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Finally posted some pics...let me know if you like and maybe I'll post up some more. xoxo

06 May 2011 09:19

OMG...found a very special friend here on lush. She is totally rocking my world! Luv ya baby!!!

04 May 2011 11:43

Love pink!!!

02 May 2011 10:31

Spring break here I cum...yay!!!!!!!!!!

22 Apr 2011 13:22

Horney as always.

18 Apr 2011 06:51

Hungover...think I need an orgasm to cure :-)

15 Apr 2011 06:36

Thinking of going panty shopping. Any suggestions?

13 Apr 2011 13:31

I love springtime. Short skirts (panties optional).

06 Apr 2011 10:48

Trying to get a special friend on here to hook up with me but she swears she only likes guys. hmmmmm.....we shall see. You know who you

29 Mar 2011 12:15

Woke up sooooo horny this morning. I have no idea why but think I will just go with it :-)

25 Mar 2011 06:18

Ooops...haven't changed my status in a while. Yes...I did finally change my red in case u r wondering a am wearing a green g string today...and u?

11 Mar 2011 07:55

Time to start wearing me sexy red lingerie I haven't worn since xmas. Happy valentines day!

07 Feb 2011 10:12

Can't concentrate at work today...too horny!!!

25 Jan 2011 11:43

I love wearing sexy red lingerie at this time of year.

14 Dec 2010 07:22

What a lovely afternoon with my new little sister visiting me at my office. Thank you to Madam Katland for facilitating the encounter. Helen_Bunny, I can't wait to chat again soon. Xoxo

30 Aug 2010 14:28