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Bringing Purity

Shooting the rapids of my mind over stones of gins and tonics,   as the pen has been so kind, mellowing my recitations, of vermilion Gothic, Middle Ages. And now that you bring purity, ridding my soul of dragons   and flagons of the ale wagon, I betroth, you my paragon, of a fugacious smile.    ...Read On

Song Sung Shade

I was dead. Struck by a bullet. Caught in a crossfire, I was a hapless victim of an armed robbery. My funeral was short and sweet, my remains lowered in the earth beneath an early morning mist. My sister stood in token black, as tears cascaded down her lovely face. "Now I'm alone... so alone." That was several years ago, as the clock keeps mortal time. How I have missed the kisses that...Read On

Wiggle Toes

Playing softly in our doze, on our quilt compose, how goes, the rhyme knows, playing naughty, wiggle toes. As your toes play my cock's harp with kisses of love in our inglenook, and one for your cute little nose, playing naughty, wiggle toes. While giving fellatio to my piccolo,    with a wisp of a breath's blow, the shy of the eyes sigh, playing naughty, wiggle toes. And as lips touch...Read On

The Evergreen Gorse

There was the who, the who of my heart, a who we will not depart of abstract flipcharts, and evergreen gorse.   A gauzy shadow our wake, with a kiss of the who, but the who was you, as dew fell on the yew,   my lady of cordon bleu.      ...Read On

Skullduggery In Gotham City

The devil's henchmen lurk in the souls of ill-gotten fools With unscrupulous pens giving me the willy-nillies As the gigolos of prose pathetically attend their ala mode With lap dances of skullduggery in Gotham City As the cock in the till of my britche's salutes Belching with the ooze of dry vermouth And the harlots serenade with Drambuie over ice   Brocading a sarong of chiffon...Read On

Of Cloaked Vesture

A palsied penumbra by any other name is still a rook of cloaked vesture. Like a locust with a St. Vitus dance, shedding its outerwear of disposition, the tall, gaunt man grinned. He was of devious nomenclature, and pseudonymous character. He imbibed a rum laudanum from a flask, pausing, touching the window pane, with a gelatinous temper of lustful desire and his fingers tapping like...Read On

Bitter Sweet

Bound by catechisms of erstwhile poets Resting in orchards now covered by loam Bearing bones in Valhalla's stone ossuary Giving me the seeds that sewed my oats To be a better man than poets on thrones And as I scribe of bitter sweet's remorse Oracles ring down a chorus of fornication Poetically conceived in my coronation Scribing memories of a first love's heart Mesmerized by her...Read On

Darkening Woes

With verses chastising my darkening woes In close quarters of a jester's commute Shadowing the jackdaws of my mind As if wild onions souring my Similac As my muse strokes my manhood In love making like a game of Pachisi With an imbrication of her fingers While rolling her eyes And walls of my shell spilling the yoke As if wild onions souring my Similac Shedding the wimple of her...Read On

Scones Today

Beyond the sunset of canopy sky neath a paper mache moon   And a shadow's eye as romance is in the chords   Of a harp's sonata and a moonbeam's theme   With kisses from your lips like egg cream   And a saucer cup full of gambol's love   As dulcet is stirred with lovely words of scones today   And I declare with chocolate eclair you as my troth  ...Read On


Is it quiche Lorraine Perhaps snuggle of romance On a cloud's futon following the rain As peenie wallies pepper the sky Losing verses of rhymes as you giggle my ear With a scent of Lambrusco following the rain Feeling the mist of your warm breath As petals of orchids kiss like lovers do Or is it quiche Lorraine Perhaps, following the rain    ...Read On

Shakers Of Sand

Like a caravan my memories traverse Over dunes of my mind's thinker And shakers of sand. On an escalator to the ascending moon With footprints in Arizona, Shooting a Tequila. As the Sonoran sun falls And the Red Centaury sleeps, As we kiss neath a zephyr's touch And the hackles of the saguaro. From the edges of the auberge noire, The night’s sands slip away, Leaving...Read On

Creek Stones

In a state of being contrary to morality Ripples of my mind reflect your kiss Like a prism's stream over an idyllic rainbow As my head rest against cypress knees Stretched out on plews near creek stones   With memories confined to our illicity Like the sins of a labyrinth twist And aura of your silhouette caress With the eloquence of your speak   In words of poetic evolution Tucked in...Read On

Shadow Worn In Archipelago

Black is the essence of my composing as darkness is my chosen veil For it's a long haul to Bali with my shadow worn in archipelago Silencing the cuckoo of echoes with my lusting scrimmage   Stirring my emotions in a cauldron of my mind's hell   Like a tsunami rushing upon the sand in my erotic compose   As south winds blow a hullabaloo on rice paper of my woo Stirring sweetness of sins...Read On

Moonlit Concourse

Dusk fell a quiet all around the moonlit concourse As boughs of copse sway so gently by way of forest In minuet of falling leaves on gossamer strings With fragrance of love in balsam wood teacups It so comely of a white swan's arabesque Of autumn's serenade poetically tenderly With a spiritual lithe giving thee homily    ...Read On

Horse Apples And A Crackpot

As a child, I was touched by an anvil, because an angel is just to cliché. Having passed The Aunt Bea's School of Culinary Art, I could dress a hotdog in a bun twelve ways from a sundae. Opie would have been so jealous. I applied for a job as associate assistant to the assistant at a local beanery that served General Tso (chicken that is.) My first day on the job I was spotted choking...Read On

My Den Abbey

Like a widow's shawl before the frost the Pentecostal bell rung     For whom the incense boast sipping ale of vicar's tongue In my blasphemous impropriety As a caul decrees my pen at the Abbot's gate of my den abbey Words flow from my mind's chalice a darkness calling fathoms deep In rivers being of my sensuality As my pen scribes of the host a phantom of my soul's imagery   ...Read On

Green Eyes Of Seduction

As sharecroppers mend fences And emeralds run their course Green eyes of seduction A dark valance of her voice As frost of the widow thaws A poetic wimple of nunnery Temperature of man is rising While shadows mime the moon Bridling lust with reins of sins In deep furrows of the mind Putting cart before heart As the equinox spells doom As a life of a poet is short When measured by the fans...Read On

Caress My Cozy

In an orchard of gourds nesting the lords As my sweet anchovy caress my cozy With a shadow of paper mache wings On satin sheets of Abraham And with my inspirational inamorata I pen Raining down a scent of her love's confetti As her lips lay gleam upon my heart Nemesis of my pen deny the wrens      ...Read On

High Octane

Converging on life in a fast lane hearse Without considering the bugaboos   For a piece of ass of high octane   Going gently with corsage pinned to my lapel   For I am better wed than digging up posies As love has brought new poetic muscatel   Of vintage pussy and a dowager's veil With rice and salts taming the shrew For a piece of ass of high octane Fucking the rump paying by pump   ...Read On

A Shadow's Glow

Some lasting words never return to be read in your arms Lost glimmer of life shed in dreams of evermore sleep Valance of breath fall a whispering soliloquy I speak   As a shroud of your love hover over my rising ghost   In deep clover of meadow green as dandelions snow   A glowing image in locket of a shadow's glow At the sound of reveille and my poetic philosophy         ...Read On


Whatever seasons soft winds settle as poetic petals take flight Like a kite with butterfly wings with searchlights in the night As the Sabbath of dark awakes with my pen's ink and fettle And your smile unfurls a seductive kiss Like a spider's web on a bard's foolish satire As your lust spins a gossamer's silk Before the verses are writ from my mind's pillory     And moths are seduced...Read On


Distance Of An Elbow

At a distance of an elbow only a breath away Feeling your touch in softness of life's bread Your hips rise to the Portobello tween your thighs With breasts swaying a Mendelssohn song   While the pendulum rung a non sequitur As embers of my heart lit a zephyr's match   With lips the essence of lust we catch As my old cock stuttered a silhouette Behind the lids of my feasting eyes On...Read On

My So-So

In midlife of my so-so as a sounder of the verse My mojo in high humidity on God's green earth A fledgling of the wings my poetry brings As sensuality is my equilibrium and forte When I'm inspired by the passion moon As fireflies dance behind the glass Reflecting the emeralds your eyes With a softness of an evening's breath As the stain of your lips caress my soul In midlife of my...Read On

Kickapoo Chorus

As the fallows gave into the trees And whispers of wind howled A shroud of the moon fell a dark siesta As the owls winked a covenant Of my awakening with a somber hoot In due course as I ride a crooked voice So aptly refrained in oaken woods  Swooning you an opus as fireflies rain down A chandelier as if coach lights feigning near In quaint sonata as my lips praise your bosom And as I feel...Read On

Of Bittersweet

While howling winds corralled my pen Poetically conceived in hibernation Bound by catechisms of erstwhile poets Who now rest in orchards of stones Bearing trees of souls in Valhalla Giving me seeds that sowed my oats As a silhouette of the impending dawn Gives breath as my penis yawn While howling winds corralled my pen Masturbating in stead of intercourse Because I lost my way...Read On

Halo Of Wintergreen

I never heard the rain of shadow fall As if pollen of snow in Autumn called On the pane of my mind's sorrows As you touched my lips with a smile With a wee hint of melancholy As we danced a waltz of love Before the crecendo kiss On the pain of my mind's sorrows As darkness turns to tomorrows And the violets shed tears Anointing your halo of wintergreen Before the furrows freeze ...Read On

Wayfarer's Ghost

As the vermin of darkness prey upon my mind With a musk of the caribou in lust I tongue the licks of your cunt's salt Giving thee eternity befitting a shadow   Of my alter ego in copse of woods Among the thorns of a briars' patch As I bellow a Cornish lullaby   Fore dusk awakes your green eyes   With a hermit's meander of wayfarer's ghost    ...Read On

It Don't Rain In Arizona

slippery_fingers: "What do you do for fun, and could you spread your pussy open?" Taffy: "Like this!" slippery_fingers: "That's nice."     Taffy: "Happy it meets your approval." * I was whoring myself out on the webcam to help pay for my university tuition. I thought of myself as an exhibitionist and not a prostitute, because I wasn't being touched or drooled on, just ogled. I had...Read On

Lean Acres And Harpoons

...lean acres is the place for me.

As any true southerner knows, there are places 'down yonder in Dixie', where the swamps never rise and the swamp chickens (frogs) croak off key. What happened to me, happened with my consent - even though I was covered in calamine lotion to ward off mosquito bites. * It was a Friday evening. I was taking a night off from my lounge; a private lounge and discreet, catering to...Read On


Several months had quickly gone past Since I had heard whispers calling my name And I had written them off as stressfulness   Due to my wife's unexpected passing     For she had been in the path of an influenza That was taking lives, and she became weaken And gave up her mortality for a slab of a stone Among other rocks in a field where she now rest And as the winds were howling...Read On

Back Seat Of Chevy

Before the Aspergum kicks in Relieving my pain of sinful tales Of a splinter in my woody From the backseat of a Chevy   As her toenails bebop on my cock And she strangles my hurdy gurdy With a IHOP pussy that locks Before the Aspergum kicks in And my testicles swell Of a splinter in my woody From the backseat of a Chevy As the syrup sticks to my knickers    ...Read On

Crows In Kneesocks

1642 If only the ship would have been dashed on the rocks of Saybrook Colony. Perhaps the virus of the vampire would have never reached the innocent shores of what is now Connecticut. The crate, innocent enough, at first sight, was offloaded and among all the other goods and left for its owner to pick it up. "I was just wild about King 'Arry and he shipped me off ter sea, in delligate...Read On

Ghost Of Friars' Pudding

Looking out the window of bygones through the eyes of an old poet as cataracts of the pane cracks, and the lager fills my cup.   Like ghost of friars' pudding gives me a wee bit of head choking back the foreskin, as I have it covered 'fore mass.   Uncorking the flagon of angel's brew looking out the window of bygones as the harlot lay prone, spreading thighs on apse.   While dust mites...Read On

Falls A Leaf

Resting in my arms the dawning of an angel At the whispering zephyr of a tree  Bowing the boughs of a cello oak While misting September falls a leaf In your eyes of eventide evermore sleep  As the moon's halo cries      ...Read On

Looking For Tree

Wherefore art thou Shakespeare? As ghost summoned my veracity In your imagination of King Lear As his tragedy rang near In my lyrical insanity Giving tithe to my enemies For my poetic gibberish As my muse gives me breath With kisses so divine Behind her collonade sushine  For life is what it's seems In my writing's stoicism  As the tempest smiles  Of A Midsummer Night's Dream...Read On

d'Artagnan's Ghost

Of Alexandre Dumas three musketeers In dreams passing of the night's shade Echos of lust and romantic embrace And I shaking a dawning new reveille As the dew lay upon the spawning morn And I trussed up in my fuss The beating of your heart's rhythm While feeling your breath's sweet melody Whispering a poetic rum's brew While kissing away the hermit's boo Embracing the dawn of a new day...Read On

Weeping Brooks

Walk softly stirring not weeping brooks Of petrified bygones and memories Where spirits danced among evergreens Above the shoals and big branch waters Cascading over rocks by grace of earth's sod Of times when this land was of woods Where the Cherokee dwelled And the salt licks stood Now making love in heaven's teepee  ...Read On

Little Gold Fish

The still became an echo of screaming fools As jesters laughed at my writing dichotomy  Of my foibles an endless dark with ink Like parasites in a delirium pool As the bell in the roundhouse knells Wearing herringbone of little gold fish With my pinon quill into the night  Reflecting a mold of a bard composing Jousting with my head's cacophony As my muse swaddles my cock With her...Read On

Breath Of Cayenne

Sayeth the windchimes at nine Will thee be mind, if so kind? While flattering the ghost As breath of cayenne brushes the host With a touch from pungent lips In real time of a Zephyr's kiss As twine of kind unravel the dream  About the brow of my poetic mind Sayeth the windchimes at nine      ...Read On

Scent Of Evergreen

As if a shadow of a nightmare fleeing And I in my cups as the candle flickers With virginal white wax of tears Dripping  streams over silken skin With a sensual scent of the evergreen As my pulse quickens, inking dreams On thoughts of semper fidelis Echoing words of a faraway language Washing upon her luscious tongue With deep tides of a whispering wish The dowager cometh with a kiss...Read On

Ink Of The Thorn

As December's frost warms my porridge My fortunes wed in a thimble of prose Whittling kibbles of poetry beans In bittersweet of my scribbling harvest With verses from a potpourri sewing basket As my eyes blink still of night Between winks of an angel's tear Winter born with ink of the thorn With the fragrant of her bud On silken bed of snow Like soft cashmere on a petal of rose On...Read On

Metamorphic Transformation

With eyes like chatoyant gemstones That of metamorphic transformation Giving renaissance to my pen As you rise from metamorphosis Spreading silken wings of pollination  With colors of the Lepidopteran As your kiss touches my lips In poetic arabesque On petals of new life With eyes like chatoyant gemstones Of onyx in earth tones...Read On

Pipes Of Heaven

With thunder sounding a yowling As if a devil was shaking a wake In the mode of good cheer As pipes of the heaven speak A chorus of God spoke I in waistcoat beseeched by sins With my gullet full of dry gin As a brume swept a fog of kind A soliloquy of a tremble rushed in On cobblestone of the Wayfarer's Inn As the embers in grate warmed my nog The coal in the hearth glowed gold...Read On

Poetic Kaleidoscope

From the kaleidoscope of a poet Music has broken my heart's violin What remains is the silence of the strings As swans shed tears on a ballet pond Of dead choruses in my ear As the silence of dawn breaks With a resin of snow falling Harps of the heavens sings A love song calling In silence as the winds call A zephyr's kiss on a rose's dew           ...Read On

Wildroot Cream

In my dreams undressing the bean   And her pink snapper taps out As I reload my howitzer While my cock locks and loads And the hair tickles my nose  Getting wildroot cream with Charlene As she counts reams in her sleep Before the snooze alarm goes While my fuse shorts out Before the fuselage explodes Giving me head with skull and bones In my dreams undressing the bean On a futon...Read On

Crossing Over The Hibachi

Crossing over the grate of a hibachi On the deck of a Butuan boat As a dark chain of lanterns following Beyond the sunset of a dusk falling On the red lips of my sweet Filipina While sipping the essence of plum Dancing a tango on Mindanao By way of a lotus compass Sailing our way to Luzon West of the moon in silken kimonos  Crossing over the grate of a hibachi    ...Read On

Eyes Of Winter Call

A  mellow dusk fell a silent cello string   Of darkness falling eyes of winter call On Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego Into the firey furnaces of Hell Went the desert trio With a chilling lust as my cock rose Of lore and stories I was told In from the cold of a broken heart As your tongued lathered my shaft Caressing my brow with frozen kisses With lips of flirtatious scented wishes...Read On

Our Banjo

Of a silhouette on my mind's lampshade On the futon of a soft crouton's pillow  Laying me down to sleep on our plushette In our hammock of a rocking chair With dreams of steps in an eternal garden On the river without time as our love ages Like fine wine as ribbons twine in your hair And as the dusk of winter fell a snow On flakes of newborn shawls We kiss away the blacken wrath Of...Read On

Pagliacci Tears

Spinning yarn of lore fables Of a rustic fool on a string Attired in my clown regalia Crying with Pagliacci tears Of your infidelity By charming a costume patch And you with foible of panache Like the Devil's mustache Sipping wine from a carafe With a soul of Armageddon Giving my heart contusions As my words fade into obscurity Sinking in my drunken euphoria By letting myself...Read On

My Yap

At times my yap dosen't fit to tight For I get loose in my verbal strings  Often not expressing my love  By falling into an abyss of dark With an albatross of rum at my neck Poetically framing my obtuse pen With arcane feathers of sin Laying waste to a sweet as yee While the devil inspires my fires With brandied crepes Suzette        ...Read On

On Way To Paradise

With petals of a Burmese parasol hung On the way to paradise near Rangoon Ancient sampans swayed on river Yangon With strings of a saung-gauk song Rising above the tropical mist   With an essence of lychee tea water Where I fell in love with my inamorata On this side of the Asian quarters Neath a pagoda of a lotus moon As golden bells toll a dawning rung Where the lanterns were strung On the...Read On

My Dark Angel

In my cups hounded by ghostly boos' fasting With the Devil's dictionary at my foot As my pecker squirms a shadow's casting Of whores present and basting  In the alcoves of my mind's ossuary As Mephistopheles stokes my cock's shovel On a freight train bound for Hades As a lonesome whistle turns the wheels Roll on big steam engine to my past Carrying the soul of my dark angel   With...Read On

Ghost Of A Pilgrim Past

As a ghost of a Pilgrim past, persecuted for my beliefs Now a Pilgrim of the Red Coyote trekking at their feet Soon to have no givings' as I upright their pumpkin pies And gourds of squash as I descend on Plymouth Rock  With a spiritual shaman I will dance around their crescendo   Copulating while scratching a scrimshaw of lust On the Plymouth Rock of their albatross And as their angel's...Read On

Recommended Read

Veranda Of A Rickshaw Hauling

On God's veranda of a rickshaw hauling Neath an umbrella of sweeten snow falling Like a warm feeling on a summer night Shimmering like a leaf on a tree With zephyr of a breeze touching my lips From behind a gossamer's shade And electrifying fingers that breathe With earth's potpourri of petals and dew Neath an umbrella of sweeten snow falling With an essence of ambrosia in your scent ...Read On

Horse Apples And A Crackpot-Pt 2

Visioned as a likeable being, with an appearance of a throwback to Cro-Magnon man. Often wearing his toupee sidesaddle on his head with a sideburn hanging down on his nose. His cock not very big, but sure was small. If compared to a rutabaga.  Mordecai (Mort) Ambrosius, High Sheriff of Plantar's Wart, Georgia. Where the horse apples never fall far from a tree. Especially if the horse is...Read On

Life's Apple Cart

Be still my pulsing heart I am yet to depart Upsetting the impending apple cart With my matchbox box of dreams And my brand new cell phone  As a spiritual kiss punch my ticket To heaven's spiritual star Of wild women and strip bars Choking my chicken at a lap dance Anything goes with Audrey Rose Down to the navel and corns on toes As the spittoon overflows With my matchbox box...Read On

A Solstice Of

As a choir of hummingbirds swarm A solstice of weddings bells ring In a labyrinth of dreams like a maze With a focal point as my eyes fade Like a Kaleidoscope of tinted shadows  Seeing you come out in All Hallows' In a flowing satin gown that billows Around the breeze of weeping willows I feel a comforting on my mind's pillow As a path of love leads me to your arms      ...Read On

Of Corn Silk

Suave and debonair around my daunting Wearing straw with a bow tie of corn silk  With eyelashes hung like awnings As my cock throbs in your cunt's coven With a touch of pale in my spawning As my mascara fades to haunting And as your thighs roll the dice My cum spews like cold ice  As jack o'lanterns hum a night mass While locust dance a last cheater's waltz Bought and payed for with a...Read On

Charcoal Tree

In my poetic words of love A devil slipped me a Mickey In shade the charcoal tree A dismal shadow cast As I felt the fading glory  Of green eyes face of you My lips gave into the shovel In shade the charcoal tree    ...Read On

Scent Of RSVP

Memory fades at the coming of an end With the lilac scent of your RSVP As my destiny falls on a digger's spade In a shallow nest at noon-day hours  With few prayers to cover my faith  Looking home angel I will arrive On a chariot of your lasting love As your image is cast in clover All angels with wings will survive With the lilac scent of your RSVP          ...Read On

