The Party

A woman gets a surprise at a party!

Coming out onto the balcony, hoping for some fresh air, you inhale the night wind and sigh. The party back inside is still in full swing and although it is a good party as parties go, you cannot help but feel slightly frustrated and mildly horny. There are a lot of new faces back inside, but none of them so much as made eye contact with you. You gaze out over the courtyard as the wind picks...Read On

Erotic Poems(2)



The tempest outside was unleashing her passion Without a thought for your turtleneck fashion. So both caught short, you hastened on in, To the pub where I was drinking my tonic and gin. A massive log fire, protruded her heat, To all of the patrons who were having a seat. You both sat down gratefully and ordered your round As the first rumbles of thunder started to sound. You...Read On



She lay there gently sleeping, her breath was quiet but sound. The night too hot for covers, I was staring at her mound. She always raised a quiver when sleeping or awake, but gazing upon her at that time, was more than I could take. I slowly walked on over and gazed upon my Venus. It was time to give a loving gift that did not involve my penis. I gently...Read On

Love Poems(37)


Love's Dance

A man reflects back to the beginning of his relationship

The silence bore a beat. The lonely sound, at last unbound. The fleeting catch of eyes, lent a desperate glare, to the sensual air. The music joins the throng. The violin committing sin. It slowly rapes your soul. That haunting sound, rips you abound. So please cast your mind right back to the start. With the beat of the tempo, the beat of your heart and...Read On



A small poem about a compass

Life is a thirty two point compass, all heading in different ways. You make the choices that you do and live like this your days. Each decision leads another thirty two, because you can always then go back. But the path gets more complicated, as the turns begin to rack. When our compasses intertwined, an orbit they did make, Each decision made together, and the same...Read On


Angel Of Innocence

You're a study in contradiction, Strong yet battling deep affliction, Hippolyte meets Euridice. You can bring the sun with a single glance, A knight would lower down his lance Your token, he would make all the world see So why are you so sad inside? What demons are trying to hide? How can I just help them go away? I'm here and I will never go. Let them just fade and know, ...Read On

Recommended Read

Love on the phone

What dream did she appear from? This Sidhe like elven sprite. She bewitches me by daytime, And each and every night. Her humbleness deceiving. She wields almighty powers. Words no longer necessary. I could gaze for hours and hours. She gives me just enough To keep me hard, servile. And when I start to waver, She gifts that special smile. She gives the strength...Read On


Ms Moore

In Guildford's sweet hills, her grasses I lay. The summer was golden, a beautiful day. I was reading a book that I had not read before. When I first laid my eyes on the lovely Miss Moore. She was wearing a skirt the colour of night, her hair was all flowing, a wonderful sight and when she bent down to lock her car door, I first glanced the calf of the sexy Miss Moore. She lay...Read On

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The paper is empty. The pen lays alone. The words non-delivered. No anything shown. For how can I write now she’s walked away? My words have dried up. I have nothing to say. I needed her grace, her body, her mind, to show me the meaning of all that I find. She once said she loved me. She coloured my soul. My teacher, my mistress, my journey, my goal. ...Read On


End of an affair

The memories of things never happened. The desires that were shared in our mind. The laughter conjured from nothing. The touches that weren’t, left behind. Wondering how it is I am losing. When I remember not taking part. Thoughts of the rift make it larger. My inners being rendered apart. Insanity looms now and beckons. Me to partake in her game. The wound being...Read On


if you are not there

If you are not there, how can I stare at the moon's crescent? If you are not present, how can the sun shine down? How will I lose this frown? What words to say? If you are away. If you are away, how can I stay alive and well? How can I tell, if you were ever true? Or was a different you, slowly scheming, whilst I was dreaming? Whilst I was dreaming, you were seeming to be faithful to me,...Read On


The day

The world was dark, as black as night.  I walked in shame. But in my life, glowing brightly,  you just came. I knew that nothing, could ever really,  be the same. On the day you met me. You took my hand and pulled me up,  you dried my eye. We gently kissed, I wet your lips,  which once were dry. We loved for hours underneath  the open sky. On the day you took me. We bought...Read On


The Lyre

A lady buys a Lyre

I'd been sitting in a shop window,  waiting ages for a buyer. I was simply out of fashion then. I was a simple wooden lyre. My strings were plucked a hundred times, and were fastly growing worn. My music of a bygone age, my varnish looked forlorn. I had given up hope of being used, the way I was created. Who would want to play something, That looked so worn and dated? Then a ray...Read On


Lantern in the dark

My world died as I felt you remove yourself. My heart was torn from my body, By a rusty teaspoon of broken promise and unfulfilled want. The world was no longer for me, Just for those lucky enough to still have a soul. My spirit whisked onto the funeral pyre of futility, Thinking that this vacuum would be my sole habitat forever. I never saw it coming. I was as blind as Sulla, ...Read On


Dance Me

A man has a night in with his lover.

