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Did 8 years in military, getting a degree in human services, and i dont believe love has a set gender, for a person is not a sum of their parts but the sum of their heart.

Collars- I do not give out collars like candy. I find collars to be a significant symbol between a dom and a sub. My foundation in pet play has taught me that collars are more important then wedding rings. When a Dom gives a collar to a sub, they are giving a piece of themselves up with it. I believe that each collar should be unique to the subs personality, i have never recycled a collar, nor will i ever do so. Using a collar on one sub, then giving it to another sub second hand is disrespectful and insulting. I will not compromise on this subject.

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Illinois, United States
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24 May 2018 00:34
Bdsm, pet play, Crossdressing, men and women, transgenders
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yeah i read romance novels what do you expect, im a passionate person.
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Terry brookes
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like all types of movies


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Topic: Whats your Star Sign?
Posted: 31 Aug 2013 11:34

Capricorn, born in year of rabbit

I do however believe that when you where born has something to do with your personality.

Then again this may just be how i was raised, my mother was very spiritual so to speak.

Topic: Subs read this now.
Posted: 30 Aug 2013 17:26

Yeah i contacted nicola, she is looking into it. Sent her the copy.

Topic: Doms only, Subs are ordered not to look
Posted: 30 Aug 2013 14:06

Most replies i ever got on a thread, sweet.

I was starting to think no one read the forums, but me.

Topic: Doms only, Subs are ordered not to look
Posted: 30 Aug 2013 14:04

yum, sub sandwiches

Topic: Subs read this now.
Posted: 30 Aug 2013 07:49

lol nice, just testing the waters.

I am thinking of starting a scavenger hunt for subs, trying to get people more active on forums. Its been a little slow.

Pats the kitty on the head.

Topic: Doms only, Subs are ordered not to look
Posted: 30 Aug 2013 07:48

Its just, to set up a scavenger hunt.

I don't expect all subs to comply. I am aware how it works. Relax.

Trying to get people more active.

Topic: Doms only, Subs are ordered not to look
Posted: 29 Aug 2013 21:48

If you are a sub and you are reading this, you fail as a submissive.

If you are a dom and you are reading this, if you look down i have a subs read this thread. This is testing the waters for an idea i have, of starting a little scavenger hunt for subs.

Subs will be instructed to find pictures, look at certain profiles, read certain storys. Varies things, this is just good fun. Subs need attention, need affection and need to be played with. I want to see if any doms are interested with any ideas or what not.

Now we just gotta find some subs..........

Topic: Subs read this now.
Posted: 29 Aug 2013 21:41

If you found your way here, you are a good sub following a command.

Now go to the bdsm looking thread and read what i wrote.

After Viewing what i wrote there. Return to this post.

Type i can read in response. As well as tell me one thing you saw on my profile.

If you followed all these steps, your a good subby. If not, are you really submissive?

Topic: Realization that you are more than Vanilla
Posted: 29 Aug 2013 21:36

I agree Mart, sex, should be more then cumming, and rolling over to sleep, its an artform, a form of communication between you and your partner, You should be able to express your naughtiest thoughts, your passion, deepest desires, and act them all out, :D.

Yawns.....3 more subbies as friends.....grinds teeth.....the search continues.

Throws salt over my shoulder, what? gotta keep my karma good ya know. Can't wait to get my hands on the right sub.

Topic: Questions for any willing Mistress
Posted: 27 Aug 2013 18:00

<img src="/images/emoticons/embarassed.gif" alt="Embarassed"> bunny that is funny as hell

I was born in year of rabbit, very funny to me indeed.

I agree on the fact that you should be interested in who ever you are involved with on not only a sexual level, but a personal level as well, a dom/sub relationship isnt just about sex. Well some are, but a truly great relationship has much more. Trust is the most important factor, getting to know someone can be a slow process, though most subs are eager to please a Dom or domme.

Seems you are looking for a female, same rules apply.

What do i know im still in my twentys, oh wait i have had a couple great relationships, been slow for me, but then again i dont bed any sub, only the sensational ones.

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Makings of a Pet : Chapter 1

There I was serving another detention. This was the third time this month I was serving detention for something I didn't do. It was her, that preppy little witch. I suppose I should explain myself. Through out my life I have never been much of an aggressor, because of this women haven't found me very manly. I have been called cute, even charming, but rarely manly. It was senior year...

Added 25 Aug 2013 | Category BDSM | Votes 7 | Avg Score 4.71 | Views 9,934 | 3 Comments

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