Muffins Of Sand Dunes

A peripheral of silence held from within Rising from the muffins of sand dunes In Eden's oasis on the edge of a dime As zealots moaned in the heat While the angel of love sang And a haboob spread it's wings While God gave me my everything With shadow's kiss a vision of you    As pharisees of my mind fled in retreat Rising from the muffins of sand dunes      ...Read On

I Vont Yu Soggy Foxy Box

What scholars know about vampires, would not fill a thimble. Some say we are born of sorcery, while others think of the Mad Hatter. The only real relevance being, we are among the maddening crowd. Shrouded by the dark and tales that people whisper. Butte, Montana, 2004. There is a thing of curiosity that dangles the thighs of men. Pierced in the front, it gets stiff and...Read On

Defying Gravity

Feeling a softness of your breath Enamored by a tell-tale touch Using a willow stick I pen prose With a velocity of ink's tempo Defying gravity As my mind follows footsteps Of lost loves left behind Where the winding river flows Over shells and stones Defying gravity   Crossing over to forever sounder On pebbles made of pearls Shedding light on my philosophy Enamored by a...Read On


He had no fear of the coming apocalypse choir  Feeling the gossamer touch of an angel's blush As she whispered in staccato bronzing his fire  Sweet two-lips of eternal desire  In origins of a dew dawn  ...Read On

He Saw Scrimshaw

He saw scrimshaw of poetic designs   With words defining his mind's kind   As the tides washed upon the sands Giving promise of a new day's find As the gods of seven gave a week To reach the pentacle that he seek   A siren of the sea kissed his lips   And with her love that he would keep   He saw scrimshaw of poetic designs   With words defining his mind's kind        ...Read On

The Silo's Omen

While the midnight choir of the winds blow Pumpkins bellow like mellow souls As the Devil croons mournful tunes Jack Frost stalks the corn With eyes of a raven born  Twelve steps above in the silo's omen And as we cuddle upon the bed of moss With your breasts of sweet milk My cock stirs your cunt's sins As the weasel of Hell spins  The midnight choir of the winds blow Twelve...Read On

The Tax Man Cometh

I feel the silence of the stillness As moths pick lice from wings Versing with a whore's shadow As the pendulum tick-tocks A hush of the winds bring As the thunder crows While scribbling with my pen As revenuers knock at my door   The taper's tallow flows At this God forsaken hour  And the harlot does tricks With legs of pickem'up sticks Wrapped around my torso Weaseling my cock...Read On


Sleeping into tomorrow's dawn, timeworn But now gray about the brows, I interface   Before I cross yonder to another place On a path to green pastures and longevity As a I enter through the golden gate With you as my guide and eternal bride We share God's sweet ambrosia   As the red clay of Georgia leads us home  Born upon-a-time when I scowled at spirits Sleeping into tomorrow's...Read On

Sugar Runs

Orgasms are like an apotheosis with glee As if a phantom in disguise as you dream Like dryads of a full moon hidden in trees While stars twinkle in a kaleidoscope sky Occasionally rung like wind chimes hung As the sweetness of sugar runs  ...Read On

Radio, WBOU

On the darkside of the clock's face While sipping cider on a poetic dime As the pendelums swings, tick-tock Driving the highway in my pickum' up truck The mites choir in the wee hours   As the fat lady sings Ava Maria  And tears run down my chest For being a jester and devil's fool As you ran amuck, giving out fucks For two bits and a holler While I masterbated as the clock struck...Read On

Poser's Weed

Sleeping on stones poetic shawled As your cunt of midnight brume Entice my lusting nomadic doom My cock quakes as you hump In jubilation of dark porn As your tongue levitates 'Bout my bleeping warm chest  As your clit swims in your dish Salivating a baptismal wish The ravens on boughs thrall As your cunt of midnight brume Fill with my seed of poser's weed  Casting but a shadow on the...Read On

The Calico Fields

The hummingbirds word beautiful memories As my mind returns to the calico fields of cotton Where the river flows soft rhythm of treasuries Befitting my wife of the Shenandoah  As I recite the Lord's Prayer From the oaken wood of my rocking chair   With a Tierra befitting her Halo   We share a spiritual sip of Heaven Hill Kissing with a sweetness of the julep As my mind returns to...Read On

Breath Of Catcher's Net

As I sigh a breath of the catcher's net Of golden butterflies befitting a crown Giving wings to spiritual dreams As your lips manifest on my chest When the Tierra of your halo glows With a teardrop of dawn's soul I pray the Lord give me sleep Entwined in love of our keep As I sigh a breath of the catcher's net  At rest in metamorphosis  ...Read On

The Devil's Dwarf

Like putting lipstick on a pig my words praise the devil's dwarf  As my mind echoed a gathering of my ink's sins While pulling the wool over a fountain's harp The sirens suckled my wayfaring kind heart As their clits stirred at my cock's widdershins  Better yet using their twat nets To snare an old bard on the fly Flossing their cunts with the hanging moss While pulling the wool over...Read On

Past Tense Fence

Into the brume of the starless night On a path of melted snow broth Shrouded as a shawl of bog's perfume Soot of chimneys blow a hellish brew While harlots play on a cock's fiddle  And their cunts stir a lusting stew With a screech of an alley cat Perched upon a past tense fence And while harlots slurp the penis fat Chilling the bones to one's shoe spats Into the brume of the starless...Read On

A Kinda

As the Yeoman of the clouds sails a marshmallow sky A kinda unwinder of my mind-spring wound tight As dandelion seeds blow and honeysuckles trumpet The Forget-Me-Nots grow at half past Autumn On the slide of a night's rainbow we kiss As the heavenly stars of chandeliers glow We tie the knot with Forget-Me-Nots And when the Yeoman calls for sprinkling rain A kinda unwinder of my...Read On

Ascot Of Chutzpah

Winking shiners shrouded by clouds of satin gray As the boll weevils of dark clung to my cotton tunic Like the Devil's diciapel dressed in waistcoat   With a weaning of the berries gin as I curse The appropriate verse with a salivating thirst  And your cunt swaddled my arousing cock With a crook's clit of seduction's blight In fields of pumpkins as we lay thumping Like two toadstools...Read On

Shielded By Leaves

Born of woman and sired by strength With tales of dryads and nymphs causing me laughter Of old wives games to garner a penny So that they can swill another goblet of inn's ale   As the depth of tall oak in splendid woods The boughs shadowed my steps With a haunting of the cold moon I sought out the cozy chalet of the Lady of the forest   She rumored among the village to whore out...Read On


As her pussy-foots' tighten about my cock I moan in ecstasy of my pecker's jubilation With a cuming of my penis chowder  In manifestation of a spiritual choir As I sow my seeds at full moon With a sheepskin of fermented fodder Before the witch gathers her flock Raising the hackles of my gloom With a digger's itch tilling her clit While howling in the north forty Dragging my nuts in...Read On

With The Whiting

With the whiting of the clouds I blew a wafting marshmallow And a sweet hint of dew on the petals of a mornings' sunflower As the knees of the bees genuflect while spreading sweet pollen And the shadow of you dance on my chest with love's silhouette While the Gods in heaven blow on cue a summer shower choir And the honeybees raise their umbrellas Before the grapes ferment a ambrosia's...Read On

...Of Bluegills

Infectiously smitten by your kisses With reset buttons like puppet show In my giddiness like vertigo Like cock robin on a xylophone Poetically reclined in knockabouts While rocking in my composing chair  As your lips of sin covet my cock Infectiously smitten by your kisses Boiling my grits as I moan     Of bluegills and head bobbing              ...Read On

The Chronicles Of A Vicar. Part 1 - Lady Stephanie's Romans

The Nave had stood since the latter part of the sixteenth century. Surrounded by walls of climbing ivy, praising the Lord as it crept. A brume of dusk was befalling the approaching night as I adjusted my collar. I am the Vicar of St. Mary's, an Anglican church. A church with rumors, yet not approaching my perusal as I was inclined to avoid gossiping fools. My meager stipends awarded me with...Read On

Playing Stoned

Once upon a cloaking shroud as my words bellowed loud When the seductive whore of Babylon gave me wink And the arbiter of my impending became my shadow  As the shenanigans of sins swam in my gin  With a clapperboard sounding my script Playing stoned on the devil's xylophone  While the raven tickled my ivories with it's tongue  The pendulum of my cock versed it's thirst Sluicing...Read On

From A Pintle

Viewed from a pintle of the looking glass Perhaps I gave too little in samples Poetically in words it was too simple Enough is enough for some people As an ampule of my ink dribbles  And the nib of my pen fiddles All my love in a chalice thimble Enshrined in gilded hymnals  When your breasts pillow my mind Feeling the everness of your divine And my poetry begins to shine With prayers of...Read On

Recommended Read

As I Scooched

As I trundled about my shop In my slippers as I scooched A stoop shouldered sway The early hours of dawn  Feeling the tranquility of it all As the flambeau flickered And the dust mite whiskers Brushed my arms As you danced with a splinter Casting a thinner of my own image A ghostly fellow of last winter When I came down with the ague Of the season just past Then you kissed my lips With alms...Read On

Olives On Toothpicks

The orgies of my sins originated with my pen And then banshees came echoing at night As my mind wallowed in drunken dreams While caterwauling winds knocked at my shins As I damned the illusions in my sleep Concluding it was the green olives on toothpicks But perhaps it was gin that gave me the numbs On a cairn of doom as your fingers creep Fleshing your wanton lips with a drooling...Read On

Rascals Of My Mind

As the rascals of my mind unwind its twine And I feel an exuberance of love shine As your ambrosia's scent binds time To dally my twaddle with words so fine While leaves concede to the winds Aligning to a bard's poetic composure Falling about the ribbons in your hair   As shadows dance with my maiden fair   And the withershins of a kind mime    As the rascals of my mind unwind its...Read On

Tossed To The Winds

As good fortunes have fallen on me A change of course in my anomaly With words more soothing And less bellicose I shall be   As my tongue has had it's bell rung Casting my darkness into the sea  As my muse sings me happy songs With kisses in lands of my dreams While my prose cries of martial bliss  And all precautions tossed to the winds             ...Read On

Nary A Quaint

I felt the shawl of dark fall a distant thrall As I sliced cheddar and hard bread And nary a quaint blessing of it all Wth a sop from a tankard of brew As a crumb pass a shadow of dust Through cracks in my weathered abode And with a kiss I 'fessed a prose Of garlands in your shawl With a faintness of soft breath Kindly sinning the thoughts of yee Caressing the heat between your thighs...Read On

...And Stillness Near

It was a thread of silence that echoed in my ear Of quietness at a distance and stillness near  With a chorus of the blues ringing in my ale As I felt a runaway tear abandoning my fear As the valiance of dawn gave rise to the sun  On a new mown lawn of God's given tongue  Your spirit awoke my weeping mellow With a wisp of your lips smiling kiss Of quietness at a distance and...Read On

My Shop's Compendium

  From my shop's compendium of tomes and curiosities  Of magpies and curds in my mind's decanter   As a scrawler of poetry and wayfaring sins And I a scroll howler of tonic and gin Shedding my ambiguity and foolish chanter While taking stock of my asinine behavior Dog-earing a page setting a new stage As a windsock in the meadow led my way  To nature's sprawling divine and...Read On

Shadows In My Gin

In conversations with mutual acquaintances And dust mites taking flight in spite Casting but a shadow in a pantomime sort of way Scripting in long-hand words poetically concave At a sensual hour in residence of a spire As bells chime a chorus of zephyrs' choir In communion with castaway poets As a spirit within the tower touch my soul And as her tongue unfurls and lips kiss my fold ...Read On

A Very Good Happy

I wasn't having a very good happy, as my marriage sank into sunset. The pressures of everyday life and my poor judgment caused a divorce. She ran off with a pinstripe suit and I was left with maxed out credit cards, as the judge signed the decree. Now a year and 250 miles from Atlanta. With new tattoos, saddle back shoes and jeans. I wished to retain a bit of my conservatism by wearing...Read On

...And Whatnots

As an umbra of prose cast dots and whatnots On a valiance of dusk as my lips succor remorse A shadow of myself lust in tomes of omnibus 'Tween dark pages of ominous Suckling in a nest of your breasts I confess The showers of love these midnight hours Giving gust to the winds on due course Casting dots and whatnots  ...Read On

My Cock's Bastille

Of wilted hours and swill's gibberish While a trail of a dark cloud looms Being swept by the devil's broom  Beneath a toxic rusting red moon And I in recess of a catacomb's womb Hemorrhaging lust of my cock's Bastille While prosing Goth in a journal of sins With apostrophes and an ossuary of pens Shaking sand to absorb the staccato As lightening crashes a crescendo On wilted petals of...Read On

Where The Bogeyman Trolls

As fleeting as a daunting's whisper Whispering of a breath upon my skin  Came a zephyr of winds From deep down in my soul With a musk of lust in translation And graven sins of copulations Where the bogeyman trolls With eyes of bituminous coal And out of the dust a shadow grew Corroded with curses of disgust Wearing a corset of the devil's queue As my hungering lips kissed her breasts With...Read On

Lifted Are The Clouds

Lifted are the clouds over our shoulders Like tides of pillows in a vast sea Easy to touch with God's step-ladder A far off horizon as the sun descends Like a Tierra with glinting jewels With a wink summoning the fall In a thistle's down of soft spores Of night's poetic shawl As a winds bring fragrant sins And with love we kiss A far off horizon as the sun descends In fields of...Read On

...of Dreamful Minds

In the twitter-light as the dusk settles And the sun curtsies taking it's fond adieu The stars wink in the sky's swinging hammock 'Neath the canopy of a night defining shade As God tips his kettle with a soft falling rain Benighted by a glinted moon of orange Spinning on an axis of sensual gravity As we kiss in meadows of dreamful minds     A pollen of snow falls on our poetic love   As...Read On

Of My Cock's Spooge

With la petite mort I ejaculated As crickets whittled a dark chorus  Feigning a smile while you licked Dripping of my cock's spooge With a spooned tongue of satin lace Smiling with your chatoyant eyes While you strangled my penis As we sinned beneath the humming trees The ratchets of the wind blew And as your moans of pleasures lift I felt the urges of la petite mort tilt   As you tamed...Read On

Cocoon Of Darkness

I became a poetic jester Caught again in the Devil’s dark embrace, Jerking madly on the end of his line, Naked except for his sack of pleasures From which I take lascivious baubles In which to enfold my pulsating core, Until I spill the essence of my soul In burning streams of his philosophy. Oblivious to good I am constrained To dance to the hotly throbbing rhythms Of his...Read On

An Erstwhile

As is the passion of sweet gilded flowers Gilded flowers pressed in my memories As you tat lace with a figurene smile That can't be broken  I feel lust brewing my porridge And your kiss of scented musk While your love fills my chest As roving soft fingers forage Inspiring my poety's quest Bringing discern an erstwhile Of years past That can't be broken...Read On


As if hard-bone china rising Rising to strike like a cobra My cock drools it's silky concoction Cascading downward Downward into a pool of it's ooze Like a looking-glass reflecting As I stretch the glands Masturbating it's equations For my mind's geometry On a square of spatter As I charm it with my hands And your lips embellish it's fondue 'Fore a roguish grin of sin Cascading downward As...Read On


My love for you is true and sincere With scented flowers of hollyhocks As the soft winds blow With the pinion of my pen Encompassing a shadowing shrine For your everlasting beautiful divine On a stone's tablet I define While scribing in poetic tongue With the lips of my yum I toast the host you have brought As dusk pass upon the shawl  Of a dawning's awakening We will kiss a morning's dew As...Read On

By The Tinker

Enamored by the tinker As chimes quell a rumination And the incense whisper Waftures of poetic adoration As the winds of my mind Scribble a soft mellow On a quilt of green Of our love's bailiwick Enamored by the tinker    ...Read On

Deep Bend Willow

Penning your splendor with poetic ardor With a touch of a shadow's smile Kissing beneath a deep bend willow As the moon winks with an eclipse On a warranted token of our love As a picayune of locust fiddle A waltzing twiddle of our robust   As shards of stars blink   With a touch of crystal raining down    We dance on a luminous fescue crown   In the gardens of our sundown Kissing...Read On

Old Thirst

As is the passion of sweet gilded flowers Dried petals pressed in my memories You tat lace with a figurine smile That can't be broken  And as I feel lust brewing my porridge With your kiss of scented musk And roving soft fingers foraging Your love fills my chest Inspiring my poetry's quest As you bring an old thirst Of years past          ...Read On

A Spell Of Caffeine

At a phantom of the professing clock While falling under a spell of caffeine With a silkiness of cream moistening my lips As the aroma wafture a new day rising Sipping the joe with an eagering smile As I contemplate your rationally From swooning eyes and morn wise  Given my dubious past of obscurity   And as my phobias take a hiatus From the crumbs of day old dread And the nether lands...Read On

Cheer With Me

A watershed of my mind came to me in thought Immersed in wonder as I felt your warm breath  As randomly your fingers touched the bristles My heart quelled a love true With an amorous briar of scent as my credo Fire on my grate's libido kindled desires As your kisses rained down a summer's sweet Like a cacao And when the fire ebbs a midnight tide Surfing winds of lust poetically inspired I...Read On

The Lucifer's Pen

The councils of Carthage hold not my esteem, As banshees of silent mourners scream,   Screaming organs of sins fall upon my ink, With the curses of the Lucifer's pen. But perhaps it's the gin that gives me the numbs, Or the caterwauling winds that feed my yum, In the cairn of my doom as your fingers seek, The rising of my coitus speak. And as the cold moon spreads it's spores, With...Read On

And Bristol Cream

I clock a passing of time in my writing's Coventry With a mirror of myself's awareness in truth's  Taking a rain check to cash in my feather's quill With a miniscule of vagueness as my rewards  Of my poetic cat in the cradle prosing With a philosophy of not overexposing My homogeneous words of a soliloquy  Entombed in the womb of my mind And Bristol Cream As the shawl of dusk falls' an...Read On

Only Philistines

The winds spawned a glacier of darkness, creeping, Creeping slowly through the narrative of my gloom, While I became detached from reality, Lost within the earth stones of my chosen. So I courted the doom with blackened ink, feeling, Feeling the sins of my recently departed, And a ghost whispered, “Why don't you come in?” While hemlock dripped poison into my pen. As I looked askance from...Read On

The Sand Scatterer

The glint gave a momentary shutter To my awakening eyes from dreams Brought on by the sand scatterer As my lids lay heavy upon the seams And as ash in the hearth gives heat Your breath silently transgress As I feel my pulse rejuvenate  Awaiting the destiny of my fate Of years past when I was outspoken As a lumbering back wood poet  When I couldn't count the trees Because of the footpaths ...Read On

In Remembrance Of A Blue Tattoo

With words I became anemically shallow Defaming my name of poetic fame By being obscure and arcane In remembrance of a blue tattoo Like rancor suckling my last breath A dark simmering in my chest My mind poisoned my pen As a bitterness swept my somber Yet in good deeds I rekindled our love Between my defining tribulations With shards of your splendor As you inspired my prosing With a...Read On


Mindful of the inclement weather, I had just left the theater. Tonight's offering—a local stage cast with an operatic Othello, by William Shakespeare. Attired in tails and a top hat, with spats on my brogans, I tapped my cane as I cantered along the pavement, carrying myself very well with a sense of who I was. Overhead, storm clouds were brewing with a tympani of thunder. Wind, whistling...Read On

Beast Of My Coventry

If only I could walk away from the curse The homogenizing of obsidian words Of poetic verses that give me thirst As a scent of your kind stir my seeds With mauve shadows and chatoyant eyes Raising the trough of my Port-wine cock As the coif neath your veil tell of your chastity  Of mad poets and Homo-sapiens Being pulled down by arcane spouts From the closure of a inkwell's cyclone   As...Read On

A Chestnut Calling

Perhaps in lieu of a chestnut calling I heard the falling of the rain With tapping on the pane  I felt the hunger in my veins As an urge crossed my lips I felt it wasn't in vain Kissing your finger tips With the insanity of it all Choking back my streaming tears And with faintness of your breath We spoke in whispering tongue Of happiness you had sprung And as you ascended God's staircase...Read On

Chaucer's Tongue

And with the pastel ink from my well In abstraction of my obsidian past As phantoms took leave of my senses I bade them farewell in fathoms' deep With a Chaucer's tongue of my peace And when the nocturnal twins of heaven and sky  Fell on your spiritual erstwhile as I langoured   With a wafture of inner calm I penned love songs In ebony blue ink as the spire struck a silent knell  ...Read On

Land Of Cellophane

As the silence screamed an awakening From the pillow my head had nod I heard a chattering using my name From the land of cellophane And as my image reflected on the pane The stains of my sins gave me deign  As I composed a poetic soliloquy From the pages of my profane But as a shadow quelled a new dawn The pinions of my dark took flight As your lips fell about my infamy    With a loving...Read On

A Soul's Fool Heart

Frittering not the tallow 'neath the fallen dusk As my prose fails to describe the silence of it all Shedding darkness of my soul's fool heart In a collection with my mortal perception With soothing touch and talc of heartfelt dust  Sweet as your breasts upon my chest With a brush of the feather I pen my sins As your lips touch my poetic immunity Drowing curses of yesterday's omens...Read On

Amazing Sweet Grace

I had grasped my last straw And my eyelids closed I heard the cries of an angel As I passed on my way to Valhalla And it broke my heart For she had been in my dreams A lifetime it seems As I stepped from the escalator On the top floor of Shangri-La Many, many miles on high I lost all fear as my wife smiled My lover, my soul mate of sixty years As she kissed me with everything dear...Read On

