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Love, lies, and the apocalypse

Mother Earth is fucked and is not particularly enjoying it

Love, at the atomic level, is an electron. Whether an electron shared, given, or stolen, is not an issue, for these are human descriptors and electrons are not human. The chemical reactions that magically create the illusion of love within the human brain require the mass transfer of these virtually massless particles. Similarly, one may state that at a quantum level, love can...Read On


Walt's worst nightmare

The door bangs open. Between thumping heartbeats, I catch a glimpse in the mirror. Black and white. A slash of red. Monstrous grinning head. I know I shouldn’t be here, should leave right now, but I’m frozen to the spot, dick clamped in shaking hand. So shocked am I, that, despite a bloated bladder, I simply cannot piss. The intruder adjusts his bow tie, cracks his white-gloved fingers...Read On


The sound of one hand wanking

'I want you to fuck my shaved cunt till it bleeds.' The words had flowed like poetry in my head, but in Comic Sans-Serif they appeared dangerously unstable. Thankfully, he didn't seem to mind, which made me wonder if he were perhaps using a different font. 'First, I'm going to eat you out then fuck your throat so deep you'll gag.' 'I'll swallow it all then bite the base of your shaft...Read On


Baby, you can buy my car

As his front wheel grazed the kerb and came to a halt, I was already kissing him. Upon opening the door and sliding from his seat, I was stripping him. By the time he had pulled himself fully upright, I was fucking him, riding him, bouncing up and down on his writhing body, his phallus embedded deep in my clenching innards, the thick, stiff shaft splitting my dripping lips. 'Hi,' the voice...Read On

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Fuck talk 1: Ourorobos

'Impress me Yes, you Standing, towering Over little me Cold drink in sweaty palm One eyeball dangling in my braless dress And one yoyo-ing from my hellish heels To split-thighed heavenliness  A goddess, yes Now, little man Tell me your dirty Fucking filthy Earthly plan!' * He straightened Pelvis tightened And I saw with my own eyes His gold belt buckle rise ...Read On

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Searing heat and dexterous feet

Extraordinarily articulate appendages engender a measure of pleasure in a steamy place of leisure

The wooden ladle felt rough between my swim-softened fingers, its grain swollen by the constant claustrophobic heat. I scooped water then drizzled it in sparkling dancing droplets that momentarily blackened the sizzling coals. A hot wave, a sensual sirocco, descended on me, taking my breath, melting my tingling skin into salty rivulets. I climbed. Hot wooden boards pressed into my buttocks....Read On



Fuck the book! Who needs a story? Glorious, gory sex is surely all that one expects...

I close my eyes and I'm there, standing naked before you. I was hard in the car as I drove here alone, hard before we got to the room, and it's painful now - I'm dying for you to touch me, dying to be inside you. Yet we stand still, looking at each other's ready vulnerability, taking in the reality and savouring the thought that we will soon be making love. My eyes fall closed again and I...Read On


Sex junkie

A dick addict; a spunk junkie

I'm high I float Angelic Psychedelic Gazing down Then terrified I slowly sink Into the void Of prickling sweat and shaking Aching joints And craving Waiting For the next fix Eyes and every orifice Red-rimmed Check my phone again The bed's a twisted bloody mess Again, again No message Nothing Darkness Fitful sleep * The door I run And cling He deals I pay With all I've got He's here He's not...Read On

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Sexual determinative nomenclature

What's in a name? Quite a lot if you look at the statistics...

It's a well-known phenomenon, scientists claim Where one's occupation is decided by one's name I've noticed it's true on several occasions And a similar thing applies in some sexual situations * e.g. * Muscle-bound Jim did cock exercises To enhance his length and strength and size as He wrongly believed a girl's satisfaction Solely stems from penile action * Phil did not truly live up to...Read On


Tunnels, Tracks, and Trains

A morning commuter encounters a handsome stranger

'May I join you?' His bass voice turned me to chocolate. Though the fragile wrapper remained pristine and professional, the heat of his gaze reduced the contents to a runny mess. I melted, sank and soaked into the seat. Almost immediately, he could have slid any part of himself into any part of me; I would have watched his limb's lascivious entry and would have sucked it clean on its dark...Read On


Monday morning fuck

A Monday morning fuck may have runny repercussions, cummy consequences, unctuous upshots...

Slowly circling Sliding down Cork-screwing Paragliding Back from pleasure's peak My heaven Bliss My favourite moment Just before I sink to kiss His eyes, his lips And take his flesh Into my depths Once more Controlled and conscious  Hold him Press and squeeze and Feel him fill my body As he fills my soul I whisper 'Did you?' 'No.' I know Forgo...Read On



Aardvark's at the front Page one And zygote's near the rear See, here But after that this dictionary's worse than Useless * Look No love But sex is everywhere A noun, to have, to be, Apparently So tied up to identity Commitment's close to shit Sense tells me otherwise Truth's here, before lies Honesty, integrity and trust Are simply absent Lust is there in...Read On


Universal Constance

Penetrated by her peerless professor, a young mathematician experiences a tantalising revelation

'Connie! Connie! Come in. You won't believe...' As the old man turned away and scuttled back into his study, his voice faded to nothing. From the bright, cold hard corridor, I stepped into a dull homely warmth, from echoes and cleaning fluid, into an anechoic cocktail of pipe smoke and coffee. The floor was tessellating redwood blocks, the furniture time-worn leather and mahogany, and the...Read On


Mercury Rising

Orbiting high above Mercury's searing surface, two secret lovers turn up the heat.

