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Topic Is anyone horny right now?
Posted 16 Sep 2017 06:18

Almost always

Topic Are you a screamer or a moaner?
Posted 15 Sep 2017 10:06

Now that would depend on how good he was

Topic Cumming on her face or letting her swallow?
Posted 04 Aug 2017 04:35

Got to agree with Rick on this.

I enjoy both dependoing on the situation, shouldnt limit where you cum, its nice on boobs as well

Topic When you suck a man's cock, is it because you are horny or do you just want to make him happy?
Posted 31 May 2017 09:24

its a bit of both, but I do enjoy sucking him, I actually enjoy hearing his gasps and moans

Topic fingering or oral
Posted 29 May 2017 15:28

Like fingers, the penetration oral is nice too sometimes guys just go at it like maniacs and can make it uncomfortable

Topic When you suck a man's cock, is it because you are horny or do you just want to make him happy?
Posted 20 Apr 2017 23:04

For me It is a mix of both but as mentioned by others I enjoy it

Topic Do you have an online friend/crush/fuck buddy?
Posted 19 Apr 2017 15:11

Online friends are a very rare thing, most online contact has a limited lifespan

Starting off it is all happy and fun but that soon cools

Still I suppose we can live and hope for that special friendship

Topic Most important quality in Man
Posted 05 Apr 2017 14:46

Sense of humour top of the list

Topic Do you have an online friend/crush/fuck buddy?
Posted 05 Apr 2017 08:23

Some "friends", I kinda think online "relationships" have a sell by date

Some people who claim to be friends either sign in Incognito or hide themselves until they want something

Topic Would you ever go to a sex club?
Posted 30 Mar 2017 08:48

I would love to in my head not sure what I would do if it I got the opportunity in real life.

I suppose with the right group of people and guidelines in place could be OK

Topic Old guy / young woman
Posted 29 Mar 2017 14:55

Mature guys are such a turn on, more wise, patient confident, not like younger arrogant guys.

Not saying this is always the case to each their own

Topic Suck after fuck?
Posted 28 Mar 2017 08:36

Thumbs up here

Love it a cocktail of our love

Topic Girls, what color panties are you wearing today?
Posted 28 Mar 2017 08:35

White Brazilian cut

Topic Skinny Dipping
Posted 27 Mar 2017 14:36

Its great, quiet secluded spot , sunny day , freezing water

Topic What, in your opinion, is the best position for sucking a cock?
Posted 22 Mar 2017 01:23

Like all positions
Fave iskneeling so I can see his reactions just as he cums and he can watch me

Topic using an actual photo of yourself as your avatar
Posted 04 Feb 2017 23:50

Mine is not me (as if you couldnt gues) A guy I chatted to here for quite some time sent it to me as it was how he imagined me (he got the boobs wrong)

Putting my real pic up could be embarrassing if someone from thje real world saw it.

Topic Anal rimming, and getting jizz all over you and your clothes
Posted 20 Jan 2017 14:52

Anal is not my idea of fun, on my lingerie if the moment takes us and the passion gets out of hand

Topic Is LUSH your secret or everyone knows about you being on lush?
Posted 20 Jan 2017 08:11

Totally secret

Anyone who knows me probably wouldnt believe me if I told them

Topic girls, do u actually enjoy giving blowjobs?
Posted 07 Jan 2017 15:19

Oh yes love the feel of him in my mouth and the look on his face just as he is about to blow, priceless

Topic Post the title most recent song that you listened to
Posted 05 Jan 2017 01:18

Devil Woman - The Cult

Topic What fantasy turns you on the most?
Posted 05 Jan 2017 01:16

going to a party, getting home and my lingerie, stockings, heels and dress are all there, arriving at the party and before we go in he puts on a collar and leads me around

Topic Older men or younger men?
Posted 02 Jan 2017 15:23

Older guys, more asserive, experienced, patient and considerate

Topic Do you have sexual limits?
Posted 28 Dec 2016 09:00

A while ago I thought mine were set but they havebeen stretched a little,
Still not into anything,
And not anal

Topic Shaved or hairy? How do you most enjoy a man's .... equipment?
Posted 24 Dec 2016 15:02

Not a fan of tons of hair, nicely trimmed is good for me

Topic cute lingerie pics
Posted 15 Dec 2016 08:39

Topic licking and sucking on nipples
Posted 14 Dec 2016 14:54

Love my nipples being sucked, licked, kissed and nibbled .
Love my boobs played withEmbarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed

Topic OK gals...Spit or Swallow?
Posted 10 Dec 2016 05:38

Down the hatch lol, hate spitting

I do like a variety so on me is good too,

Topic How many bras do you own?
Posted 04 Dec 2016 15:21

6 daily use, 9 half cup and lingerie sets, 2 sports

Topic Do you really like to have a guy cum on your tits and face?
Posted 01 Dec 2016 15:34

I do enjoy it more so on my tits, got hit in the eye once stung so bad.
A lover once got kimda carried away and blew all over my new bra and cleavage it was so erotic and hott

Topic BDSM illustrations and photography
Posted 27 Nov 2016 15:58