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Love the pics you've all added to my wall. Thanks ;)

23 May 2016 09:16

If anybody would like to gift me a membership, feel free lol

07 Apr 2016 10:34

If anybody would like to gift me a membership, feel free lol

07 Apr 2016 10:33

Thanks for the wonderful pictures

14 Oct 2015 23:36

Why do I have thoughts about other men so often when I'm married to a wonderful guy?

10 Jun 2015 01:27

03 Feb 2015 07:01

10 Nov 2014 10:53

So loving the new Christmas Balls hanging over Oxford street. They look amazing

10 Nov 2014 10:50

I may be off for a few days as I've decided to re-read about miss Anastasia Steele in "Fifty Shades of Grey"! I'll be on email still if you really need to disturb me.

15 Sep 2014 06:23

I've come to love reading some well written stories. My latest was by sean3 "Getting her ready"!
An amazing story and I'd love you all to read it
And take care of yourselves

03 Sep 2014 06:27

I love London Underground when I'm wearing a summer dress and the tube arrives causing a huge draft up my dress. When it's really humid it's like I wish it would blow me away!

20 Jul 2014 01:41

I love getting ready on a morning like this. Getting ready to feel the sunshine on my legs and maybe a few eyes

15 May 2014 23:36

Welcome back Frank

02 Oct 2013 23:31

Thanks for all of the amazing pics guys!! As you all know I'm now spoken for but ill still look in here for those times of need when I'm alone lol. I love you all

16 Aug 2013 11:54

I love this heat so much. It's like being on holiday and makes me want to have fun!

17 Jul 2013 01:10

Thanks for the lovely pics guys

20 May 2013 04:04

Thanks for all of the lovely arousing pics. It's not unnoticed!

23 Nov 2012 09:22

lovin all of your posts

10 Oct 2012 13:19

Thanks for the pics Frank and Knotty

01 Oct 2012 04:55

I'm Engaged! Yey for me!!!

05 Sep 2012 23:49

Sorry for not being here much everyone. Im trying to sort my life out a little.

04 Sep 2012 23:17

If you can't get me then I'm probably reading a story. Don't get upset just leave me a nice message instead lol
Love ya all

11 Apr 2012 06:45

It's my birthday today. Can't believe I'm 27! Is that old lol. Sorry I've been away. I've been in bed I'll. Back on form now

03 Apr 2012 00:55

I wish I put a summer dress on today

20 Mar 2012 02:00

Love the pics Frank!!

08 Mar 2012 04:32

My life is just so great. My head's a bit fucked up but I'm sooooo Happy

28 Jul 2011 02:20

There's a spider in the bathroom. I cant go in there

23 Jul 2011 00:23

please don't poke me or send an online message as i cant see who its from on my phone. It just seems to put an annoying black box on my screen. Apart from that I hope you're all having a great sexy time lol

09 Jun 2011 02:52

I really need some male company lol, my life needs to change, running, the gym, t.v. , BED. Fedup of reading peoples fantasies that I want to be reality. My mission is to find Mr right now. I'm still happy though.

17 Jan 2011 01:27