Mercury once resembled our Moon, atmosphere-free and heavily cratered. Now, a thickening orange fog shields it from the dazzling daytime sun and insulates it during the freezing night. The peelers create immense plumes of dust behind them, which, over the seven Earth years of their operation, have completely changed the planet's appearance. Mercury's gravity is so insignificant, it will...Read On


Measuring up: part 1 of four

Fresh out of uni and thousands in the red, Sally appears to land on her feet with her first ever job

The rule's coldness was reflected in its steely-grey prismatic perfection. Engraved meticulously along its length, black incremental notches numbered in unerring sequence, offered me simple yet particularly mind-boggling data. 9. No more; no less. Of course, I had heard rumour of such prodigious appendages, though this was the first I had personally encountered. I stared at the markings on...Read On


Measuring up: part 2 of four

Still thousands in the red, recently graduated Sally has to make further compromises to keep her job

10 a.m. Tuesday morning, clipboard in hand, I was boarding the Tube at Belsize Park. How did they get me to agree to this? And what were they doing meanwhile, back in our snug little set up? Fucking on the cold glass desk? Using up the free samples? The way Pam had looked at Geoff over their first morning coffee, I was almost certain they had recently become lovers. I was only grateful I'd had...Read On


Measuring Up: Part 3 of four

Already flexible, Sally's job description becomes even more so. And what is Geoff's secret?

Another Monday. Another revelation. As per usual, I was the first to speak 'When do the appointments start?' Their faces were inexplicably blank. 'You know? The guys I've been luring here for the last four weeks? When do they start turning up?' I didn't think the question overly contentious though was about to learn otherwise. Pam's wan smile stayed fixed, while her eyes rolled from me...Read On


Measuring Up: Fourth And Final Part

At last, the measuring begins, but will Sally be able to handle it?

The Monday morning meeting had been a blur. The real work started today and the realisation was almost too much. I was shaking. Doubt was nibbling me. Apprehension was chewing me. Insecurity was ripping chunks off me and swallowing them whole. 'What do you think?' Pam held up a hanger. Dangling from its black plastic shoulders was a dazzling white uniform of sorts. My big blue eyes...Read On


The lovers of Antipodei 3 (part 1 of 2)

In a distant war-torn planetary system, a lone soldier creates her own salvation

Antipodei 3. Satellite1. Rotation 9: 2347 I am Moon. I rise and fall with the tides. I turn my face to match the seasons, though I always stay the same. I am unknowable, but you will come to know about me. I am untouchable, but across time you can touch me. Without the 'you', there are no words. Without the 'you', I never existed. Thank you for finding me, for once found I know I will never...Read On


The lovers of Antipodei 3 (part 2 of 2)

In a distant war-torn planetary system, a lone soldier creates her own salvation

On the thirteenth day, scraping woke me. Scratching and scraping. From the surface end of the tunnel. Improbably fortuitously, a ship had arrived. And they were digging me out. I tapped furiously, clung to any hope. I've been so lucky, been close to death and escaped so many times - I knew a pile of rocks could never get the better of me. Another thought sobered me: even if I get out...Read On


A squirt in the hand is worth two in the bush

Timing is everything when time is of the essence

A squirt in the hand is worth two in the bush Especially if you're in a rush There's nothing more delicious nor disgusting Than a warm and sticky Slick and icky Handful of ejaculate To make you late * Party: There'll be tarty Flirty dirty Girls  A last reminder Know who owns you I do I do In the hallway Unannounced I rub you Deftly undo Whip it out and ...Read On


Elegy on watching a man wanking

I met you in the strangest place Where love is seen but has no face And played a while + We stayed an hour, a day, a week Where love is too afraid to speak And shared a smile + I risked more than I dared to lose Where love is too confused to choose And loved you when + You asked is this how we must live Where love is too afraid to give And lost you then +...Read On


When first I saw you

The fates never sleep - the next click could change your life

When I first saw you, saw you raw but saw you not, I gaped in awe; the flawless flesh a blurry fist failed to eclipse. Enlisting spit an index finger painted purple prose upon its bloody nose and glistening oozing juices snoozing sluices in my loins awoke, provoking evocations, shock incursions of my hungry meat. * And now I see you, see you whole and hold the organ in...Read On



A scratchy old 78 pithily portends the poignant resolution of a passionate affair

You say I'm merely borrowed Like in some old cliché Of a song recording sorrow In some other place, on some other day Well let me tell you, Miss I have no more time, no more love than this Please accept the half I have to give Though sad, this is the life I live * I'm not a book off some old shelf Pen, sweater or a coat I'm a person, something like yourself Just trying...Read On


