Mike never thought it would happen. Never thought he would fuck his mom.

Mom and I have always been close. We talk about everything, and I rarely hide things from her. I tell her about girl friends, school, future plans, ect. She tells me about her life as well. Mom is around 5'9. She has brown curly hair, that goes down to her hips. She has nice DD breasts, just how I like them. Her ass is is nice and round, and hips curvy. She is 34, but looks great for her age. ...Read On



Thanksgiving, what a night!

It was Thanksgiving night. I was over at my dad's house, with my aunt Sarah, uncle Ruby, my dad, and aunt Sarah's friend Lisa. It was about 2 am. We were sitting by the table, laughing, drinking playing poker. I was 16 at the time, but I still drank. It was fun. Nothing too sexual for the most part though. However as the night progressed, so did the drinks, and soon, we were horny...Read On



Getting My Car Registered

John goes to register his car, and gets a pleasent surprise

It was mid summer. I was 18 years old at the time. My car's registration had expired and I had to go register it. I came to the Vehichle Department of my area, and entered the building. I found the waiting line to get my number. I filled out the form given to me at the door. Half an hour later I was sitting down waiting for my number to come up. Finally it was my turn, so I went to the...Read On