I love to tease

Teasing is so much fun...

As you come in the door, I come around the corner, dressed in an oversized shirt, and a pair of satin panties. You look at me and smile. You take me in your arms and pull me close, and gently kiss me, your lips soft and sweet. Our tongues meet and we explore each others' mouths. I grab your hand and pull you into the room. I take off your shirt, and undo your pants, letting them drop to...Read On


My unknown lover

phone sex is an adventure, with a peeking partner

The incessant ringing of the phone pulls me from the shower, I pick it up, and after saying hello, I stop and listen close. That deep southern drawl pulls me in again. “You may not believe this,” he says, “But I can see you, I know exactly where and how your standing. You’re standing with your hand on your hip, trying to look out the window without getting too close. Wondering if you will...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


Once upon a Saturday

What happens to girls who take a motorbike ride by themselves.

It's Saturday afternoon and I decide I need a little R&R, get out and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and Rick my boyfriend, he has issues today and I'm just not ready to deal with them right now. I'm just gonna hop on my motorbike and see where the highway takes me first ride of the season. If I go 2 hours out and 2 hours back home, I should still have time to get ready...Read On

Straight Sex(3)


Dream Lover

it seemed so real, how could it be a dream

I see you standing there on the beach, looking so straight and tall in your surfing gear. Yes you are a handsome specimen. Your hair all wet and windblown, your back straight. I see you smiling at me your hand raised in a wave of greeting. Oh my, you take my breath away. I turn to remove my clothing. I feel you come up behind me and put your arms around me, I feel your breath then your lips...Read On


Fun on a lazy afternoon

Sex should be fun

When I hear your car in the driveway, I come to the door to greet you, as I always do. Today something is wrong, you're moving slow and carefully like you are in a great deal of pain. “What's wrong?” I ask, “What did you do?” You just look at me and shake your head. “Yeah, ok, so I ask a lot of stupid questions.” I said, “but that's only because I failed the home study course in mind...Read On


My Sexual Awakening

this is my first story, BIG thank you to Chefgiovanni and Ricksmomliz for their inspiration and help

My Sexual Awakening I open my eyes this morning and I look at your sweet face as you sleep, I smile and stretch. I have this desire to wake you and arouse you like you were last night. Your gorgeous cock was so hard, so big, and fit perfectly inside my pussy. You have touched me like no other man. I resist the temptation for now. Instead, I slide out from under the covers and head into...Read On