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My wife wears my T-shirts to bed.
She goes to the gym daily wearing my sweats.
She's even been known to steal my boxers.
But I put on her panties just once,
And I have some serious issues?

09 Jan 2018 03:14

04 Dec 2017 05:59

In support 0f our English 'cousins' across the pond...

23 Mar 2017 09:29

07 Sep 2016 04:17

26 Aug 2016 04:47

16 Aug 2016 03:02

04 Aug 2016 04:49

24 Jun 2016 18:30

12 May 2016 06:01

28 Apr 2016 03:39

22 Apr 2016 05:48

04 Apr 2016 03:53

If you're in the middle of a romp between the sheets and she doesn't look to be in the middle of an're doing it wrong!!

21 Mar 2016 12:12

check out my new albums!

30 Oct 2015 08:21

Wine is cheaper than therapy!
And a lot more fun......
Unless you're boffing your therapist!

02 Mar 2015 03:49

IN VINO VERITAS! - In wine there is truth! And I'm going to keep drinking until I find it!

23 Dec 2013 03:49

I will spend much of today (11-23-13) reflecting on what happened at 1:28 PM. Sophomore English class. So much hope...shattered in an instant. May he rest in peace!

22 Nov 2013 04:15

Should I write a letter to my Congressman?
Sure! Why not!
But, be aware that a Congressman has two ends
A sitting end
And a thinking end.
And since his personal success depends on him keeping his seat
Why bother!!!

24 Oct 2013 05:53

Women who don't wear panties never get their knickers in a twist!

19 Oct 2013 02:29

It has been said that you are what you eat. If that is true then I must be a pussy!

25 Aug 2013 03:49

I have proof that GOD is a male!
If God was a female...
Sperm would taste like chocolate!

18 Jun 2013 06:25

I've been told that a vegetarian is a vegan in training. That is not true! Avegetarian is a person who has never tasted bacon!

27 Oct 2012 18:12

Is it my imagination or Does this look like cookie monster?

In erality it is a photo of Mercury!

23 Oct 2012 04:51

OMG! Isn't that Sarah Palin?

05 Oct 2012 04:16

I'm not afraid to die. What I am afraid of is: What if the gate to heaven doesn't look like this!

29 Sep 2012 03:26

To all my lushie friends: On this, my one year anniversary (my how time flies!), and before my stories get too stale I think it's time to step back and leave the prose to those of you who have fresher perspectives. To all of you who read, rated, and commented: Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Nothing, and I do mean nothing, does the soul (and ego) more good than to hear praise from a reader! (My personal favorites having to do with making the ladies wet!)
Write On, Lushies!

20 Jul 2012 03:44