_your_venomous_muse's Blog Entries

Growling means play time.

23 Oct 2012 20:42

My patience is quickly waning.

11 Aug 2011 20:09


09 Aug 2011 09:18

I can feel your body under mine. Give me a reason to stay.

08 Aug 2011 18:51

Just wait until I have my nails under your skin. I know you'll beg for more...

04 Aug 2011 18:19

Running general errands. I will be back.

31 Jul 2011 11:39

Fuck me like you hate me.

30 Jul 2011 12:05

I could tell you that I can rock you to the core, shock your body, and make you beg for more. I could tell you that you'll writhe and shudder, and want to grind. I could tell you that you'll want to find me again.

Or, I could show you.

28 Jul 2011 18:28

I have the sudden urge to dig my nails into someone's back...

26 Jul 2011 21:32

No, I refuse. I will never belong to you. You don't belong to me.

02 Mar 2011 23:15

Oh my... I am rather aroused...

26 Feb 2011 08:54

Evidently, I now own a pet. Lovely thing.

20 Feb 2011 23:12

Don't worry, I don't bite without consent.

19 Feb 2011 18:26