bowl, super sex and shots!! 4am and I'm still horny?

03 Feb 2014 04:21

Sometimes I feel so so lonely when mom is away with her boyfriends. Dad is off with Judy and I'm all alone? I wish it weren't like that. I'm feeling so distant tonight……..well just lonely I guess?

01 Feb 2014 21:19

Don't judge…….okay?

26 Jan 2014 23:54

My cup runneth over (stop giggling girls….hehe)…….my hands are sorta full at this moment. Tell you all about it later.

21 Jan 2014 23:36

Okay fuck chemistry….I'm going to bed!! Hey I posted some more pics as if anyone gives a fuck haha.

14 Jan 2014 23:53

Okay blasting out the door for my "secret agent" Saturday. OMG I feel like a slut doing this, but I couldn't figure out another way. Terry thinks I'm on a "girls night out"….well….which sorta I am hehe. Anyways I'm fed up with moody self-absorbed men?? C'mon a girl wants to have fun right? Anyways last night was AMAZING so tonight is V 2.0 of the same. Hey no judging on Lush right? Hope you all have a blast for your weekend.

11 Jan 2014 20:55

Big "date night" tonight so wish me luck. So glad Jen is back from her trip. Will give you all an update shortly. Tip for tonight: If you want to get into my panties then buy me pink yogurt with sprinkles (wink). Thanks to everyone who commented on my pics. I guess I'll leave them up for now….tiny tits and all haha.

10 Jan 2014 09:02

Okay wow I had the "talk" and sorta worked things out with Terry (I feel so "grown up" and mature haha). It's not the most conventional solution for romance, but hopefully things improve. Back to work at school so staring at a blank computer screen and trying to get back into it. Hopefully will make time to write another story one of these days. I love my girl friends here on Lush who help to keep me sane and give such helpful advice on how to deal with "men" UGGH!! (haha stop giggling girls). I guess no one really looks at my pictures? I'm too petite and goody goody for Lush? (big Pout)

06 Jan 2014 21:57

Okay well can't say things are 100%. It seems like managing "men" is a very time consuming profession? Geez! Anyways missing Jenny so much (FINALLY get to see her tomorrow YIPEE!!), but luckily Selina and I had a blast. Terry makes me adore him sometimes and get so so mad at others. I have been crying on Ken's shoulder a bit too much, but I can't help it. I'm a girl after all. Christmas eve with my mom's friend (she wanted her son to hit on me… awkward right?) and Christmas day with Daddy and Judy. Love you all. So many messages. I guess it just proves I'm a very naughty girl (stop giggling).

04 Jan 2014 00:03

Okay well can't say things are 100%. It seems like managing "men" is a very time consuming profession? Geez! Anyways missing Jenny so much, but luckily Selina and I had a blast. Terry makes me adore him sometimes and get so so mad at others. I have been crying on Ken's shoulder a bit too much, but I can't help it. I'm a girl after all. Christmas eve with my mom's friend (she wanted her son to hit on me… awkward right?) and Christmas day with Daddy and Judy. Love you all. So many messages. I guess it just proves I'm a very naughty girl (stop giggling).

03 Jan 2014 22:48

Wow so girls what happens when you start to "fall" for your boyfriend's friend? Like really? How the fuck do you handle it? STOP giggling….I mean really? Was this supposed to happen at Christmas. Anyways it's Terry's fault for going away to Germany for so long. Fuck I'm confused. Okay be glad when school starts again so I can at least have a direction. Jenny is coming back from Asia on Jan 3rd gang. I'll post some of her pics for her old friends on here. I'm so jealous of that girl. Body, brains and unlimited travel hehe. Steve and Phoebes had an awesome holiday I hear. Should I be jealous? IDK……nah….I feel okay about him. Been lazy so no writing. Maybe later.

25 Dec 2013 21:40

OMG exams are OVER!! Yipppeeeeee!!!! Jenny and I are gonna get blasted. Wow…what a relief. Cell mechanisms was a bitch, but I think I aced it? Dunoo yet? WTF so much to do for Christmas. I'm getting dad a very expensive leather coat, Judy a perfume set, Mom a cashmere sweater from the same store as dad (fucking expensive but it's his credit card hehe). Terry is in Frankfurt working on an IPO so I'm pretty lonely and ignored?? We're not really exclusive yet so maybe time to party.

18 Dec 2013 20:25

Last exam is Prof. Huelsenbeck's on the 16th….fucking kicking my ass seriously. Jenny is over tonight to "study" with me hehe. Did almost an all-nighter last night and I feel like total shit tonight. I may take a nap. I miss you all gang and I think Terry is climbing the walls he needs to see me so bad. Boys are so cute when you deny them sex….haha. After my last exam Judy is going to take me shopping which should be FUN!!! I need some new clothes. Okay gotta hit all the messages I've missed. If I have time over Christmas I'll try to write a story?

09 Dec 2013 19:58

Terry is so sweet. He sent my mom a huge poinsettia plant. She was so impressed haha. Oh he sent me a massive bouquet of roses. I guess the sex is pretty awesome. Anyways the guy sure knows how to suck up to my mom. I need to ignore him this weekend unfortunately since school needs to come first. Won't be on here much either….gotta get good grades or else. Steve and Phoebe seem to be hot and heavy and I'm so happy for them. Any feedback on the right phone to buy gang?

