Straight Sex(3)


And I never even got his name

She was hunting, he was game.

It had been a long and stressful couple of months. The breakup, the aftermath, school, work, parents going on and on about how it would be good for me to start attending church again... Good Lord it was honestly very, very frustrating. To top it off, my ex-boyfriend was being overly emotional about the whole situation, so sex with the ex was out of the question. And man, I was horny. More...Read On


And I never even got his name Part 2

I think you might want to read part one...

As I was walking away all I could think about were images of what he had described. With every step my pussy throbbed and I felt my panties were far from dry. Even so, I told myself to keep walking. Of course it's easy to just turn around, take his hand and tow him to the semi-privacy of one of the restroom stalls, but where's the fun in that? Have I ever told you? I'm a bitch. I like the...Read On


And I never even got his name Part 3

And he doesn't stop at three

I had a few moments to process the following things: His knee, wedging itself between my legs, his hands, one travelling up my ribcage towards my breasts, barely contained by my ripped top, the other on my hip, almost gripping hard enough to bruise me (luckily I'm not that fragile) and finally his mouth, hot and demanding on mine. After those few moments of clarity were up, things just sort...Read On