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This section is devoted to one thing, hot anal sex stories. Our stories feature first timers - anal sex virgins, as well as those more proficient in the art, including DP (double penetration) stories and other group sex acts. Click on the links below to read some of the sexiest anal stories you'll ever come across - embellish a story you like, or add an anal story of your own for others to enjoy.


An Affair Chapter 3

I'm shagging your fucking arsehole

The next few days passed in a blur, but Mary was magnificent, she made all the arrangements for the funeral as well as dealing with the driver who'd been dismissed for stealing. After checking with the shed company it turned out that he'd been selling three or four sheds per load over a period of five years, since he hadn't stolen from her company it was the shed manufacturer who had to...Read On


An Affair, chapter 2

I felt her sex Juices wetting me

She was back to being her smart business-like self in the morning, her clothing of the day was a black trouser suit, but even the severe cut was unable to hide the curves of her gorgeous little bottom. "I'll call you when the meeting finishes Thomas," she smiled. "We may need to stay another night if it goes on too long." "Very good ma'am," I said with just the hint of a smile. I...Read On


An affair

I Fucking Love This

I was just leaving work at when I noticed my boss's wife in the car park looking very distressed and upset. At first, I was wary of approaching her because the other workers had told me she was a bit of a dragon, but she looked almost ready to cry so I just said, "Excuse me ma'am is there anything I can do?" She looked as if she was about to chew me out, but she shook her head and said...Read On


I Discovered My Wife’s Secret

My wife of ten years was bi-sexual and found a gorgeous lover! I wanted her, too.

My wife was always ready to have sex. (She’s the one on the left.) Anytime, anyplace, all I had to do was to grab her around the waist and kiss her on the neck and she was ready. There was nothing she loved more than giving head. Before I left for work every morning, she’d be waiting on her knees when I came out of the shower. Then when I came home, she would grab me and take me to bed...Read On


School Ties

Two young friends continue their sexual adventures as they submit to their taboo and firey curiosity

I was raised in a Christian household where female sexual desire was suppressed. As innocent as I was, I could not stop myself from thinking of all different types of bodies coalescing in heated passion, tenderness, anger, hunger, and force. It became my dirty little obsession, late at night, in my room under cover of a blanket with the TV volume down low massaging my tender girly parts....Read On


Work Experience

The mundane 9-5 office job had its perks, particularly in the summer months. Our office was always inundated with placement requests from keen, young work experience students, awaiting their September placement at university. This summer was no different.  The burning August sun scorched through my office window almost glaring against my computer screen. Standing up out of my chair I...Read On

Taken By Surprise

Thank you JWren for your awesome editing, and art work.

Finishing my shower, I had little more than an hour before the realtor was due to arrive. I was thinking of buying a little cottage somewhere where I could write my erotica without distractions.  But right now I needed to make coffee before he arrived. I pulled on a tee shirt and popped downstairs. Once I’d got the coffee going, I could finish getting dressed.  Before I’d finished making...Read On


What A Cheerleader Wants

What Harper wants, Harper gets

The final bell rang as teacher Marcus Jackson was putting tests into his briefcase to grade over the weekend. It was Friday, so all of his students fled out of the classroom like it was on fire. He got a few goodbyes and some well-wishes for the weekend from some of his more studious students, however, most simply ran off like some girl had lost her top outside. After the last of his...Read On

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From Teen Bride to Hot Wife, 6: While Hubby Is Away, Hot Wife Will Play

Caroline's education continues.

Caroline and Harrington are discussing The Duke of Mercia, a regular guest of Lord Dammartin. "Why would he want to do it like that?" Caroline asks Harrington. "Some men prefer it." "But why, when I have a perfectly good vagina?" "It's tighter." "Are you saying my pussy isn't tight enough?" "Far from it, Caroline: yours is one of the tightest little pussies it's been my fortune to...Read On


Ahmed American angel

“Welcome to wild West Virginia,” the road sign says cheerfully. “Thank you,” says Ahmed in English. “I am indeed happy to be here.” The road ahead is empty. The Skyline Drive of his map is taking him and his American beauty up, up and away on to Blue Ridge Mountain that is ablaze in autumnal hues. A perfect present for his birthday today. It’s November, so “Fall” as he has learned in...Read On


Club Fantasy

It's been a long week. Wake up, sit in traffic, work, sit in traffic, sleep; rinse and repeat for five days. But it's finally the weekend. You texted me earlier and invited me out to a new club for the night. I have to admit, I'm not exactly a club type of person. I'd rather chill at a bar and have a few good beers and few more good laughs. But, hey, time with you is still time with you. I...Read On


The Yellow Book Fantasies, Ch. 7: Ash's Dirty Secret

Chad Dupree learns a secret fantasy...

