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i live on the edge of the desert with my boyfriend and 2 huge dogs and plan to be a teacher.

i am very happy and would never consider cheating on him and i do not chat privately with guys, so, no need to ask

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In a Relationship
New Mexico, United States
the more sensual lighter side of bdsm.... light restraints, blindfolds, spanking, wax, ice.... some careful exhibitionism

have not been with another girl, but would if we got on well, Mike knew and was ok with it, she is relatively sane, and completely disease free
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friend recommended the xanth series and i am enjoying them a lot
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dont have the time to read much so dont really have any favorites
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some sci fi, some thrillers.... no slashers
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i am now in an oldies phase... listening to late sixties to late 70s
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24 Nov 2010
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23 Aug 2016 (5 days ago)
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Topic: Puff - how would you react
Posted: 28 May 2016 14:08

Fucking is messy, sweaty, and noisy.

Farts are next to impossible to hold and really with the smell of sex going on any fart smell is lost and I haven't noticed.

Probably the most common body noise is queefing (is that spelled right) due to air being trapped and released during vigorous penetration.

If anyone lets farts/queefs during sex bother them or stop them, they are either inexperienced, immature, or both.

Just my <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/my2cents.gif" alt="My 2 cents">

Topic: Can You Tell a Difference?
Posted: 26 May 2016 13:43

I am talking about when fully aroused and not about to ejaculate.

See, that is why I specifically asked it this way.

At the point of orgasm or just about to, it is very noticeable.

But, have you noticed any difference in your cock or partner's pussy before that point, and again, when fully aroused.

Topic: Can You Tell a Difference?
Posted: 26 May 2016 09:41

I love cock.

Perhaps that helps in the way I am able to see and feel variations in the dimensions of my boyfriend's cock. I have also noticed it in past boyfriends.

I am talking about when he is fully aroused and not about to ejaculate.

There are times when I know it is a little bit thicker and/or longer.

I can feel the difference in my hands, mouth, and perhaps it is because I have been practicing kegel exercises for years now, I can feel the difference inside me. Even though it is not much.

Can you guys tell when your cock is varying in dimension?

Also, have you noticed a difference in your partner's pussy? Not talking about amount of lubrication or result of different positions. I mean say a difference in dimension of the clit or lips or such?

Topic: power of spoken phrases and words
Posted: 01 May 2016 07:10

Wasn't sure if this had been done before.

Over the weekend, boyfriend was out of town and before he had left our work schedules and other stuff had made it about 2 weeks since we had sex and I was horny as hell.

Well we ended up having some awesome phone sex and I loved listening to him tell me what he would do to me if I was there.

It got me to thinking about the different things he sometimes says that are just like an instant turn on.

I realized that the sexiest thing I love hearing him say is "You are MINE" .

When he says that in that low sexy possessive growl, it is like flipping a switch and I start to get so hot and wet.

Is there any phrases or words that just make you melt? That turns you into a horny slut whenever you hear it? If so what is it?

Topic: Are you more open here on Lush than in life with
Posted: 23 Apr 2016 18:52

Not meaning to be pedantic here, simmer.

The topic isn't if you are open on lush, it is are you MORE open on lush THAN with your lover.

If you are, why are you not communicating your needs and desires with your lover as much as you do on an internet forum?

If someone is AS open or less open in an artificial environment, I could see no problem at all.

But to be more so, as I said seems useless and self defeating.

Topic: Are you more open here on Lush than in life with
Posted: 23 Apr 2016 13:48

Absolutely not.

What on earth good would it do to tell a bunch of relatively anonymous strangers what my needs and desires are rather then tell my lover and achieve them!

If you cannot communicate what you need and desire with your actual lover then there is a problem with yourself that you need to fix.

Now if you are telling him/her of them, and they are not willing and/or able to work with you to fulfill them, then you need to make the decision of whether the relationship is worth continuing.

But to express your needs and desires more openly with strangers rather than the one person you SHOULD be telling, well that is as useless and self defeating as faking orgasms.

Topic: Do you like feeling horny?
Posted: 23 Apr 2016 07:06

I love the feeling of being aroused.

It happens so easy too.

Sometimes I just think about my boyfriend and I can feel my panties getting damp.

He gets me aroused so easily too. It can be just a look. A few words. A touch. And my body starts reacting with wanting him.

