Where Do I Know You From?

What happens when a stolen nude photo of her ends up online.

Once, as a joke, a female friend took a picture of me with a digital camera as I stood naked in her bathroom after a shower. We laughed about it and forgot its existence. Several years later, while I was doing some shopping at our local mall, I noticed a man seated on one of the benches staring at me as I browsed through the discount bin in front of the bookstore. He alternated between...Read On



This Could Work

They arrive at an unorthodox, but workable, solution.

1 When my best friend Eileen told me about her financial problems that day at the Senior Center I barely gave it a second thought before offering her a room. After all, Don, my late husband, had left me very comfortably fixed. I was the solitary dried up old bean rattling around in that three thousand square foot house so why not make it two old beans? "Oh Grace," Eileen said, "that's very...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


The Case of the Curious Clitoris

Carlotta hires a private dick to solve the mystery

1 “I’m not hard-boiled, I’m just hard,” I said, adjusting my trousers. It was another one of those days in the naked city. “A hard man is good to find,” Carlotta said, adjusting her cleavage. In her case décolleté was a misnomer. Disrobed was more appropriate. “And I suspect that only a hard man can solve my problem.” My name is Lance. I’m a private dick. A gumshoe. A flatfoot. I’ve...Read On