“So, um… Chad?” “Yes, Ashley?” “I’ve been thinking. You know I have a boyfriend, and you might be the only one that might listen to me. This is kind of a confession.” “What?” Now, let’s pause right here. A myriad of thoughts were running through my head at this point in time. Like: “Why me? Ashley doesn’t even talk to me much. What could the confession be?” I got the answer swiftly....Read On


Sharing in Jamaica

I'm Full of your cum, Carl.

"Do you like our little island?" "I love it. I love everything about it." "Everything?" We were in a beachfront bar, dancing slowly to the soft reggae beat. I had my arms wrapped around his neck and I was pressed right up to him as we moved slowly. Beneath my dress, my nipples felt like bullets and my panties were getting wetter by the minute. I was thirty-five then and on my first visit...Read On


Callipygian Excursion

An unabashed story about the joyful booty, the unrivaled ass.

I had to say goodbye to my last partner to say hello to getting my ass fucked. Yes, that phrase unfortunately describes the worst thing one person can do to another. ("They fucked us ... in the ass!") I get it metaphorically. However, I wasn't getting it literally and that was the real problem. How do you even phrase that request without looking like a huge, perverted freak? Only...Read On


Cumming From Behind

First time anal.

Come in, lover. I don't like to rush things, but we don't have a lot of time... Take off your clothes and I'll be right back. I come back with two things - a glass of wine and a small bowl, covered with a saucer. I lift the saucer, set it aside and hand you the wine with a smile. I let my eyes play over your curves while you sip, then I kiss you gently, right where your shoulder and neck...Read On


An innocent at depravity central

My shy, naive blogging buddy cuts loose

I had just started blogging, which is a great way of getting your thoughts out there if no one wants to pay you for it. I had set myself up as a down-to-earth cookery guy, keeping things simple and cheap, and I attracted a number of “fans” who liked the way I went about it. One of them was Lindy, a Scottish woman, happily married and with a grown-up daughter. It soon became apparent that...Read On


Deflowering Meagan's Virgin Butt

The first anal is the hardest for a woman.

I started working as a legal intern, not even a junior attorney, at the law firm of Verbreennung, Stechen, and Wunderhintern in the fall after my graduation from law school.  The dress requirements were strict.  Women were to dress in a manner that emphasized their femininity.  I don’t mean slutty.  But the dress code emphasized dressing like a professional woman. Women were to wear dresses...Read On


Her Needs Fulfilled Road-Side!

This is what happens when you're a horny bitch to Will!

Ann and Will were an older couple that enjoyed sex and exploring their fantasies. Since meeting on Lush several years ago, they had gone from being cyber-lovers to physical lovers. As they became physically connected, they had found many ways to enjoy each other. They never failed to try something new in their relationship if one or the other wanted to try it. This had broadened their...Read On


Thank God For Small Favors

Lisa begged Mark to give it to her. He refused. He was not going to give in, no matter what Lisa wanted until he was good and ready. “Please, please give it to me,” Lisa begged again. “No. You are not ready yet,” Mark repeated his refusal. “Argh, you have to. I need it. I want it. You have to give it to me,” Lisa growled through labored breaths. She couldn’t take much more torture from...Read On


Caught Reading Erotica

Jerry finds Ali's reading material

"So, this is what she does when I'm not at home?" Jerry thought as he looked at Ali's laptop, shock and fire in his eyes. He quickly scanned the story titles in her favourites, clicking on one called Sleepy Anal. He read through it, getting hard when the man in the story took his girlfriend’s ass while she slept. He quickly read through the rest of her selected favourites and was shocked...Read On


