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I'm a nerd, a satirist, and an introvert. I'm rarely seen without a book somewhere on my person. Despite being a devout technophile, I disabled internet, GPS and other such nonsense from my phone. I tend to relate things back in some way to math, as I believe everything boils down to math. I program various things, and am currently working on about 12 projects, including a video game and a formula for turning any image into ASCII art, which then will be applied frame-by-frame to film, similar to rotoscoping, and a CYOA/Visual Novel thing.

As far as writing, as previously stated, I work in satire, which doesn't actually say much as satire can be anything, but for me it refers to a distorted and comedic vision of reality. Everything I write has some sort of humor, although many people may not be able to realize it, as it tends to be rather ultraviolet in it's nature, in that it can only be seen under a certain light or mindset. The target of my satire is anything and everything, although I tend to make fun of myself more often that not.

My stories also tend to star fundamentally unlikeable, if sympathetic main characters. I do this because I like characters like that. I find it also easy and fun to write this type of person, and it's one not seen very frequently.

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Comics, B movies, video games, and reading, programming, building/repairing tech. Also eating my homemade chicken parm with my bare hands (yeah, I cook (the sauce is made from scratch as well as the chicken)). Also Parenthesis. I am interested in parenthesis.
Favorite Books:
Past Master, a mass market sci-fi novel from the late 60's is probably my favorite. It's brilliant. Also, Cryptonomicon is great. (if you couldn't tell, I dig sci-fi), and also Number9Dream is a great coming of age story (also kind of Sci-Fi at parts). Plus Kavalier and Clay, . If you count comics, Chew is A+ as far as comics, Matt Fraction's Hawkeye, J.H. William's Batwoman, and Robert Kirkman (of walking dead fame)'s Invincible (which is better than the Walking Dead on so many levels (also, never mention that fucking TV series in my presence, it wrecked talking about the comic for me (which is still good, but not as good as invincible (but is still better than the tv series by a mile))) are my favorite ongoing. If you count ended/miniseries, Transmetropolitan, Irredeemable, The Boys, the Goon, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century (volume 3 of LoEG, not original or Black Dossier (Alan Moore has even said that's his best work (century that is))), New X-Men (when written by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost).
Favorite Authors:
R.A. Lafferty, a sci-fi writer from the late 60's and 70's who never got the respect he deserves, and Harvey Pekar are probably my two favorite writers; also Neil Stevenson is another great Sci-Fi writer, Michael Chabon, Pynchon, Johnathan Lethem, David Foster Wallace and David Mitchell are a few others who's work is incredible. If I include comic writers, Mark Waid, J.H. Williams (also a great artist) Matt Fraction, Robert Kirkman, Ron Marz, Tim Seeley, and Paul Dini (of Batman TAS, and Arkham City/Asylum (video game) writing fame) Warren Ellis, Chris Clairemont, John Layman, Bill Willingham, naturally Alan Moore, Scott McCloud, Judd Winick, Robert Venditti, Matt Kindit and about a million others.
Favorite Movies:
Unforgiven is my favorite, but the others in my top 5 are Roshamon, American Splendor, Snowpiercer and Blazing Saddles. That being said, I'm kind of a cinophile, so I like a lot of movies such as Time Bandits, AlphaVille, and Eating Raoul are also some of my favorites, I love the criterion's Janus Films collection, they never fail to deliver great movies. Also, Mel Brooks is an incredible writer/director. Also, Anything Joss Whedon does instantly gains my approval. Tarantino is good too obviously. Mystery Men is very underrated but great. The Dark Knight series is probably the best batman live action representation, (but neither Christian Bale nor Heath Ledger hold a candle to Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill respectively (Heath Ledger even said he based his portrayal on Mark Hamill's)). Also, Pacific Rim, I fucking love Pacific Rim, and horror movies. Horror movies are awesome.
Favourite TV Shows:
A lot of canceled shows, like Firefly, Buffy, Dollhouse (Yeah, I like Joss Whedon), Tales from the Crypt, Batman the Animated Series, Animaniacs, Twin Peaks. AS far as current, Game of Thrones, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Utopia, It's Always Sunny, Adventure Time and that's probably it. I'm not much for TV these days.
Favorite Music:
Where to begin? From Jambands to Classical I listen to so much. My collection of music is nearly 300 GB (maybe more by now). My favorite band is Kaizers Orchestra, but I really like Modest Mouse, Dismemberment Plan, They Might Be Giants, Pixies, Phish, Phil Lesh & Friends/ Grateful Dead, Vladimir Ashkenazi, Glenn Gould, Brooklyn Ryder, The Men, moe. Mogwai, Mr. Dream, The So So Glos, Yo La Tengo, New Pornographers, Opeth, Punch Brothers, Bela Fleck, Edgar Meyer, My Morning Jacket, String Cheese Incident, Gov't Mule, Titus Andronicus, Foo Fighters, Tom Waits, Widespread Panic, Elvis Costello, The Clash, Blur, Battles, Andrew Bird, The Allman Brothers, Thelonius Monk, Miles Davis, MMW, John Coltrane among others.. As far as composers, I dig Mozart, Philip Glass, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky among others. A

Side Note: I fucking hate Itunes (goddamn AAC capping out at maybe 220 Kbps if you're lucky) CDDR and Flac, but Alac and are the only way to go (Capping at over 1200 Kbps) when it comes to digital recordings. Analog though such as record players are great. Stay the hell away from magnetic recordings, they deteriorate insanely fast. In other words: Go Lossless, not lossy. Yeah, I pay attention to the Kbps on a recording. Heard too much real garbage to not.


