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Topic Short Girls
Posted 12 Apr 2014 08:15

Size isn't the main thing ( wonder where I have heard that before !! ) it's all about attraction.
Women of all sizes are sexy

Topic Short Girls
Posted 12 Apr 2014 08:15

Size isn't the main thing ( wonder where I have heard that before !! ) it's all about attraction.
Women of all sizes are sexy

Topic How would you turn a woman on without touching her tits, ass or pussy?
Posted 12 Apr 2014 08:12

Be attentive to her, gently touch her hand. Maybe then hold her hands and look at her eyes, smiling as you lean forward to brush her lips with yours. Watching for signs of her pleasure as you maybe let your lips slip to her neck as you very gently kiss her neck , while letting your hands run up her spine

Topic Intellectahorn: who finds intelligence attractive, and why?
Posted 29 Aug 2013 11:07

Intelligence is always attractive, it adds a whole new dimension to any relationship.

Topic SimplyJohn - 3 free Gold memberships HERE!!
Posted 26 Aug 2013 09:21

49 please

Thanks for the generous offer John

Topic Is girls masturbating still considered taboo?
Posted 16 Aug 2013 07:13

I thought the whole process of self exploration should be encouraged. How can we tell a partner what we enjoy if we haven't tried it ourselves. Enjoy your sex life nothing should be taboo if you enjoy it and its not causing hurt to someone

Topic Getting a women to orgasm
Posted 11 Aug 2013 10:46

There's never a simple answer to that question. As people we all like different things, I suppose it's keep trying till you find the thing that really pushes your buttons. Good luck

Topic Screwing an older teacher
Posted 11 Aug 2013 10:29

All I can say is that I did when I was at school, the fantasies I had was !!!!!

Topic pale girls?
Posted 11 Aug 2013 10:25

Pale skinned women are so sexy

Topic "Being myself" hasn't worked...
Posted 11 Aug 2013 10:07

We all can seduce its a matter of confidence, and by our question you seem to had that knocked out of you. I apologies on behave of the male population of how they had treated you, good luck in your search. Nobody is ever truly invisible it's just being able to see who it is tat notices you in the crowd and if need be approaching them.

Topic would you be a boyfriend for a girl who wants to save her virginity till marriage?
Posted 11 Aug 2013 09:56

Someone else has already said its your decision.
It's your virginity to give not your boyfriends to take
If he loves you he will wait, it's not as though you are denying him the pleasures of your body, just penetration.
Yes I would wait, the greater pleasure when you are ready and offer to me.

Topic Female Virgins
Posted 11 Aug 2013 09:50

Of course not, you should also except people for themselves all individuals and all the choices they make, if they have chosen to stay a virgin and wait till they are ready then that's their right to do that.

Topic Do guys like girls in corsets?
Posted 11 Aug 2013 09:44

There is something very sensual about a woman in a corset or any lingerie, it acts as a frame accentuating their figure. And also hinting at the fantastic body hidden below, forcing your eyes to areas of their body. Very erotic

Topic Biggest turn-ons?
Posted 11 Aug 2013 09:37

A women with a wonderful smile , that is not only on her lips but in her eyes too.

Topic What does is mean when your boyfriend doesnt want to read your sexual experiences?
Posted 11 Aug 2013 09:27

I think it sounds like he is insecure, and maybe he thinks he can't live up to your previous sexual encounters. You said he is a little conservative so he could be afraid that you telling him your fantasies that he would be expected to perform them.

Topic A question for the older gentlemen.
Posted 18 May 2013 04:53

If its legal and you started flirting with me then away we go

Topic do you like girls whoo cosplay
Posted 18 May 2013 04:36

If you like to dress up and fuck while still in costume as long as the costume turns me on then yes

Topic When you're making love to a girl what really goes through your mind?
Posted 18 May 2013 04:25

Wanting to please my partner so they feel as much pleasure as I can give them

Topic Would being with an older virgin stop you?
Posted 18 May 2013 04:21

Age shouldn't effect anything if your virgin then that's fine whether your 18 or 40, it's a choice you made or the opportunity hasn't arisen for you. If a man wants to be with you then he will be understanding and help you to experience the joys of sex.

Topic Please help!!!
Posted 18 May 2013 04:06

When you talked did you explain how much you want to enjoy the whole foreplay and sexual experience and you feel that him giving you special oral attention is part of it.
We all like to feel pleasure and the more we have during sex the better the sex becomes.

Topic how do u get a girl to relax during sex when shes tense?
Posted 18 May 2013 03:47

As already said, try to find out why and then from there try to help alleviate the tension.
Take things slowly and include every sensual touch you can, make sure she knows whenever she wants to stop you will and allow her to set the pace

Topic Guys perspective?
Posted 26 Apr 2013 07:30

It's not what they really look like, it's more how they feel to the touch

Topic Guys who have had the SNIP, opinions please!
Posted 26 Apr 2013 06:33

I had the snip about 15 years ago. What I can remember is they cut the tubes so the sperm can not get through but the fluid they travel in still flows out.

Topic Would you go private with the person above you
Posted 25 Aug 2012 09:04

Most definately

Topic Kiss, Fuck or Pass
Posted 25 Aug 2012 09:02


Topic Eating a girl???
Posted 19 Aug 2012 10:16

It's a pleasure, you feel all those different textures of skins.
The wetness seeping through and the lips engorging with blood
And then exploring the depths with your tongue. Then knowing
the pleasure it brings to your partner.

Topic Boobs - Can you answer honestly?
Posted 18 Aug 2012 10:41

Any size are just fine. Small and perky
or large and firm. All are a wonderful sight