Love Poems(6)


Cum on my own

to make you cum and cum on my own!!

Even when all around me dry out, still fells wet, Like an oasis in the desert keeps the liquid. Like a drop of drew over the hardest rock, remains with joy. My tongue always has a drop of it, a wet lust. The wholeness it has, I can feel within, The calmness it has, I can feel within, You see that’s why when I suck, I get hard You see that’s why when I lick, I get hard You...Read On


Dribbling through Juicy land!

All it intends to make a flood of love through your honey land!!

It’s craving within, like stones carry fountains. It’s biting me within, like woodchoppers chop. I live, I walk, I do, yet no fun. Yet nothing to have, until you are there beside me. I feel the rushing waves, I see the falling stars. I hear the murmurs, I dream the desires. When you put your lips on mine, it’s drizzling honey. When you put your tongue into mine, it’s digging...Read On


Only to Put into Me

It's dry all around, It's hard all around! It's dark all around, It's dust all around! Make me wet in the rain of love, make me feel it; Make me see in the eyes of love, make me feel it. My mouth is waiting, my hands are craving, My heart is pounding, my legs are throbbing. Let there be the night, let there be the time; Let there be the shiny drips of memory. Oh, my dear!...Read On


Same very Bed!

Dealing with bodies ignoring the soul.

We live together, so close to each other So deep the loving; in between Yet, how close we really can keep together? Walking alike, yet; the path is unknown. Think alike, yet; don’t think us as one. Being prisoned by walls, don’t make us shout out of hatred- Dealing with bodies ignoring the soul. Boundaries of bindings being torn into pieces; Yet a bed is the destiny at...Read On


Tiny Poems (for a cell phone)

Dreaming happens to be a sin

The moon bloomed, removing gloom- Weeping tears, hopes arise. Hoped to keep dreams in sleepy eyes; May all pain be washed by waves of moonlight!! Dreaming happens to be a sin; Grievous Crime!! ...Read On


Tiny poems-2 (for cell phone)

Was it mistaken that we met?

Leaves shade, flowers shade Was it mistaken that we met? Time flies, river flows Fate put me around which strings! Think now, think then, think forever What If I lose!! ...Read On