Shadow In The Window

On the sheets without a thread Laying naked in bed As my thoughts turn to black And a shadow in the window With finger tips touching my glans And mournful sighs stretching my skin Giving me the heebie jeebies In modulation With lips drooling a dripping saliva   As the brush prickles my cock Bouncing heavy 'tween bedpost   As I hear a spiritual boast  While its mount my steed  My...Read On

Moment's Interlude

With poetic encore and a moment's interlude I compose prose with sensual desire On green carpets of soft Fescue Before the dew and the haze of the sun   And as the symphony of musical sensuality Move my baton of spiritual host I feel your breath upon my script With a stanza of love like butterfly wings    Like a ballet on glass of a shadow's dance Across my inkwell of thoughts and recants...Read On

The Willies

Who is masquerading behind shadows In the ossuary of my manuscripts?   Rattling at this quiet vesper hour With a voice of a Mezzo Soprano     Banging the pots as I dream  As the haints come haunting in  And you in knickers offering fellatio With your lips performing a chore And I in my cups prosing darkly thrills As you genuflect at the apse of my desk Bellowing winds blow, bringing the...Read On

Dark Of Stain

I felt the dark of the stain As dusk shadowed my mind Alone in inner chambers And I in my cups of dry gin As a festoon of webs Stuck like a brooch to my thoughts As words bellowed a Gothic book And I snickered with grin Feeling the shame A long gone stanza in my crook Of drooling damsels yearning Desiring a poet's itch As the spice of sage And midnight vespers Of her nearly parted thighs...Read On

Red Socks

I felt the winter's chill As frost lay silently on my window pane In condensation with my conversation I spoke to your shadow as you refrained  But as the tallow spent And the humidor of the hearth warmed Your breath raised the hackles of my lust About the nether parts of my mortality As moans sighed from the campanile And your thighs gave rise I gathered from the embers Moments to...Read On

June Bugs Buzzed

When my rheumatism flared up And aches and pains dragged me down I wrote poetry and sipped dandelion tea While Betsy made a poultice With potions of love   As June bugs buzzed And in the old-time glider I sat down beside her    As the broken swing swayed Thinking 'bout the yesterdays In the summer haze As June bugs buzzed Now my rheumatism has passed And my tobacco didn't last Betsy laid...Read On

Body And Soul

  Tracing curvatures with my lips As softness unwinds with a scent  Like a lusting carousel spinning On a spool of erotic thread  And as my eyes idolize Down to the triangle of your nest Tracing curvatures with my lips As the new dawn spawns  On a harboring knoll And when the salty sea shrouds My cock will crow a lurching howl As the spirit of the flesh entwine Like a shadow on a bed...Read On

Asphalt And Fescue

I didn't even know her name, but she would hustle and fuck suitors on top of a picnic table. She would ride cocks like Annie Oakley. In those days, you would deliver her a pizza and give her a wink. She was well known around Indian Springs trailer park. Ample in the chest, with shapely legs, she wore her Daisy Dukes well. When you stood up to leave and zippered your trousers, your cock...Read On


When quietness echoes a poetic still With pussy that sighs sounder Deep down to the piggy-wiggly of my toes As your warm breath touches my chest And I, nothing but an erotic hounder With and eye for nimble thighs As you caress my throb with scarlet tongue With lips of drool spinning my spool Atop the helmet of my jousting head On a mattress of soft pillow down With pussy that sighs sounder...Read On

A Bagel's Q

And as faith and happenstance we dance Until we get our two-step back In lieu of the canvas on skies baby blue Beneath an umbrella of morning's dew    With white clouds of a bagel's Q In meadows of goldenrod and Queen Anne's lace  As soft autumn breeze sweeps your hair   With kisses to hold us over Until we get our two-step back                    ...Read On

Waters Of The Fall

Built of earthen stones and red clay Where the Barley house stood And the old mill crackled In fields of pine cones  We met on an autumn's night   And now it's ashes and dust   Now but a shadow where we kissed Taking our wedding vows Stands a stone of granite In the woods near the cascade And mountain memories I recall Of ribbons in your hair And now that I'm gray and old With cataracts in...Read On

Close Proximity

With articulation at times I stumble In close proximity of sensual words  And love prongs But when the sins of yore Arouse my chore benearh the cypress My mind chants of poetic glee And wedding vows Of tomorrow's calling noon As I lift your veil of virginal white And while in the clergy I repent As with angels you were sent In close proximity of sensual words                ...Read On

Dipping My Stick

Like wails of a banshee the tides crashed As fog settled in like bouillon soup In dark of an occurring dusk As sensual words forsake my pen Of gloom and doom in my spins  But with your beautiful being Bring thoughts of sleighbells and snow   As on this eve of twenty and five Your stockings hung on the bed post And with a kiss of moist dew   I in my flannels whisper my love   As...Read On

Calling Winds

With the chilling air and the coming of winter Lay a frost on the heather and calling winds   As the rum in my pewter warms the spirits And youe love tenders my heart Lay a frost on the heather and challenging sins As kisses rain down from your lips aglow   And when the ice is upon the pond We will respond in humankind   Making love on a quilt of life Until the tapers dim in our eyes ...Read On


With a forever walk Upon life's shores  Feeling the moments of silence As echoes of emotions whisper And your spirt takes my hand On promontory's isle of beach Wading in low tide On God's everlasting sand We kiss-a-way life's blues And caress the noonday sun Upon life's shore As the lamphouse winks          ...Read On

Scorched Linen

It was a quarter past sin and nearing ten, we were scorching the linen and smoking the sheets, with my hot cock.   With a devilish grin I pushed it in, as my nuts hit your speed bump, plowing your verbs and vowels as my  penis puffed, but we kept on sinning. As you raised your knees, dictating to the birds and bees, we chuckled and bucked scorching the linen, and the bed slats cracked.    ...Read On

Love's Maypole

Feeling the efforts of an Autumn's whimper Soft like a sweeten porridge  In hushaby as we now whisper Sinning upon a bed of fleece and wool With the pyres of lust feeding our frenzy  After cantering around love's maypole As a soft breeze fly about your hair In evernesss and green clover Feeling the efforts of an Autumn's whimper In hushaby as we now whisper              ...Read On

Never Ever More

I remember when my pecker was like iron And it could split a log But never ever more  Now it's just a piece of gristle   With two balls in a sack   I remember when you would blow it like a whistle And you would swallow its jizz Now it's just a piece of gristle With fizz in my pants And a swollen prostrate needing to spit When you flash your tits And rub your clit against the door ...Read On

A Crimson Snow

Most fears are written in poems and prose. Many dreads holding little of the crimson snow. Oft times seeming aloof, but that is my nature, when a hybrid of two different spores. A little bit eccentric I may be, but a vampire, none the less. Her body and flesh fit me so fine, falling into a sleep as we slept ladled, after a robust entwining. Our lips touched as if a sensual frost and our...Read On


Where are you?

The Mayfair area has homes inspired by its namesake in London, England, and has no immediate street access, as it is a "walking court" with a green area instead of a street. It's enclosed brick walls, hidden by ivy vines have defied time. The facades of the old Victorians homes have changed very little as the decades and seasons have passed. There is a four block area bordering Central...Read On


As shadows of my mind follow my threads Of woebegones and darkerning lore I feel the warmth of your breasts With the scent of chestnuts in your hair  Easing my persnickety And when cataracts cloud my eyes   I will have memories of your smiling kind As a new dawn awakens my panomime   With words of romance forestalling    Of woebegones and darkerning lore      ...Read On

Black Spots On The Moon

Smitten, as if an apprentice.

A blind stone could feel the fog on the moors, hanging as if suspended by cords above the peat. It was heavy and humid as if it was swallowing a frog. The stench of decrepit crippled trees that were now skeletons of elms and hickory with broken boughs... withering. Below the earth the peat simmered in its own goo, as smoke rose among the encroaching dark. I was suffering a ravenous hunger as...Read On

Poetic Burns

As the smoking ashes settle on my poetic burns And the fleece of words go unheard Yet the metal of our love goes untarnished As the spark of the candle shines And on the stones of the hearth We renew the planting of our troth As the teakettle whistles And the steam ascends As the smoking ashes settle on my poetic burns      ...Read On

Silken Sands

When shades of dark rain down a dusk And seashells wash upon silken sands    On life's endless dreams of an encounter And whispers come caroling a hark  Of lust and connotations in your smile Muffling kisses with lips like sweet truffles While shadowing me with caressing fingers As my imagination lingers And seashells wash upon silken sands     Upright in our land of dreams ...Read On

Lamp House

      With love and a quintet of bassoons When my dreams arrive on tide And the light in the lamp house shines Over a cresting cursory, sky blue As a soft sounder of waves wash upon the sand The glint in your eyes, emerald green Fill me up with your gentle being Scenting the depth in your lovely bosom With love and a quintet of bassoons Six fathoms deep in my mind's focus When...Read On


When the frost grips my pen And words of prose fail me As ink in the will is still Like sand dunes of silence And verses deceive me I feel a penumbra caress About my chest Down to the ovals of my ovoid's When the frost grips my pen Your hands like palm fronds And the dusk descends When the parchment crumples Your lips play my penis Like a piccolo When the frost...Read On

Graying Of The Brows

At the graying of my brows And the clock stood watch Tick-tocking a dark song Like a pendulum rung And the moths danced 'Neath flames I twiddled With visions of whispers  In dreadnought of my lair And with a silence of the chill Tracing your beauty on the wall A penumbra cast a thought With a shadowing call As my old heart felt a pulse Smiling to pinchers of your lips And...Read On


A conceptual dream dawning Looming as my conscience awakes And I feel an arising brought Of silence in sensual thoughts As the spool unwinds And a binding twine As a kiss and slip knot waits On the cross of St. Anthony As my manhood quakes My head bowing the gist of loom And your lips encase A conceptual dream dawning The catechism of BDSM...Read On

Folds Of The Sheet

With a warm breath caressing his chest And feeling the stirring 'tween his thighs Giving back the folds of the sheet As her lips coaxed the beast of hard And when the bucket of dawn Rise over the crest She strokes is pecker thimble As if caterpillars wearing slippers  With fingers so nimble As dreams return to dust Giving back the folds of the sheet ...Read On

Diamond Embers

Feeling bucolic in my solitude As sorghum boils the harvested cane The sweets just forested from fields of stalks Stiring my emotions sparking the tenders Of undying love In the inglenook beside the hearth As you quilt a patching flannel And your eyes sparkle as if diamond embers My words derive from costal tides and blue skies In tall timbers of a green forest Sensual...Read On

Trail Of Antiquity

As I fell a step in love on a trail of antiquity While trekking a gait in my wayfaring canter Beneath the medallion sunset As I felt a soft brush touch with a blush The easel of my soul while over the moon In my poetic medium fostering midnight stanzas And with it came lips of gold with a kiss Varnishing a smile and wearing a halo As I fell a step in love on a trail...Read On


Only in my lonely I pined In my solitude forgotten 'Neath gabfest of perching fowls Whispering innuendoes Now as the time choir the hour Feeling you near, tenderly As your kisses take me away I disembark from a shroud As you lay your head on my chest Giving up the sheets To the zephyr of your breath Asleep in bed Feeling you near, tenderly ...Read On

On Our Pillow

A whispering pulse traced a path to my heart As the twitter-down of dusk fell And lowered its crown over the clover As your lips parted and warm breath touched And the cockle-shells echoed a rising tide As poetic thoughts lay easy on my mind In titillation of a summer eve As love and serenity lulled me to sleep And when the white clouds of Hanover Rained down a silent shower ...Read On

Against My Window

When I sent her a song of love She released a turtledove  Into the air it flew with a coo As she autographed my heart And when she sang a melody Her fingers played strings of harps  Beyond the sunset of her smiling kind As the turtledove nest against my window And in the melancholia of the dusk Everything was all starry-bright When I sent her a song of love Over...Read On

A Full Moon's Harp

Letting loose with a chortle of glee Of happiness in our martial whimsy Like life's carousel spinning our love And acorns falling from a tree As you hug me beneath the blowing leaves When the honey bees hum most tenderly I'll be kissing your lips to catch-me-up And with a gifted line we will twine our time As our love of life takes a shine Feeling the vibrations of the full...Read On

In Cahoots

In my bedroll with poetic aspirations 'Neath a starry sky and blanched moon All alone with hardtack and biscuits In cahoots with shadows on the plains As the sage blows across the lands Listening to my mind as I define Cowboys and Stetson hats As the prairie dogs bark While chanting a yippiee-ki-yay Breaking a string on the fiddle An the cactus flowers blossom I'll be...Read On

Believe In Soft Winds

I believe in soft winds and hat pins to stick Wind up widgets and gadgets that click And scratch off lottery tickets I believe in love words and incense scent With little soft kisses and silly sniffles And an embroidered hankie I believe in love and conceptual sins Making whoopee in compilations And harken the herald to the Man above I believe in wedding bells and wishing...Read On

A Candle's Reflection

With a candle's reflection in the mirror of my mind If I could see you now and feel your blush That I would raise the curtain for all to see A metaphor of an angel that you bring to me And with a whisk I would stir distant trails Of sleigh bells and good eggnog cheer  On fallen snow and mistletoe With a candle's reflection in the mirror of my mind Flowing softly like a...Read On

Tappin' My Shoe

At times my rhetoric fails me When I'm pitching woo And tappin' my shoe While sippin' homebrew As the June bug flies But my heart is in its place As I kiss your finger tips And ask for your wed With a golden band ring When not tongue-tied As the June bug flies When I'm pitching woo And tappin' my shoe...Read On

A Poetic Flair

When stanzas of love Cleanse my shallow soul The cinders on the grate will flare And to those I have offended Leaving suspended by string With a poetic flair I make my amends Now washed of my sins With non toxic words And romance on the horizon  I'll be writing new letters With a poetic flair...Read On

Varied as Egrets

Too much success and the internet has all but killed the porn industry. That is why I created this club, to cater for vivid imaginations. I was fortunate in my life, with the exception of one failed marriage. I had at one time owned a small string of Video Shops, and had a very small part in producing a porn flick. Might I say, "porn is about as exciting as cracking peanut shells." We...Read On

Yesterday's Smile

Like the steps to the rising dawn I'll be with you in song Bear with me my earthly wile As I reset the memories Of my mind's kaleidoscope With a fragrance of a dearin' smile And would thee seek a morrow's kiss If I sought your verse bliss On the other side of yesterday's sun As I reset the memories With flowers upon your pillow When the sun shines, my sweet fawn...Read On

My Mind's Tree

As my fingers give me the rhythms 'Tween my old writing sings In boughs of my mind's tree As our love thimbles a poetic reel And your smile cants a throbbing As you rest on a cushion of willow In my dally as I riddle A lovely poem for a season With love's incense A forever homily And a entwining sublime In boughs of my mind's tree...Read On


"so we decided to take a stroll."

It was the Chinese lanterns that attracted the fleas. The fleas, being moths of a humid moon. I had just traded in my military stripes for a couple of strikes at a local bowling alley. In the background humming down a lane, a ball of polyurethane. Knocking down ten pens, as the ball zigged and zagged. It was about as exciting as peeling a pea. But, it served a steam plate buffet for a...Read On

In My Windfall Chair

As if in autumn 'Neath a shrinking moon On a winding path  Of night reams In our bedroom lair With bosom so bare Tying a bobbin With long raven hair Feeling your thirst And hungry borne lips As the breezes sigh In our wedding keep  With a goblet of rye And golden rings  In my windfall chair Sleepin' in night dreams...Read On

Baritone Of Prose

With a whispering brogue I the baritone of prose Soft shoeing with a smile With lines of poetic hue Shaking out with the grins And vibrations in the still With the quietness of a quill As your breath caresses And I in my interlude  Behind shadowed doors As the fever slowly rises Feeling your soft sighs Suspended by love strings 'Neath a crescent moon  I the baritone of prose...Read On

Dos Gusanos

In a a tryst interlude Ensconced at a desk in my writing chair With a poetic devotion to tequila As you scratch at my crotch And my penis swelters a midnight itch As the pendulum of my eyes wink A smattering of grins To the sultriness of your kiss With lips of passion As you lay bare empowering the choir Surrounded by feeble pens and stains And I feeling no pain To the...Read On


While crossing bridges As the prose goes Yonder as the Rubicon flows Never looking back But poetically sounder A passing dalliance shows Keeping my eyes straight ahead When the fire burns in my chest With pebbles of kisses For a love not to be Without floundering While crossing bridges Yonder as the Rubicon flows...Read On

Worn Time Over

I'm comfortable in my phew With my prosing whey Of fluidity in my writes Like an old soft shoe Worn time over One poem clover With a lunar kind above As the dusk melts into night When the chapel bells quell With words assuring We retie the knot In my old soft shoes...Read On

Unwinding Chair

With burning embers on a cold winter's blow Rekindling words from my foggin' noggin While butter and rum unravel my scrum And cogs of my mind undo Before my thoughts settle to dust Wicky-wack and all askew Writing prose shin deep in sin Sitting down at my unwinding chair As your lips hobnob with a grin Sewing kisses on my manly bellow Watching my gnarly old stiffen grow ...Read On

Pen Tips Of Stain

Like pen tips of stain As the weather vane creaks When hail cracks the glass In the pouring down rain Like a sinister grinning wind From the cloudy skies below And the chill of a winter's born My tongue strums your cunt cello As your thighs bare no shame And billowing bellows horn In whispers of a lustful speak Like pen tips of stain...Read On

Bed Of Benthos

When the still awakens me From the spooling twine While thunder in distance burst As quiet soothes my thirst Of a shadow posing kind As I feel your softness Casting not but a whisper With a silence of a breath And with a poetic verse On bed of benthos sublime...Read On

My Mind's 'Lodeon

Somber as a widow's breath My emotions flutter With sweet sentiment of love In my mind's 'lodeon As songs shape my pen With lines and sleeping dreams And steeping sweet tea Of soft words in my utter As your lips kiss my chest With a shadow of you in my nest And the still making me sing As somber as a widow's breath ...Read On

Where There Is Smoke

It was on the cusp of dusk and a late autumn storm was brewing. A frozen fog hung over the small village of Tarrytown. A village of mostly Dutch ancestry, who had no predilections or immoral behaviors. A village of non-swearing apple pickers and scattered-vendors. It was the autumn of 1791, and as they say… "Frost was on the pumpkins." The frogs must have had a forewarning as they croaked...Read On

The Cat's Aye

Her warm personality always added a smile to the drab façade of the gray stone club building. Although a superstitious old hag of a crone, she had never missed her daily round at the door selling apples. Until... Money and pleasantries were exchanged, with no reason for platitudes. She pushing her cart, and he a polite distant following her to a niche in the alley behind the club. Raising...Read On

Tap The Pane

With still... Nearing rest  A moment in lieu And lips on cue While sand closes our eyes Sharing a kiss And whispers of the rain  Tap the window pane Of days falling leaves Being our autumn craze With still...  Nearing rest Feeling your soft caress Touching my chest In comfort time to sleep  And dreams to digest As whispers of the rain  Tap the window pane With still... ...Read On

Stone-Cold Mind

When the grit unravels my stone-cold mind On a flat rock of a poet's writer clock And my reflections echo my hue Dreams will tell if my emotion were true Between the mist and a siren's kiss With ring of a bell in the buoy's swell As if my words became a Mandelson tune A desire of my love naming a stanza's song When the grit unravels my stone-cold mind Settling down with a smooth porridge...Read On


'Tween snores and sleep On linen sheets Of yours and mine As fingers creep Toppin' your pie To your honey spot The blue ball's pain Before the bane On your thighs As my pecker rains 'Tween snores and sleep...Read On

Treehouse Of The Round

'Neath shadows and shrouds  As we share dalliances of sin In my ebullience and moment of truth Given my proclivities of poetic couth A new found vigor poetically sound With silent moments and my pen Bopping' in your womanhood In a treehouse of the round While sipping hot ginger gin Giving you all-my-got As we share dalliances of sin While our feet hit the ground  Running...Read On

Beneath A Tolerable Wind

With roguish 'cayute eyes And sable hair of gray dawn Like a raven on a pillar of stone With a mystique of sultriness As the ratchets of wind blow And I caught in her spell Beneath a tolerable wind As my pulse rises For her devilishness at ten  Knealing at my manhood With downward strokes  As if a piper leading me to sin  With a patch of love  Sewn on my soul...Read On

My Promontory

It was in my coronation of a scroll  When my thumb sought out goth  And dark dreams I beheld Yet I was blinded But now that I've seen the truth With my eyes of Godspell's cue A love has called me home No more my lust to roam And with touch of your compassion  A new dawn on sun's rising crown  Will lead me to my promontory  As we lay down on bed of round...Read On

A Billowing Brume

A chagrin in my ossuary of old tomes Castigating a mouse on earth stones Palpating hours of thorns and flowers Showering you with saucers of words As the bellows assume a blowing tune Billowing a brume of poetic curds Within the cauldron of my abode Scribbling tales with my old shtick pen Of copulations and old bard's grin As your lips humor my thingamabob Whilst smiles...Read On

Shakers On My Bones

With a hectare of shakers on my bones And I on the other side, riding a train To a destination unknown As my tongue salivates a predawn whey In a field of the forgotten lost  Hidden behind a doily shine  With a shadow of a cold moon Of erotic words darkly honed Pantomiming a broken old poet  Before the edge of daybreak As I sip my hubris green tea  With a smattering drooling...Read On

