Dressing up

For some reason, guys like me in a dress

This is a series of stories rather than one story. It talks of my experiences as a crossdresser. My first experience as a crossdresser came as a teenager when I tried out some of the clothes belonging to a woman who was staying at our home. She was a gorgeous French woman with very pretty clothes and I did enjoy trying them on, but primarily as it got me closer to this woman who...Read On



Ronnie's Birthday Gift

You thought I would take you golfing? You know what you really want!

Ronnie was 18, almost. He was looking forward to his birthday. Within weeks he would be done with high school and he was going away for university - not far, but far enough. School was not fun. Sure, he got good grades and was something of a math wizard, but he had no real friends in school and his life was a fake. He was particularly looking forward to leaving his girlfriend. Not that...Read On