The candlelight is flickering. We sit here face to face. The music playing softly. I am lost in time and space. Our eyes are fixed and glowing. I sense your soft desire. I reach to you, we gently kiss and feel the sudden fire. Otis's soul is soaring, singing of losing love. Your hand it falls into my lap  and enfolds me like a glove. Your hand it holds and grips me, you slowly start...Read On



A man longs for a stranger

Every single morning, For three weeks now or more.  You are sitting at the station,  In the same place as before.  You never see my glances.  You never feel my eyes.  You never know how much I want,  To hear your tender sighs.  My mind it starts to wander,  As you lose yourself in books;  A new one every day it seems,  oblivious of my looks.  You are not the world's best looker.  ...Read On

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A man loves

Through clouds of fantasy. I touch you. The world holds its breath for a second, a snapshot in time, forever remembered. The rustle of silk dropping to the floor, showing your pale skin in the moonlight. My tongue salivating at your innocent glance, as you reveal yourself. A maiden of grace, of beauty. That first kiss as some things soften, some become harder under...Read On


You row away

A man watches his love leave

This boat trip was once beautiful, but now you row away. Is there anything more that I can do to make you want to stay? I gave all the love I carried and made you feel so wanted. Did this love just smother you, or did you just take it for granted? Could I have done things differently? Was there any more to give, or are we destined now to part, so you finally can live? ...Read On


She walks with me

A man takes stock of his relationship

When I am tired, she walks with me to catch me if I fall.  She helps me carry all my ills,  with no complaint at all. When I am scared, she cuddles me  and gives the strength I crave.  A man can suffer these times too,  where he’s feeling less than brave. When I am tender, she showers me with all her gentle love.  She shows me feelings not ever known.  A gift from there, above. When I...Read On


A Night In

A man spends a night in with his lover.

Taking your wine glass from you, I put it on the side. I raise you up upon your feet And brush your hair aside. Etta’s singing softly, About her love at last. We slowly start to move our hips. The die is gently cast. I lightly clasp your chin now And gently start to kiss. Your mouth opens up beneath my own and we stand awhile like this. With lowered hand upon your back, ...Read On


The Want

A man forgets for a moment.

Corporeal and cerebral; A siren of the net.  Is this a dance we are having,  or a thing to forget? Enticing and escaping; Words arouse and enthrall. My senses are filled.  I see colour in all. Grace and tenderness; My heart is undone. No point now in hesitance.  The race is now won. Scintillating and Undulating, Hypnotic, refined;  My cock is transfixed and so is my mind. ...Read On


How can we?

A man questions his lush-life.

How can we face this uncertainty, Running in its maze of dead ends? Fraught with the unknown. Hiding in shadows. How can we get past these barriers? Solid yet imagined, Holding back our passion, And burdening our spirits. How can we unleash our true nature? Simmering passion yet hindered. Truths of years waiting to be unbridled. Unsure, but steadfast in our unity. How can we love as we...Read On

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If this is

A man contemplates his relationship.

If this is your love; Let me feel its feathery touch. Let me wallow in its truthfulness. Let me run in its openness. Let me feast in its vibrancy. If this is your grace; Let me postulate at its purity. Let me inhale its truth. Let me embrace its virginity. Let me wash in its shroud. If this is your passion; Let me embrace its ferocity. Let me suck in its maelstrom. ...Read On



A man discovers himself

Hidden in the darkness, Protected by a shell.  The seed that was my heart,  Was wallowing in hell. He could never blossom, In the place where darkness reigns.  No sun could reach his outer.  No strength could break his chains. Women laughed and pointed,  At his foolish, fallen pride.  They jeered at him and spat,  Because to them he often lied. His fate was well deserved. I am not...Read On


Is this me?

A short love poem

Is this my body? Alone, apart from the tapping of keys, Unlocking your soul and spirit across the ether, Bowed by your elegance and fuelled by desire. Is this my desire? Words that arouse and stimulate my mind. Turning my body into a priaptic state. Wishing for, but knowing the futility of distance and dreams. Is this my dream? Wanting to ease your burden and brighten your face. Feeling...Read On


Let Me

A man wonders if he has found the One

Let me love you my darling, for I have to see, Whether these feelings are real or just fantasy. Whether, you are the one my body has craved, Or just another soul that needs to be saved. Are you the one? That elusive grail, or another cheap lover, who's destined to fail? Are you the one who will lead my heart on, To places where, the sun never shone? If you are not false,...Read On



A short look at the whole good guys vs bad boys debate.

Now gather ye round, All you men, young and old, For mine is a tale, You’ll seldom be told. Oh darling, I love you. Please promise you’re true, And I will spend all my life, Loving no-one but you. You have been told women, With their puppy dog eyes, Want treating like royals, But it’s all fucking lies. I’m a lady, who needs love, Needs intellect...Read On


The Player

A player opens up.