Once Was Golden

As the autumn leaves fall, like a chronicle of prose on earth's seasonal solstice,  and my aged eyes. Where once was golden, my pen has turn to rust, but your love remains  as if it's eternal spring. And in my ancient tea cup, I see your beautiful shadow when my memory slows, vaporizing into dust. With life's little quibbles,  while my sanity dies, in my eyes I cry as my...Read On

Breath Of The Equinox

The nomenclatures of words  Are written in pages of books  But the emotions I share with you Are gently scrolled from my soul With a scent of bliss  Giving thee my heart With an effigy of a pin Feeling warmth of our sins As breezes blow so do my stanzas  With a falling of the autumn  And frost on the window panes  In moments of devil's wonderment I print a poetic hue of love  ...Read On

A Wisp Of Mint

As if a dream, an opus it seem An opus of romance we shared In haze of summer daze Now I suffering melancholia For it wasn't but a fortnight hence Before the calling of last tense And sometimes past I gasped Of times together we spent  And now all is naught  Hovering above my closing eyes The shadow of a broken halo  A lost breath in disguise As love cries, my balling sighs Now...Read On

A Blowin' Quell

Giving the edge to a blowin' quell  The chains of my past unlatch  On a ride of a witching tale As my beating pulse thunders lust While my cock thirstily curse When the winds wink me a tempest And your breasts seeking my lips  While the dark covers for my sins I feel your shadow take my breath With a kiss spawning arousal As your cunt invites me in On the cusp of a midnight omen  Down...Read On

Maiden Smile

And the winds howl a distant mourn Down below a hellacious blow  Faraway, faraway a lustful tune While a tempest yawns a fare-thee-well As the open eye of the storm winks a kiss In the valley of the noonday brume Caressing your breasts Your maiden smile bliss I'll be singing a love song for you While whispers bring me to my knees As the buoy bell rings an echoing moan ...Read On

A Song A Distant Smiling


  Once awhile in my poetic style Wiling away in stanzas aisles With words screaming for you In my anfractuous chicanery Near the aquarium 'neath the stairs Twining on curlicue of knobs As a tempest blows on horizon A song a distant smiling Wooing me to a deepening lair On high tides of a siren's cry Fringing poetically in deep onyx Most obsidian my prosing harks In pitter-patter...Read On

Froth On My Beer

For the good of my mind And poetic atmosphere In my writing creativity I raise a good cheer For the love of a woman Bringing omens of lust And froth on my beer As she mellows my ambiguity Untangling my words And wetting my taste With a caring orderly Blowing the froth off my beer While the shadows of dusk Play heavy on my soul With a walk in the dark On the good...Read On

Dew On The Thorn

When the dew on the thorn cried And my breath gave up to the earth As life had gone to wilted But the Devil dared In my thirst of everlasting For the love of Lola Ferloin 'Neath a summer's moon As the swallows sang a Capella And she loosened her hair As ratchets of the wind sent On a woven forgotten When the dew on the thorn cried And my breath gave up to the earth A fortnight ago...Read On

Edge Of A Silent Tomorrow

Like a raven's breath I will pass On the edge of a silent tomorrow Into the jaws of inequity Before the shroud covers my gasp And when they carry me away Just whisper a loving kiss With no damp corsages And feeling no sorrows For I became a better man When embracing our life of sin...Read On

Sum Uppins' Your Wish

As I whisper, sum uppins' your wish On the high swells of a lusty swoon Before the bobbin unwinds thread at dawn In my nocturnal attire craven desires And an eye for poetic bliss From a vampire's kiss With a hungering for your thighs As my tongue swash On bounty of your flesh Squeezing your cunny contraption While feelin' your cunt clinch my cock From deep down in your...Read On

Anfractuous Twining's

For destiny will be in her green eyes On attic-salt of her anfractuous twining's In the still of the midnight choir  Over bannisters shining Flowing silently like soft waters In proximity of her sensuality On a pond of frozen dreams As breezes blow through her hair While she dances in meadows at dawn Until the morning's bell rung On attic-salt of her anfractuous twining's...Read On

I Vont Yu Beef Curtains

To a different audience I address these words. From my memory. Its not for those with stardust on their nose, or Harry Potter in their thank tank fields.Vampiring has plagued our ancestors for millions of years, and there are no antidotes or vaccines. "If you run, watch out. Don't fall prey to the setting sun." The year 1216. A small village came under attack, leaving victims who...Read On

I Vont Yu Icing Squeezer

Ambrogio, the immortal, had made Adum and Evelyn in his own image. I changing my name to Ezekiel, and Evelyn now a dishwater blond, working at a carwash in Greenland. The darken night, shrouded by a foreskin of thunderous clouds. And like the Devil's cannon, the sky shuddered. I'm a walking paradox, " just walking in the rain ." A little bit wet, a little bit insane. "But never the...Read On

I Vont Yu Tureen

I vampire, (Ezekiel) a living dead body. Contradictory, but so am I. Although, I have an odorous musk about my flesh. My personality is that of gentleman in full control of his sanity. Some referring to me as an abscess on the ass-end of humanity. Residing in a grave, a portmanteau or a 1947 DeSoto coupe, I suck blood from the living. Occasionally nourishing my hungering lust with tomato...Read On

I Vont Yu Gummy Bear

Those who belonged to the social elite, engaged in some sort of religious mumbo-jumbo. Those who did not, were persecuted as heretics. And those who died violently by fire or at the stake, were deemed charcoal briquettes. Witches or vampires. Upon dying, if the soul was not in Heaven or Hell, it had to be somewhere. I, Ezekiel, a vampire. Just hung around. "That's some heavy shit, Ezekiel."...Read On

I Vont Yu Devils On Horseback

A special 'thank you' to NymphWriter, for editing.

What we as Vampires understand, mortality is not for the offspring of a common man. The everyday two-footer has no soul, for they will wilt your heart with lies, then grin. The history of the renaissance witnessed the brutality of man, but with an evil carnality written by scribes. It was open season (witch-hunts) for those with different ideals. It was the pestilence of the time as...Read On

I Vont Yu Hoppin' John

In quest of moans and sighs, pussy and thighs, I share the tale of forbiddance, from a poetic vampire such as I. Things in the past have happen, without rhyme or reason. With my conscience (an agnostic church moose) on my shoulder and the cock in my britches squirming, I begin. Norfolk Island, 16th century. Two "ears" before the mass. In 1587, 117 settlers traveled from England to...Read On

I Vont Yu Blahod

A special 'thank you' to NymphWriter, for editing.

Once upon a time, when God painted the world, and it was still wet. You didn't have to stand in line or pay taxes. There were no Homo sapiens or cars, menopause or strips bars. It was all BC... before chickens. Then along came a wooly-bully and the earth was hatched. We don't know if I came before the Tyrannosaurus Rex or the egg. Probably somewhere in between. Being as I was "early...Read On

Knobs And Thingamabobs

In shades of purgatory high on the hill Between the knobs and the thingamabobs With a devil's cough and a poetic soliloquy While I play gremlin shedding crinolines  Lusting for sins on an evening's dusk Wishing you a cold-cold heart As you on knees giving me a homily And your naked flesh bringing me thrills With lips as good as you got  Whispering at the bay of my crotch Raising my...Read On

One Stop Solo

Awake me from my last sleep While I rest on pillow-down Anointing me with your love Before the cataracts blind me Dimming the lights as I gasp So that I can see you As my breath becomes shallow And when the spirit at the gate Rings down for my number I will whisper with a kiss As I pass... To everlasting tomorrows For things will come to past When the Good Lord ask...Read On

Soft Side Of A Dream

Blinded by a moment's heavenly spent Daydreaming optics nearsighted I vent While in still waters of a poetic ripple A silent soliloquy of a wood thrush While on the soft side of a dream  In the wind chimes of my mind With sentiment of love painting with a touch  On the canvas of an easel with a blinded brush...Read On

Down From Above

Walking the brook stones wading up to my knees Feeling the cooling tingle the coming of breeze While sipping the broth of amber tea With a sweet essence of you As ripples of love ring down from above For whom the boughs brings pinecone words Aerating a poetic umber of forest leaves...Read On

Six Degrees Of Imagination

In six degrees of this poets imagination But a moment apart in separation And a decimal's breath from a kiss  With a phantasm cubic equation  Using a geometric T-Square In lassitude seeking your touch  As the sand rings down my eyes Rowing gently in my dreams  On the wings of enchanted love  In six degrees of this poets imagination...Read On

...of a by-and-by

With a landscape stretched on a taut canvas  A poetic dimension in lyrical verse As a thousand ardors bring me to this place With a gilded sonnet tied in a bow To paint your portrait with a soft touch While the crickets play their cellos In four strings of a concerto As freckles smile on your lovely face Wiggling your hips in Belgium lace A romantic swoosh of a breeze blow For that's the...Read On

Poetic Incarceration

Seeking to break out of poetic incarceration  By approaching words most carefully As coffers of my mind dwell in archives  In my deliverance masquerading as a bard Yet desires of lust hold me in obsession As love takes shine with kiss and admiration Dancing on pages of this poet's imagination  Stored in verses the four suits of the year Autumn, Spring, Winter, and Summer near ...Read On

Darkly Dusk

Near the gazebo as foul weather echoes  Feeling earthly comfort on spindles of thatch In carnal swoons salivating good cheer  As shadows awaken my lust, wuthering bellows blow  While day dims the light stirring my manly acorns  On your moistening cunt the hour darkly dusk  While my jowls hunger nether parts  To sow my sins and kiss plains of your twat  Casting a spell my eyes linger With...Read On

Saving Grace A Moonlit Spell

On a field of Backgammon With the quell of an erotic tale Saving Grace a moonlit spell As a shadow in my mind spins  Across my chest as tallow flows From a candelabra's glow While softly stroking a phallic of ten And poetically tracing webs omens With a gossamer's touch my breath sins Against the ripples down below In the hollows of your clit And awaiting my queue Giving no quarters...Read On

Little Naughty Things

Feeling the emotions of memories  And hearing moans from your maw As frost in your cunt begins to thaw While we diddle raw in the straw Caressing among the spindle weeds Ratcheting my cock to fill your needs And buckling your body at the knees  Slewing forth a scrotum of seeds With a slip knot tied with a string Tightly bound with golden rings The spool unwinds our torrid flings ...Read On

Otto Of Rose

Taken by a nectarous hint With otto of rose And the blush of morn dew  As grapes on the vines sweeten  Craving a little sunshine In the vineyards of the valley  Twixt Beacon's Straight and Shiloh  With a scent of chardonnay Inspiring a poetic basket As I pluck fruit of the loam  And you sigh with swoon tones  Whispering to you my love  With two flutes of a kiss And a faintness of...Read On

...Over Shantytown

If wishes were moments in dreams of sleep Tweaking in rhymes so deep, sort of speak With a moon glow over shantytown Feeling your breath, a silent wisp I would have volumes of pages to keep And press flowers to wile away poetic hours Leaving trivialities where they belong If stanzas were bold in print with your scent I would have gilded petals past tense As your caresses...Read On

Twinkling From A Jar

By far, my midnight star With a light twinkling from a jar As if hanging from above On the corner of a rainbow In proximity of my sleeping dreams And like a Grand Harp of a zodiac's swoon I feel your soothing caress As your breath quilts my flesh Laying your head on my chest With dawn on the horizon And dew like snow In fields of lilies beneath a willow A warming...Read On

Bordering Crocuses

With a longing for sentiment This old 'losopher dabbles in paint From the easel of my soul And the landscapes bordering crocuses  With a pallet of prosing words As your lips seek my caress On the futon beneath the oak Where the windmill grinds Beyond the tip of your brushing blush As you bare your alabaster wear Laying in seasonal comfort While touching me with a kiss With a breath...Read On

From Sipping Shallow Tea

Skipping over the monotonous lines Of black roses and molting quills  The melancholia at dusk Saying sayonara to my past harks From sipping shallow tea As ebony has turned to scrimshaw And words are fairer than air With a bust of your stature I stare On the mantle of my new found soul Scuttling chapters of gray tomes As your kisses rekindle my life And my wrought is now naught ...Read On

While I Steal A kiss

Oh! What mortals you and I  With poetic elocution  Before the fat lady sings As she warbles off key  On a symphony's love song Breathing scent of flowers And wild weeds at lusty hours  Feeling warmth of your breasts While dancing on panes of grass  Like a weathering spring Beneath showers of a mist  On paths of new mown While I steal a kiss Before the fat lady sings As she warbles off...Read On

'Neath Our Wings

With God's shadow 'neath our wings In oceans of new moan grass Raining down a gilded glow  Sharing wedding bells quell While caroling a marigold sing Whispering songs and compose In waves of caressing meadows  On a carpet of romantic clover As the morning tides swell  On this day our bands of gold  And gilded vows of prose As bobbin of life's thread begins  With God's shadow 'neath...Read On

Sultriness In Reams

On cornices of a poetic scroll Jotting ink and dabbing the quill Writing sultriness in reams Like shadows in a mirror of my soul In swoon of my scribbling thrill Comforting echoes of past fess Upon my meandering mind  And beauty at rest Striving to be best of poets Hungering for a quantum leap  Reflecting in my scripting words The magnificence she of my quest  Like silk...Read On

Poetic Fancy

With a will of my quill I spun  A dream from the dusk just past As your breasts soothe my flesh I dreamt a lyrical tune... Antebellum Lea Of poetic fancy and delightful tea As she smiled with blushing cheeks Kissing my chest on the plains of my heart As her fingers caressed my penis... Antebellum Lea Beneath a wash of the morning dawn With golden rings we will wed As...Read On

Mannequin Eyes Wandered

As the dusk yawned and sank below the horizon, the sanctity of the dark bequeathed a nocturnal word as your mannequin eyes wandered, I felt a breath of the wind still my very soul. With a stinging of the floss, about my arms and legs, I squirmed, on the quilted blanket as your fingers waltzed about my manliness, exploring my chest and tonguing the nips. Sighing a croon 'neath the...Read On

Petals In The Wind

As the pendulum of the metronome 'tocked At my humble writing desk Devilishly aroused, with an instigator's brush With the rhythm of the ticking clock Bewitched by a musing's kiss With a serpentine's wish And sensuality well defined You caress the evergreens of my mind Like potpourri and a wafting aria  Your touch, warming my blush As a shadow in the dark Melting my tallow As the ink...Read On

Shake My Willows

The effervescence of you In the quiver of my mind Beneath a copse of trees, Down a path, a distance dream And a scent of love,  As you dance pantomime Like lilacs on satin sheets, Your smile adorns my memory Of drifting forest leaves, And the whispering night breeze  Shaking the willows  As my muse sleeps  On the midnight clover Next to my chest Embracing my telltale heart...Read On

Audio version available

Riders In The Sky

Its either do or die When all is said, And poetically spoken  About tokens of halos. Threading the needle of life  Into the storm of the eye,  On the plains of yens, Only angels can fly. Stirring desires of fires,  On flatlands of sins, Like cyclonic winds Grabbing reins to my heart. As if riders in the sky, Thunder saddles up, When all is said, Only angels can fly....Read On

...of Marigolds

The woods unfold with meadows, and brooks, bound by gardens of marigolds. With a basket of sonnets, and a faraway moon, we play amongst the shadows. In copse of trees, needles dance, on the rind of a knotty pine,  as rust turns to dusk. As a halo of light,  and a banner of rays swoon down,  a glowing night of soon be. On a whisk of wisp, sensual bliss, with a smile, we kiss,...Read On

Little Shenanigans

When the dust of my shroud covers the smile of erstwhile I'll be over the miles, a distant prose. Traveling down a winding grove, up a staircase on life's banister,  thinking I'll pass this fork in the road. Moving on to a more poetic shoal,  and whispers from a musing's hiss, with a little shenanigan giving me kiss. As a damsel in a short dress awakens my bliss, my trumpet...Read On

And Stanzas We Sing

Using words, my wings, and stanzas we sing, crossing over life's pages of poetic sensuality, and my soliquey. Kissing your lips in rhythm and sublime, while in tall grass beneath honeysuckle vines, listening to a cappella rhyme. In shadows of the lunar moon, as loons swoon, the evening breeze rushing softly,  as you bring me love from an aria above. With scent of a golden rose in your...Read On

...of serenity

As poetry is my salt and life but a short visit, as fiddler bows last waltz. In still, I feel a quiver's breath, like a feathered swallow, at the sill of my gable. And with a silence of serenity, your spirit awakens me with a shadow of a kiss. As the sirens by the sea, lay down a bed of algae, as fiddler bows last waltz. Over half moon arising, my sweet lover, Galileo, ...Read On

Footprints Of Caravans

Rowing gently on my oasis, Like an inkwell of my mind Leaving footprints of caravans, As my poetry turns to lust. With a branch of the palm As turbines time the wind, Your kiss fills my plate As my prose turns to sin. Rowing gently on my oasis, Leaving footprints of caravans Of oarsmen in the sand....Read On

Om Of Presence

What shadows fall on my poetic slumber, Of you smiling with acorns in your hair. In silence as the sycamore breathes, Of autumn's umber and blowing leaves And frosted doilies on the dew. With winds whispering of verses unheard, The om of presence and the wooing wow, With a kiss on the brow of my love so fare. From nocturnal birds and caroling words, And we alone 'neath earthly tones,...Read On

Sticky Wickets

Silence within a moment's breath, I hear the shadows dance On my pulse. As a fluttering butterfly soar, Caressing the noontime hour, Alighting on your breasts. Spreading pollen of dream dust, Like a cloud of woolly pillows On sticky wickets. I see the beauty of it all, As my ink dips in the well, Writing in my idle while.  And when the kiss is on the wind bellows, ...Read On

Yonder You Sleep

What fool am I to whither!  like a weeping toad lie,  and poetically weep  as yonder you sleep. With a harrowed morrow and soft breath of your brush,  I feel the crush of another's touch,  yet my love holds fast. When yarns commend my pen, silken webs spin on a bobbin's end,  as willowing sheets of parchment fly like a rush of spewing tallow. Tears of my words transcend,  like...Read On

'Fore Bellows Of The Winds

The still of silence 'fore bellows of the winds, When birds have lost their songs as echoes descend. In the aria of moonlight a swaggering fall, Last dredges of a jigger my poetic call, As you lay so bare, with a dolly in your hair. The pendulum of my cock rocking the coo-coo, And you stirring my firkin of woo, The shadow of your wile with warm breath of sin,  And I on ends with...Read On

Touch Of Lingo

As the touch of lingo sheds to light, Like sea meadows, the umber waves of wheat. And there I will settle and tattle my tweets, For thee my love I shuck the corn And compose a poem from stalks of many. As the touch of lingo sheds to light,  The whiff of a breeze from your auburn hair. And there on the plains of Abraham we kiss,  Poetically dancing in the moonlight of bliss, ...Read On

Blushed Softly

In swooshes of my lines, Down home sounder. With my preen-eyed gal, So solemnly defined  And blushed softly with a kiss. Sweetly sipped As if persimmon wine, With a bellows breeze, 'Neath the oaken vines.  The acorns touch As if spinning on a carousel, Poetically entwined On earth's season meadow.  A shadow's fair of your sublime On a conical canvas of greenery. ...Read On

Poet's Will Doomed

I kiss thee very well, From the shadows of my recall. 'Neath the breath of an oncoming storm,  The memories of a gray haired stranger As the roux of my mind stirs its gravy. And the prosing comes to a simmer, Yet the spice is but words in a line, Like sweet muscatels on a vine, From the shadows of my recall. In silence of the eye, 'Neath the breath of an oncoming storm, ...Read On

Gray Scrumbles

With the hawking of a got, My penis let shot, A catcher in the eye  of my steaming yeoman. As gray scrumbles on my chin With the gaze of my eyes, Compose prose from a jar  Of my wayfaring sins.  And there you earthly kiss My stiffing cheroot, While swilling my gin, Genuflecting at the elbow, Of my humbly peg With a sigh and olive....Read On

A Better Sung 'Morrow

Gomen'nasai (I'm sorry)

In my visionary of passing I see,  Like a sparrow with a looking-glass. From atop a crest of a splendid alp,  A pantomime of a paper moon, In shallow waters of dreams, I rest. Beneath afar away pagoda, A path to eternal quest, With shadows in my tea, As light of my eyes swallow. In nearness I feel your caress, Sweet petals of my swoon, A pantomime of a paper moon. And...Read On

Until The Grass, Settles At Last.

...sorrow of painful cries.

