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i live on the edge of the desert with my boyfriend and 2 huge dogs and plan to be a teacher.

i am very happy and would never consider cheating on him and i do not chat privately with guys, so, no need to ask

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In a Relationship
New Mexico, United States
the more sensual lighter side of bdsm.... light restraints, blindfolds, spanking, wax, ice.... some careful exhibitionism

have not been with another girl, but would if we got on well, Mike knew and was ok with it, she is relatively sane, and completely disease free
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friend recommended the xanth series and i am enjoying them a lot
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dont have the time to read much so dont really have any favorites
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some sci fi, some thrillers.... no slashers
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i am now in an oldies phase... listening to late sixties to late 70s
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24 Nov 2010
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19 Nov 2015 (5 days ago)
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Topic: can you do it?
Posted: 31 Dec 2013 01:29

A while ago I asked you if you could cum on command, when a guy said cum, you could.

This is a little different.

My boyfriend and I love light BDSM and controlling and all and recently he has tried to introduce something new.

He has said I am "not allowed" to cum until he says it's ok.

Well if he is using our horsehair flogger on my tits and pussy, if my clit is riding that cock just right, if we are doggy and he is pulling my hair and slapping my ass, when that wave starts rolling it is going to crash! I may be able to slow it down and/or delay it a bit, but there is no stopping it!

Of course, he decides I should be spanked then, which is ABSOLUTELY fine by me, I love it.

I wonder though, is it that I have no self control? Is it something that can be controlled?

Can you control when you cum? Can you hold off until being told to?

Topic: A Mind of its own?
Posted: 22 Sep 2013 01:51

The oddest thing happened today.

I was checking our thermal curtains to see if it was time for their annual trip to the cleaners. Nothing special at all, just having a look to see. Moving around I felt like the shorts I was wearing was kind of rubbing a bit pleasurably. I felt like I was turned on.

I had a feel and I was wet. Not damp, moist, but WET.

I thought what the hell! Since when did checking out whether curtains needed cleaning get me hot!

After some consideration I remembered that the last few days, my boyfriend and I had been getting home about the same time, which was not common for us, and that we had been having some damn good stress relieving sex shortly after. And it was around that time that I had been messing with the curtains.

I wonder, can arousal come around a certain time just because sexual activity had been happening then the last few days then?

pavlov's pussy?

Has this happened to any of you?
A) Found yourself aroused when nothing sexual is going on? and

B) If so, has it sometimes happened when maybe you have been doing something sexual at around that time before?

Topic: Can you REALLY feel it?
Posted: 13 Mar 2013 02:16

Something I been wondering (and have no idea why!) ...

I seem to come across fairly often in stories here is the phrasing of a guy having this feeling of cum "churning in balls" or "boiling" or "working its way".

Can you really feel this or is it maybe psychological as you feel yourself getting very close to orgasm and/or maybe feeling the balls "tighten" rather than any actual fluid moving around in preparation for orgasm?

Topic: I can't be the only one..
Posted: 08 Jan 2013 06:02

I discovered that fucking while still pretty dry to be an extremely intense experience.

I am talking about very slow, yet deep. NOT hard/fast/usual

The feeling is incredible. It is like you can feel every fold inside being stretched and pulled. The friction is an exquisite torture.

It can't last long. Maybe a minute at most. The intense feelings are so arousing that I am wet very quickly. And it has to be pretty sudden otherwise anticipating the moment will start the juices going.

Thing is, I have never seen this talked about (if it has here, I have missed it) anywhere.

I can't be the only one that likes this. Have any of you tried it and liked it?

Topic: Lush Matching Photo Game:
Posted: 08 Jan 2013 05:58


hanging on

Topic: Is it better for your women to be soft, natural, and rounded or?
Posted: 08 Jan 2013 05:57

I'll take soft and round and natural over skinny

I object to this. I'm not singling you out. Even the title of the post by putting "or" after round and natural implies that trim/skinny is unnatural.

I stay trim, fit, healthy, and exercise because I like how I feel when I am. I like that I don't have any problem with taking the stairs if there is a line at the elevator. I like how my clothes fit and make me feel. I like the energy that I have in bed.

Should I find myself putting on a couple pounds more than the few pounds that I usually fluctuate, I don't do anything unnatural like throw up in the bathroom or get diet pills. I don't even change how I exercise.

I just put the fork down sooner. I don't go hungry, I just eat less, lay off the ice cream and junk and in a few days or so, I am where I want to be again.

If you want to be round/curvy/big or if you prefer a girl that is, that is a choice you have every right to make, but it doesn't make it any more natural than the choice to be trim/fit.

you make a good point about the implications of the title but you have to concede that the media these days is ramming an unhealthy image of what women are expected to look like.

i do like to see curves on a woman myself.

I have not seen the media ramming unhealthy images of women at all.

I can concede that 95% or more of women on television and in movies are of the trim, fit, slender figure. But that certainly does not make them unhealthy. Nor does it make such a woman any more unnatural as the gist of some replies imply.

Topic: Does it happen to you?
Posted: 17 Dec 2012 05:38

I was a little early getting to the first class I teach, when I saw this fairly tall guy take his seat and just as he sat he got back up real quick, moved around a little then sat back down.

For some crazy reason I thought, I wonder if he sat on his balls. Of course, I couldn't ask him.

The way them things hang down like that, I figure it has to happen once in a while.

Does it? Do you guys sometimes sit on your balls? That must hurt like hell if you do.

Topic: Happy birthday United States Marine Corps
Posted: 10 Nov 2012 00:51

Thank you for everything you do and have done for us.

Semper Fidelis

Topic: Sensuality
Posted: 18 Sep 2012 14:03


Topic: Spanking pictures!
Posted: 18 Sep 2012 14:00


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Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
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