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Topic Female recording artist needed
Posted 07 Jun 2014 00:09

Hey ladies! Do you have a sexy voice? I am looking for a lady to make a few recordings for me and some of my friends. In return, I will happily make recordings for you. You can send me a script to read from, or I can make something up for you :) I do quite a few accents, and I can digitally manipulate my voice to suite your fancy, like I have done in the story below.

Your Playtime - you can find it on my profile :)

Here are my rules:

No money will change hands between you or I (Payment will only be accepted in erotic tender)

I will send you scripts to read from, and will tell you how I want it read. You will do the same for me.

Although I am well versed in every aspect of kink, there are some topics I WILL NOT RECORD. Things like scat, necrophilia, mutilation... these hold no interest for me.

If you would like to audition for this erotic partnership, here's what I need from you:

A quality sample of what your voice sounds like. The sample can be about whatever, but erotica is preferred.

A list of your sexual interests and a list of erotica you dislike or are unwilling to record.

Feel free to post your replies below, or send me a private message at

Remember, this is a simple exchange of vocal talent, and like all sexual diversions... it might be fun :)