While clutching a broach to my chest, skirmishing with the Johnny Rebs at the battle of Shenandoah Valley, near the Blue Ridge mountains... 1864. As tall as I could, I stood among fallen comrades, in meadows of shadow woods, tasting the blood being shed and the sorrow of painful cries. The burst of cannon rolled like thunder beneath a noonday summer, with the breeze of a...Read On

Old Pewter Can, 1862

In a tin can is a letter I penned, On the Tennessee River near Shiloh, While laying mortally wounded.  Shot by a Yankee in uniform of blue, In a peach orchard... 1862. As I cast my eyes to Heaven above, Waiting for the last twang of a harp,  I feel your breath upon my soul, Carrying me home to Old Dixie  And the pecan fields of home. And when the good Lord has roll call, I'll...Read On

The Story About George - Chapter Two - Caterwauling

As in life, there are many ups and downs. George's bedroom was upstairs and down the hall was the guest room to where Pamela was staying. That’s where you’ll find him now. It was only thirty minutes ago that G (George) had shaved Pamela' monkey. Unfortunately, the razor was dull and her twat now appeared as if were the Brazilian rain forest with mange. George, I know you were trying to...Read On

Down An Old Gravel Path

Alone at taps, Down an old gravel path. Signed, sealed and delivered, By a tandem of believers With six white corsages. And I in my sanctum berth, Lay in a garden of granite, Pushing up dirt, Down an old gravel path. As you molly-coddle a tear, In the still of an angel's breath,  Sitting beneath a magnolia tree, Sipping widow's tea. Like quiet dandelion seeds blow,...Read On

à la mort

As close as a beetle's eye, I scribble amore,  Silently sifting sand in my dreams,  Prosing with a sluice of swill. As Goth is to still, my quill scribes, Of bamboozling phantoms and ghosts. Grasping naught my sorrows, As a shadow overcomes a pantomime, With mythical kisses, in poetic lines, As close as a beetle's eye, I scribble amore. Now that winds of spiritual wings,  ...Read On

Poetic Acorn

With a sniffle-wiggle I sneeze, as pollen, like winter's snow blow,  brushing away a tear  upon a poetic acorn. The mendacity of it all when meadows are shorn, by a scythe romancing a bee,  with a failing smile. There you hum in memories,  a spiritual kiss of mummeries',  for in my ear, an angel thralls.  God's everlasting diaries. And when the hushing grippe  laid down...Read On

Muted Hob

Beneath my shawl, old bones of me,  the pendulum of my fob stirring my tea  as dusk becomes a shrouded nigh,  in scribes I prose, bye and bye. With a snickering grin, the Osage poet, on the crest of the river Styx,  as the tide in the inkwell swells, poetically between Martyrdom and Hell. Now with curse of broken stallion,  my penis lay wilted about my thighs,  dripping not, but...Read On

My Mind's Portmanteau

It wasn't the dusk that shrouded my prose,  With a splash of cologne to attract. Perhaps a light extinguished In my mind's portmanteau, Or the swill-waters of my gin.  A cloak of dark bowed a mournful cello And fiddled with a crooked mellow, As the tallow dripped on my sins. Bumping thighs of lusting omens, Upon a dais, enshrined, a basking cunt. Then troweling my...Read On


A periwinkle by any other name, With soft petals of blue  In pastels of hue. And I in somber rest,  Breathe life into my prose, In fields of lavender breeze,  And honeysuckle weeds. As we confess our endearing love, A soliquay of romance, While dancing on a pine cone's star. Dreams of woo from a Mason's jar, In continuation, of life's sweeten mead....Read On

Idle Chair

As I sit in my idle chair, glow worms light my lair, with a fuss about my dust, in thoughts of a puckered twat. As I compose raptured choirs, when the whore of my compose saunters a wiggle upon my penis, saddling a crooked staff. A wayfaring hum of pewter rum, snickering me to my knees, as I give toast to a muses sneeze, in thoughts of a puckered twat. On parchment, my land...Read On

Noggin's Gruel

In the yawning predawn as I toss, Upon the coming of new day caw. As the frost lay on the hearth, A new awakening in my eyes, Stirring embers of desires. Gone to crush my scrawling writ, Bashing with comeuppance, My naughty not nice. Tasting breath of last eve's rum, As your bosom kindled my will, And a tongue unfurled on my cock.  By the time, dark clouds of sins, Have passed...Read On

Sins Of A Fallen Angel

Silently hand scripted, words fading, into obscurity like a vanishing shadow, as my ink bleeds hollow, on the sins of a fallen angel, my prose ferments the showering rain. Brush-a-bye a tear of lost host, quaintly feigning a spiritual ghost, and when the winds carol my due, in the grasses of fescue,  seeds of time will bind my lines.  In my dally I feel your caress,  soft fingers on...Read On

A Nickel Jar

Beneath the hollows,  in forest of piney woods, as halos ring down and poetically sound. I nestle upon a nickel jar, of dreams and rhymes,  from a Mockingbirds hymnal,  and sleep. As Marigolds dance in my trance, I'm reminded of hominy and grits, and buttons you sewed, on my old shawl. When the breath of your touch, lay a blessing in my ear, with a tear I smiled,  nestled upon...Read On

Eden's Wildflowers

On a template of my shadow, Words in passing a distant far. Pressed in memories between pages, Like a faintness I caress, Among Eden's wildflowers. As a soft breeze crosses sleeping eyes, When you wink in boudoir rest. Whispers of murmurs I'll sing for you, Tantalizing hums upon your chest. And now that the cello bow on cue, Has laid down a sonata of blue. Seeds of thought will...Read On

Poetic Archer

With the tallow melted and the wick nil, Jack frost tat lace on the window sill. Woos plant a swoon on this bard's poetic archer, Last breath of verse for this scorcher. As the ashes on the grate kindle a spark, On the nib of quill before final dark. Bellows of the winds carol sweet delicacy, Like a lute with a spot gin in my mediocrity, And as I scribe last my spoken token. ...Read On

Raised Amicably

Before the five for a quarter on the juke, and before many rolls of fence wire. In my post Sammy Kaye days, while attending Dartmouth College, I took up muscle toning. Usually several times a day, I would stretch my weasel, hoping it would spit the wild wood flower and turn into a tree. It was while spitting my seed in the kitchen of a grits house, that I came upon my future troth....Read On

Pendulum Still

In the swells of my compose, Be it near or distant shoals As I await a pendulum still. The prose of my spin yens On high tide of the inkwell, Memories of yester-sorrows, As my sins were forgiven.  And in the corner of your eye, tears. I knelt before your crypt, As the shades of gray moved on. Into an orchard of melodies and songs, As shadow of my love hung long.  Now...Read On

Decked Out In Savannah

For like of a better word, the mist the size of mustard seeds, wrapped around my person. Like a shadow of footfall my shoes squeaked, causing me to look around in alarm, as if not being alone. The gas-lamp at the corner like a beacon, winked a small gaseous flame. Like distant echoes, but a stone's bobble away, I could hear the sounds of merriment in the nearing amble to the pub. There was...Read On

It's Just Life, I Suppose

The needle point of your eyes, Pin pricks my gospel soul. Fair weather of the Spring And bare awakening of my prose, From the cornerstone of a bordello. It's just life, I suppose. Suffering not the collywobbles, Nor under the influence of a pint of ale, On a fast track to Hell, By a cock sucker with a clit in her puss', Wearing second-hand support hose. It's just...Read On

Atop A Tier Tasty

I slipped on a dream, it seems, Between the theme of a love song And stumbled on a rainbow. As showers fell on God's umbrella Catching prose, As if a peel of a banana flew my feet. I fell for you in a porringer of ambrosia, And now we wed atop a tier tasty, Dancing on the icing. As if a peel of banana flew my feet, On satin sheets of roller skates....Read On

On The Way To St. Paul (Top's My Ala Mode)

On the road to St. Paul, highway sixty-five, I pulled into a truck stop just north of Louisville,  and got out my atlas. There I met a zephyr... a zephyr named Desire, she was kindling fires among eighteen wheelers, and recapped tires.  Between the eggs and bacon, her tits scratched my grits on top of the ala mode...  just as well I suppose, on highway sixty-five. At the cashier,...Read On

Double Dawg

All smiles from my easy chair, Double dawg by dogs that dare And strings from my heart. As my soul inclines on the wicker straw, Four letter words from chirping sparrows. Beneath the image from my pane, Drawing a hand of a Yarborough, And there upon a lead of glass,  Your eyes observe. Double dawg by dogs that dare, As you wander about my mind's tomorrow, A sachet...Read On

Lying low in Tupelo

Lying low in Tupelo and listening to the rain, Feeling no pain as music caresses my blues. It was there that I found her, Through the fog of my mind, As she was dancing on the window pane of my soul, Wearing nothing but high-button shoes and a smile. It took me by surprise, my idle while, But I had a bottle of booze, And weeping through my stain, I had nothing to lose. Lying low...Read On

White Charmeuse

Your arms about me as if a life's halo, my beautiful muse of the midnight show, as stars like cotton fall about the window, and the moon rest it eyes upon your shadow, in a field of white charmeuse. What, not a carousel? Then it must be a dream, a beautiful if, or maybe a calliope, in my sleep, and the keys of rainbow play a serenade,  on a pillow, resting my noggin,  ...Read On

Arcane's Achoo

My words at times may seem arcane, Before the call to 911 came, But I am the one to blame of my chosen core, The indigenous harp of the glockenspiel wheel. My mind's disclaimer as your tits lie-away still, I am not delirious, just a tad below my lawn shed, Dressed in a rubber room jacket, Scratching my head and pompadour. Squeezing the mustard from my sausage, And stirring...Read On

Trade Wind's Ballast

Te quiero pase lo que pase

In the distant caravel upon a sail The trade wind's ballast, As silence of dawn spawns, Footprints on my shadow.  I give thee alms of far reaching prose, On parchment of my soul, Your beauty be-told. And like the combs of the bees, Succulent sweet you bring me, As soft breezes sow your pollen of love, The trade wind's ballast. Te quiero pase lo que pase. (I love...Read On

Coal Tar And Ben-Gay

... the pallor of someone just passed.

Lately I have been suffering bouts of insomnia and started a love affair with ( La Fee Verte) Absinthe. I use it to relax but I am beginning to suspect that I am visioning things untrue. A pontarlier (reservoir glass) with a green liquid cascading the aroma of licorice. I slugged back another hit of the essence. My entire being now hooked to the ravishing of this drink. Like out...Read On

Little Acre Composed

The woos of still in silence, awakening thoughts As I reflect on the hollowness of my life, The millstone of my mind grinding poetic prose As you rest in a little acre composed.  Shedding the cider of my tears,  Genuflecting at the Midnight Mass, And the chorus raining downs halos,  As you rest in a little acre composed.  God's going to give me a searchlight, To lay a wreath...Read On

The Great Asterisk

It wasn't but a lyrical, When I had but a thought unwritten, By the tides of the moon, I embraced you, Yet I still loomed, the great asterisk. A verse, a stanza, anything admitting, A comma of true, Wishing you to stay the course, Of this poet, a dark choice. When I was but ink in the well of the quill, Something for me to eye before I inked, I was but a lowly noun, a...Read On

Word Songs

When the quill sings my word songs, And the heavens bless me, night long... Whispers of ghost I have toast righteously As the verses define me in slightly undress. With raw nakedness of my poetry, I wish you my fond adieu, And may you walk in my shoe, Feeling steps of raw emotion. ...Read On

Sealing Wax

What wiled me to failing life's gait, Wandering words of conscience prose, Has brought me to this faith. And when echoes fly me away as dust, May fleece be with you, another betroth. As in in life I failed my obsidian moth, And now as my flickering lit doth. Forgive me my misgivings of sin And acid stains of poetic pains, Like dew on a yew I seal my rest, With sealing...Read On

Arrivederci, Rachmaninoff

If I were to run from myself,  Where would I go to lay low? A shadow of my contralto,  In a crescendo, dare I say. Arrivederci, Rachmaninoff,  What better keys to tickle ivories. And what better words to crow, In my betterment if I cry, Infatuated by beautiful eyes,  A symphony of bliss. All things told a world of sticks  And the went of the nigh,  Like a hush of a heavenly host,...Read On

Recommended Read

Over The Pill

When we had first met, four weeks ago, Zelda had a case of bad hemorrhoids. A couple of days later as I was willfully treasure hunting in her anal cavities, I discovered autographed castanets by Xavier Cugat (1964) instead of piles. On the road, after the honeymoon, we were nearing Savannah. I was tiring and my endorphins were acting up. We checked in to the Hootchie Smooch Inn, and once...Read On

A Pallor Of Gray

Talk wordy to me Hurley.

You might recall, the last escapade when the Gooch's were returning home to Goose. Now she in her skin tight'ner and I in my truss had just returned to Savannah from a visit with her dwindling kinfolk in Arkadelphia. "Its Philadelphia, Hurley." A lot of things have happen in the passing few months. A parrot pecking off an ear. A alligator biting off two fingers and a piranha chewing my...Read On

Recommended Read


...welcome newbies

Recently married and now in their twilight cheering, he with a truss and she with her makeup smearing. Like shadows to gray, Zelda's fat ass blocked out the sun as it went to sleep on the horizon. In the distance and approaching was geriatric's answer to Ma and Pa Kettle's farm. Jumping leaps and bounds by using modified pogo sticks, Hurley and Zelda Gooch hit the asphalt of the...Read On

Recommended Read

Gravel In My Gurdy

...sounded as if Tommy Dorsey was playing his trombone.

In the old days I raised my dick with an electric motor from an erector set, but now I had modernized. If you recall, "From Over The Pill." It takes a few minutes to connect the moped motor to the stationary bicycle. That and the wires and tubes that attach to my scrotum and penis. I don't need the blue pill any longer. I left off as Hurley and Zelda were moped-bopping. The engine...Read On

Recommended Read


I had struck-out with a eighty-three year old debutante down at the Moose Lodge. Her varicose veins looked as if a GPS system had crashed. Three weeks later we suffered the nuptials, followed by the swallows that followed us on our honeymoon to Swank's Motel and Taxidermist. She thought that convenient because it was Income Tax time. When I first met Zelda, she had told me that her...Read On

Surreys Ladder

Like a surreys ladder I ascend lofting to your thighs, The fickle of your sighs allowing me to brush, With feathering quill prosing fornication. The aught of the winds and quelch of the nigh As echoes of obsidian fall over my eyes, And with shadow I bring my stiffen birch, A bough shimmering to your folds of thirst. Whispering a kiss with your clits assent, As the...Read On

On Amorous Occasions

Like a porringer my mind ladles verses of chowder, Sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet, Over wallops in the road and all things told. As the quill spoon-feeds my quest, At hour I lay me down to rest, When my eyes fall bleary  Searching for pages of my chatterings. And with a harbinger of thought I caress, The hollow in the well of my chest As you kiss me upon the cheek. In...Read On

Whispers Of Vermillion

Erstwhile, but a thought, A shenanigan ago, Without least the jargogling, On my window pane a quiet still, A carousel doily of frost. Like a shadow passing over my sill, Whispers of a vermillion fly-away bird, With verses for my inkwell to be heard. Silently stirring curds and whey of memories, Of how we danced winter's chill, And with thunder of baton, Croutons of rain...Read On

Dirty Words

Forgive me again for I have sinned,  Tapping my spigot in a most unkind way, Milking the goo with thoughts of you And paraphrasing dirty words. For I have your picture on the wall, Receiving them in the e-mail.  The one with tats on your tits And butterflies on your husband's balls. Forgive me again for I have sinned, Slapping calves liver on my foreskin, Sliding it fore...Read On

I Am, I Am

I am, I am, who I am,  A poet with crooked spin,  With a demeanor of braunschweiger, And cup of grins to wash away my sins,  Basting my liver with a pen. Without indulging in hugger-muggering, Quagswagging, squandering my testicles ooze, With an inkwell full of choose, You pickled a fine brine to cum,  My virginal swan. When my quill strums, The clit of your jar raised my mast, ...Read On

Suffering Not Woofits

Suffering not the woofits, for my mind is long and well, I bear a quill and some ink to chatter-up darken tales. Be it fulminous or near dusk, seeming a bit doolally,  my cock suckers-up to a peach,  if it's obviously raised with swell. And now that the peat is on the moss, I am at loss for anabiosis, when the cunt is on the floss, I remain loss in your woo. But as my words of...Read On

Becomes The Dew

Where trees stand tall, I am but a shadow small, In meadows where dandelions blow, Resonating in a place Cardonnacum of thistles. And where the forest grows the waters fall, From high above a cascades tower, Like an acorn you caress woodland flowers, Where trees stand tall hour of showers. And there upon I gazed on you, A landscape in a shade of hue. And on your chest a...Read On

...of ooga-ooga

On eventide of yearn snickering, cruising on flit of a breeze, my tittle-tattle unshackled,  as my meandering seethes. 'Neath the shadow askew, wind-knockers descend with sighs ado, less fanfare of ooga-ooga. With the spittle of my babble, I scribble neat,  spun on the bobbin,  yester night's feat. Like a scythe slicing wheat, as a bale of quail flutter, green eyes sleep, behind gables...Read On

Kisses On Your Cradle

In the sling-bag of my mind, deep haversack of rhymes, slung over my shoulders,  before Sandman close my eyes. A flask of wine we shared, when wedding bells toll, at the catechism of the clit, genuflecting to your well. On dew's midnight shawl, and dawn's sighing sable, kisses on your cradle, the clam between the thighs. Like a poet with full satchel,  a quill-man I confess, ...Read On

Mist Shrouding

Garnishing prose, green ivy, webs the scent of musk, bittersweet words I scribe, tales erotically.  Muscatel my swill of flute, praises upon your chest, as I tongue your ripe nipple  with a mist shrouding. And thorns about your bosom, trailing echoes of my lust  and shadows of the kiss, fleece of golden triangle.  As lips about your flesh, swooning silent drippings, with stick...Read On

Twilight Beggins

Twilight Beggins going to sing a song, Of carousels and swirling whirls. With hurdy-gurdy girls and golden curls, And musical fingers dancing, On the keys of a calliope. Twilight Beggins going to sing a song, In eternal sleep, a fantasy print of dawn, Of a hoofer with top hat and spats. Soft-shoeing on sand and smiling mightily. Scooting the Blues, stir dyed in memories, From so...Read On

In The Caw

Be still my feather of gauche, After a jigger of sour mash broth, Fetchin' you in the caw, In good stead of my humors. Raising the flask in my fervor, Between verses of attic-salt, Moments before my chowder bash, Being I am mindful in my lassitude. Without a tic the scurvy of omens, Scribbling with marrow of my quill, Anfractuous prose composed, As my tongue descends with a kiss, ...Read On

Words In The Nomenclature

In little fools, less forgotten, With lines of the down trodden And breath of poet's depth, 'Neath the wick and a writing stick. Of words in the nomenclature, A tallow of your shadow stood, Like a tree of the pine, your truth shines, On the rings of a moon's halo.  And in the quiver of my mind, isms flow, Concepts of this bard's catechisms, Bearing fruit of sensuality in my abode,...Read On

Tally Me

When I slept and counted my steps, A dream I tallied of your sublime love, As words came to me in whispers as I stepped, Walking softly on clouds and listening to stars. When the rain falls the banisters will call, For angels with umbrellas and golden wings. Confessions of a sinner and now a bell ringer, And now as I genuflect at the apse, A spirit of meadowlark brushed my ghost, ...Read On

Without The Jimjams

Ostentatiously my words callously script,   Beneath the shadows of her midnight tongue, Defining most unkindly poets of well read lips. For in prose I scribble a diddle of woo, Dribbling of sins and yin yang too. And when the moon wink with dusk cue, I plant my brunt in your cunty-do, As my cock wades in the well, Drowning in tea of manmade slew. Blessed are maidens that...Read On

Mimosa Shadows

In shadows of mimosa woods, Between downy winds of mistletoe, Sensually awakening my seek In garden of tulip-cups keep. A scent of your loveliness steeps, In whispers I speak, My ever-loving so blue, Soft quarters of quilted, I stood. 'Neath the boughs of the trees, Between downy winds of mistletoe, And when the humming birds tither I remember the words September. As...Read On

Nickle Of Dusk

For the umpteenth time a shadow fall on nickel of dusk, In stagnation of dark 'maginations. Five o'clock pantomime doing my time as I gasp, Sipping vermouth and a cocktail digitalis. Of black carnations and dissertations, high above in my campanile,   Silently flat-lined in post mortem, whispering argle-bargle. Doing my rendition of poets now dead, And there on the apse...Read On

Devil's Tablet

In Darukavana the dead lay low,  'neath the knobs pine trees blow, cold moon rising into the sky  as webs of frost like doilies lie. And when the wile flows my grin, in ascription from my pen, doing a little naughty sins  while caroling dark omens. With bucket-pail of amens' I feel presence of the chill,  curses bringing long time thirst with aspirations of my curse. And you...Read On

...of the crabapple

A candle's tallow lit of wick, with prose I get last kick at the hour of choir,  in my scribulation. In destiny's shade beyond, I bid thee my fond adieu, two spits from gone,  'fore dust settles on my song. Intoxicated by your obsidian wings, taking flight on tallow lit  like a moth to my erotic shoals, in a rucksack I spawn. Six feet buried in eternal pond, 'neath shadows of...Read On

Recommended Read

Verses Tossed

When the frost is on the verses tossed, In disregard of other woes, Like fractured doilies on broken limbs cry As moaning sun set and crimson moon crest. There I scribe of ever-sheen green eyes, Absolute in my elocution queues, When the wind in its arabesque rise Beneath the crescendo posing prose. With garland kisses lying upon your chest,   When the frost is on the...Read On

Moody Monday

Sing me blue, sing me true, When all is gray and new mown lay, Marigolds going to make it shine. Spoon-feed me love On moody Monday. Like flowing silk, milk of honey, Lips of sweet glowing flowers, On your face a blushing rush, As smiles of your kisses touch my soul. Whisking me away, effervescent showers, When all is gray and new mown lay, As raindrops fall a bow of harmony, ...Read On

Hat Trick

When Captain in the crows nest's Gives me my queue, And an albatross dosen't fall from sky, Hopefully a hat trick before final die With my starboard bonny lass. And when the longshoremen carry me off, A wisp of a lash I will feel your warm sigh, Before raising the mast and rowing the oars, Kisses and rum with seafaring whores. Manning my cannon I stroke it with fingers, ...Read On


The knuckles of my cock rock,   In my drawn-up sack pack   Listening to Bach on the electric dynamo,   As the gizmo of my mind compose. Little Arbuckle that you are As jewels of your tits tingle my brow, With dashes of empress clitty chow,  Fortuitous cunt, look at you now.  Putting the wow onto my prow, Raising the corpuscles in my wick, Little Arbuckle, my falling star  ...Read On

Recommended Read

Trembling Bellows

...tears and rending vellum

Conceived by unwed winds And seducing eyes, The lantern hides your clever disguise. Bow silently my cello With mournful mellow trembling bellows And kiss my knobbing. Raising your thighs At dusk tides pendulum, Wending through tears and rending vellum For in webs behind my station My fantasies are rationed, Obsession with a ghost I fair. Like a tempest with a feather, Her...Read On


A carafe of wine and wandering willy Doing soixante-neuf in slow time, A shimmer darkness falls over my pall, Saving the amen for my tarmac. With a scintilla of ink my last breath call, 'Fore the spade diggers lay me final sleep And my shrill thralls forever coffin deep, Gone are the lips that caressed my fess. Kissing shadows of pantomime host As your soft breath eased my...Read On

Gift Of Om

The fissures of my prose not last, Like cracks of glass my darken past And when dusk lay dust at my pillow, I scribe of my ebony-green eyes. With musing wick of my quill stick As the tallow drips, Surrounded by the lit halo As a shadow to a mime's kiss. Shedding light of my romance, My verses trumpet seduction As the moth's wings flutter, Upon my chest bearing crystal. ...Read On

True To A Cornice

So being so kind and loving you, a little bit of cement, we sealed with a kiss. When the cornices started graying and the darkening words bloomed,  my simpatico eased and erotica gelled. Becoming an eccentric to rhymes and words, occasionally sipping from the cunt-loom but passed are the rites giving me blight. To be anything but mortar between the lines, as mockery is to crockery...Read On

A Wee Tad Tallow

The minuscule of space lower case, Better than steps my sounder. In bedlam of a spider's kiss, A little bit dark, a wee tad tallow. Yet in reiteration my adoration,  Scrolling high up on the winds, With shades erotica and colors mute, Nipping at my nape as I swallow. Swinging on webs dusty mites, Essence of a whispering sigh, Closing ranks betwixt my thighs And oaring my...Read On

Recommended Read

Oranges And Plums

Oranges, plums and especially tea, made up my chest of values.

