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Just started a new album of Sexy Bondage pics/gifs, check them you

31 Oct 2013 07:56

New pics up, tell me what you think!

15 Oct 2013 09:46

Would love some sexy pics/gifs from all my lushy friends the hotter the better.

06 Aug 2013 08:13

This would totally be me if I had a desk job

15 Jun 2013 08:04

Newest story is out. I would love if all of you check it out and let me know what your think

07 Jun 2013 08:08

Hey everyone. New story coming out soon. All I am telling you is brother/sister, bondage, and blackmail. What a great combination Stay tuned

01 Jun 2013 08:04

How everyone has a very merry christmas

24 Dec 2012 05:48

New picture, Lemme know what you think

05 Aug 2012 22:29

Contest over Stay tuned for more.

05 Aug 2012 22:05

Time for a little contest I love getting sexy pics and gifs, so I want all of you to post a comment or send me a message with a sexy gif or pic you think I might like. In a week or so I will pick a few that I love the most and the users will recieve a special picture of me . Let the games begin.

06 Jun 2012 08:03

Currently in love with Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Skrillex

09 Jan 2012 08:43

A Toys Touch pt2 has been submitted for review, once ready I will post a link for all of you.

28 Dec 2011 08:34

Thanks to everyone who complemented my first story More to come soon so keep checking back.

08 Nov 2011 12:03

Working on my first story. Please message me if you wanna talk, no chat boxes please

04 Nov 2011 23:06