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Topic Would you fuck a sexy Shemale?
Posted 13 Oct 2014 19:50

Without a doubt and in a heartbeat….

They are the BEST of both worlds. I would love to be with one, or be one myself.

There is nothing sexier!!!!!

Topic shemale sex!!!!!!!!
Posted 17 May 2014 06:07

Absolutely!! A beautiful transexual is without a doubt the best of both worlds. I dream about it daily. Someday my dreams my come true!

Topic If you COULD suck your own dick....?
Posted 06 Oct 2013 07:41

I used to be able to in high school. I could suck it all the way down. But that was went I was a lot thinner and more flexible. I enjoyed it immensely. If I still could, I'd never leave the house. LOL

Topic Blowjobs: Guys, do you like to suck cock as well as having your cock sucked?
Posted 28 Sep 2013 16:32

I haven't had a cock in my mouth since high school. Then it was only twice and I didn't know how to enjoy it. Now.. I would love to have a beautiful cock in my mouth. I would treat it as I would like mine to be treated. I really want to suck one really bad.

Topic Opinion on shemales
Posted 28 Jul 2013 13:32

Nothing better than a sexy Shemale. The best of both worlds. I wish I could be one or be with one.

Topic if no one knew, would u have oral with a guy?
Posted 28 Jul 2013 13:26

Yes, cocks are beautiful. Soft, hard or in my throat. I would most definitely do it.

Topic wearing your ladies silk undies
Posted 01 Dec 2012 19:39

Yes, I love the feeling against my cock. Anytime and anywhere I'd wear them. The sexier the better, satin and lace are the best

Topic Is this a weird female fantasy?
Posted 27 Oct 2012 10:19

Well, I like to cross dress, but I also love women. I would love being in either role. Not weird, just fantasy. If it feels good to you....just do it

Topic If You Could Change Sex For A Day... Would You and Why?
Posted 19 Mar 2012 22:34

I most definately would. I would love be be loved by a man. i would treat him right too.