Love Poems(7)


Between US

So two dimensional between us This distance between us Leaves me hanging in the moment Uncertainty clutters my vision Can’t trust this raw emotion Running right below everything I allow you to see of me These games are just masks For another reason Between what we want And what I see right in front of me You lick your lips Leaving me longing to be On the other side – pushing right...Read On



Can’t seem to find the answer I search so deeply for Peace is a hard fought dream A recurring circle I am running in These struggles tear me from within Baring pieces of me I want to hide from Yet you see me Right through the pain The level of shame Staining my reflection I look upon Wish I could use your senses To taste this skin I am Forced to be within Maybe then...Read On



What am I supposed to say When you’re so happy in your space And I am here – choking on every thing Besides, wouldn’t matter what I have to say You find your own answers anyway No matter how deep I dig No matter what I share It only penetrates you If it is something you want to hear They say, ‘You rarely find something true’ Somehow I thought I found that with you Must...Read On


In Between

In between the beauty you see And all I hold back for me Is the draw I pull on We are so fresh, so clean, so new No hurt feelings laying Beneath all that we share It's such a crystal color green No bitter taste to choke down Trying to forget The easy mistakes we both Will eventually make For me, it's the reason I keep coming back Intertwining, intermingling Feeling the ebb and flow...Read On


Roll You

Here I am sinking Into the depths of you and I, A world so carefully crafted In this one sighted mind. Feel myself burning from deep within, Like a brand new place Never before found Such a tender pace I want you in. I feel so free to be All of the shattered pieces of me Uncovered by your insightful vision of me I tremble as your words fall in On this heart of mine Wish...Read On


Silent Observer

I watch you – breaking at the bend Hurting more than you’ll ever let me see I feel your heart breaking in front of me As your face masks it all All I can do is be a witness – sitting on the sidelines Taking in all of your self-destructive ways Surprised I don’t wear scars on my face From the tears I always seem to taste Cause I am right here – feeling you – even though You think you’re on...Read On


Soulful Dreamer

Never mind me I am such a soulful dreamer Often I make more than there is Building my castles so much bigger Than I’ve ever been able To live within Baby, I paint with such broad strokes This color wheel of mine Has been mixed so often Can’t tell my white from my grey I am not made of the common things You find so often in another My insides come apart different ...Read On