Pt 1 - The Handover

As he follows his Mistress in to the house, the slave is anxious about what she may have in mind, he hasn't been told anything about what they will be doing this weekend. As she leads him down the stairs to the basement below, the slave first glimpses the naked body suspended from the ceiling then the leather clad Master grasping the bound boy's cock. The slave stops dead and feels his...Read On


Pt 3 - Masters new boi

As the Master tugs on the leash in his hand bringing the kneeling slave's head close to his face, he reaches down to tease the slaves swollen cock, pulling a whimper out of the bound plaything. "I think you've found your place haven't you boi?" he asks as he rubs a rough thumb over the sensitive purple head to elicit a trembling "Yes, sir" . "That's what I thought. You've...Read On


Pt 4 - Opening Up

Master says, Oh no you don't, I'm not finished with you yet,

As he gets onto his hands and knees, the slave opens his legs and pushes his arse up for his Master to see. "Good boi, now don't move as I get that tight arse of yours ready" . Preparing himself, the slave can feel his master's hands probing his hole and the cool lube being applied. The Master picks up the tapered probe and begins to slip it in slowly, all the while cupping his...Read On