alisa63's Blog Entries

18 Feb 2014 12:26

Haven't been in here in ages. Just wanted to say hey and let all my gals know I am alive. LOL

16 May 2013 09:31

I'm in the major leagues now

16 May 2013 09:31

I'm in the major leagues now

15 May 2013 06:26

Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have lives before????

06 May 2013 13:13

Tired of having my heart broken.

17 Dec 2012 13:24

Hey fellow lushies. How is everyone?

25 Jul 2012 13:41

Haven't been on in awhile. Good to see some familiar faces. Missing those who have disappeared :-(

01 Dec 2011 06:55

December 1st...time to move all the red lingerie to the front of the drawer and get in the holiday spirit.

17 Nov 2011 07:00

Felt sexy this morning...put on a black lace bra, garterbelt, g string and lace top thigh highs under my skirt suit ;-)

18 Oct 2011 10:46

I've really enjoyed spending time with a new friend on lush the past few days...xoxo

14 Sep 2011 13:24

Its amazing....even after a long absence she still takes my breath away the moment I see her.

13 Sep 2011 12:42

Wearing a sexy lace black g string myself all horny now but can't find my lover :-( where r u D???

22 Jun 2011 10:15

Hang on......I just realized its "hump day." Hehe

21 Jun 2011 06:12

I really hate when good friends disappear from Lush. :-(

16 Jun 2011 07:19

Wondering if I should go to the gym or Victorias Secret sale at lunch. Hmmmm...decisions, decisions...

13 Jun 2011 19:37

I swear......I give up!!!!!

13 Jun 2011 05:45

I never knew Daisy Fuentes made such sexy g strings...comfie too!!!

08 Jun 2011 08:11

What a great way to start my day...thanks Baby!!!!!

06 Jun 2011 07:01

Went ahead and switched my orientation to lesbian. Just no interest in guys on here. Those who know me probably aren't surprised :-)

03 Jun 2011 05:54

Oops...went a little overboard with the razor this morning...good bye landing strip.

01 Jun 2011 07:54

Its my birthday!!! Hoping to spend some time in my "birthday suit" later with a special lady :-)

31 May 2011 10:25

Damn...where is she???

27 May 2011 06:02

Yay!!! 3 day weekend. Let the drinking and effing begin. I plan to walk into work Tuessday bow legged and hungover!!!

24 May 2011 12:35

Damn girl...the bathroom stall of the locker room? So naughty!!!

20 May 2011 08:56

Girl you know what you do to me Everything inside of me is wanting you and needing you I'm so in love with you

19 May 2011 12:22

Two days in a row...are you kidding??? So sorry baby!!!

17 May 2011 06:21

My panties are giving me an awful wedgie today. I may just take them off! Hey baby...wanna help me? Xoxoxo

13 May 2011 05:39

From the moment I awake the anticipation starts to build. Can't wait to be with you again baby....xoxoxo!!!

11 May 2011 12:19

D...loved pleasuring u today!!!! Xoxo

09 May 2011 14:39

Came at work so many times today...pretty sure I could smell it on the elevator leaving the office! . Thanks to those who helped! What will tomorrow bring?