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Meeting, Lunch at the grove with Aiden, then another meeting and Home have a pretty short day.

09 Oct 2011 11:01

Off To Bed Night x

24 Sep 2011 01:34

Just got home from the airport. Went to london for my mum and sisters birthday for those asking. And when i move to LA away from rainy london the weather gets AMAZING was 30C on wednesday. anyway im off to bed. Night x

05 Aug 2011 01:24

At The Airport!!

30 Jul 2011 03:05

Bed time for me!! Got a photoshoot in santa monica tomorrow!!

24 Jul 2011 02:22

Uploaded New Photos!

23 Jul 2011 03:01

The Weather in LA compared to the weather in London when i left yesterday :L Trying to sort your new house but get distracted.

17 Jul 2011 13:59

One week left.

08 Jul 2011 08:18

Thankyouu For the congrats messgaes - The wedding went well and to those who asked I Wore Vera Wang. Off To The Seychelles Now x

26 Jun 2011 12:38

Been Neglecting Lush Lately But I've been super busy. Im gonna try and get on here a little more but please excuse me if im not on THAT much. Im Getting Married in about 3 weeks and im moving to L.A soon! Thankyou for the support!

08 Jun 2011 08:00

Hawaii ;D

28 May 2011 02:02

Off On holiday tomorrow.... NEED IT! Stressed Out!

27 May 2011 08:11

Photoshoot at the beach, then back to the UK

23 May 2011 12:15

I Actually cannot wait to move here! I LOVE L.A

20 May 2011 10:29

Airport Laterrr Tonight! LA BAABYY!

18 May 2011 09:06

Had An AMAZING Weekend at R1 Big Weekend! Lady Gaga Last Night Was Unreal!! Also Got To Meet/Watch Tinie Tempah again From Back Stage.

16 May 2011 07:57

At my hotel in Carlisle.... About the head to 'field' For Radio1's Big Weekend! Really, Really, Really Excited For Lady Gaga Tomorrow...... I LOVE Her

14 May 2011 00:43

Leaving For Westfields Soon. Pirates Of The Caribbean: on stranger tides Premiere ;DD

12 May 2011 08:14

Pirates of the caribbean on stranger tides Movie Premiere on Thursday at Westfield In London! Super Excited!

09 May 2011 08:16


07 May 2011 00:50

Such a busy day tomorrow, Sorting Out all the stuff for my wedding reception, gotta sort rings, then meet with my bridesmaids and maid of honour and go pick up the dresses. D

29 Apr 2011 14:01

Off To The Gym, Then Gonna Get Changed Wait for the fiancee to get in then out to eat Looking forward to the long weekend off More Photos Coming Soon

28 Apr 2011 07:58

Had A Really Good Day. Thankyou For Coming Out!! And Yes for those asking i am gonna do meetups in other cities im gonna have one in London, LA and NYC. Back To London tomorrow

20 Apr 2011 11:25

If I Met You Today In Atlanta I Had SO Much Fun, There were so many of you there :L I DEF. Gonna arange a meet up somewhere else! Had Fun Signing Your Phones Wallet etc and taking picture with you LOL

19 Apr 2011 13:40

Had Fun In L.A. In NYC for a the weekend then going to Atlanta for a few days, then back to london for easter. Then I Have To Come Back To L.A again to Finish Up some stuff with the house were buying. Im Gonna Upload some more pictures when i get back to London for those who are asking xx

15 Apr 2011 13:38

In L.A, super jetlagged, running on 3 hours of sleep :/ .......... Busy Day, Got 3 meetings this morning, then gonna go eat and do a bit of shopping at the grove, then got a house viewing, anothe meeting then attending the SCREAM4 Movie premiere

11 Apr 2011 09:06

Sitting At The Airport.....Talk About Last Minute! Flying To L.A For Some Urgent Meetings. Coming Back On Friday. Gonna Try and view some houses whilst im there!

10 Apr 2011 13:57

Got The Whole Week Off D Oh How I Need This!

09 Apr 2011 13:10

Aaaahhh I Love Having Days Off. Tanning in Hyde Park Then A little shopping in covent garden

07 Apr 2011 08:22


05 Apr 2011 12:39