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Okay can you BELIEVE that Randy won the fucking NOBEL PRIZE?? OMG we were so freaked!! AMAZING!! I go to an amazing fucking school. It allowed me to really rub it into my dad's nose (he wants me to be a lawyer in case you didn't know) hehe. Core research into cell biology is key to so much. Yes we did party quite a bit to tell the truth. The big joke on campus is that he gets a "Nobel Parking Spot" for life. Anyone who has lived in the Bay Area knows a parking spot is worth way more than a Nobel Prize haha.

11 Oct 2013 21:16

I'm in a totally fucked-up bad mood? IDK maybe my period is coming or something. A big....well I mean HUGE fight with David. I might break up with him, IDK. Made a big mistake I shouldn't have made, but I did, so I guess I need to live with it. I really need to focus on uni and stop fucking around with men and all the drama. Luckily Jen is coming over to study tonight after school and we can have a talk. Jen always knows how to cheer me up and put my shit in perspective. Her life is so much tougher than mine that she knows how to deal with crap a ton better than me.

28 Sep 2013 02:40

You bare your soul, you cry tears and you try your best to write a truthful good story and someone gives you a "3"??? OMG what a kick in the guts. Oh well probably that's just some honest reader and I'm too much of a science geek to write real stories???? IDK??? Geez.....rough night tonight. Missing Steve and had a fight with David.

22 Sep 2013 22:27

Wow big giggles.....the nerdy girl has entered a writing contest? Hey don't be too harsh gang. It's a very personal story so I hope you like it. Maybe not the hottest story on Lush, but it's from my heart. Luv ya all. Kisses Crissy.

16 Sep 2013 01:02

Someone is making me feel naughty....I love the pink feminine.

15 Sep 2013 21:53

Who else adores Louboutin shoes? They scream "take me" and I bet the man gets the hint.

15 Sep 2013 21:41

I hate being without my car.....SUCKS!! Mom has to drive me. But I guess my baby needs a tune-up right? Off early today to miss the 880 traffic. My story is almost finished. Posting soon I hope.

09 Sep 2013 07:32

Gosh I'm so lucky to have Jenny as my best friend. I love her to bits! She slept over on the weekend just to cheer me up and give me a pep talk. What would we do without our girlfriends? We went to do some yoga and stretch class with my mom and Cindy and that really de-stressed my whole body. Mom was so sweet and treated us all to a massage and lavender cream rub at the Spa and then we all got our nails done. Haha total...I mean TOTAL girl's outing. Guys won't understand at all hehe. Totally forgot about Steve for like two days.

08 Sep 2013 19:03

Well leaving Steve behind has been tougher than I thought. Heartbreak is something new for this girl, but I'm strong and I'll get through it. Thanks for all the nice wishes from my GF's on Lush....kisses...I love you too. I'm writing a story about what I have gone through, a kind of cathartic cleansing of my soul. A girl's first will always be special right? Right now plant botany is kicking my ass. Who knew uni would be so fucking hard.

05 Sep 2013 21:15

Been so busy getting ready for uni. Buying new clothes with Judy and Jen, getting my books, checking out the new classes. Should be fun, but gotta work my ass off. Gets harder every year. Missing my time on Lush, but that's life. Thinking about entering the competition with my next story.

29 Aug 2013 19:27

Thanks to my darling Sam. At last a man who comments on my pictures and adores my skinny assed small boobs Asian body. Hey I can't help it, I was born this way. All my gf's on here seem to be going out tonight. Go girls! I'm curling my hair and getting ready too. Mom will help me do my nails. What color of lingerie? I can't decide. Any ideas? Okay gotta blast......everyone have a sex filled Saturday night!!! Kaila baby do you have a date tonight? I hope so GF.

24 Aug 2013 18:18

My friend Kaila made my day. Don't you just LOVE your gf's. OMG she's the best. Just chilling before classes start. Hate the cold weather since it limits a girls wardrobe hehe.

22 Aug 2013 15:18

Guys are so weird. Four seriously.....4 GUYS?? asked me out on the last day of work? WTF? It was like they were all too chicken and waited till the last moment. Guys not a good signal to send to a girl. I mean it's cute and everything, but am I really that hard to talk to? I'm so glad Jen was back so I could tell her and we could giggle. I don't know if I should tell David. He might not find it as funny as Jen and I haha.

19 Aug 2013 18:11

Hot "make-up" sex with David. This girl is so happy.

18 Aug 2013 20:20

Getting ready to hit Santa Row. Too bad Jen's away on holiday. It's getting colder, but I'm still gonna wear my cute Zara culotte shorts with the v-points on the front. So cute and shows off my legs and ass. I adore my Zara culottes. Of course wedgie heels. Dave's been a little bit of a jerk lately so it's girls night out tonight. Fuck him hehe. Jen will be back in a few days.....YAY!! Since mom's away in LA I might have a house party tomorrow? IDK?

16 Aug 2013 20:27

WTF Jenny gets to go to Asia on a holiday with her mom and dad and I'm stuck in a fucking internship for the whole summer? Her pictures from the beach make me so jealous!! My dad is one fucking hard ass. He says the hard work "will pay off in the end"?? WTF does that mean? I want some time to chill by the pool and party?

