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Topic Friend With benefits
Posted 18 Apr 2010 17:01

Basically I've started seeing this guy. We met online and got on really well and decided to meet. one thing led to another and we ended up in bed together having absolutely amazing sex!!! (btw story coming soon) He told me he doesnt want a relationship and as we live 50 mins away from each other and both busy lives we dicided to make it a sort of friends with benefits thing. We are free to sleep with anyone else we wish as well. His ex really messed him up and I know this is one reason he doesnt want a realtionship but that was over a year ago now.

Since then we see each other every two weeks. chat online almost every day for hours about all sorts. when we are together we basically act like a couple hugging kissing and watching films etc its not just about the sex. He hasnt actually slept with anyone since we got together although I had a one night stand that he knows about. although we get on and flirt and stuff he always says lil things like 'u dnt own me rememeber' or 'yours not my gf' and talks about other girls around me a lot too although hasnt had another one since me. We get on so well and im starting to get feelings for him. Sometimes i think he has feelings for me too but Im not sure.

I really dont want to lose him by tellin him. not only is he bloody massive and brilliant in bed but hes also a good friend too. so Dont want to scare him off.

Anyone else had a simliar story or know what he might be feeling??!?!?!?