Erotic Poems(1)


the beast

the beast on her shoulder finally wins.

There is this beast inside me, It haunts my every thought. It entices my desires. My sometimes unwanted desires. My desires for the feeling of bliss. For his touch on my skin. His attention on my naked body. The desires I want to hide Get pulled out of me by this beast. It sits on my shoulder And taunts me. As I sit nice and calm It taunts me. Reminds me of...Read On



katrina and quinn

My name is Katrina. I'm 17; I have green eyes, long, wavy, brown hair, and I had sex with Quinn

I was lying in bed, watching a movie, when Quinn barged in. I pulled up my covers to hide fact that I was only in my bra and underwear. "Can I talk to you?" he said as he closed the door and sat on my bed next to me. Before I could answer he continued, "What do you think of girls? I mean, if you’re into them that is okay with me. I just don't want you to be afraid to tell me."   I had to...Read On


my sexy brother

a girl sees her brother in a sexual way. she explains the day where he finally feels the same way.

My little brother, Jason, and I, Nalla, have always had a special connection; we’ve been super close since the day he was born. I’m 18 now and my brother is 2 years younger than me. I grew up to be beautiful. I have long, straight, light brown hair that drapes over my back; eyes, which are a light shade of green and a thin face. I am quite slim and as I got older my boobs grew more than...Read On


the fun had just begun

bro and sis have some fun before their friend arrives. little does he know the fun has just begun

I walked down the stairs with only one thing on my mind, my brothers’ dick. I wanted him so badly and I knew all his weaknesses. I walked into the living room where John was sitting on the couch watching TV. I stood in front of my brother in my small towel I took from a hotel. It was just long enough to cover my body. He stood up and just looked at me with his sexy eyes. His hand slowly crept...Read On



my hunger grew strong

a short story of my thoughts on my friend.

Only true story. I really do get so turned on by my friend. My hunger grew every second away from him. The distance between us killed me. My heart ached for his presence and my pussy pounded at the thought of him. He was my everything and I couldn’t wait to talk to him, to see his face, to see the look in his eyes when I smile. Everything he does drives me crazy! One lonely night of...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


The Counselor

A girl doesn't realize how she would feel about him by the end of a very sexy summer.

This summer was amazing and camp was amazingly fun. Everyday I get to spend time with the sexiest person on camp grounds, Wolfgang. He is tall, built, and kind of pale. He has dark hair and eyes, and soft features that give his face a sensitive look. He is the man I dream about every night. The only problem is he is a counselor and I'm a camper and if any one knew what we did, neither of us...Read On

Straight Sex(3)


First Impressions

When she wants it, he has no choice.

She could feel the awkwardness creeping between them. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. "Something wrong?" He asked. The wind blew her hair as the car drove on. "Everything's fine." she smiled at him. They'd met only moments before but they had spoken for weeks. They knew each other well enough. She tried to start a conversation but what else was there to talk about then...Read On


His parents condo: day 1

A girl finaly meets her dream guy, things get heated pretty quickly

I arrived at the station a little lost and confused. I wasn’t sure where to go or what to do. I stood there looking around till I heard “Conny! Conny, hey!” I turned around and there he was. The guy I have been waiting to meet for a long time. John waved his hand in the air as he practically ran towards me. I smiled the second he said my name. He stopped in front of me smiling. He had the...Read On


It's Been a Long time Coming

His eyes burned through mine and I thought he could see my master plan of taking his virginity.

On a hot summer day the pool was my favorite place to be. Myfriend, John, always let me use his since I don’t have one. I was swimming laps one day when John joined me in the pool. He jumped in and stopped me from finishing my work out, not that I really work out. I usually just want a reason to be in the pool. “Hey!” he said enthusiastically. “Hi John!” I said as I returned the...Read On