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This section is devoted to one thing, hot anal sex stories. Our stories feature first timers - anal sex virgins, as well as those more proficient in the art, including DP (double penetration) stories and other group sex acts. Click on the links below to read some of the sexiest anal stories you'll ever come across - embellish a story you like, or add an anal story of your own for others to enjoy.


Bi Party Of Three (Ch. 3)

Fiancee videos her man being taken.

Our collective heartbeats had barely resumed normal rhythm (following a tremendous three-way fuck-and-suck-fest) when my fiancée pointed to Bob’s still partially-erect cock and exclaimed, “You promised me I’d get to see that thick monster in his ass!” “Promise you, I did,” replied Bob in an almost perverted Yoda-esque fashion. “And you shall!” Thinking we’d need some time to recover before...Read On


Fusion of Horizons (Chapter 3)

Steve introduces Mary to his mother.

My room was now arranged to accommodate the two of us. I had managed to sneak in an extra mattress as Mary would often spend the night with me, in my room. I had things prepared for our usual oral sex, but Mary’s idea about anal sex came as a surprise. From what I had heard, anal sex was often painful and many couples dared not to try it. “Are you sure, Mary?” I asked as I unbutton my shirt....Read On


The Vampire's Lover

A vampire starts to explore submission

Vampires. They're the lords of the night, the stalkers of the living. Each one was an irresistible pale beauty with powers far greater than any creature who lurked in the darkness. With one simple gaze they can trap you in their lustful spell and turn you into a mindless puppet. They held the strength of ten men and the speed of a cheetah. For countless Centuries, Vampires reigned dominion...Read On


Nothing Better

Just like every morning these days, I'm woken by the cat running across my stomach. Usually not uncomfortable, but with the baby getting bigger these days, it causes him to wiggle at the sudden impact. Opening my eyes, I push her off the bed, then reach over to my nightstand to check the time on my phone. Through my sleep fog, I see the clock reads 8:30 am. Half an hour before my alarm, but...Read On


Stage seven of my journey to becoming Joann

Continuing journey into the world of cross-dressing

Life as Joann was moving forward rapidly. With the house to ourselves, I began ordering many things online and having them delivered to the house. In addition, to clothes and lingerie, I ordered a women’s facial electric razor, a laser hair remover, and several kinds of women’s skin cream. I also ordered some different breast forms to try out. Sis insisted on seeing everything that was...Read On


An introduction to the pleasure of anal play

Just my thoughts on the way all women should be introduced to the pleasure of anal stimulation.

I gently pull your black panties and t-shirt off so you are naked in front of me. I lead you to a padded massage table. I have you lay on your back and I spread warm coconut oil over your entire front. I massage your body starting with your fingers and hands, then working down your arms. I massage the oil into your breasts, rubbing my hands in circles feeling the nipples rub against my...Read On


On the Road again ...

Bored in a hotel room, but relief was at hand.

You know how it is, you drive for what seems like forever and end up in a soulless hotel room. I can't cope with it, my life on the road is getting to me.  There’s nothing on TV and the wi-fi’s too slow for a movie but it can just about cope with a little surfing.  Feeling bored, frustrated and horny, I think about my equally horny wife who is probably masturbating right now or worse - I...Read On


The Adventures of a Bunny Slut 1. Moi.

A introduction into the world of a bunny slut.

Hi. I’ve never done this before. Really, I wouldn’t have now, only I promised Sir. Well, he asked me to at least. Told me to, in fact. Whatever. Semantics, right?  I was musing about some of the things I’ve done, my head resting in his lap, enjoying his smile. He has a nice smile – it’s one of the things that attracted me to him that first night. More on that later, I promise.   I was...Read On


Back Door

Ever dined and dashed straight out the "back door"?

"I'm too impatienttt to dineee at nineee!" Badum bum bum "I must be wined and sixty-nined!"  I belted flatly at the top of my lungs as my dog Nala winced and laid her ears flat at the sound of my amazing   singing voice.  "Oh shut up! What do you know about the fine vocal arts?" It was Saturday night and I had a dinner date with... wow. This man has bent me over in a parking...Read On

Recommended Read

The artists hands

Anna has seen her husband where she doesn't want to, how will she react?

