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A Crimson Snow

And Stanzas We Sing

Bastard Of My Own Conclusions

Being Is Deceiving

Bitter Sweet

Blow Soft Kisses

Blue Sunset and White Bucks

Butterfly Milk


Darkening Woes

Doffs Their Hat


Edge Of Wickets

Essence Of Meditation

Fair Token

Finger Prints Of My Muse

Gathered Dust

Gazebos and Vermouth

Gazebos and Vermouth - Part 2

Gazebos and Vermouth - Part 3

Gazebos and Vermouth - Part 4

Gazebos and Vermouth - Part 5

Gazebos and Vermouth-Part 6

Gazebos and Vermouth-Part 7

Ghost Of Friars' Pudding

Hags to Bitches

He Saw Scrimshaw

Horse Apples And A Crackpot

I Vont Yu Blahod

I Vont Yu Hoppin' John

In Essence

In Time It Flew

It Don't Rain In Arizona

Kiss Me Awhile

Kisses On Dew

Like Cinnamon

Moments Awhile

Musical Tapestry

My Bacon

My Dark Angel

Of Bittersweet

Of Black Roses

Of Cloaked Vesture

Of Kingdom I See

Old Pewter Can, 1862

Oranges And Plums

Our Daily Bread-Part 2

Parallel Dell


Playing Stoned

Poetic Kaleidoscope

Pumpkin Grin

Putting On My High Top Galoshes

Rocking Chairs Of Blue

Saving Grace A Moonlit Spell

Scones Today

Seeing Beauty

Sewing Basket

Shadow's Ivy

Shakers Of Sand

Skullduggery In Gotham City

Sloe Gin Of Autumn

Spend My day

Tap The Pane

The Evergreen Gorse

Turbulence Of Her Whirlwind

Veranda Of A Rickshaw Hauling

Wayfaring Sand

Where Are You, Guy Lombardo?

White Spats and Highfalutin

Wickedly Sipping


Wiggle Toes