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Topic: Repeal and Replace
Posted: 09 Mar 2017 15:31

No they aren't, according to "Health Benefits for Members of Congress and
Designated Congressional Staff: In Brief" . And they're eligible for an employer contribution and a host of other benefits.

Before January 1, 2014, Members and congressional staff were eligible to participate in FEHB,
like other federal employees. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA; P.L. 111-
148, as amended) requires that Members and congressional staff receive ESI through a plan or
exchange created under ACA. OPM issued a final rule that amends FEHB eligibility to comply
with this requirement. Under the rule, as of January 1, 2014, Members and designated
congressional staff were no longer able to purchase a health plan offered under FEHB; however,
they remain eligible for an employer contribution toward coverage if they enroll in a health plan
offered through the DC SHOP. Members and staff who obtain coverage through the DC SHOP
may purchase a FEHB plan upon retirement from the federal government, provided they
otherwise meet the criteria to do so. OPM has indicated that the final rule only pertains to
Members’ and staff’s access to health insurance plans offered by the federal government under
FEHB. The ACA and related OPM regulations do not require Members and staff to enroll in a
health plan offered through the DC SHOP; rather, DC SHOP plans are the only plans that will be
made available to them with respect to their federal service.

In addition to health insurance coverage under the DC SHOP, this report describes other health
benefits available to Members and congressional staff , including the Federal Flexible Spending
Account Program (FSAFEDS); the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program
(FEDVIP); the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP); the Office of the Attending
Physician; and treatment in military facilities.

Check section 1312 of the ACA

(i) REQUIREMENT.—Notwithstanding any other provision of law, after the effective date of this subtitle, the only health plans that the Federal Government may make available to Members of Congress and congressional staff with respect to their service as a
Member of Congress or congressional staff shall be health plans that are—
(I) created under this Act (or an amendment made by this Act); or
(II) offered through an Exchange established under this Act (or an amendment made by this Act).
(ii) DEFINITIONS.—In this section:
(I) MEMBER OF CONGRESS.—The term ‘‘Member of Congress’’ means any member of the House of Representatives or the Senate.
(II) CONGRESSIONAL STAFF.—The term ‘‘congressional staff’’ means all full-time and parttime employees employed by the official office of a Member of Congress, whether in Washington, DC or outside of Washington, DC.

They do have additional options but they DC SHOP you refer to is the DC Exchange

Topic: Repeal and Replace
Posted: 07 Mar 2017 11:10

I think that it is the height of hypocrisy for members of both houses to deny the American public an affordable plan if not the same Rolls Royce healthcare plan that they have, paid for by that same American public. That is shameful.

All of Congress as well as their staff are required by law to purchase health insurance from an ACA exchange just like all others who do not have an employer program

Topic: Dear Mr. President: the Netherlands
Posted: 26 Jan 2017 15:27

If he keeps going he may relocate to the Netherlands; The Hague

Topic: Poetry challenge: Use the last line first
Posted: 05 Jan 2017 14:39

i have no more fear.
I can walk in the dark with my eyes closed.
The love that we share will keep us near.
Shining like a guiding light.

Topic: Which part of your body do you consider most sexy?
Posted: 27 Oct 2016 14:45

i like your tushie too!!!

Topic: What you going to wear to bed tonight?
Posted: 24 Oct 2016 18:26

it's cool...a tee shirt

Topic: Which part of your body do you consider most sexy?
Posted: 17 Oct 2016 19:36

my lips

Topic: Girls, what color panties are you wearing today?
Posted: 17 Oct 2016 19:33

dark purple lace

Topic: Would You Strip Search the Member Above you?
Posted: 12 Oct 2016 15:27

Yes, please

Topic: What you going to wear to bed tonight?
Posted: 12 Oct 2016 15:26

Undecided..but it might not stay on long anyhow

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