I don’t normally take the bus, I used to think public transport was purely for the great unwashed, and perhaps I still think that. But beggars can’t be choosers, so I get the bus, among the great unwashed. The rain is pelting against the windows, and even though its early afternoon, the sky is ominous. The seats are cheap plastic, look-a-like leather, and my skirt has risen and now my arse...Read On

Audio version available

My Forbidden Hole

You want to, don't you...

A tease regarding that forbidden of holes.... don't you want it?...Read On


Very Hot Time At The Hot Tub Party (Ch. 2)

The hot tub party continues with another first time experience

My legs still trembling a bit, Chris and Dave released me from the sandwich they had hugged me into, each one giving me a deep kiss. My ass was gaping from the DP they had applied, my body was sticky with a mixture of cum and lube, and I could still taste Brian’s cum in my mouth. A tingling sensation enveloped my entire body, and my head buzzed with an almost euphoric high. Paul threw an...Read On


Southern Hospitality, Part 5

When Alex gets called away on business, Chloe gives him an amazing sendoff.

The next morning, Chloe awoke an hour before her alarm went off. She thought about trying to go back to sleep, but she knew it would be futile. She was awake now, so she made the most of it. She went into the bathroom and started the shower. She had just finished washing her hair when she heard the bathroom door open. She heard the toilet flush, then the shower door slid open. Alex stepped...Read On


Naughty Alice

Will callers please use the rear entrance

Dennis was the town's longest-serving postman. There wasn't a day when, on his weary eight-hour round, he didn't think about retirement. Trudging up the long hill to Mack's filling station, he calculated that he was only one hour from finishing the gruelling 'walk'. "Shouldn't have bothered, buddy," said the gas station's proprietor, flinging the package into the trash bin. "It's...Read On


Fresh Meat...Ganged And Banged! (Kansas City Rendezvous)

"I didn't forget about you! The problem is that my 'plumbing' really needs a lot of work..."

Ava and I both woke at six in the morning then had a few cups of coffee as we talked about what could happen tonight at the "Freaky Friday" party.  She then told me a secret that surprised me but said not to let anyone know, including Barb. Before leaving to go back to my room, we told each other how utterly amazed we were about what happened between us last night. As we kissed goodbye...Read On


Bad Girl - Chapter 7

After cleaning up and a refreshing dip in the pool, they headed back to the campsite. While Gerry was firing up the grill, the people camped next to them came over and introduced themselves as John and Liz. They explained their grill was malfunctioning and wondered if they could use Pam and Gerry's grill to cook the London Broil steak they had. "I was going to try and rig up something over...Read On


Brea's First Time At The Club

Brea tries out the club and finds her desires fulfilled.

Brea Brea was roaming around the house by herself. Her husband was gone on a business trip or, if truth be known, he was probably out screwing some young thing somewhere exotic around the globe. Brea had only been married to him for a few years before she found out he wasn’t interested in being faithful. She was fifty-eight-years-old, but you would never know it. She worked out regularly...Read On

Recommended Read

Rebecca Redux: Ch3

A story about power and sex and politics

Becca had deliberately chosen one of her more conservative business suits that morning. The navy blue skirt and blazer toned down her red hair so that fewer men stole glances at her as she made her morning commute on the train. On most mornings she didn't mind the attention, but after the previous night’s encounter with John, she felt strangely dirty. That wasn't a feeling to which...Read On


Wasteland Slut

Marna's ass just might save the world.

I sit across from the farmer, within arm's reach, still wearing my leather gear and my fat-rimmed goggles on my forehead. I've taken off my combat boots at his door, trying to be respectful and not tracking mud all over the place; it's enough of a hovel as it is. After I sit, I peel off my socks as well, and relief spreads through my feet. The smell of my sweat rushes out like a puff...Read On

Recommended Read

The Corset - Part 1 of 2

Maggie goes in search of satisfaction after her breakup, finding it big time

It was a Saturday, three weeks after my boyfriend and I had broken up. The break was really a mutual thing. We both knew that it was inevitable, so we lanced the boil. Since that day I had brooded over him, us, loss—enough was enough, I decided to go out with the explicit intent of hooking-up. If it did not cure the blues, it would certainly erase it from my mind for hours, if not days...Read On


The Room Service Girl

Twenty years ago we would have been a mismatch, but now...