It was the years of the Moguls, 17th century India. The Dutch and the English wishing the trade of India's goods. I, Rami, the first son of a Maharaja, was bequeathed his estate and vast landholdings. My wealth wasn't so much in jewels and gold, as it was, what the orchard trees grew. Oranges, plums and especially tea, made up my chest of values. The marketplace of Surat was bustling, a...Read On

Recommended Read

...doesn't make a story

A hoot doesn't make a story, and it ain't a bad thing to be a troll. Let's just say, I have a tendency to be ugly and my focal point is my snout. I don't live beneath a rock or under a bridge, but I am squeamish when it comes down to frogs and ghouls. And this crap about Rock n Roll is all bullshit, but I do know a line. "Cause even trolls love...whatever." Like I said, that is all...Read On

...of a Spirit I fly

Now that I crossed over the river deep, Into the raging inferno of Hell's damnation, As the rapid currents take my soul. Would you send by Western Union, A cablegram bitter-keep? Would you sign it faux paus and keep it neat? For thine is the wisdom and I the dark tallow, Born of sin and craving the quiche of your sweet. It was masturbation that done me in, As my hand struck ten, and...Read On

All Hallows Will

In my bailiwick high up on the knave,  Scratching ink spots in deviant shades. My plume of nib pens metaphorical hums Of ghosts, tall willows and mumble-pegs. If the dark doesn't awake you, The ides of All Hallows' will, When the corn stalks have shrunken And floss of the candle shrills. I'm a ghoul, a lover, not a spook with a boo, My muse with a goiter a ten dollar whore, ...Read On

Then The Still

When the tiger fire sun has fallen on the horizon, And cerulean sky rests to sleep, Caressing memories of hearts and flowers. And the cork of the day has turned to rust, As the copious oak sleep among the Arcadian 'Neath the sparkling stars of the chalice. In silence, woodwinds blow Wysteria hours, As piccolo reeds sway in dance, Forever more woods on chore light my kindle ...Read On

Bit Gauche

I'm a little bit gauche when it comes to sticky wickets and my oversight, When a dead man's collar turns up and becomes stiff.  But I do play a mean calliope when the steam has built up in the boiler, And my testicles are hanging straight as tomatoes staked in a gar'doon. Being as they are fruit of the yardarm and starboard of the pumpkin patch, As jack-o'-lanterns sing of All...Read On

Bringing Parables

Dead shadows sow no seeds, Nor dew freeze fallen leaves. But words of poets spoken, Forever bringing parables, Restoring my faith in romance, Of psalms and Heaven all above. And when I plant my troth on your lips, Let no bellows blow apocalypse As we kiss 'neath the apple tree, Forever bringing parables....Read On

A Marmalade Kiss

Love is blind to a witches brew of darker hue...

Like a fine wine of Vermouth and sins, The earthen stones lie between vines tucked in. Of lines written in modest detail, The leaves cover like the sweetest sheets, Stanzas of words not defined. Yet the cork in the bottle pop drugged showers, In the meadows of golden flowers. And like a cracker with a marmalade kiss, The headiness of wine mixes with bliss of lips A musical cacophony heard...Read On

Before The Hoo

When the chill is on the morning frost, And the book reader done verse, As my bones lie at rest and hoe-diggers dug. Dead men bury no sins, They just grin, stroking their tokens When the dusk turns to rust And weeds cover my epitome.  The dowager greed's  And little green eyes read my leaves,  Like dust I rot beneath the stone, Getting my rhythm and spewing cum. It...Read On

Dead Man's Butter

Just a tad dead and a lay in my manger, This old fucker ready to pucker Beneath the clay and graveling dirt, Bound by nails and plywood sheets These old bones go marching on. Just a little bit snarly and full of grit, This old fucker ready to pucker  On slick slits and landing strips. And when my lips begin to hover, Hum me pecker before you shutter As I ooze my dead...Read On

Bed Of My Cries

Fractured memories make me cry, When the dew is on the yew And my tears have not dried. As your soul sets sail On a cold sea in November, Leaving me with fractured memories With no words to utter, but a prayer. But in dreams when I lay me down On bed of my cries, I count the memories In the vase of your ashes....Read On

"What A Feat!"

By virtue of my warbling and prose, My penis-neat, straight up. "What a feat!" Like a stalk of corn Ready to shorn some pussy. And if the clit don't bite My cock will survive another night, Beneath the bed knobs and chandeliers As she grasp me by the ears. Leading me astray in cahoots with a cunt,  My quill will tattle of arse and fresh air. As my testicles testify...Read On

Death Is So Passé.

Now that my past rest in deep, Death is so passé. This old poet, lays knick-knack, 'Neath the sweep of eternal's broom. May my bones rust in peace As memories run here-to-ponder, Before I kiss the cliffs of your vagina. And now that the teabag steeps, After the teapot bops, Save the last string for my dance. Drawing pause to your rising hips, As your clit touch my lips, ...Read On

Fair Token

If you would be so kind, take a moment, My fair token, loaned to me in longevity And poetically sway my way with verses. Taking my breath away with kisses, While dancing on steps of a dream, My fair token. If you would be so inclined, Your shadow would follow me true, Silently whispering, I love you, And caressing my sleeping flesh. As on tomorrow we wed, My fair token. The first...Read On

Roll On

As the dust gathers on my valiance of life, And the sun falls between the shades. I have given my best to rest my laurels Before the the last encore of my breath. And when they carry me away After your kiss, "Roll on hearse, keep on rolling," Until the shovel fills my cold oven. And after a few words of Proverbs, I will return to you between the shades....Read On


In my borderline-blue as teapot whistles, On a winter's morn of winter's cold And frost on the prose of last night's quill, My thoughts of killer-green eyes As a simmering steam shows A shadow of you, To cast out my melancholy. With a kiss of the scent And a wild lemon zest, You caress the old bard's soul  With a wisp of a daydreams mist,  On the shores of borderline-blue....Read On

Bit Of Brunch

Of whiskey, women, and bit of brunch, perhaps a dilettante with a whore  and an urge for a toss on the bunk. Old hags and crones do it better when the frost is on a jack o lantern, as ghouls play and old fools rot. Whoopee-do cream and a jigger of cunt, stirred by the woofing cock-eye and hammering the anvil of the clit. Come October and the owls hoot with ginger, spice and...Read On

Flyaway Robin

Those with wisdom beyond the sea, They are ones I feel most comfortly. When soft breath caresses my soul, The words of gospel I compose. Breaking bread with sensuality, And my swooning mind digest The beauty of your flesh. Oh what a bless on this earth, When a flyaway robin lay nest, And you grew into ambivalence, Before the wind took you away. And your sympathetic words of a bird,...Read On

Mortimer Eppes

...dilly, dilly

In my wildest imagination, I wished to be the scourge of the high-seas, but I would settle for some woman's misfortune. Perhaps a few laps with her around the catacombs of my basement walls, would do my alter ego. I had just recently penned a 'wet seller' (erotic) that sold out the first printing. Now the presses were printing more. My pen name being Mortimer Eppes, a name better off...Read On

...and Butterfly do-Part 2

It was late. Overtime was mandatory. I worked on the assembly line at a small 'mom and pop' factory. I screwed screws into a doohickey, as things moved down an assembly line. It was boring, but it helped with the rent and bills, "just to earn a dollar." The plant was finishing a mass order from a vendor that sold toys. Like all hourly-earners, I was just a number at a time-clock. I,...Read On

...and Butterfly do

...big ol' rig is shaking

My switcheroo almost complete from one to another. Transformed from that of male, into the ravishing body of what reflected from a full-length mirror. A beautiful woman, Transgendered. Standing at five-foot ten inches tall a gorgeous creature. My new look was long chestnut hair and blue eyes. Nice shapely hips and just a shadow of a smallish cock. Soon to be unattached, with surgery for my...Read On

Denim In Oswego, Part 2

It was before dawn in Oswego. Most citizens in their right mind were sleeping. Fester didn't know a mind from a hole in the ground. "I feel frisky, Earl." "My nom de plume, is Fester." "What does your numb plums have to do with wanting some cock?" "Why me Lard, why me?" "I feel frisky, Fester." "It ain't that cold, put a sweeter on." I reached for her orange jump suit, the one...Read On

Denim In Oswego

I had just got my pecker caught in the chicken-coop door. It had been a non-typical day on my farm in Oswego. It started with the cockamamie rooster crowing off key at three in the morning. In reality, a damn toad with laryngitis. Being as I pee, sleep, poop and play whoopee in my bib overalls, I'm ready to go at the fart of a peach. My lovely wife, who I call Salamander (forgot her...Read On

Recommended Read

Mind's Chateau

What happens to Adagio, stays here, like festering currents of my libido while being a little cajoling,  and all that's not. I chose a prime time to fuck you, when the frost freezes my ooze and goblins go "trick or treat,"  on my withering cock-spool. Dark is well, in my minds chateau as my sanity digest your seductive tallow, gone are the jeers who balk at my canter of whisky...Read On

Wind Strings

Like wind strings on a kite as petals weep, silently soaring above love song serenade, with sails and memories poetically swelling my heart, from a distance of a dream my kisses reach as if sung-strum melodies,  on a bow of a rainbow. Like winds strings on a kite when the grass turns over, a dewdrop will sigh as you lay beneath the grass, alone but not forgotten as petals weep,...Read On

From A Tree

When darken words overshadow my being, I scribble a few lines of poetic ripple and listen to the flow calm my dribble, all is never dressed in black but all of life begins in the womb, where a light doesn't glow. In time my gloom becomes a flower, like petals on a gifted hour my thoughts turn to you, all is never dressed in black when sowing my seed, and you given birth ...Read On

A Short Way

It's a short way across our rainbow, when there is an escalator to my heart and the rain showers of spring bring golden jubilee of our wed,  and how the seasons flew twelve months times many on backs of singing sparrows in our nest of gifted years, its a short way across our rainbow when I'm penned to your soul with tears of pearls, I kiss your happy face....Read On

Odd Fellow

In my midlife boon without any remorse, all spruced up in my cock-corset ties, pillbox hat, blue menthol lyptus  and scented balls. Wishing it a clit with a concussion   and the heebie jeebies filling my tank, as I sparkled with bustle and long lashes decked out as a wench with highfalutin shoes. As my penis gets a spontaneous eruption, when the fans unbutton my pants ...Read On

...With Anyone But Me

Thank you BethanyFrasier for editing

Those who have read me, will know that I am not prone to exaggeration. So with that, I will begin. Every word printed below is the truth, as I see it. If one lives long enough, there are two things that are certain. One: you will get cataracts, and two: your expiration date will expire. Recently, I have started stroking the weasel by looking at abs and inflated bosoms in magazines....Read On

Nighter's Moon

Not I a flannel-mouth, for I ratchet my words in verse like a boar's tusk quill, as my fingers etch patterns on her breasts, erotically brewing castrated prose on nighters' moon. Not I a flannel-mouth when my tongue hums, and my cum fizzles my spew swelling my withering crook. And when the clone swallows her lick, my drooling spill becomes the dusk of day, when...Read On

Wings Of A Robin

It seems I came under a glitch, I lost tempo in my writs like a spell I could not tell, as shadows fell on a robin's breast  the words I need to sow, in my lovers basket. And now the straw that snapped my back, cannot mend my sins, I harken to you. So give me moment to digest as I lay my last rest, in the fields of Oswego on the wings of a robin I confess, ...Read On

Land Of Caribou

Missing my eternal sleep, by the touch of a halo  and swallowing my pride, by turning over a leaf in the land of caribou. With the nib of my pen and scribbling new threads, becoming sentimental on falling snow. For whom the heavens shine, romantically incline, sweet kisses and wine, and cuddling my woo. Beneath the midnight sun  in the land of caribou, with dreams...Read On


...cabbage rolls and James Brown.

I have never confessed to being gay or engaging in buggering. It's just understood. I was never a 'real' male, after the initial soundings in my urethra. They making me swoon down to my socks in my effeminate canter. Now four weeks after being castrated and having my scrotum cauterized. The vibes of the wands were making me smile as I started up the mobile. I was working as an apprentice...Read On

Dragon's Tooth

Alone an laughing with my imagination and picking my teeth with a dragon's tooth, as the mortician is bequeathing me a ditch. Like amethyst in coal-still quarters, if death doesn't kill you, my humor will. Silently echoing though vibrating bone,   ain't nothing sweeter then lean toad meat. Unless nibbling on the cob of a clit when my stalk is leap-frogging on chummy thighs, ...Read On

Two Cubes Will Do

It wasn't willy-nilly, our love we confessed And listened to birds caroling the eve of our wed. I believe in prayers of golden rings, Of sixty years the short time wed, And the knitting yarn you wore with charms... Jack and Jill chimes. Hey barkeep! One more please. I believe in rainbows with stairs and banisters to hold on to, rocking chairs with chariot wings  and silly little...Read On

Diggers Howl

I remember the time When you twine the love bite on me, Giving my penis a purple hickey And drool dripped from my jowls, Now as the mildew has fallen On my old cock and bones, And the bank has foreclosed On my hollowed out casket, I lay in pallor gray As the gravediggers howl, Soured in embalming fluid And little bit pickled, Sloshing at my flesh With cotton stuck up...Read On

Where Are You, Guy Lombardo?

It was within an hour's period of time, as the thunder yelled a symphony of storms. The musk of anatomy wafted over her outer shell and, like a watermelon spitting seeds, I needed to breathe the musk of her cunt. I was in the second year of my consensual service, willingly giving my offered cock to the soundings. My penis drooled like a mad shaker of salt. She was offering new heights of...Read On


It was not but withering storm,  And a smiling grave digger Counting his coins, When the ditch-men cover my lair As I lay within my keeper box, Entwined by prose meant for you Of dried ink and memories, There are more quills of the baton for poets to pass, So touch the hearse that ended my journey And lay a wreath on my epitome, Weep no curses of my passing From...Read On


Last night the collywobbles took hold and the ache was long. I managed to write these few words for you in the form of a Flash, before Pepto-Bismol soothed my quarters. *** I knew by the sound of the cork pop, that this wasn't going to be an abbreviated fuck. With a twist, the fizz spewed. Shedding her gown, we kissed. With an ambling shade of lace, she approach me with her wanton...Read On

Storm Brewing

In the shadows of it all beneath the storm brewing, as my hungering appetite  for dark clouds stewing,  spittle of words digesting my persuasion,  penning fornication  of erotic herbs. Like a turbulent cyclone  my cock rise, silently in the eye the goo ooze, deeply of my sweet sorghum  in masterful baton, the tympani tolls as my testicles digest, the seductive queue. And prawns...Read On

Like A Sparrow

Like a sparrow I spread my wings, caressing with prose my words sing with quill and feather my verses ring, love songs caroling in the breeze bringing me to my knees. I saw a sparrow fall, high above the trees, as it fell from the blue pudding sky. I pen these tweets true to you, keep warm the nest until my return, like a sparrow I flew beyond the clover with wishes of kisses...Read On


In the latest escapade of The Cum Slinger, a character of only my mind. A character that often leaves Cum Shot Residue, (CSR) at the edge of the divide. My shadow and flesh can usually be seen behind the mesh in my bookshop, conniving with Rowanberry ink. Often as not, imbibing a nog of rum. I am not often given to exaggerations, but it was a slow day. I cover expenses by scribbling out...Read On

Winged Didgeridoo

I met Evelyn on a blind date arranged by a fellow book-monger. I was in between a silence in my life of romance after a wind-of-flu carried away my last love. Evelyn was an unmarried mom of two and whatever happen still remains unsaid. Ones that know me well, know that I blow the truth. What I am about to tell you is a tale of the didgeridoo. Two weeks in... Like talons, her fingers...Read On

Genuflection Of A Swallow

Its a longtime it seems, not so many teardrops ago, Genuflection of a swallow.  When the soft winds sung and wedding bells rung, And now the wrens have made their nest. In the old church steeple that shadows my final rest, There the kisses of the rainbow fall on my shoulders. Lasting memories our golden rings, Its a longtime it seems in eternal dreams. When you laid me down in...Read On


A never-ending love, eternal's gift from you, Like a thread on a spool forever we are twining As the silver lining of our wed quilts our spread, And when the thimble runs over with kisses The buttons that we sewed told our true,  I will be there to share a string to tide me over  Until my life unwinds and the bobbin goes quiet, Burying me with your needle....Read On

Bard's Host

What is it about a bard's host...

What is it about a bard's host? Host to a chest of forgotten lore, Like dark Amethyst wanting to spread,  Kisses on your wondrous being. It is not I who dog-eared my curse And placed it in put-a-way stain, Only to be released when ink spots sing,  Caroling chants of old dead monks. On parchment beneath the candle lit, Dust mites dance on shadows of pantomime  And tits of curlicues touch...Read On

Recommended Read

A Long Time Of...

Where once the breezes blew, The winds of times now ail, and new storms brew, Standing lonely hours of truth On bed of my lies, (mediocrity at best...) As your eyes of cat deceived me But I paid the price. Isn't that the way fools spin excuses And spots never fade, (maybe stripes...) Leaving the good of my got crying? On bed of my lies, In my new anointed life of deceit,...Read On

Fell From Grace song to share

Where albatross fly and some fools die, I had in mind a love song to share, (unfortunately lost words...)  But would you recall the names of my fall And shadows of it all, (sometimes I don't understand the gist of it all...) Would you if you could? I in shallow waters up to my last verse With fond memories of our rippling spawn, What am I to say after bitter almonds our way ...Read On

Lucifer's Bow 6

 I knew I was starting to fall deeper in love with my stepsister. I wasn’t too sure she felt the same about me. I knew Kat had her main lover Rhonda and she also had sex with me too. I was hoping maybe Kat would allow me to fuck Rhonda and give them both pleasure together. My new fantasy was having a threesome with Kat and her lover. I wondered if she'd allow me to please them both. ...Read On

Lucifer's Bow 5

Gray imagined that Kat would be just as excited when Gray would have breasts. He knew that Rhonda and Kat were lovers, but Gray wanted to be Kat's only bitch. He loved his mistress in so many ways. The breasts would just complete his whole presentation. He thought himself predestined, and looked forward to the day, that he would be the loveliest of a whore. The whore that he hoped would...Read On

Lucifer's Bow 4

Special thanks to BethanyFrasier for editing

Lucifer's Bow, a ring of harbor buoys, now shrouded by fog. So distant they seem, when the fish don't bite, but things have a way of cutting through the fog. * Gray went into the bathroom and scrubbed his face. He removed all the make-up, and then stepped into the shower to wash himself off, making sure the water was icy. His sphincter was still tingling from all the thrusting and pounding...Read On

Lucifer's Bow 3

Special thanks to BethanyFrasier for a compete edit...

Time became Autumn, nearing Winter, when Gray fell into a side of himself for which he alone could devine the answers. His effeminate mannerisms were beginning to roost and sprout a darker side of his character. If there was a closet to come out of, he didn't know if emerging from it was either comfortable or suited his taste. * He liked the feel of this extension of his personality, but...Read On

Lucifer's Bow 2

I owe BethanyFrasier a ton for making this story work

At the head of the bay, like a piece of wood adrift, sits Lucifer's Bow. Ripe for sins when the pelicans descend for their dinner, and the sounding bars hum. "Groeten aan de duivel," ( Greetings from the Devil) ringing in my ear. Kat finally came home and I was in the same place she had left me. My mind was racing at what she had done to me - things that I imagined or secretly thought as I...Read On

Lucifer's Bow 1

Special thanks to BethanyFrasier for a complete edit...

