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Topic Your ideal partner in two words
Posted 28 Feb 2012 21:30

Telepathic & understanding

Topic What Are You Wearing?
Posted 01 Apr 2011 07:24

Work uniform, nothing special.

Topic spit or swallow
Posted 25 Mar 2011 16:20

Pretty much as above, except for spitting, I dint se the point in that really. If I want to see my cum on my womans face or tits then thats where I'll cum, but mostly she likes to swallow, spitting itself just isn't an option for us.

Topic do guys like to cuddle?
Posted 24 Mar 2011 22:16

I like to cuddle, not nessisarily loads, but I do like too.
Imho I suspect emmafisher might be on the right track, most guys will only cuddle to get further.
I quite like to cuddle my better half standing, as I love how her pert breasts feel on my chest, I also like to cuddle during a movie as I love to grope my better halfs breasts while we watch the box, but this always leads the horn, to get, well horny.
So theres another opinion for what it worth.

Topic how many people from uk
Posted 24 Mar 2011 21:41

Clock another one up, west mids. Although originally from hants.

Topic The truth about BJ's
Posted 23 Mar 2011 22:17

Probly either on a speeding bus gone midnight on the way home from a club, or under the stairs in the club, our the club carpark ... but can't remember what order they came in but they were great, getting kicked out of the club for the night wasnt so great tho ...