In a small community, in this case, 60,000 people, where you have lived for a long time, using a dating website and focusing on your exact geographical area inevitably means you come across people you know. That’s perfectly natural - you’re all there for the same thing and it’s nothing to worry about, as long as your profile is tasteful and decent. That’s how I see it, anyway, but...Read On


The Reluctant Anal First-timer

Dirty old man takes a young nympho's anal cherry.

He had never forgotten her, but how could a man forget his best sex experience? He knew he was a dirty old man, and she was a horny young woman, but it all seemed so good to remember. He had enticed her to the hot tub room and gotten most everything he had desired without pushing her beyond her limits, but he wanted more. He always seemed to want more. He closed his eyes and remembered...Read On



Bi not gay, but can a girl give him what he needs?

Many, many moons before I met my man, I had a friend – let’s call him Arnold. And I do mean a friend. Arnold was gay, or so my innocent self believed. I was about eighteen at the time and thought I was a worldly woman. A fumble at fifteen made me believe I wasn’t so innocent but turns out the cherry was still there, but that’s another, much more boring, story.  So anyway, Arnold and I...Read On

Recommended Read

Red Desire

She wanted to go for more than just a ride.

The rumble of the engine sent its vibrations roaring through the interior of the car, all the way through the gear shift and up my arm, as I carefully navigated the winding switchbacks in my ‘68 Mustang. The gears shifted effortlessly, the clutch engaging flawlessly, as turn after turn was continuously consumed by the power and ease of the red beauty. I buried the accelerator in...Read On


Lesson - Anal

Have you ever had someone try to fuck you dry....?

I love anal play, and my man knows this, so I think I must’ve taken him by surprise when I refused him entry one night, but let me explain. We were having a very pleasurable sex session when he pulled out of my pussy and attempted to push into my ass – no anal foreplay and just pussy juice as lube. No, no, no! Ouch! So, I obviously needed to teach him how to gain access to that hot,...Read On



Part 1 Aida heard the soft thud of the door. As it closed, she bent lower, already on her knees as she gently washed the floor. Her ass pushed higher until it was above her head and she rested herself on her arms. Her full breasts touched the ground and swayed gently as she reached back and opened her buttocks. She felt her house master enter the room and position himself behind her....Read On


My First Time

This is my first story and the true story of how I lost my anal virginity.

"Come on, let's just do it. It can't be that bad, people do it all the time," he always says to me. I never really get turned on much anymore. After being in a relationship for a year and a half plus, it's hard to keep it spicy in bed. My boyfriend, Kyle, fantasizes about us doing anal constantly, he says it's his "fetish." I've always thought anal to be disgusting; how could it feel good...Read On

Seminar in Anal Studies

She felt him behind her pressing into her secret feminine core.

Alice Stuart was not at all certain that she should even be standing in this hallway waiting for the seminar supervisor to assign her to a study hall for the four hour program of “Introduction to Analogy for Artistic Expression”. The very title was a bit over the top for her because she was a fairly successful Romance writer of mostly e-book stories that were popular with the young...Read On


The Aromas Of Youth 5 - The Church Of Shameless Lust

Two last flings before I go to university

Mandy didn’t know about my relationship with her mother. She didn’t know that my tongue had been in every nook and cranny of the older woman’s body, nor that I had penetrated the canal through which Mandy had entered the world. She didn’t know that my exultant spunk had drenched the surrounding area because Mrs Hubert turned me on so much. She didn’t know that I knew about her relationship...Read On


An Affair Chapter 3

I'm shagging your fucking arsehole

The next few days passed in a blur, but Mary was magnificent, she made all the arrangements for the funeral as well as dealing with the driver who'd been dismissed for stealing. After checking with the shed company it turned out that he'd been selling three or four sheds per load over a period of five years, since he hadn't stolen from her company it was the shed manufacturer who had to...Read On