While anticipation and teasing and getting aroused while dancing or sharing a romantic dinner or such can be wonderful and have me aching to feel his cock, fingers, kisses, I know that before long we can fuck our brains out and I can relieve the ache.

I don't want to get aroused without him and without being able to relieve the arousal with him.

If I know I will be with him, it is a great feeling of anticipation that I know will enhance the orgasms later. It doesn't even need to be physical contact, which of course is the best. But, if I know that I will be able to share it with him such as phone sex or cam sex or even just text sex, then I love the feeling of being aroused.

If I know I wont be able to share some sort of release with him, then it is just frustrating and uncomfortable.

Soaked panties and swollen pussy and hard nipples rubbing against clothes is just irritating then. Maybe it is like the equivalent of blue balls or something.

Topic: Would you forgive your partner/spouse for cheating? Would you rather they did not tell you?
Posted: 18 Apr 2016 20:14

The Miriam-Webster definition of forgive is:

"to stop feeling anger toward someone who has done something wrong"

To hold onto anger is like a festering sore that will eventually turn septic.

It might not happen right away, but, I would eventually have to forgive for my own peace of mind and well being.

That being said, if my partner cheats, that would be the end of the relationship.

One of the key components of a healthy relationship is trust.

Cheating destroys the trust. If you would not do it with your partner's eyes on you and/or without the partner knowing, than doing it is cheating (obviously that is within common sense, not talking about taking a crap or something).

Let say you stay with a cheating partner. How could you ever keep from thinking that the next time they are 45 minutes late, the next time they end a phone call as you enter the room, the next time a conversation between partner and someone else ended just as you got there, etc etc , that they aren't fucking around. The doubt will always be in the back of your head.

How do you keep from that? You could have them account for every minute of the day you are apart. Phone them every hour and they must answer after 2 rings. Check the car mileage after every trip. Always keep an eye on them constantly at a party. Check and smell their clothes and body every time they come back. And so on, and so on. Neither party can continue like that.

I wouldn't be able to live like that and who would want to.

The relationship will turn toxic and full of resentment for the cheater and cheatee.

Topic: He doesn't give me orgasms
Posted: 07 Apr 2016 09:25

He doesn't give me orgasms

For some reason hearing this has become a peeve of mine.

I have never felt it was his job alone to give me an orgasm.

Well, let me clarify, I mean while fucking. Not oral. I don't know enough about anal as I do not want to try that.

No matter what position we are in while fucking, if I am not getting the right stimulation, if his cock is not hitting the right spots to orgasm, then I move. I work my hips and angles and I use kegel muscles that I have exercised twice a day for years to get what I need. Even if I am tied up (not completely immobile mind you), I still work to get what I need as well as provide my own efforts during the act.

I consider my orgasms during intercourse to be the work of us both. The same for his orgasms. I work to make his as awesome as my own.

It is a given that the guy does most of the work in most positions, but if you are not achieving orgasms, I don't see that it is necessarily his blame.

I realize that there are circumstances where no matter what the effort you put into it, orgasm may not be achieved in intercourse... micro penis, premature ejaculation, liquor dick, etc. I am talking about if those issues are not present.

While I am what I consider sexually submissive, I will still let my boyfriend know what I need if I am not getting it.

Do you feel it is your partner's job to give you an orgasm (while fucking)? How active are you in your orgasms? If you are'nt having orgasms, what are you trying in order to have them?

Topic: can you do it?
Posted: 31 Dec 2013 01:29

A while ago I asked you if you could cum on command, when a guy said cum, you could.

This is a little different.

My boyfriend and I love light BDSM and controlling and all and recently he has tried to introduce something new.

He has said I am "not allowed" to cum until he says it's ok.

Well if he is using our horsehair flogger on my tits and pussy, if my clit is riding that cock just right, if we are doggy and he is pulling my hair and slapping my ass, when that wave starts rolling it is going to crash! I may be able to slow it down and/or delay it a bit, but there is no stopping it!

Of course, he decides I should be spanked then, which is ABSOLUTELY fine by me, I love it.

I wonder though, is it that I have no self control? Is it something that can be controlled?

Can you control when you cum? Can you hold off until being told to?

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Amber thanks so much for the friend add. I hope we have the opportunity to chat soon.
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Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
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Hi Amber. Thank you so much for adding me as a friend xxx Leesa

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Thanks so much for adding me.

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