A Shoulder To Cry On? - Part Two - Six Weeks Later

Part Two of the steamy cousin story...

Six weeks. It was six long weeks since I'd last seen or touched her. So much had gone on between us since then. I couldn't close my eyes without flashbacks. Her opening the door, kissing me, touching me, me spanking her arse and cumming all over her. I couldn't tell a soul. I couldn't tell anyone that I had never fucked, or been fucked like that by anyone. She was undoubtedly the best sex...Read On


A Shoulder To Cry On?

A drink leads to a kiss...

Friday evening. My phone vibrates with the news of a text message. It's her. She asks if I could go to her house for a chat. I tell her I'm on my way. She's been having relationship problems with her husband for some time now. As I drive along the narrow side streets up towards her house, a million thoughts of her rush through my mind. But these thoughts are wrong, she's my cousin, she's a...Read On


A Shoulder To Cry On? - Part 3 - Love On The Run

Part 3 of A Shoulder To Cry On - Decisions, Decisions...

We retreated to her bedroom, stunned at what we'd just been told. What could we do? Did we have a choice? Dee had us right where she wanted us, and there was nothing we could do about it. Dee was the same age as my cousin. You wouldn't think it. Dee was a plump woman, with dank gingery hair and a turned up nose. She wore stained tracksuits and generally looked like one of those people to...Read On

Love Stories(2)


Cardiac Arrest - Part 2 - Trying to forget

As their love swells and grows, our lovers find themselves becoming increasingly pulled apart.

Trying to forget - Part Two of "Cardiac Arrest" The next morning came, as John found himself enjoying a longer lay in than usual. His head throbbed and pounded as he rose. He looked back at his sleeping girlfriend. He still wasn't feeling anything for her. All he could think about was Tasha. Through his weariness, he thought he could see Tasha, laying there, filled up with his juices,...Read On


Cardiac Arrest

When his love ran cold, Her hands were there to warm his heart

Part One of Cardiac Arrest, the love story of a man torn between his girlfriend and his best friend. John's girlfriend had decided that sex was no longer important in their relationship. It was a relationship that had become all about cuddling and his girlfriend falling asleep, leaving him horny, lonely and disappointed night after night. His advances weren't welcome. Any questions about...Read On



My Girl's Best Friend

If you had a chance to turn fantasy to reality, would you?

My eyes are closed. My hand moves faster and faster. My nuts begin to swell and tighten. Pre-cum drips out the end of my cock, as I knead and twist it. I'm picturing her, I'm biting and licking my lips as the feeling gets more and more intense. I open my eyes to see the photo frame I'm holding of her, and I'm shaking as I begin to feel wave after wave of my orgasm rising and falling. I'm...Read On