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Topic: Graphic Erotic Stories, Novels and Erotic Comics
Posted: 22 Oct 2015 19:29

Omaha: The Cat Dancer an underground comic from the 70s and 80s. While I wouldn't call it porn exactly as the characters are too deep and the plots too interesting for porn, there is quite a lot of graphic sex. Great series from back in the day, and has quite the pedigree with both Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore commenting on its quality.
Plus, Lost Girls by Alan Moore is another A+ erotic comic.
But if you're going for straight porn, Cherry Poptart with 22 issues from 82-2000. Highly explicit sex mixed with art invoking memories of Archie.

Omaha is a great series, even without the sex, definitely a recommend.

Topic: Breakups and Revenge
Posted: 22 Oct 2015 19:09

The best revenge is a life lived well. A sentiment I have learned to agree with.

That and urinating on graves after a life lived well if you need something a bit more tangible.

Topic: How to be a beard?
Posted: 22 Oct 2015 19:06

I am in a rather uncommon (as far as I know) situation wherein a dear friend has asked me to be her beard. Her parents do not know she is gay, and are apparently about two tiers bellow the WBC in terms of insanity towards, well everyone. Her parents know she has been dating someone for 8 months, and know the name of the person. See, her girlfriend and I have the male/female versions of the same name (i.e. Samuel/Samantha) but both go by the same nickname (i.e. Sam) and I have the lovely honor of getting to meet my friends parents as her 'boyfriend.' There are just a few problems, most notably, I've never had a relationship last more than a week and a half, so protocol for knowing what to do when people have been dating 8 months is out of my wheelhouse. Next, even if I had that experience, I wouldn't know any of the protocols for situations like this (being a beard.)

I'll address a few of the most likely things people are going to say. I already did ask what I should do, to which my friend said "act naturally, be yourself" with myself being a socially awkward nerd who has a tendency to infuriate 7/10 people I meet. Yes, she realized this and rescinded "be yourself" to "be somebody else, somebody likable, who... just be like my girlfriend." Please do not encourage me to have her come out of the closet, her parents as I said, apparently comparable to the WBC. Yes, I did ask if it would be okay if I asked total strangers online for advice. Yes, I have met her girlfriend, we have similar interests and are friends/friendly, and I was apparently her first recommendation for taking her place in the "date." Yes, I did ask why to which I was told, "I have a good feeling about you" to which I responded confusedly and basically asked why, to which she responded, vaguely, at which point I started pulling my hair out, at which point she stopped me and said "that's why"

It's only 1 dinner, so I'm sure I can manage if somebody gives me some advice, plus I was promised steak and a "big" favor.

Topic: The Point In Living
Posted: 22 Oct 2015 18:40

To prove them wrong. You know the them.

Topic: What Are The Most Memorable Movie Scenes That Have Stayed With You Always?
Posted: 22 Oct 2015 18:35

The scene from Baby Cart to Hades. You know, the one that Tarantino shamelessly.

Topic: Writing first person from a perspective not your own
Posted: 25 Aug 2015 16:55

637 actually. Most (approximately 630 of them) are either rough concepts or marked with a gigantic DO NOT SUBMIT ANYWHERE EVER on the file name, title and every page.

Topic: You are going to Writer's Hell!! Bring wine.
Posted: 25 Aug 2015 16:15

Bullshit. When writing you include inspirations from any and all source. As with any medium, writing is tranformative, you take what was built before you and add to it. Steal from others, steal from movies, your friends whatever. It's not writing, but Tarantino steals shots from films he likes. Putting your own spin on something that exists is part of the reason Shakespeare endures, as does Homer. Take what others did and make it your own, that's writing, that's life really.

Topic: Writing first person from a perspective not your own
Posted: 25 Aug 2015 16:06

A little background: I was TAing for a (creative) writing class and somebody (a straight white male) chose to write from the perspective of a trans lesbian (is that the right term? Male became female and was a lesbian after becoming female.) Student got a TON of flack for writing from the perspective, on the grounds that there was no way he could understand that position and therefore should not even consider writing from it. As I was reading it, I did not have a problem particularly with writing from an alternate perspective, however the writing was garbage, just not fun to read poorly written et cetera. But it got me thinking, what is the social acceptability of writing something like that. Not even necessarily as different as that, but say a straight male writing from the perspective of a gay male or straight female et cetera. Is it socially acceptable to do this? If it is, can it be done well? I mean obviously it can be done well, plenty of pros write from first person perspectives not their own in experiences that are not their own. I'm not 100% sure what exactly I'm asking there but any feedback would be helpful, both for the roughly 600 drafts I'm considering submitting to this site, TAing and the future in general.

Topic: Favorite song about masturbation?
Posted: 03 Aug 2015 18:55

Yep, the title says it all.
Get a Grip by Semisonic.

Topic: Pornhub wants to film a porno in space
Posted: 03 Aug 2015 18:54

Oy. Sending people into space to bang? Sounds extraordinarily expensive and time consuming. Astronaut training IIRC is extremely long and difficult. I mean, Gravity and 2001 managed to make do without actually going into space. What's wrong with that sort of thing?

Yeah, a porno in space sounds like a waste of time money and everything else needed. Would I watch it if it happened? Probably. I watched the google glass porno so why not?

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