05 Dec 2013 21:44

Can't stay on long…..seriously……multiple orgasms sure make you tired!! Hehe stop laughing. Get my car back tomorrow yipeeeeee! Trying to do my best to kill these finals. Need good grades or my dad might cut off the credit cards haha. Decisions decisions…..K….for my next phone do I stay iPhone or do I make the switch to Samsung? What do you think? Hmmmm? Jen says Samsung is just as good. Jen, Cindy and Ash are planning a "girls night out" on Santana Row on Thursday? Don't have time, but I'll probably go anyways.

03 Dec 2013 00:31

Jen's picking me up soon. Car is in for a tune-up? Such a bummer to have no car. Hey Terry is so happy he gets me tonight hehe.

30 Nov 2013 18:58

Sometimes guys who work just don't understand or remember what uni was like? Geez? Terry wants to go out again tonight, but I seriously have to get ready for finals. I told him he has his hand and I have my silicone vibrator and that's the best I can do right now. He was not happy, but hey what can I say? Just on for a sec……too much studying to do. Vegas is getting back at me now big time hehe.

27 Nov 2013 19:00

Okay gosh no time to lollygag around Lush tonight since I have tons…I mean TONS….. of catching up to do. OMG I'm so fucking behind. But on the other hand I had so much fun!! Wow so are guys always so horny on vacation? Also, are girls always so horny on vacation is the other question hehe (stop grinning girls)? It's true right? 72 hours of pretty much wild fun. I really didn't want to come back to "reality"? Terry was so much fun and I'm so tired out. I guess I'm even naughtier than I thought? But "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" right? I'll try and catch up with you gang in like 2 days after I've read all the chapters I was supposed to read.

25 Nov 2013 18:57

Well Vegas is cold and cloudy this morning....oh well. The room is awesome and the hotel is super cool. Terry says if the clouds clear he's taking me on a helicopter tour of the city which should be so cool. Tons of things to do here and we're seeing a show tonight (he still won't tell me which one) and then we're going to party and play cards. Should be fun. Steve called yesterday and started crying which got me all upset. I told him it's not fair to Phoebe to do shit like that.

22 Nov 2013 09:10

Okay I should be really really sad that Frederick Sanger died, but I can't help it I'm so excited about my trip to Vegas tomorrow. My first time ever without my mom along. Sanger just shows how amazing and how humble cell biologists are (we are a strange crowd hehe). He super loved his wife and I bet they had wild sex? Anyways I really need a break from the books so this will be FUN. Terry says we're staying at the Mandarin Oriental because it's smaller and more intimate than the big hotels. Sounds cool to me.

20 Nov 2013 18:48

Went to San Jose and then into the city today with Judy to do some "serious" shopping for my trip hehe. OMG so many cute things and so hard to choose. I wish I had more time to shop. I really want to look sexy and cute. I still didn't find the right shoes, but I still have a few days and Cindy and Jen have promised to help this week. Wish me luck. Tonight is another date....omg I can't believe how intense it is with this guy.

16 Nov 2013 18:03

Just curling my hair and getting ready to blast. Seeing Terry AGAIN tonight. I can't wait. OMG he invited me to go to Vegas next weekend with his friends and my mom says I can go if I want. I'll need to SHOP for some new clothes. Gotta talk to daddy and Judy to go shopping ASAP. Luv you all. Not many comments on my new pics? Guess I'm too petite and conservative for you guys haha. Luv ya!!

15 Nov 2013 19:23

Heading into the city early for a special lecture at UCSF. Terry is so sweet and hot. I'm on a sexual high. I have the best friends, the best mom and the best life.....I just wish I was a little bit (okay a lot) taller hehe. (oh and bigger boobs please) hehe. Okay I'm feeling silly. It's so fucking early.

13 Nov 2013 06:49

Last night was amazing, my friends ARE amazing, the dancing was amazing.....and oh yeah.....hehe Terry was especially AMAZING. We're going out again tonight, but just by ourselves. Let's keep our pinkies crossed. Luv ya all. (P.S. Thanks for your help Jen) Oh and TASHA.....gosh.....I'm dying with embarrassment? But I love you even if it may not be true.

09 Nov 2013 19:03

Jen is on her way so we're heading out to Santana Row for drinking, dancing and letting loose big time. Terry is supposed to be there so I'm super excited. Should I curl my hair? I think so. Gosh it's been a while since I had butterflies like this. Have a super weekend gang. Luv ya all!! Kisses Crissy

08 Nov 2013 19:44

Life has changed a lot. So confused, but mom says that's "normal" when you're young. Had the flu for a week (104 at one point) and that meant a ton of catching up at school. I have given up on Dave and I set Steve up with my friend Phoebe so he's now "off limits". That's confusing and sometimes I'm jealous if I'm honest. She tells me WAY TOO MUCH stuff about what they do together. Girlfriends can be cruel without even realizing it. I wish I had a special man, but I don't. The whole gang are going out on Friday so who knows, maybe things will change for the better.

06 Nov 2013 20:32