Straight Sex(2)


The bus ride

on the way to work

a story I have started         hope you like          well after loosing my licence to drive because of drinking I had to catch public transport which on a good day was packed with inconsiderate people and was running late.   The trains never on time and I was leaving for work at 6am instead of my normal 8am.           My wife was angry at my stupidity and thought I deserved what I got,after...Read On


the bus ride[2]

the bus ride gets to the end

As we approached the next stop she jumped off and for reasons that I cant explain so did I,I hurried to catch up to her ,as I did she turned saying "oohhh so you would like to loin me"with an evil look in her eye we walked down the street turning into a small plaza ,Sue pointed to a little cafe saying "come on lets have a coffee So we found a table and ordered coffee and a bit of cake...Read On