The Korean sisters

Two lovely sisters and i can't make up my mind

Lin and Amanda were sisters who ran a small bakery in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname. They were of Korean origin but had lived in the US and spoke good English. The multicultural society of Paramaribo included large numbers of Indians and Chinese along with the blacks and a few white Europeans, mainly Dutch. And then there was me: British, silver-haired and conspicuous. I had got to...Read On


Fuck My Ass, Mistress

This strap-on is going in your ass

Tonight was their six month friendship anniversary and Ann was planning something very special for Will. They'd moved in together a month ago and, while she normally went with Will on his work runs, she hadn't this time. A writer of erotica, Ann had a deadline to meet so she had to stay behind to meet it. He'd been away for two weeks and that was a long time for either of them to be without...Read On


Our new Friend

A new friend comes over for a drink, and much, much more.

She’s sitting there, on the couch, her head turned towards me, and listening. We’ve been talking for over an hour, her and me and Emma. Emma’s now in the kitchen, fetching refills for the gin and tonics that have slowly moved our moods, from a nervous awkwardness towards something more intimate. More pleasurable. Closer. A moment later, Emma re-enters the room, her arrival heralded by the...Read On


In the Shower

A summer afternoon leads to fun in the shower.

The sun has been shining from a blue sky all day, bright, intense, and hot. She's my flatmate, and I had spent much of that day sitting in the sunlight, reading, and trying as hard as possible to catch glimpses of her skin. She wasn't dressed well for that sort of furtive voyeurism. The curve of her breasts under cotton was certainly alluring, but after a day of that, I wanted to see more....Read On


First Thing I See

A beautiful morning encounter.

I think it was the cold air that woke me up. As I blinked my eyes awake, I noticed the open window to the left of my bedframe. Rubbing the chilled skin on my shoulder I looked over to the other side of my bed. There, naked, wrapped in my white covers, was my reminder of the night before. Turned away from me, her black skin stood in beautiful dark contrast to the white silk blanket, and her...Read On


Seven Days of Lust Part 4

Dan gives Kay her dream

Kay and Dan awoke in the morning smelling breakfast. It seems the girls had made a meal after waking up hungry. As the two went downstairs not a sound was to be heard. When they reached the kitchen the other women had indeed made breakfast and left it for them. A small note thanking them was on the table along with hopes of future meetings. Dan kissed Kay deeply as they stood there in...Read On


Friday's Pleasures

A wife fucks her husband

Jean gets home after I do. I thought I'd give her a hint of what I wanted. I went to bed naked hoping Jean would get the hint I was looking for a little action when she came home. I lay on my side so my back was toward the door. I left the covers off just to ensure Jean would see my bare body. Jean came home at her usual time and did her usual routine. I lay very quietly pretending to...Read On


Uniform Ass Play

Clara's old field hockey kilt tantalizes Mark into a night of ass play.

I rang the doorbell again. What was taking him so long? I was desperate to get inside - I couldn’t stand the embarrassment of being caught by a stranger, standing at Mark’s door in my old field hockey uniform. Mark had texted me an hour earlier. His message was straight to the point: Mark: Come over at 7:00 pm. Wear that old uniform you were talking about and a pair of white panties. Put...Read On


Paying for College With her Ass—Part 3 Julia’s First Party

Is the money worth it?

“Julia,” Mr. Chisholm said breaking into her thoughts, “you must have impressed Mr. Chamberlain because he has never asked for a novice to be center stage at one of his parties before.” “Three men,” she said thinking out loud By the way, she said it Joe knew that he had her hooked and all that was left to do was reel her in. He had sensed by the way she acted that with a little time...Read On


Claudia's Neighbor

She visits for one thing, and gets something very different.

  It's a summer weekday, and I'm dragging. The store is a thousand degrees; I'm happy to finally be home. My girlfriend, Britt, is waiting in the house after working all day on a gardening project, so I'm looking forward to a kiss and a cold drink. Britt is in the doorway, waiting for me to make my way up the walk. Her red hair glows. Sunlight splatters her pale chest, igniting her...Read On