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Im in trouble, im an addict, im addicted to this boy, he's got my heart tied in a knot, and my stomach in a whirl, but even worse i cant stop texting him, he's all i want and more! I mean daaamn, whats not to adore! Naw Naw Naw im just kidding im still single!

29 Jun 2012 20:20

Baby i just wanna kiss you, but i cant right now so baby kiss me thru tha phone, Kiss me through the phone, C ya when i get home, baby kiss me thru the phone

26 Jun 2012 12:21

Damn homie im so tore, and i dont think im ever gonna smoke no more, and i dont think im ever gonna drink no mo, but fuck it bartender you can give me one more

25 Jun 2012 18:56