Love's last quatrain

Occasionally, even little pigs may recognise pearls amid their sty

I built a poem from Lego bricks Perfection! Not a hole to fix Each room I filled with emptiness Each plastic rhyme with hopelessness * Hey, lover! (who builds poems from sticks) I built a poem from Lego bricks He read, his face - a doleful mask - Proclaimed I had not met the task * 'To beat the wolves, my lover dear Do more than to the rules adhere I built a poem from...Read On


I'm Sue and 32

A woman's body houses a simplistic mind

I'm Sue and 32 and that makes 5 She says that's right And winks the eye That says I'm special * Needs must, baby... Paper rustles Shady whispers Take care of her No marks Hear me? * Dark and warm He tickles Giggles Clumsy fingers Zips and thingies Smoky breathing Suck my titties Like a baby sucks his mummy Suck his dummy Rub it, fuckin rubbit ...Read On


Something after nine it's time

Don't lie, don't cheat, don't ride roughshod, without expecting consequences

Suck me, fuck me Give me all you've got His New World order more than  Bordering on arrogance, I glance into his Blue-eyed, square-jawed maw And wonder if he knows What's coming * I've suffered cheating, beating Prying, spying, lying In the name of liberty Abuse beyond belief I saved it all, each word, each act Each opposite exactly as he never dreamed What's coming ...Read On


Death's stealthy arrow

Bullets, blades, disaster and disease become nought beside the great deceiver's subtle weapon

I cling to speeding, spinning cones of lead That pierce the air and armour, skin and bone; Once deep inside, I ditch my deathly ride, Spread dark destruction, quell life's fragile wick. * I cleave to sharpened shards of stainless steel That separate the living from the dead. A scratch, a nick, a cut will let me in To fester in the ragged bloodied meat. * I steal by...Read On


Two minutes seven inches of Heaven

Black PVC and a sliver of diamond resurrect singular first-time memories

I remember everything single thing about it. The squealing windscreen wipers on the bus, slightly out of sync, one completing seven cycles to the other's six. Condensation streaking down my window, collecting in the rubber seal then sloshing out whenever the bus slowed, accelerated or stopped. I was cold, my polyester cardigan, short cotton dress, insignificant shoes and soggy tights...Read On


A sin begets a son begets a sin

Desperate for a child, a woman spurns her ailing husband and secretly beds a younger, fitter man

'Klara? Where are you going, my love?' 'Out. Simply out. I need some air. This house is stifling.' My husband shakes his head. 'It is getting late. I should walk with you.' 'No, my love!' I try hard not to sound too insistent. 'Finish your meal.'  Alois nods then scrapes his spoon across his plate and shovels its captured contents beneath his untidy grizzled moustache. I know he...Read On


Sex machine

Two parts of a living, loving machine assemble in the darkness.

The machine was built for pleasure. Independent of external forces, it rocked and rolled, ebbed and flowed on cushioning foam and silent springs. Touching parts were exquisitely oiled so they moved freely, yet still maintained sufficient contact. A delicious necessary friction. The machine was tireless, drew on an infinite primeval power source. Its cycles were random, yet...Read On


Imitating Art

Ira, Cole and Noël are dead; Julie London too. So I wrote this song instead and sing it just for you

The gallery was free, yet full Of endless dull Depictions with no wonder thundering In my heart or head. I stood instead And gazed within: why must my ordinary life Forever imitate art? * There! Amongst the moulded marble Art, by name  And nature, nurtured in an alien  Scrapered world for his and my mimetic sakes Bought tea and toast, taught me to see that most of life ...Read On


A Brief Encounter

Love grows, flowers and dies in a timeless, endless cycle.

The winter of your absence I hide and freeze Entombed beneath the sheets of ice  And sleep a thousand deaths * The springtime of your nascence I wake and thaw Swell and split with roots of white Shoots of the brightest sheen * The summer of your presence I thrive and bloom  Bedecked is wondrous petalled shades I burst and bear my fruit  * The autumn of your distance...Read On


A rose by any other...

I can't think of a one liner. Perhaps if I could, I would have spared us all the 66 liner below.

Big ears! he shouted and ran away Stuck out his tongue, pulled my hair all day And made me cry * Hey, is your Ellie playing out, Mrs Jones? We broke a window throwing stones And never got found out * Billy's got a girlfriend! his mates all cried No I bloody haven't! She's a liar. Ellie lied! But we held hands later * You're beautiful, gorgeous, I wish that we ... ...Read On


101 wasted words

A Roman said it in 2 words; someone else in 3: seize the day! We know it, yet still run out of ti...

We have tonight, my lover said, To write a poem A poem to write Without a wasted word? said I Said I, said I, said I * Precisely so, my lover said,  A hundred words And one besides 'Tis not enough, I fast replied 'Tis not, 'tis not enough * If love were true, my lover said, You'd need but three Just three would do But I would die for you, I said For you I'd...Read On


Day of reckoning

In love as in life, what goes up must come down

One chance Two souls Three times Forewarned Five kisses Sixth sense Seven leaven Ate all Nine and sixty Tentatively Nine tails Eight strokes Seven wonders Six kisses Five tears Forgo Three words Too late One...Read On