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In the solitude of late evening, like this moment, I had just completed my 2nd story and sent for approval. When I write, I usually have a so called inspired moment where the main storyline runs through my mind. The characters usually stay permanent but the sequence of the storyline could vary. What happens is when I start the story, I usually complete it in one sitting. But that had taught me most times I make many grammer and other character errors. I have more than 20 stories published in other sites. But with Lush, I have decided to be more patient and improve my delivery. Anyway, "having dark thoughts and yearning to fullfill them", maybe as time moves along and I get to you guys better, we'll talk about it. Take care.

17 Sep 2011 10:18

just wondering whether there are guys like me out there, having dark thoughts and yearning to fulfill them, knowing that it will always remain a dream.

31 Jul 2011 08:28