09 Aug 2013 23:36

Are there any other adopted kids on here? Any adopted girls? Say "hi" if you were adopted like me.

01 Aug 2013 20:50

Professor Coking's new work on nitrogen conversion in plant cells shows just how important and revolutionary cell biology can be. Cure cancer, feed the world: cell biology is where it all starts. When my dad gets back from London I need to show him. Lawyers cannot feed the world hehe. I really don't want to be a lawyer. Dave has been keeping this girl VERY satisfied. I feel my period coming, but I hope it doesn't come until after the weekend.

30 Jul 2013 06:54

OMG I've been ignoring you all. I stayed over at Dave's place for three nights straight. I've never done that before. I'm even thinking about telling him about Lush, but IDK?? Maybe not yet. I love holding him when I fall asleep. He did something very special and took my "second virginity", but he used a ton of gel and was very patient so it was wonderful actually. I even let him do it again the next night when I wasn't drunk hehe. Gosh I missed all my friends here.

26 Jul 2013 03:09

David is wonderful. New love and new sex is so wonderful. I fell asleep I had so many orgasms and didn't get home till now. My god it's 3:00am. Stop giggling girls. When you find a man this good with his tongue and his fingers, well it's hard to tell him to stop. OMG his tongue made me come so many times I lost count.

16 Jul 2013 03:01

David is wonderful. New love and new sex is so wonderful. I fell asleep I had so many orgasms and didn't get home till now. My god it's 3:00am. Stop giggling girls.

16 Jul 2013 03:00

I'm loving this new guy. He's so cute. He took me for Korean food. He thought I was Korean. When he found out I'm from Vietnam he turned beet red. Anyways, I'm gonna take him for Viet food next. He's seems quite fun. Keep your fingers crossed.

11 Jul 2013 04:55

Wow I have a pounding headache from last night. TOO many shots!! Took some Advil so hopefully I can still go out in an hour or so. I'm hoping Jenny can sleep over tonight, it's been so long since we had a girly night. Steve loved my new dress so that's another story. I was really glad. I'm such a girlie girl I guess? I love buying pretty stuff and dressing up and going out.

05 Jul 2013 20:02

Okay against everyone's advice I tried make-up sex with Stefano, but it was a total bust. Girls do you ever feel like it's just "blah!" and you'd rather be with almost any guy except the guy you're with? Geez I know he really wanted it, but I just wanted him to finish so I could go home. Jenny said, "Told you so." and laughed her head off. Anyways, lesson learned. I thought "make-up" sex was supposed to be HOT? Not this time.

01 Jul 2013 23:15

I keep trying on my new dress. I love it!! Can't wait for the weekend to wear it out and show it off. Jen and Cindy want to set me up with some new guy they think is "perfect" for me?? Haha IDK? Girlfriends sometimes have weird ideas about who's "perfect" for you. Maybe? Can't decide. I'm thinking about one guy at work too. He's pretty damn hot.

24 Jun 2013 23:01

Thanks to a genius gf I went shopping with my dad's GF Judy and got her to buy me the dress. Actually not the same dress I was looking at, but an even nicer one. I will post a picture later. It's not the black one with lace it's so so has no back and a tie at the waist. Anyways my mom thinks it looks amazing and so does Jenny. Yuck back to work tomorrow. Saturday night was incredible. My legs are sore from dancing so much (plus other stuff hehe). Kisses to you all...luv ya!

23 Jun 2013 22:34

OMG the stuff at Ted Baker all looks so good on me?? I don't know what to do. The skirt I like is on sale for $129.00 (which is really cheap considering how cut it looks), but the dress I like (black with lace on top) is over $1000.00?? My mom will kill me if I put another dress on my card. What's a girl to do? Tomorrow is Friday night so it should be FUN. I really want to show off for Steve in my new dress? Wish me luck.....hope mom doesn't kill me hehe.

20 Jun 2013 23:36

Mom took me to get my hair and nails done. Thanks mom, luv ya. Steve and I had a casual dinner and shopping which was fun. He loved my new wrap mini skirt and showed me later how much hehe. He's a darling these days and I'm appreciating his maturity. I bought some new things (Agent Provocateur hehe) and I'm going to surprise him on Friday with a little show. I love it when boys eyes bug-out when you surprise them with something sexy. Not been on much so sorry gang.

19 Jun 2013 00:50

Mom is curling her hair and putting on loads of perfume? Oh her new heels. I think someone thinks they are getting "lucky" tonight hehe. Mom is so cute when she has a date. Jen and Cindy and I are gonna take Aisha out clubbing tomorrow. Should be a blast. I'm thinking of wearing my new wrap-around mini skirt.

13 Jun 2013 20:02

Wow just got home. So glad I've finally dumped Stefano for good. Jenny is so right, no point giving guys chance after chance. I'm feeling so much better about my self now. Tomorrow is girl's night out and I'll make it up to Steve later. Love all my supportive Lush friends. Especially you Kaila!!

08 Jun 2013 03:16