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Topic: Opinions on "Male Lesbian"?
Posted: 19 Dec 2013 20:45

I used to think ''That doesn't excist, you're just a feminine heterosexual'', but to people who still think that... I changed my mind about it by this video:


That. Right there... Is awesome.

Topic: Opinions on "Male Lesbian"?
Posted: 06 Dec 2013 18:53

So he's a girly or feminine heterosexual. If he keeps the penis his sex is male but he can have a female gender.

That makes sense.

Thanks for letting me bounce ideas off of you!

Topic: Opinions on "Male Lesbian"?
Posted: 06 Dec 2013 18:09

He wishes he was a lesbian, but doesn't want to have a sex change and doesn't feel like he is in the wrong body"

I think the passage means more that a male lesbian feels that he is in the wrong body, but doesn't want to make some artificial change. If that is the case, then he simply wishes he had ALWAYS been a woman.

If that makes sense?
It is rather strange.

Topic: Opinions on "Male Lesbian"?
Posted: 05 Dec 2013 18:31

So this is just a general thought gathering post.

I want to know what all of you ladies (Homosexual and Heterosexual alike) think about the idea of a "Male Lesbian."
This doesn't mean a man who is simply turned on by lesbians, or who is interested in a gender change.
This is only about a man who wishes he had been born a woman, but knows that he would then still be attracted to other women.
As it is, he might even be uninterested in sex with a woman simply because he is so "turned off" by his own masculine role.

To clarify:

"Specifically, a "male lesbian" is a heterosexual man who wishes
that he had been born a woman, but who (even if he had been a woman)
could only make love to another woman and never to a man. Unlike
the transsexual, the "male lesbian" does not feel himself to be "a woman
trapped inside the body of a man". Moreover, none of the love-shy men
studied for this research entertained any wishes or fantasies of any kind
pertinent to the idea of obtaining a sex change operation. All wanted to
keep their male genitalia; all wanted to remain as males."

So my question for you homosexuals is this:
Would you tend to sympathize with this so called male lesbian, or on the other side, would you find them repulsive? Is their physical gender too much of an obstacle for them to be considered a lesbian?

And for you heterosexuals:
If you knew that a man identified as a male lesbian, would that change how you see him and how you would approach relationships with him?

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