Lucifer's Bow, one of many small islands that dot the Maine coast. First settled by the Dutch in the Seventeenth Century, the village is inhabited by descendants of time past. * Have you ever wondered what it was like to be raised by hippies? Well, my father and my stepmother were living at a time when it was all about free love, marijuana, concerts and tats. The biggest thing happening...Read On

The Shaker

It seems my fans are like the winds, Some blow while others whisper And like a silent tambourine The ink of my prose rings, As if a baton, my quill leads the monkey With dark adventures of the flesh, As my cock stands tall in the saddle And her tongue swashes my drool, In truth, her cunt the organ grinder And my cock the tiller of writ, Spreading my jam on the bellwether ...Read On

Moments Of Woo

In a distance of a circle And the lap of the woods, Like bees buzzing in honeycomb trees A scent of hush falls over me In moments of our woo, Shooing the briars away As whispering boughs sway And shadows fall on pinecones, Your eyes of evergreen Like beacons of the night, On carpet of moss we soon lay And I embracing my Carolina swoon, In moments of woo....Read On

Chains Of Temperance

In my new calling over the horizon Hauling my chains of temperance, I'll be swatting prose with a set of feathers While sipping fermented ambrosia, And doodling my quips on memories, As the nib of my penis cry lost inspiration Gone are the pebbles and beaches of palms As grains of sin mark my sigh, It wasn't but a fall I slipped from grace And my prose became a farce ...Read On


Days are like thimbles when one sews, For the good rhymes of love When one quills with golden feathers, As a spool unwinds days of our past And your soft fingers bring back memories Caressing my mind,  Like a missing button on an old blouse The one that fastens over my heart, Threads of our love stitched These sixty years....Read On

O'er My Rainbow

Gnawed bones are not but a Piccolo, When the vampire wears tinted glasses  And my head resting on a pillow With a caw o'er my rainbow, As the ghee runs through my bones Whilst lying here in mellow wrap, Listening to the wake of distant hums With a shadow of pale breath And soon it will be dusk, Thinking of your talons caressing my epitome And fingers going where morticians wouldn't dare ...Read On

Tall Grass

Now that tall grass covers my shadow And I on the other side of refrain,  Whispers of my quill come caroling While in vagabond shoes scribing yore, You sit on a cushion of lily pad With scent of honeysuckle zest  Beneath the yew on bank of dawning dusk, While I in vagabond shoes whisper melodies And gone are the gables and growing ivy,  In awe of your brimming smile  ...Read On

Cyanide And Muscatel

Nearly departed in my new attire of earth and bones, It wont be long before the Boll Weevil returns  With long black tails and a grin on my chin, Garnished with morticians incisions  In a musky cell with a lid on the box, It wasn't but a moment's gasp and I felt no pain Beneath a wretched trance as fingers danced, Your insane thighs grasping my cock Fetching my withering...Read On

Shadow Of The Moth

Now falling into pale with umbra, With a shadow of the moth on my grave And my bones but acres of petrified stones As wilds winds howl my fodder, Like dust from a bucket spilling my past I give my spew to you as you rest, Tickling your clit as it springs from its nest And there your hips rise in confess, Pussy survives even though unwed Oh! bountiful cunt on the dais...Read On

The Bay Window

When the aperature of my life blinds out the light  And the sirens wink in my waking sleep, I look out through the bay window and see dying kelp As the tides come in on my epitome, Washing away marrow of my bones Lying alone in a box of man made sins With sea chest of confessions scribed with squid ink, Now the sirens caress my wilting image Of remembrances of shadows I have...Read On

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My withers may be long and grey  But my mind long remembers Yesteryears catechisms And proverbs of the flesh, Hovering over a wet chalice While stroking six white inches Saddling a ripe peach, When the fruit begins to cream And standing tall in the saddle, Before tomorrow's apocalypse With semen dripping from your lips....Read On

Ravens Caw

What the ravens see When veil of dark soon comes over me In my eternal sleep I will dream of thee As I rest in silent quarters of my box With whispers of your lasting love Carrying me down the long trail To the meadows and falling springs Of staircases to distant shores  Beneath the chandelier of stars And here we kiss the night I pass Then you weep and teardrops fall  ...Read On

Coffin House

My memories fade to past As worms get fat on my epitaph Within my coffin house Beneath the grass As sun sets on my bones Whispering sayonara And there you lay against my stone  With your legs spayed and giving head Sucking on a gravedigger's shaft Just a few moments of I my being dead As worms get fat on my epitaph While you hand them dental floss And mooning your...Read On

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Valley Of Hallelujahs

It wasn't but a raindrop but to me it was a tear As I felt the ebb tide of your breath slip away  In dreams I cried and your dying eyes sighed With a last kiss I prayed silently  In memories of moments ago Then the heavens caroled a love psalm blue  Songs sung true and songs of you  Beneath grey clouds the angels crooned And then your halo glowed like a tiara  Resting upon your golden hair...Read On

My Snafu

Clearing my noggin of conscience and sins while knocking back jiggers of gin  and munching on peanuts and little stipends, as I scribed with my tongue on her chest  half a league onward from her love nest. Happy Hour hasn't begun yet for my little wallflower scrunching on shells, as her clit swells in it's gel  and I lapping her feisty little shunt. As she flashing in the enclosure...Read On

Be Dead

Shifting gears on pages of dark erotica Like road tar my lips stick to you  Eerie words from poets be dead Broadcasting on the CB radio Switching into overdrive on retreads And my prose ain't done yet As my tongue lurches with thirst This old bard begins to curse Eerie words from poets be dead Crossing over to a fast lane Like I'm insane Broadcasting on the CB radio ...Read On


The whooshes of silence bring me echoes In my gloom midnight chill With phalanges of digits I scribble thirst Whispering warm chowders of lust As my lips sip in the orchard While swooning in sweet broth Of your spicy peach as it seeps Stirring the whooshes rushing my gush And then hardening my archery In thrust I plunge my seed While swooning in sweet broth Nectar...Read On

Distant Echoes

Where the silence of winds whisper distant echoes my prose will blow words still as soft as new mown hay,  in the meadow of stones where people lay.   And my words being trumped by manmade sins as my quill drips my life's journeys  at the gathering of all my wool, and there I will gather all my thoughts.  The poet master weeps on darkening fall  as scribbling ink squall graying flesh, ...Read On


In low voice of my operatic libretto And my meanderings in darkly woods  Swishing my tongue in lustful verses As the ratchets of my mind descend Hungering for lust as moths arabesque Upon your swooning soft define Like a sparrow awaiting nocturnal kiss  And with lips exploring your breasts at rest My fingers caress your prickly pear As the stem of your fruit seeps its sweets ...Read On


And then the meadowlarks tweet in the Autumn the pumpkins lit beneath the marmalade moon,  as we danced on dew  and cornstalks too. Quite the whispers of fallen leaves scattering in patterns of new found love,  whisking away our soft kisses  as shadows define our whimsical bliss,  and then the meadowlarks tweet....Read On

Butterflies Do

Whisper me awhile in slow-time as your words echo, caroling, whisper to me honey-bee trees and kisses with a soft touch. Whispering winds and butterflies do. Whisper me awhile in slow-time as I caress and hungering for you  whisper to me, "I need you so,"  yearning for your lips. Whisper me awhile in slow-time psalms for 'morrows daily bread, whisper to me, "Oops-a-Daisy," when...Read On

Down To A Nub

Be not shorn my dark ink of prose For in words I compose lust Of slathering slew erotically brewed Giving you tongue of verses song In muted moans mounting my shank Screaming softly your swooning thirst  As your thighs confide my slewing stew Of whitewash rapidly crashing on your clit Forever shearing the feathered quill As the nib winds down to a nub  Be not shorn...Read On

Gray Clouds

Sometime dreams so long ago an opus of romance we shared, in haze of my narrowing days now all that's left is   melancholia.   It wasn't but a fortnight hence and sometimes past I gasped,  of times together we spent  before the calling of last tense. And the shadow of the falling hovering above my closing eyes, love cries on my balling sighs lost breath in disguise. Now times...Read On

Coming Of Dew

Thee of silence the winds whisper Without a symphony Or methadone ticking Kiss me now, kiss me do Only with a sigh Remember me true And coming of the dew Lay thee rest 'morrows dawn Gathering leaves down of nest Kiss me still kiss me blue Remember me with melancholia tears...Read On

Cling To You

lnfinity in an inkwell the words forever read, on letterhead of my thoughts and sensualities life bread. With petals of dew  and memories of you,  now here in my alone  no tears to shed. And like a climbing rose I cling to you still,  'neath my epitaph  in my big chill. As prose is to a rose  coming of ever 'morrow's,  the thorn my last breath  in shadows...Read On

A Woo Of A Hoo

It was as if the silence had gone deaf of muted winds causing me to raise the collar about my neck and my cloak but a mere cover giving me little warmth, these thirsty hours midnight showers. Like echoes from a distance timpini thundering  as the rains splashed about my ankles,  I felt the presence of peering eyes yet no shadows of mortals beings. The gas lamps dimmed and behind...Read On

The Shadows Woo

In moonlight falling upon your breasts like silk the shadows woo,  words of dark from my tureen  little words unspoken,  I whisper to you. As the moisture lays between your thighs  words of dark from my tureen,  stirring my erotic thrall  on flesh with my ladling dew. My lips touch your swooning tips  in moonlight falling upon your breasts as the tides of my cock rise,  words of...Read On

Close Quarters

For thee of running waters  my Susquehanna true and before the sprits lift my eulogy,  not in the least I saved my best. In still of quiet waiting last woe as I take my last gleam on your statuette, in fields of saw-grass. On banks my ever lasting sigh do or die before I expire words I have not spent, before the passing of my eyes. The gentleness of your flow as I lay inspired, ...Read On

Shade Of Pale

Darker than a shadow's bent and more silent a wisp of wind,  in my midnight gravity I kiss a greater shade of pale. Beneath the garden chateau, in maze of seeking harlots,  the scarlet of my beating throb give rise of coming sins. In abstract, I caress words that hover  with lips that make one shudder,  and with ink I descend my scribble, a muted sound of lust. On knolls of...Read On

What Thoughts

What thoughts my mind flow heeled to starboard in my gibberish nocturnal haze and heirlooms of dark thoughts, wrought of my long heckler. Gone are the ways of sensual past  now I thrive on old poet's bone,  given me swill of buttered grog and releasing me from this fog, of long winded quills. As she wraps her lips 'bout plums  arisen of my fickle cock, her tongue swashes about...Read On

Saucer's Quarters

Then I heard the chirping birds  in sink of saucer's quarters, a blue chill of cold waters and a sound I can't recall. Like a prima donna's aria in echo beneath moon bright and cello, smooth as silk and soft words evening breeze through her hair. The wind-sail of dusk's crown, harbor light green eyes of she in blue chill of cold waters, sipping Glenfiddich listening to birds....Read On

Gray Ghost

It was as if in slow animation as my cock coiled around the palm of my hand. Like a serpent it wound its way between my fingers. I could have sworn I heard a hiss and then fangs opening wide as I then caressed my gallant asp. Me thinking, gin was sour and playing tricks on me. Many called me eccentric with knots on my head, that had been read by old women of Saskatoon. They seeking only...Read On

Ferry Me Not

Ferry me not the eve of end and cast out the oarsman,  on the river Styx. As the head winds crest defining my new horizons  and your green eyes of sensual flesh, stirring my slosh for your little man in the boat. For in dark I find my compose of taints and ghostly sins while swilling sour mash, in search of orgasms  needing my stiffen seed. Ferry me not the eve of end and cast...Read On

Act Two-Snatch Grass

Then the shoe, midnight shrew  drops the swill that I drink  on the brink of my sanity,  the edge of my pantomime slink. In silence, sometimes I scribble  until the dawn shows its thorns of fire and rings as morning birds sing,  psalms of dark caroling. Masturbating until the dawn  of sins as my cock-quill spins upon the hollow of your cunt  rising above your snatch grass.   Then...Read On

Kindling Sap Spew

Kiss me still beneath shadow of the moon as your soft whispers sigh sensuality swoon  and my wonder-lust fickle burn with desire,  raising the amps of my carnal fires. Let me taste your somber serenity  as my drool anoints your cunt and thrill me until lasting infinity,  beneath midnight lace of twinkling afar. Givens of my kindling sap spew  in spaces needing hot wet slew  as...Read On

Short- Shot

Beginning with my two fingers of gin  and my short-shot jiggers of sin,  in praise of alcohol and shadows call. Harlots harking and floozies squawking  of flirtations with a gilded maiden,  as I in my step-ins feel my penis surge. Of laughter in quest of pussy-tail and good cheer, one for the road and a draft beer and uplifting urge of my trouser bird. As shadow of my...Read On

Touching Leaves

The winds bring to me, whispering kisses and soft touching leaves of sensual love breeze romantic carousel  and wisp of floating stars in your hair, scent of you being there. Like a choir of trees the sycamores sing as your lips lay bliss on my fingers bring,  stirrings in the midnight hollow  where boughs confess my happiness. The winds bring to me,  my undying words and prose, ...Read On


Bring softly to me into the night carry me awhile to the edge  where the cornflowers grow, miracles from dew and sun bright and we over the moon in love. Walk gently into my soul and stow away the key to my heart, kiss-a-me free loneliness never part wishing you wishes and wishes you the sea of tranquility. As the tides bind and potpourri snows halos, walk gently into my soul  and...Read On

Grasshopper Shoes

What poets scribe of beauty and serenity my shadow moonlights in prose, of dead silence and hungering lips and phantoms rehearsing. In loveliness I see peaches in trees, blue bonnets on bumble bees and grasshoppers wearing shoes, as I lust for your honey-comb box. On whirlwinds calliope  as our love reflects on life's written pages,  the path to happiness chimes carousel...Read On


I don't often become aroused at what I can't see Except when it's beauty of the forest and fallen leaves As the breeze whispers halos about my neck The boughs dance on the honeycomb trees And kiss my memories of wildflowers and you As your soft breath lands on my soul And the buzzing of the bees loom With keynotes of love songs past...Read On

Half-Past Six

Gone are the knots that made my socks with loose threads, laying on my bed and gone are the posters that hung on my wall, of past rockers, names I can't recall.   Where have the place-mats gone, the ones with stains and state names, with graham cracker crumbs and noonday hums? Gone are the wind-up clocks with hands that glow in the dark, and wading pools in the park with chlorine? ...Read On

Dark Babylon

In allure with my dark Babylon  on banks of the parting Euphrates, dunes of time have molded me many years of syllabus I am told. As scrolls of the incubus charm  and erotically unfold the dawn of me, of six gold chariots of wine and myrrh and your soft thighs welcome wide.  With moans of sands at last  my tongue unwinds upon your chest,  and my given asp breathes in your scent...Read On


Just a mere mortal of a poet in fancy pants  and but a shadow in the winds of my tailcoat, as the candle wax runs down sealing my verse. And my watch fob bobs at quarter-nine giving light to my devilish eyes shine, tiptoeing in high button shoes. What jingles my testicles, scratches my navel as I take hunger on your ravishing epitome and the moths flutter around taper lit. While...Read On

Elvis Tattoo

Gosh! I'm sloshed in Shiloh again somewhere between an apostrophe  and the punctuation line, as my tongue wangles upon your tits  and my pickle tickles your slit. It wasn't in the moonlight that your twat was my bread and butter,  it was on the stage where you stripped doing the hoochie coochie,  making my cock sputter. And now that you're old with false teeth, with tassels on...Read On


In my memories I reached back into the archives of my knapsack, as if I had lived the essence of you  and the rising tides... eventfully they do. All the while with smiles you cast upon amber meadows down below, with gentle kisses come my way as clover dance and rosewood sway,  and the sea-bells ring. As mist of the waves blow caroling of thee I write of our golden rings,  ...Read On

Moonbeam Poet

As for as winds blow and whispers bring new sings and rhymes of spring,  the bees that be, buzz honeycomb trees as nectar drips sweet love,  I will be a moonbeam poet  and you my evening primrose. My words yearn for you  as my pen wiggles on grinning paper and soothing wine of my treats, sipping your nectar.  With blossoming red lips and soft fingertips swaying in midnight shadows,...Read On

The Kite

Whatever the ties of strings that wind  the threads of life gently in the breeze twining love songs and caroling, whatever the ties will sing most poetic rhymes of spring. And I as the poet with the pen bring my torch from dawn of charcoal with my lips of moisturizing dew, the words of everlasting true shining my shadow on you. As the sounds of time pass by  and the ball of twine...Read On


Words alone of my breath fail to express the ways I adore you and just the who you were,  as I compose final chapters of our seasons and the inkwell runs dry. Until the blowing winds carry me to infinity and the last of the stirring leaves fly,  on my drying parchment I will scribe as my tearing eyes cry. It wasn't but an autumn ago wild geese flew over and beyond our livings...Read On

Fill Me Full

Oh! the throes of sins fill me full grasping my cock by the hilt of pit-bull,  and the dry gin satiating my aroused soul. And lust playing pleasures with my nightly sojourns  of fleshpots and mirrored fantasies of my mind's eye,  as they swish and swash about my male tickle. So I lay scribbles of my escapades of harlots and maidens in chapter promenades, as in lair they bare...Read On

With Lampblack

It seems to me in dreams I see on distant horizons my Fata Morgana, and with lampblack and tales of the sea I scribe on parchment's scroll. Of beautiful be you bring to me with green eyes and starry skies,  emotional tides of sensuality and soft breeze of sea tomorrows. The whispers of promises we spent and where there are shores on forty winks, we kissed in last summer's swoon  ...Read On

Upon My Sleep

The midnight hour as I rest upon my sleep and you in cuddle of my embracing arms, soft breath of the swooning willows bough...  apple dumplings taste good even in dreams. As streams of kisses lay on my chest and your hands gently bask my stones, on fields of quilt my limbs sway... apple dumplings taste good even in dreams....Read On


In due-course of my poetic ramblings  I wish to be a better scriber among poets,  calling on sensuality and endearing phrases and the twinkling of who your eyes are. Writing of many sings in words and rhymes  there is romance that keeps me entranced, like a libretto whispering silently in my ear  prosing the few I hold dear and in truth are. As moonlight in timpani of my...Read On

Sweet Briar-Apple Rose

It was but a tomorrow's song I sang  of whiskey hours and midnight orange and the scent of sweet briar-apple rose, on yesterday's laurels the silence blows. And for the betterment of smiles kissed your love coming my way beneath the Cheshire moon, as garnish of spring brought me sings. Swishes of whispers from your breath and your fingers walked about my nape as the bough of the...Read On


In all the forbidden places of my dreams, I scribe with my erotic cuisine  nourishing my appetite and spreading my darken-shine  on sweet tokens of your flesh,  as the crashing tides echo  against my mortal soul. The kisses, the breath,  the sigh. Seductions behold in my eyes as my loins swelter with lust, and your suckling breasts I confess filling me with sweet digest beneath...Read On


This could not have been written without Saucymh's patience.