Alone in the dark, I get to reminisce, About the girls that I used and the ones I just kissed, The notches too high, the hearts that I have torn, Without a care in the world I gave them my scorn. There should be a special pit of hell, for the man I have been, The way I treated them all was obscene. I fucked them, screwed them and broke all their hearts, Without a bit of...Read On



A light-hearted poem from an ex-player

To put it into perspective, It seems my prime directive Is to be a little more selective When parking Percy in a hole. It's just he gets excited When by a filly he’s invited To be orally delighted, And rubbed onwards to his goal. But the way forward is monogamy, At the risk of my ignominy, And darling, just to let you see, That you will be the only one. So I will stop being...Read On


The one and only you

Self awareness leading to love.

I have spent all these years, Full of nothing but tears, Devoid of emotion, Intimacy,commotion. An island in time but the fault is all mine. My heart truly believed, but was always deceived, that there could be a one, my light and my sun. As the years fast did roll, I relinquished this goal. I had sex for its sake, but no ties would I make. Devoid of feeling. ...Read On


Le petit déjeuner parfait

A man eats out for breakfast

Waking in the morning and seeing you asleep Hair tousled and breasts gently rising and falling Enshrouded in a silken cocoon My hunger rises, I have not eaten today But my breakfast is always better eaten out Slowly licking your toes Their taste divine, salinity with a hint of lavender Tongue rolling between them and taking them slowly into my mouth Like a...Read On

Recommended Read

You and I alone

A pair of lovers meet

You and I alone After months of deliberate solitude Wanton waves of desire below a calm surface of politeness Red Wine is shared and sipped gracefully as I grow under my outer layer The silence of a thousand words resonates between us You unwrap your skin for my viewing pleasure Taking control of the dance and the tempo I follow suit, struggling over sought...Read On


Can you?

A short poem

Can you feel it inside, this heat and this flame? Can you tell what it is? Can you speak its name? Will you put up your guard to keep it at bay? Endlessly fighting the inevitable away? Does my intensity frighten? Is my ardour too much? Can you feel the sparks fizzle each time that we touch? Will you let them caress you, and feed on their power? Or will you shun them and let their vibrancy sour?...Read On



I knew straight away, That something was starting. A bright flash of light,  And darkness departing. My heart in my lungs, As I struggled to breathe. My mind waking up,  With magic you weave. Your prose holds me captive,  Your laughter, your grace.  The glint in your eye.  The warmth of your face. You gently reached out,  And took hold of my soul.  You fed it, you kissed it,  You remade...Read On



A man reminisces.

In my darkest hour, when all hope had died, And nothing was left to feel inside. No love, no soul, no heart, no light, I was as barren as the Gobi’s night. I felt myself drawn to a place, By the tendrils of your reaching grace. It started with just a ten minute chat, By the end I was hooked, it's as simple as that. Your intelligence nurtured, your love gave me breath, ...Read On


If there was

If there was a woman more elegant, I must have blinked and missed her. My body never felt her warming breath. My lips had never kissed her. If there was a mind more curious, A need to learn each day, I never had the privilege, To help it on its way. If there was a body more inviting, Its treasures I never tasted, I never chanced to make it come,  So its beauty would be...Read On


Goodbye my Love

A man reluctantly leaves his lover

Goodbye my love, I'm leaving, I'll be gone when you arise. Your perfect form still sleeping, tears now in my eyes. Your body still breathtaking, as your breasts gently rise and fall. My tongue will no longer be tasting you, my love, my life, my all. We met when you were hurting, I fell quickly, and fell deep. Your intellect and elegance, made me take the leap. I thought that I...Read On



Lust comes calling

I am the passion and desire you feel when you're alone. I'm the breeze in the darkness, the feeling unknown.  I'm the fleeting shadow on your window ledge. I'm the touch of your bud that sends you over the edge. I own you, I feed your want and desire. I keep you awake when you're starting to tire. I'm the fingers you use when you're in bed all alone. I'm the juice that flows as you...Read On


My tongue trails down....

Oral sex with a loved one

My tongue trails down your body. Its left your warm embrace, I'm gently heading southwards now I've finished with your face.  I tease around your neck. My teeth they gently bite. I nibble and I lick you there, as I continue on my flight.  Your shoulder now is tasted. Its licked and gently kissed. You shiver in anticipation of the next part of this tryst.  Your nipples hard to greet me, as...Read On



A young sub awaits her punishment!

Hands behind your back, securely tied. Blindfold attached, legs slighly wide. Your gown feels heavy, your nipples hardened, The next few minutes will see if you're pardoned. You feel his approach, his cologne you can sense, Your lips start to moisten, your body you tense, Your hem is pulled upwards, your buttocks are shown, You tighten them quickly, your punishment known, ...Read On

Love Stories(1)


Tuscan Break

The first meeting of an on-line lover.

The warm Tuscan sun had finally moved gracefully on her way leaving the air to freshen with the onset of evening. I knew that you would be here soon from your arduous flight from New York and my heart skipped a beat in anticipation. I had already been here for a day and a half to acclimatise to the weather, glad that I had left the English rain and wind behind. I had been shopping in the...Read On