Little be known of the circle-jerks and daisy chains in Shiloh, and with these I get my ague. Out of modesty I am but a mere mortal of prose, penning concoctions and on occasions, a novel. A book monger and savant of a small gathering spool, the thread binding us as one. We bear no images or give prayer in our gatherings. We have our own separatism in our daily chores. Simply put, we...Read On

Here And Now

Usually in song of idle-while thoughts soft tones dancing of aspirations and amore As gift of winds watch over me in tunes and with kisses you sigh I love you Feeling the breath of silent breeze send  swing low the boughs of willows you bring And with that I will take my adieu  near the well waiting for you With swishes of soft tones dancing  in arabesque on life's carousel On...Read On

Olden Rhymes

Olden rhymes and fortnights ago when we shed our inhibitions so, in meadows of twill and dandelions blow. As we made love in moonlight of it all the shrill of the whippoorwills thralled, and the stars gave fall of wooded ball. As we caressed beneath the wind chimes,  like shadows in forest of pines and I ask would you be mine? If we joined in hand and wed, in life share bread and...Read On

Bred To Me

The erotic culture bred to me by roads to darkness and sensuality, as in time of birth there are no lights on in the womb and now I abide my creed no flavoring in my queue or dichotomy in my quest.  And my scribbles scribe of meandering fingers upon the flesh  as clouds of sable gather before the rising of my horn, oh! how I can taste the cummin' after's of pearl oysters  between...Read On

Ferry We

Ferry we to ends of times and into eternity sail on lines of rhymes most evidently  as falls of a rainbow flow over our craft  with scent of orange pekoe tea  and the oarsman of the skiff needing only one lantern light.  Like medallions in your eyes of green with sparking stars my ever seen  the winds sing of caroling brings  sunsets in your tiara  my lasting endearment forever true ...Read On

When The Teardrops Call

When the teardrops call of my passing remember me well of stories I told and even dark communions, what of midnight mass! and my Irish whiskey.  I need not absolution when writing of taints in the hollow or snapping twats and wayfaring jocks with hot rocks,  all I need is several jiggers of sin.  And when the sinful bells toll of last gasp as I ride my last tail hanging on to tits ...Read On

Widow's Dew

Until the widow's dew and I lay me down to rest  as shadows cross over my pen, we will be like garden peas  from seed to pod in our infinity together in life's garden of it all with undying ink. And through autumn of our years with rains and snowfalls  beneath the umbrella of love I will kiss your loveliness,  as the dusk closes my eyes  until the widow's dew, and I lay me down...Read On

A Lovely Thing

It wasn't but a lovely thing on porch swing some time ago, when I first held your hand when we were teens and the fireflies wink. Then we went steady and you wore my class ring,  many springs ago at the prom  listening to Johnny Cash. It wasn't but a lovely thing, then you took my name and with champagne we danced, on porch we kissed. And then in winter's snow  you left me...Read On

My La-La

Like an eccentric wound up clock  with broken mainspring  as I indulge in sins and sipping dry gin,  in truth I pen realities' sins  of my cantankerous ways... that's the way my la-la blows. It wasn't but fleeting lick she sucked Nick's big dick  and now upon my mind she lays sublime, on the spine of new chapter six  with my penis in her archives... that's the way my la-la blows. ...Read On

Calliope Tree

Like a carousel turning counter clockwise on an axis of fond memories,  the effervescence of you  beneath wind chimes that sing and calliope tree. In silence your kisses blow enchanting my sins, like sherry stirring my emotions  of soft breath from a decanter and scent of yesterday's wine. Now in caress of carousel rhymes  and sing-a-long times of sugaring kisses, we slide upon...Read On

Places Near

As Chopin is to nocturnes your melodies are to me,  with ringing chandeliers and whisperings in my ear of candles and lark  and far off places near. Under spell of romantic interludes  and angels gliding in mid air, wearing tiaras of love and ambrosia kisses.  you my Hosanna beneath moonlight  as Chopin tickles the keys....Read On


Hearing tick of tocks on winter's snow like a blanket of silk the sins blow,  as my whispering pen scribes  green eyes and rising tides of my thirst. More ticks of tock my words sow on thin ice of my darkening scrolls,  reaching out with a kiss I behold  words of spiritual thine. Laying my tongue upon swooned flesh as the scythe shears the winds,  on the toll of my farewell jesters...Read On

Other Side Of Good-Night

It is not my alone that sings melancholia  on the other side of good-night in the parley on my own get-togethers, for in words I verse silently discerning  of my angel lost in nirvana.   On wings of dust and puffed candles  they alit and kiss me in darkening grotto,  as my obelisk quills my sins  the yens of thirsting quests. Oh! what praise I shrill composing ambiguous  betwixt the...Read On

Was'ents Aware

In my memories I reached back into the archives of my dreams, as if I had lived the essence of you  and the rising tides... eventfully they do. All the while with smiles you cast upon the meadows down below, in tall shadows of our evermore with gentle kisses coming my sway, as clover dance and blow. And I was'ents aware of butterfly sails on wings of colors they do tell and...Read On

On Wind Songs

On wind songs I pray love so true as the leaves fly and skitter,  in meadows of the fall  and winter near after. On wind songs sigh of green eyes  and the fires of December we touch nuzzles,  sweeping kisses on our flesh. On wind songs of absolutions my glorious winged shadow,  hallowed be your words of our sacred vows. On wind songs carousel  and the calliope sings, as our...Read On

Fools Mortals Be

What fools mortals be when dreaming fantasies and copulating as if play things on strings,  perpetually in own animation  as life's sensuality has passed them by. What fallacies their lives bring sings  when in thoughts they lie beneath the truth,  as I scribe of soft thighs and green eyes  on pages of dark lore. What silhouettes fall on the wall  half shadows before the calls, ...Read On

On The Mantle

It wasn't but a breath as far as dandelions puff beneath the moon of the equinox, yesterday's kiss and blessings we wed  as we dance in happenstance. And on the mantel of our vows gazing into the midnight hours,  of coming tomorrows embracing our faith. Would you rhyme with me a little melody of quite hours and wild flowers scent on nature's quilt of white linen,  in meadows of...Read On

Wings Of Wind

On wings of winds the vulva flutters, the eyes of autumn blow gently  and the deuce of our words flow of our matters akin. Unambiguously sharing our sins, the gone of our shedding past as the teakettle simmers September songs and the whoosh of the silence be. On wings of winds the vulva flutters and the sapling from my deep thick  gives praise my nurturing lips, upon your breasts. ...Read On

Faraway Falls

I hear the fall of faraway falls, the rushing of rapids and my pulsating soul shhh-ing me.  Oh! the beauty of it all like life's salt shaker,  raining down seasons of year... then its Autumn. What love we snare  from fables and lore and I in dreams,  of the falling of the falls. I see snow on God's green turf life a quilt of warmth,  the meadow lay dormant  as the frost gives in....Read On

My Shenandoah

My emotions run deep when in my obscurity beyond the shadows of the wall,  calling of the ague my thoughts of sensuality. Like tumbling waters over stones And the wilding of my offerings,  feverish kisses I scribe, hungering for you. It wasn't but a touch ago in meadows of flowers I held you so  And caressing your skin, I got the ague. Now the rapids of life wash over me  and...Read On

The Om

The om of my all-knowing see even in writing of sensuality, casting shadows on my epitome, my yen taking wind of many sins. And I in dark of my all alone and in quest the everlasting la,  as the whispers in sing bringing silence to my ears. From whence I have sung with revelers of my glee, lost in my Apollo the om of my all-knowing see. With breath of my whew  and séance with...Read On

Six Damn Inches

In the winds, wings of the mill carol  As my mind grinds out lust With the wash of ink-broth  And the shrill of my brunt. Sloshing about with naughty lines Six damn inches from her knickers As she strolls the shimming temper, Raising the hackles on my nape. Oh promise me! deep knee bends, When her lips grasp my jerking And my testicles shake the withers. Her cunt becoming lunch, Six...Read On

My Aggregate

In words of id I expressed with a fleeting of my pen at the calling of my wilding soul as tears from my eyes fled Oh! how you grasped my stickling stick long time past ago  in the unforgotten of my mortality some where near my Shiloh It wasn't but a moment's gasp and the howling wails blew as my simmering slew brew the sighing of the winds The snood of my fillet gave tingle the...Read On

Wilding Weeds

It wasn't but a time ago perhaps less than then  in meadows of wilding weeds and fragrant scent That I held you well in my songs  and now the lyrics have gone  the way of your departing As the thrills in the dell spent  wishing you swell in my thoughts of love lost in fragrant flowers   It wasn't but a time ago perhaps less than then I felt your sweet breath of kisses...Read On


Preaching abstinence of nay's my robust for lust and jongleur prose in my itinerant ways, with a penchant for particulars of grandiose curse in all that is patois giving laugh at my perverse. Not stifling my yen, those taint knockers of pen wishing to be on the top side of my thirst, as I sidestep oracles swarming of the fickle in covenant her bung giving rise of fuck.  With a cackling...Read On


If only peekaboo's could know the daunting's of the days what mortal souls you and I and crying in the snow If only the everin' could hear  blessings you give to me beneath the sins in token  and faraway dreams If only peekaboo's could know  the wisp of your whispers  looking into your coppering eyes  they would sympathize I the bard and the yard bird of prose building a nest ...Read On

Set 'Em Neat

There is no antidote for sins so set 'em up neat  at the Dragon's Spittoon and Air Devils Inn Awaiting the lights on the barroom floor  debauchery me do my nine o'clock whore As she turns on the brass pole of ten with tits in flight and beneath the spins Three fingers of gin and a pocket full of grin with money ticking and pantomime licking While caterwauling, snowballing in mid air...Read On

1967 Vulva

Sometimes things happen. Sometimes people do things out of character, then sometimes...things are what they seem. The origins of sins in dreams usually originate in my sleep and shadows of my dark beseeching. Sometimes enhanced by the screaming of sluts hungering for the appendage between my thighs. Then sometimes things happen, as I will explain. "Optical illusions!' I don't think so. There...Read On


In oopsy-daisy and good cheer And raising my beer From the Old Dragon's Inn Giving toast to minuets And Johann Bach While fiddling the fiddle And stirring beef stock Tomorrow we wed Reciting Longfellow And dining on corn bread In meadows of forget-me-nots Stewing in brine of happiness In oopsy-daisy and good cheer...Read On

Midnight Hoo

My tongue steeps in her vagina brew  and the bonking of the woo in tales of screw Below the hemlocks and midnight hoo masking the moon's snickering grin In quest of my hungering nourishment and sipping three knuckles of distilled gin As shrouds of lust raise my tall timber in corners of my mind and snow of December Her eyes cast sin and my harrowing descends  'neath tapers of lit...Read On

Fallen Leaves

The winds of my mind blow silently with the quiver of my quill's ink spinning sins of my turning mill Poetically kissing pages of scent in meadows of wildflower garlands  walking softly on gifted petals In open arms caress on fallen dew like harps caroling whispers  and words of prose like fallen leaves In dreams it seems we pass through portals and open gates on fields of...Read On

Night Sheens

Gently the boughs open arms with night sheens of sin As we lay down in silent whispers  'neath the crowning moon's dew And sweet confessions the fireflies glow starry skies and green eyes swoon Caressing in slumber as we kiss  gently the boughs open arms And dryads dance in shadows  of romantic circumstance...Read On

Thwacking patter-pat

The wind chimes of my mind and your kisses blow memories of past night and swells ago In silence goes echoes of my thwacking patter-pat the pulsing of my maleness and libido show Like grapes of the vineyard and sweet your nectar sensual emotions and your lips of morning dew Walking softly upon this poet's aspirations  its in prose I pen of my famished lust glow Tales of winter's sins...Read On

That I Would

If I could chorus the swoon our isles of paradise in croon like an ode to a distant tale  that I would compose The midnight in songs of soft psalms  and your green eyes that I would if I could And even of sunrise gentle the emotions flow  and the currents of my pen  in my silent whispers Beneath the palms  and trade winds blow like surfing sand our isles of paradise in tune...Read On

Three Fingers

My cock was cast in brass And fifth dimension Without an extension  Three fingers  And ninety degrees  From my ass My balls were hung Strung and blue Tight as a whore's purse With the croup As she wiggled her fingers In my ass Now my cock of six Is stretched like a rubber band Milking my prostrate  Because of the gravity  And ninety degrees  From my ass...Read On

Moments Awhile

In moments and wiles ago and winter still of snow on February's morn  and blissful kisses Feeing your touch on my breath  like a hint of rose petals scent of shadows in my caress and endearments of love Soft sighs I hear within my ear deep passion of rising my spear as if fine tuning the ivories  your fingers stroke In moments and wiles ago  and winter still of snow petals awake...Read On

Wishful Sins

Sigh silently my wishful sins Gall of the rancor on finger tips And cock throbbing of lustful yearns Slowly slewing my penis brew Poetically composing  The howling winds churn Of teakettles and wafting scents Gone are the staves my cask of gin As I etch gently my lips upon your skin  Given rise to arousal 'neath quivering smock Sigh silently my wishful sins...Read On

Shoo Away

Shoo away, shoo away scents of time haunting now is not the daunting of my revelry Nipples like acorns upon her breasts and tolling of the swooning hour the succulent sweet of mead as my cock spew seed In silence words spoke as fingers caress gilded plume sensual prose pleasuring at humble abode Shoo away, shoo away scents of time haunting and breath of whispering gale behind my...Read On

Wooded Dell

Silence of echoes screaming  a little Gothic in my gruel and words of stones spoken recanting distant chanting   Upon the writing shores of my sensual chores  the ink in standing well  of copse and wooded dell As sands of seas and tides through looking glass rise a token of lore in black  and dark breath on my neck Sweet rum my tongue strums upon your swollen pea  giving...Read On

Wails Of Woo

First the winds blow and the sins sow Seeds of lust silently whispering echoes On crest of dawn bells toll As wails woo and fingers troll The softness of diva's flesh and dew of yew Kisses on breasts the swooning breath The plains between her chest And majestic peak tips Down into the valley of thighs My penis rising to the coming sun Of ejaculations and yearning tongue And...Read On

Numerals Of Sin

Lost numerals of sins I have penned between sessions of despair  on nights of feverish lust Feeling fingers upon my flesh ever rising the hard flue pipe  as scent of hours be fucked On toll of choir and libido quick  as lips curl and tongue spun of my yearning gift of erotic prose Your swaying tits giving me wits and cantering psalms as shadows on the walls steep my brew ...Read On


It wasn't the buzz of bees or whispers of trees in the daydreams or tealeaves I read  or pollen of Queen's Anne's Lace It was the silence that took my breath away  as I felt your hands cross over soft clover and blow sweet prose upon my chest Gentle kisses upon my flesh as I sighed scribing poetically my fessing words the breeze of needs lusting my appetite As your eyes of ice gaze...Read On

Eloquently You Sing

More sensual words I could not express  Of love and life most eloquently you sing Three fingers arabesque Caressing the Grand Harp Like swans in ponds on fallen mist Silence the wood winds blow Kisses of lips lay upon my chest Midnight arms of charms 'bout me In symphonic pools of sensuality Visions of pearls ring down spring Sonatas of chosen smiles on the dew Of love and life...Read On

Yesterday's Mourn

I suppose it could be called a love story what I am about to convey it was but a moment in dreams  perhaps a thought I rest my soul after my lovely departed  in sleep I whispered  of meadows and breezing leaves as carolers sang In sighs I yearned for her caress  my loneness in tatters  crying eyes of tears feeling her last pulse As soft breath lay upon my lips like a...Read On

Kisses On Dew

In hues of spiritual scent sharing our dreams In meadows of weeds and honeysuckle vines Laying we down under skies of halo lights Sweet confessions we fess Valentine's night As time has spent last hours of dusk Caresses are made in midnight shade Of the orange rind-moon and carnal desires Beneath the oak on sheets of watercress  Courting the hours and lighting our fires Like sipping...Read On

Half-Pint Chuckle

Timber of the ember lay like ash As frost of insomnia freeze my darkness Up to my writing stick feather of the fowl Tobacco in the bowl of my pipe chilling  Hearken of spirits comfort my bones Like a succubus sucking my breath  Nimble fingers stroking my member Crinkle of her pucker seducing me Casting shadows on my bleariness  An omen near my penis quake Swooshing out matter...Read On

...with scent

In words and in tomes There are feelings expressed  Love and sensuality Pressed flowers with scent Romance in Budapest On the river Danube And lost letters written In my dreams As you caress my pen Of tears falling my cry Between the covers Of my writ Loneness is but An ugly way to sigh...Read On

Rushing Blue Waters

Over sandstones of time and rushing blue waters the rosette of falling leaves willing away hours poetry like mountain streams flow how quiet the serenity of noon autumn Sweet maple sap drips like pastry of quiche as you kiss away dandelion seeds with gentle breath and I with quill and brush painting prose of smiles and a lovely wench in your pose Fingers in slow motion sighing...Read On

Passions Compliment

In my oblivion nestled beneath sanctity The quarters of my composing waters And ink of the Dahlia my compose Beautiful enchantment wooing my prose Like petals caressing my finger tips And arabesque on my hungering lips Silently she smiles in devilment Arousal twines deep passions compliment As the flowers bloom on coming of Spring Twisted stems we sing in our bed ...Read On

Lovely Finch

The Lady Gouldian is but a lovely finch on gilded pages I scribe loneness as silence of memories rings tears past like whispering soft breezes blow your kisses caress my crying heart It wasn't but an Autumn ago  as if weeks my yesterdays sew when sighs of leaves slid  upon meadows of merriment  and golden bands we wed Now toll of quiet my melancholia rest  upon the sunken soul...Read On

Eves Of Doom

Departed are the hours I can wile away the pale moon Now but wrinkle chin the coming eves of doom And tea leaves have all but been strained The wafting of my predicament In shadows my wasted old bones laying midnight winds  My musing crone gives me bless and kisses of dried blooms The frozen pond be thin the chill has left my quill Leading me to my forgotten prose other side window...Read On

Silence Quite

It wasn't but a fleeting still A moment of silence quite I felt the kiss on my cheek As if a brushing breath And rushing of my pulse Arousal I embraced Sensual creations in mime Of shadows and bliss Weeks and years have fallen  Memories remain the same Gone are my summers Yet Spring is your name...Read On

Turning With Time

I met her on a carousel slowly it was turning with tune gaily of a past September  we became accustomed to each other's smiles Soft breaths and kisses we shared over teas and chocolate truffles many autumns past the granted of her love I met her on a carousel in the meadows of my dreams  and opened eyes I stood, 'neath  the forest woods green Soft breaths and kisses we shared and...Read On

Quest Darkly

Caw of my words ring lust of bard composing  the quilt of dusk spreads night at my window and with a knock-back of swill I cuss of curse The gift of the gall in seduction she verse  my musings with my pen I scribble  as her talcum lay about my chest In melancholia the drifting surf her lips about my anatomy  giving challenge to her chalice Curation' of patterns she defines my manliness ...Read On

Under The Midnight Rainbow

In my goon'ish eccentrics I am not without empathy For I show sensuality In sweetness of the ink falling On parchment of scent Kissed by the pen And tears from a angel The sparrow at my window And so be it I praise Caroling of my prose Not always the scythe With smiles I descend Expressions of romance And tears from an angel Under wink-o'-the-moon And...Read On


Without Trinket it wouldn't have clip-clopped

In my slumbering sleep Awaiting the night coach In manse macabre Beneath the crescent moon  With its pale grin And 'fore the lumbering dark In my dreams I seek Reflection of my dark deep And eternal sins Kisses for tomorrow Of alabaster flesh Grasping of my stiffen The ten of my thrills As silence descends  The ink of my tales As I whisper  Confessions of a vampire Before...Read On

Forty Winks

In dreams until the dew I sleep my forty winks Head resting on pillow down  The soft scent of you  And your loving whispers In dreams I compose Of wild wood clover  Caressing yours breasts  And kisses aphrodisiac Like Autumn's frost Your eyes glisten In dreams until the dew...Read On

Kiss Me Awhile

Kiss me awhile if you please And evermore the moments to pass Until Heaven's Gate In moments alone my mind roams Of past summers and sweet Merlot The love we share Blow softly the whispering words In pretend it's not a dream Caressing my soul As we dance on tomorrow's day Over beyond our sunset's The chariot arrives to take us home Kiss me awhile if you please...Read On

Paintings Fresco

In psalms of love and paintings fresco A beautiful image of you I wonder In months of memories Feeling your soft breath As gosling wings stutter Sweet persimmons and poetry whisper Windmill chimes and water color rhymes On canvas I swish where tall reeds climb Pads of green the ponds they sew Like placemat sets they sit silently On still waters of calm As loons...Read On

Fried Bacon

At times taking things for granted I don't show my emotions  By spreading my jokes Accepting your poached The finch on the window sill Pecking at the pane My glass full And you sifting flour The tea kettle hissing Its steam of morning's dew As you frying my bacon And me half asleep With words of expressions My thoughts of love are culinary  Like fluffy scrambled eggs  And...Read On

Gives Rise

In veneration of poets Walking silently on fallen leaves Beneath the pale moon snickering In fields of stones and old prose As drool of my cankering stick seeps Whispering of lost love as she sleeps Ever and day she weeps  Seeking my cold lips from her crypt As squeaking of the door gives rise  To her hungering flirtatious wiles  My tongue caressing her breasts ...Read On

Beds Of Oak

In the seasons of harrowing depart Many winters and pale moons I confess Hungering sweetness of your touch As cold lips trace my standing wick Six feet under with a stone door In our decent of clay 'Neath mulch we are parted Alone in twin beds of oak With brass handles And sealed with a kiss In the seasons of harrowing depart...Read On

Centipede Shoes

Lazy hours breezes blow Of soft winds whisper As hummingbirds hover In warmth of the sun  The rabbits tipping hats Half sleep in my daydreams Of tresses caressing my sleep Filling my life with merriment Visions of you in my wink At lay in wild-wood stems And petals of gems  Composing with my pen With your smile I wile  Beneath the oaken trees And fawns in fun The touch of...Read On

Ahead Of Her Hoarse

There I was in her catacombs, Vaginal oven I was a shoving, Mired in goo, Without a parking ticket Up to two testicles blue. I on my knees  Six inches from the navel And two tits to squeeze. She was in a G-string Diddling her friend Sue And I playing Bach Shoving in my cello bow Ahead of her hoarse. Six inches from the navel And needing a shovel, To dig my way out,...Read On

Ye Gads!

Ye gads! My merry maid, I plant my troth.  The kernels of corn are chattering. In fields of frost I froth  'Neath the old pine trees And combs of sin I roam. In midnight guise and sage, The purple skies I gaze, Seeking that which I implore, Beauty of the dawn And immortality of the flesh,  Laying cold fingers upon your chest. Ye gads! My lips are blue, In fields...Read On

Midnight Host

I stand beneath the humble tree, Branches reaching out to speak to me In peaceful silence my preamble, If I offend then its alright with me. In due course I voice my writ, Sensually swayed in dark I ramble Gambling that not all are fools, In belief I am branded ilk. Erotically nurtured by chosen chums And baptized of amoral haze, In forked tales of lust I blaze, Given...Read On

Shadows Know Best

Shadows know best  Into the wiggling womb  And the way to Gothic lore. Howling storms raining Down upon the moors,  Predestined to swoon In my midnight kiss. As icy fingers caress Your moaning flesh And tongue of my sins I spin eternal quest. Nectar of the clinging stone,  The jaws of the peach, My penis seeks.  Rising upon the pelvis's gasp, Into the...Read On

Can't Remember

I really can't remember the last time I choked. Was it two years ago, December?  I really can't remember the last time I choked my chicken. There it stood  proud and erect, six inches from nowhere and three feet from my knees. I really can't remember  the last time I strum. Was it my pickle or was it my hum? I really cant remember. I really can't remember the last time I stroked....Read On